Season 8 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2012 on FOX

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  • Awesome

    A very engaging and touching episode- the side story with Taub and House was also quite entertaining. Probably the best of this season so far.
  • Chase

    This is the first time that I am sharing a review because this is the first time that a House episode made me cry! I agree with everyone that this one is a redeeming episode. Could not help but appreciate a simple yet touching gesture - that is, hand touching - and how this moment showed the vulnerabilities of Chase. It was heart-warming. Keep it up guys!
  • Doubt

    After being on the air for eight years, seeing a show still able to throw you for a heart-warming loop is a great sign. All signs at the beginning of this season were pointing to one of House's weakest years but with last week's brilliantly crafted episode and this aftermath focusing on Chase in the vein of the episode "Wilson" and "9 to 5" from Season 6 played out to many of this show's central themes and getting to know one of the doctors in a way that we haven't seen in that light in a long time. Chase for all of Season 7 was a gag of hook-ups and dating women and the hilarity that came out of that, but it got stale, so his stabbing/recovery was a perfect remedy by giving him someone to relate to on a purely human level. He has to do clinic hours and meets a prospective nun who has not yet taken her vows, and when her condition worsens he admits her and the two share a connection. House and Taub share a chaotic battle of surprise attack and defense since Taub is taking a self-defense class after last week's incident. Chase emptily reassuring Adams and Park that he is ok just knowing that they're there for him was textbook denial if there ever was any. When the patient improves and gets discharged Chase goes on a date but it doesn't go well and he finds the nun at his door, wondering if she should indeed forsake her vows and be with him and get her old life back. Just wondering she found out where he lived, it's not like he told her, but that's a small overlook-able detail. The morning after they sleep together her condition worsens and he has to rush her to the hospital and everyone finds out that he slept with her. He performs surgery and while under she sees a boy she once nannied for and died when she turned away and he got hit by a car and he comes to hold her hand. She claims that she finally has found her "calling" to God but Chase, out of misguided love for her wants to disprove that what she said but adrenaline from her brain and a chemically induced hallucination so it wasn't real. When he sets out to burst her bubble House says that he doesn't want him to be like him, and that he doesn't have to reconfigure his life because he didn't make a mistake, he just got stabbed. Chase gives up and sits with her while she prays. In the end another nun comes to take her away and when Chase leaves the room she calls his name and holds his hand while they look into each other's eyes, signifying that she wants him to be the last person she touched before she takes her vows, a truly beautiful and simple gesture. Chase returns to the office to a DDX and he and House share a look of agreement with a nod that says that he did the right thing. A truly magnificent episode that gives me hope for the idea that in some ways this show has indeed matured a lot over the years and that this final season may prove to be a great year indeed.
  • Brilliant!

    House, the show I know and love, made a welcome return this week with a really powerful and enjoyable episode.

    As I said about last weeks episode, Jesse Spencer can really pull out a performance when given the material to work with. And this episode really gave him a platform to launch with.

    A chase-centric week with just enough of House and the team sprinkled in to keep the plot going forward. Not too much of the motivation questioning that has been boring me for most of the season, again no wilson to bog House down with and some great comedy relief with the Taub self defence story arc.

    Some really touching moments involving Chase were only topped by the glimpse of humanity House shows towards the end. The simple nod of the head shared between House and Chase was as powerful as any written scene could have been to finish the episode off.

    It may be the poor showing of House in the last season or two that makes this episode seem so good. But it will go down as one of my favourite entries in the entire shows run.

  • Intense

    When you watch a show that starts with such great caliber and brilliance, its quite obvious to expect it to fail over the years and eventually end badly. This week's episode might have just changed my opinion on this show. There is still some hope. Brilliantly executed by the whole team!
  • This is Chase

    I love Chase centered episodes and this one doesn't disappoint. It was touching, dealing with deeper emotional layers. The best episode of the current season.
  • Wonderful episode

    It's funny that when a great or even wonderful episode has aired, all the people with usually negative remarks remain quiet.

    It is easier to show your dislike to a show or episode than to admit that something can still be great after 8 seasons.

    What I like about this episode is the emotional value that kind of has been missing in House for quite some time. I really enjoyed this episode and it even touched me. Some great acting from Spencer, as well as Hugh (as always).

    Some great scenes in this episode. Looks like they are planning to go out with a big bang,
  • Emotional rollercoaster !

    Seeing past two episodes have been like going back in time.. like we are back in serenity of first three seasons ! Chase centric episodes have always been awesome. Such intensity was last seen when Chase was treating an African dictator. I hope we do see more of great episodes of what is left. And my personal wish is to bring back Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) for the finale.
  • One of the best episodes

    This must have been one of the best House episodes in the past seasons. After 8 years the show has shown some fatigue but episodes like today's will make me miss the crazy doctor.
  • Chase

    An appropriately titled episode and a fantastic episode at that as the hour nearly focused on Chase in the aftermath of the attack, facing personal and professional problems and in the end realizing that things will continue to go on the way they are. It was a well-done broadcast with a timely soundtrack and some comic relief thrown in with House and Taub to lighten the mood between emotional scenes.

    Good wrap-up to Chase as we approach the final episodes of this excellent series.