Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2006 on FOX
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House believes a woman is trying to kill her husband and tries to find the proof to confirm his suspicions. When Wilson moves in with House after separating from his wife, he learns Wilson is a great cook.

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  • I love this show...I really do. That's why watching this episode was so painful.

    Okay, so every show has at least one less-than-stellar episode. This was a first for House. I mean, it had its moments. There was some good snark between House and Wilson, but even that wasn't enough to save it.

    The opening was...interesting. After an opening like that, you sort of expect the episode to be really edgy and shocking, but it just didn't meaure up.

    The plot was weak. I understand that the woman sort of got off on harming her husband, but why would she poison him with gold, of all things? That was beyond bizarre, even for House.

    Even the clinic story was initially hard to follow. The guy was stupid to say that he hadn't cheated at all. House would have known that either the husband or wife had to have cheated. STDs don't just come from nowhere.

    Also, the show is getting a little to focused on the dangers of sex. Starting in season 1 with Occam's Razor, then Love Hurts, Sex Kills, and now Clueless.

    Besides that, the entire mood of the episode was off. It kind of had this pseudo-dark murder mystery feel. I understand it had a new director, but still.

    Overall I adore House. This episode was a bit of a clunker though.I will continue to watch, and I know future episodes will be better.moreless
  • House turns detective as Wilson moves in...

    Yet another outstanding episode- well acted, and well written.

    House believes a wife is trying to kill her husband, whilst Cameron remains convinced they are happily married. They certainly seemed so during this episode, but I am sure regular viewers like myself had a hunch House might be right. The episode was hilariously funny, with so many twists and turns in the case ("its not lupus" being a key phrase here), and Wilson moving in with House was a brilliant idea from the writers, especially as House nicks all his food! Its one of those little details I forget to mention, but House stealing money from one of his team and Wilson is very House-like.

    I thought the clinic scene was the best one yet in this episode, whilst the clashes between House and Cameron over "love vs naivity" was also good character development.

    The great episodes just keep on rolling this Season.moreless
  • We learn Wilson is a good cook.

    Well this episode was quite revealing, not only the fact that we get to see how it is to live with Wilson but you could also see a woman trying to poison his husband but still loving him which is a bit nuts. But throughout the episode House & his team are really clueless, I like how House figures it out, all of them in the girls bathroom figuring out she poisoned him & House still a bit a annoyed that Wilson lives with him, also like the end, House wants to stay with Wilson! So sweet! An okay episode also I notice Cuddy is a lot meaner than the first season. Oh well.moreless
  • It shows the strength of this series when an average episode still manages to score a rating of "great"!

    I've just caught this episode in a rerun and, for some reason, I can remember liking it more the first time around. This could be for a number of reasons, but predominantly because this episode relies on the viewer not knowing the unanticipated plot twists.

    The case the team has to tackle was certainly an interesting one: the show opened with a shocking moment, a woman getting raped. Of course this turns out not to be the case, but it's still an intriguing beginning.

    Unfortunately, from this point the episode seems to slow down a bit. The case plods on with small revelations here and there, but nothing major. Personally, I feel this could have been improved on as for the majority of the episode it felt as if nothing happened.

    However, towards the end things soon pick up again. House becomes convinced that the wife is poisoning the patient (and he wonders why he isn't married!) and soon tries to prove this. And, this being House, he isn't too subtle about: he asks her falt out if she's poisoning him and proceeds to search her bags and self. The great juxtaposition from this to House in Cuddy's office complaining that her cannot search her vagina is hilarious!

    The ending of this episode is a twist to the calmness of the rest of it.

    The secondary storyline for this episode is Wilson moving in with House: the original odd couple, if you like! The episode opens with some great directing of House been woken up by Wilson's various "bodily ablushions"! This subplot really is the main (or only) highlight of this otherwise average episode.

    This is not the best episode of House by a long way, but the subplot of House and Wilson living together provide a good enough reason alone for it to be checked out!moreless
  • Okay but not my favorite episode of House

    I loved House's clinic patient. I loved how he told the guy that his wife was sleeping with his daughter's karate teacher. The way he said it was so complicated yet so simple at the same time.

    The case wasn't all that exciting. I loved Foreman insisting that it was lupus and Chase insisting that it was food allergies and House insisting that it was heavy metal toxicity. Cameron was the only one that really wasn't feeling too strongly about anything. Cameron only thought that Chase was wrong.

    I did like that House thought that the wife was poisoning her husband and that's why all of the tests came back negative.

    I saw the irony in the fact that she was poisoning with gold. It was kind of poetic like House said. I loved that House thought gold after his appointment with the clinic guy and his wife. The way House used that stuff that turned the wife's hands purple was interesting too.

    It was a really good episode but I didn't really like it.moreless
Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Dr. Gregory House

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Dr. Allison Cameron

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Dr. Robert Chase

Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Omar Epps

Omar Epps

Dr. Eric Foreman

Robert Sean Leonard

Robert Sean Leonard

Dr. James Wilson

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When the entire team is in the men's room waiting for House, he takes his cane before washing his hands. It is noticeable that he washes them carefully and dries them after, but if he takes his cane back, it will be as infected as if he didn't wash his hands at all. He could have left the cane, wash and dry his hands and take the cane at the end, it would be a cleaner act for a doctor of that calibre.

    • House searches for something in his wooden box, and when he finds it there is a close up on his fingers holding the bottle. It is clearly seen that it's not his fingers. They are too short and without wrinkles.

    • At the end of the episode when House driving home on his Honda, we catch a glimpse of the person who is on the bike, it's not House (Hugh Laurie). It's a guy with no beard and seems to be younger than Hugh Laurie.

    • Trivia: The shows on House's DVR include: The O.C., two episodes of SpongeBob Squarepants, Monster Truck Jam, eight episodes of The New Yankee Workshop, The Black Adder (see Notes), two more of The O.C., and one more SpongeBob.

    • When House checks the answering machine at the end, it says "One new message," but the counter reads "02." He might have been saving one earlier message...but then why erase that too if he wanted to save it? Pretty much all answering machines these days let you delete messages selectively.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Dr. Wilson: My wife fired the maid. Apparently she's getting rid of everything that reminds her of me.
      House: You did your maid?
      Dr. Wilson: I was nice to our maid. Which annoyed her...god knows why.
      House: Maybe she was doing her.
      Dr. Wilson: No one was doing her! All right?

    • Dr. Foreman: I thought you didn't believe that was anything wrong with his throat.
      House: Never said I didn't believe it. I just said I had a good reason to doubt it.
      Dr. Foreman: And now?
      House: Now I have a good reason to doubt those doubts.

    • Dr. Cameron: He's gonna need a lung transplant.
      House: He's becoming more attractive by the minute, isn't he?
      Dr. Cameron: You're pleased. You think you've proved every marriage is a mistake.
      House: Do I look pleased?

    • House: He's choking on his tongue, not his feet.

    • Dr. Chase: (about the couple's threesome) Another guy, or girl?
      Dr. Cameron: Girl. His wife's college roommate.
      Dr. Chase: If he's not happily married, I don't know who could be.

    • Dr. Chase: (about House) He didn't get his beauty sleep. Wilson's moved in and apparently has unusually loud toenails.

    • Dr. Wilson: You're kicking me out? After one night?
      House: Why, you think we should try counseling first?

    • House: Is the ant big and red or small and black?
      Dr. Foreman: Medium and brown
      House: Halle Berry brown or Beyonce brown?
      Dr. Cameron: Is there a difference?
      House: (sarcastically) Is there a difference?

    • Dr. Wilson: I was watching something.
      House: No, you were about to watch something. I'm watching something. See the difference?

    • Dr. Wilson: Now why do you have a season pass to the New Yankee Workshop?
      House: It's a complete moron working with power tools. How much more suspenseful can you get?

    • House: Chase, find out what the resort cooks with, if they repainted recently, or did any plumbing repairs.
      Dr. Chase: I don't speak Spanish.
      House: Then it'll be challenging.

    • Dr. Cameron: If you ask me, if two people really trust each other, a threesome once every seven years might actually help a marriage.
      (everyone stares)
      House: Okay, I say we stop the DDX and discuss that comment.

    • Dr. Cameron: What was I supposed to do, tie her up?
      House: Why not – she likes that.

    • Charlotte: I am not having an affair with my daughter's karate instructor, and I did not give my husband herpes.
      Dr. Cuddy: Find out where House is…

    • House: A sex fiend with a swollen tongue. Just think of all the places I can make Foreman search.

    • House: Good Lord, what is that smell?
      Dr. Wilson: Stuffed pepper.
      House: Stuffed with what? Vomit?

    • Dr. Wilson: (to House) I'll be out of your hair tomorrow…what's left of it.

    • Vincent: The only person I've had sex with is my wife.
      House: Bummer.

    • Dr. Cuddy: (about House) He'd give his own mother herpes if it got him out of clinic duty.

    • Dr. Wilson: Don't you ever eat anything besides canned soup and peanut butter?
      House: Don't you ever eat anything that doesn't look like it's been rolled onto your plate by a dung beetle?

    • House: You blow dry your hair?
      Dr. Wilson: Oh, sorry, did I wake you up?
      House: (louder) You blow dry your hair?!?
      Wilson: Oh, sorry for caring how I look like.
      House: I think the word you're looking for is "obsessing."

  • NOTES (4)


    • Shirt
      When sleeping on the couch, Wilson's shirt displays the logo of McGill University, one of the world's top research universities located in Montreal, Quebec.

    • Dr. Wilson: Let's see - I'm thinking Col. Mustard in the music room with the candlestick.
      Referring to the popular board game Clue from Parker Brothers, where the players try to determine the suspect, the location, and the murder weapon.

    • House: For Miyagi.
      Referencing the karate sensei Mr. Miyagi, from the Karate Kid movies and as played by Pat Morita.