Season 8 Episode 3

Charity Case

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • There are almost 20 producers, co-producers, executive producers, and co-executive producers... you think it would show a bit more.


    Not that they probably don't care, but the producers should be scrambling on how to send off this show with a level of perfection that exudes the capabilities of this show.

    One thing is consistent: Hugh Laurie's commitment to the character and the quality of his acting. The character strongly shines through with this one.

    Olivia Wilde shows why she was so effective in her role. She captivates the screen. She commands the audience's attention and gracefully fills the camera. Can't say the same for Charlene Yi. Nor Odette Yustman. At least not yet. These are not great choices as replacements. Or at least they have not provided much to bite on so far in terms of interest. Wilson has taken a very diminished role and Foreman, well he's still Foreman but man he is still boring.

    Overall, the medical case was interesting to me. I enjoyed the storyline with Wentworth Miller and liked the banter of medicine regarding this case. The idea that altruism can be caused by some physiological basis was cool.