Season 8 Episode 3

Charity Case

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • 3 episodes running so far...IT'S ALL GOOD!


    It's actually quite interesting how the new characters in this episode starts to rebuild the old chemistry of the show. Dr. Chi Park for instance reminds me of Foreman back in the old days; Annoying yet brilliant ready to challenge House. Although her hair is...out there somewhere, I think she will go and develop to a more Foreman-ish persona soon enough. Dr Jessica Adams has a touch of Dr. Cameron in a way - a bit idealistic due to young age (I suppose), sweet and caring but ready to defy authority to get the job done (saving lives). I have yet to see Chase and Taub (hopefully next episode) and how their characters will develop with the new cast. I'm quite excited to be honest. But I guess what I can't get use to at the moment is the absence of Dr. Cuddy (Lisa E.) and how Foreman now being the Dean of Medicine at PPTH.

    So what's so special about this episode? It shows some of the classic elements of the old - the new characters and how they resemble the classic characters we love and how House now, start to build a good momentum from this formula. About the case? Well I would say it's not as exciting as the first episode but hey...its the third episode of the season! We have yet to see seven more before we start formulating our judgment.

    As an avid House MD fan, I'm very happy of the new direction this show seems to be going. Hopefully, we'll see soon, the promise of old mechanics that we love about House.