Season 8 Episode 3

Charity Case

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • A Change of Heart


    More meh in the land of House this week as an undercover millionaire gives a large donation to an unemployment office of some sort and then collapses. House takes his case, still in only half of his office, and is joined by Doctor Adams as well having said that they would "meet for coffee." But the patient's altruism may prove to a symptom and House needs to prove that it's irrational and being caused by something. The really strange parts of the episode were the parts where the millionaire (Prison Break alum Wentworth Miller) offers House a million dollars after hearing two sentences of his so called plan to rebuild his old team, and when 13 asks him to donate her his kidney instead of Wilson's dying patient and saying that he could then die and save many more lives. While nice in thought and sentiment people just aren't wired that way but I picture his wife to be much more of a gold digger than she turned out to be. It all turned out to be some sort of thyroid deficiency or something that caused a hormone imbalance and he didn't give House the money after all. House kept trying to keep in touch with 13 even though she wants out. Altruism was brought up as a point to deviate from the other countless episodes where House diagnoses kindness as a symptom of a disease this time around. In the end when he let 13 go with her girlfriend as Olivia Wilde's farewell to the show it shows House is capable of changing in little ways like when he bought the motorcycle in season 2 or letting 13 go and "trying to save her." The game between Park and Adams was a good side story but utterly unnecessary when the episode should instead have focused more on House and 13 even though Adams needs to be added more to now. While charity is good to contribute to, there's no need to give away all your organs after all you have to live too right? Just maybe not as a millionaire.