Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

Episode Recap

In a dusty attic, a young boy, Gabriel trips as he gets together with some other boys for a club. They start playing with an Ouija board and when asked who will die in a year, it "spells" out Gabe's name. A week or so later, Gabe comes down with a fever then collapses. He's taken to the clinic where House suspects pneumonia, particularly since Gabe's parents are major donors to the clinic. Signs of a rash suggest something else and they suspect ticks or any sexual activity. It soon becomes clear that the father is a bit of a control freak and the parents are separated. Chase starts to bond with the boy and then his father Rowan arrives and it's clear they have issues.

Chase goes to the house to take a sample but has to make his escape when the cops arrive. The insulation samples show animal hair and cotton, and a CT scan shows the boy apparently has naturally occurring anthrax. The father, Jeffrey, soon starts dictating treatment but Gabriel's airway starts closing up and the team inserts a tube to keep him breathing and Foreman manages to get a tube in. The team suspects an allergy but it would have to be to two different antibodies. House asks Chase's father to step in and they agree it's not anthrax and come up with a diagnosis of sarcoidosis (sic). But before they can apply treatment, Chase notices narcosis (blackening of the rash), suggesting they have sardecosis and anthrax. House agrees and they apply treatment to both, but then Gabe breaks out in serious lesion across his back.

When Chase bows out, House takes the team to him during a consultation. House agrees with Chase Sr.'s analysis, much to Chase's dismay. When they go ahead with Chase Sr.'s treatment, Chase argues he's wrong and they get into a fight over Chase Sr. leaving and his wife/Chase's mother dying after a long bout with alcoholism. House figures out Chase Sr. is making an excuse to meet with Chase, and that he's suffering from lung cancer and will die in three months. Meanwhile, Gabe's right hand and arm is paralyzed as his condition continues to deteriorate.

Chase Sr. concedes his son may have been right and they order a MRT which turns up negative on neural fibertosis – Chase's diagnosis. House figures Gabe's dad was in southeast Asia, despite his denials, and was seeing a guru rather then a test pilot like he told his son. House concludes it's leprosy and the dad has it – it's just slower in him. The leprosy made Gabe vulnerable to the anthrax and then the antibiotics made his condition worse, attacking his fat cells and causing the lesions. Both the boy and his father receive treatment and improve.

When Gabe is disappointed over his father's lies, Chase consoles him and then meets with his own father and they exchange a hug, but Chase is none the wiser that his father is dying.