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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house a kid comes in being admmitting becasue he has a rash and other sytomes and he thinks he is cured from a board game that told him he was going to die . and in this ep chases father comes and wants to talk to him and house to sit in also the kid is still suffering but also may have to deal with his supposive father may not be the guy he thinks he is this was a good ep i thought and it was a good story and that is why i gave it a 9
  • WOW!!! Awesome...

    This was an amazing episode. I loved the part where Dr. Chase had to jump out the window of the old house because there were police outside. I thought it was hysterical. I also love Ouji boards, so that was pretty cool too. But it was kind of obvious that the older boys were moving it.
    It was still a great episode though. I loved House's reactions, as usual. I have watched this one 5 times, and I'm still not sick of it!!!
  • This is the first episode that i have ever seen. Naturally i have a "thing" for this one.

    This literally is the reason why i watch the series. I have heard very few things about this show at this point in time. Then i was bored and i decided to watch some TV and this happened to be on. I happened to tune in when one of the symptoms were occuring so i was instantly interested. I thought this was a movie at first, in fact.

    But this is why i love this episode, on top of it being great.
    The opening scene was a little different than usual, kind of had its own background story.The symptoms were fairly cool, especially the blisters or what ever they were on Gabe's back. It is always good when there are family troubles occuring at the beginning of an episode and then they are relatively fine with each other that the end.

    Medical Problem: Leprosy
    Rating: 9.6/10
  • Totaly Entertaining.

    Amazing episode. House's sarcasm just gets better and better. Staying in India only has a drawback that I got to see this episode on 25/05/2006. But better late than never. The chemistry between House and Wilson is amazing. Though they are poles apart one just expects them to be best friends. I can't wait for the episode where he moves in with House. Its still confusing why it took so long for them to diagnose that its leprosy. It got a bit emotional in the end to see that Chase will never see his father again.
  • This week\'s theme.. Love!

    This episode is all about love. Love is everywhere, love is in the air!

    Lets make a little list of all the love, and discuss.

    We see Dr. Wilson discussing bookkeeping with a blonde girl from accounting, atleast that\'s what I think he said. I don\'t remember, since both he and me were really just checking out the blonde female.

    Then there\'s Chase and his father, not much love going on there, but when we see the little boy speaking the touching line, \"I don\'t love my father!\" and Chase teaches him about a father/son relationship, we can realize that Chase actually does love his father (like he said), but is just being a bitter, little snob.

    Ohhohh, and House asking Allison on a date. Except, without the \'date\' part. He actually does love his co-workers in a friendly way, and in his constant subliminal strife for becoming a better human he wants to take one of his \'friends\' (They just see him as their boss, it seems.) on a little adventure. Yet everyone seems to be to busy with some boring medical speech they have to attend to. Which they really don\'t, but they just need an excuse to avoid House.

    Poor House. :(

    House needs love, give him love? Yes.
  • good good really exciting i loved this epiosde it was cool

    this episode was cool heres trhe review:

    the review:

    A 12-year-old boy believes he's cursed after a Ouija board tells him he's going to die, and his father makes increasing demands on House as they try to diagnose the boy's pneumonia-like symptoms and incongruous rash. Meanwhile, Chase's estranged father, a renowned doctor from Australia, visits and House invites him to sit in, much to Chase's discomfort. When House diagnoses the boy's illnees, the young patient is forced to face the idea that his father may not be everything he believes.
    Read episode recap
    i lovedthis episode i think that they should have doen morre to this epiosde it though ti was good though me and my sister both thought it was good.
  • Anthrax something else and Chase's dad add them all up for an entertaining episode of House

    Some kid getting pressured into doing something he doesn't really wanna do by his friend leads to badness.

    This was quite an interesting case with Chase's dad joining in and being a part of the team and have Chase Jr. vs. Chase Sr. in the rush to the diagnoses. It was kind of sad that Chase Sr. was there to visit Dr. Wilson about his lung cancer. I loved how House kept pushing them trying to get a touching family moment it was rather humerous.

    We got to learn more about Chase and why his relationship with his father is the way it is.

    It was a very interesting case that still fit with everybody lies. Really quite the excellent episode.
  • Review

    House being out of the Clinic actually, believe it or not, takes away from the show. Not having a relationship with any of the characters actually makes him more funny. Becuase he works daily with his staff, when he makes fun of them it seems less hilarious then the reaction of the people who dont see his arrogance and un-doctorlike approach coming. I think he should go back to the clinic sometime in the newxt few episodes. Because House was away from the Clinic I thought this episode was less comical and that the two forms of drama werent all that exciting. Chase's drama with his father was pretty boring throughout AND it didnt even end well on top of it which made it that much worse. I wasnt feeling the acting from the son, mother, or father in this episode either. I thought this was one of the weaker episodes of season 1
  • a young patient comes in to the hospital thinking he's cursed,meanwhile,chases dad comes in for a visit.

    I think this episode evolved a little too much around chase. not that i am complaining, I loved it!,. Too bad his dad had to get cancer, I liked the way chase and his dad acted around each other. the patient's story was also nice and I thought that the way he related to chase was also nice but clearly that was not by accident. I wonder what will hapen when chases dad dies and chase dos not know about it. but that probably will not happen any time soon, house said that chases dad has three months to live. I can not wait till next episode,I hear house will have an enemy, finaly!
  • Crepy but good!

    A young boy goes where he shouldn't and ends up with one of the most bizarre and deadly conditions House and his team have faced to date. The kid is a decent enough actor, but this is an episode that relies heavily on makeup and special effects as the kid's condition goes from bad to worse to deep-fried. It is very unsettling to watch this kid choking and breaking out in what at first appear to be sores and then rickets or shingles. The actual condition turns out to be far more grave. This is one of several episodes where House's colleagues grab his interest in a case by describing seemingly unconnected symptoms. Patrick Bachau of THE PRETENDER and PANIC ROOM fame shows up as Dr. Chase's ailing dad, an eminent physician who abandoned his son many years before. Bachau is one of those actors you either love or hate, depending on your tolerance for big, broad-faced guys with suave demeanors and intolerably thick accents. I happen to love the guy, and he and the Aussie surfer boy have some excellent give-and-take scenes. Bachaus is what this show is missing, more than anything else: seasoned actors with some bearing and weight.
  • after a 12 year old boy falls in the attic of an abandoned house he gets sick and believes he is going to die because a board told him he would.

    This truly is why I watch this show because it is filled with action and adventure. This eppisode shows why you should tell your parents where you are going and to always listen to them and don't keep secrets from them. Bad things can happen. Every eppisode of this show has a story to it and this is one of the better ones. I can't wait for future eppisodes I don't think this series ever gets old. In my oppinon people should pay attention to what lessons this eppisode has to offer. It can teach you great things and that is what I love.
  • Chase's father visits.

    I think this should of definitely could of been a Halloween episode, really creepy in the beginning, this kid plays with an Oigi board, that he is going to die, I actually thought it was going to happen, that rash almost made me puke, bumps all over his body. The father was such an ass, I cannot believe he punched House in the face, I would of punched back. The other plot, with Chase's father, was kind of sad, the whole thing with the too much disappointments. Was so sad, but I liked how is father & him competing, during the whole thing I like how they finally hugged in the end, a touching episode.
  • My first episode of House...

    This was the first episode I ever watched of House and, despite being obviously weaker than some of the episodes this series, it remains close to my heart.

    House took a back seat in this episode, and we see him obsessing over other peoples lives, and manipulating them. Nevertheless, he shows that he does care for Chase, as you can see he is moved by Chase's "I've given him enough hugs- he's given me enough dissapointments" speech about his dad. Following on from this point, the episode subplot of Chase and his father was very well acted and developed- this was the first time we saw some development in Chase since "Damned if you do" way back in episode 5. The case itself was also quite interesting, especially with the rare conditions of lepurisy and antharax, and the idea that the treatment was what is killing him. The way that the writers tied the patients storyline together with that of Chase and his fathers is one of the most commendable aspects of this series.

    Overall, the episode was a decent one- certainly not one of the best, but nevertheless an enjoyable one that has character development and a decent, solid story. And, even as a weaker episode, this was the first one I saw, and the one that consequently got my hooked.
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