Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • This week\'s theme.. Love!

    This episode is all about love. Love is everywhere, love is in the air!

    Lets make a little list of all the love, and discuss.

    We see Dr. Wilson discussing bookkeeping with a blonde girl from accounting, atleast that\'s what I think he said. I don\'t remember, since both he and me were really just checking out the blonde female.

    Then there\'s Chase and his father, not much love going on there, but when we see the little boy speaking the touching line, \"I don\'t love my father!\" and Chase teaches him about a father/son relationship, we can realize that Chase actually does love his father (like he said), but is just being a bitter, little snob.

    Ohhohh, and House asking Allison on a date. Except, without the \'date\' part. He actually does love his co-workers in a friendly way, and in his constant subliminal strife for becoming a better human he wants to take one of his \'friends\' (They just see him as their boss, it seems.) on a little adventure. Yet everyone seems to be to busy with some boring medical speech they have to attend to. Which they really don\'t, but they just need an excuse to avoid House.

    Poor House. :(

    House needs love, give him love? Yes.