Season 1 Episode 13


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  • Trivia

    • When the older Dr. Chase concludes that it must be an autoimmune disease they give Gabe a new medication to treat it. There is no reason for them to do this, since he is already on methotrexate which is used to treat autoimmune diseases.

    • When talking to Wilson about Chase House says that he is 26 years old and that his parents have been divorced for 15 years. Later when Chase is talking with his father, he says that his father left him and his mom when he was 15 years old. So if his father left 15 years ago this make Chase 30 years old now and not 26.

    • In the pilot House said that he hired Chase because his father called but when House met his father, it was like they are meeting for the first time. Even if they only spoke on the phone, you would think House would recognize his voice.

    • Patrick Buchau inadvertently refers to Dr. Wilson as "Dr. Watson" when talking to House about why he's visiting. This is due to the ongoing comparisons of House to Sherlock Holmes. Dr. Watson is Holmes sidekick much like Wilson is to House.

  • Quotes

    • Dr. Chase: I was 15 years old when you walked out. Now you're walking back in?
      Rowan: I left your mother. I didn't leave you.
      Dr. Chase: (near tears) Mum was living on gin and tonics, how was I supposed to take care of her?
      Rowan: She wasn't your responsibility.
      Dr. Chase: I know! She was yours.

    • House: Oh, you never run out of that blonde thingy you were chatting up.
      Dr. Wilson: She's the hospital accountant! We were going over billing procedures!
      House: Double-entry bookkeeping?!

    • House: (talking to a Vicodin pill) There you are. Were you scared? It's okay, you're home now. (swallows it)

    • Dr. Wilson: On the other hand, there is the 'do unto others' thingy?
      House: Then I should definitely tell him. I'd want to know.
      Dr. Wilson: You want to know everything. There's also the 'keeping your promises' thingy.
      House: You never run out of thingies.

    • Dr. Wilson: Oh, this is where I give you advice and pretend you're going to listen to it. I like this part. Did Rowan ask you not to tell?
      House: I promised I wouldn't. My fingers were crossed, so I'm wide open.
      Dr. Wilson: I was wrong – this is the musing out loud part. Do I actually need to be here?

    • Gabe: Who are you?
      House: The little ones call me "Uncle Greg".

    • Dr. Cameron: You know, parents are never as bad as their kids think.
      Dr. Chase: You like him so much, ask him out.

    • House: Are you saying that for the chance of a beautiful family moment, or is there some medicine involved?
      Rowan Chase: It fits better.
      House: Too bad. I was hoping for the other reason. I was going to go get my camera.

    • Dr. Chase: How would you feel if I interfered in your personal life?
      House: I'd hate it. That's why I cleverly don't have a personal life.

    • Older Patient: Hey, my fingers are numb!
      House: Your watch is on too tight.

    • Jeffrey: Are you being funny?
      House: Apparently not.

    • Jeffrey: What now – throw everything at the wall and see what sticks?
      Dr. Chase: Works for spaghetti.

    • Dr. Wilson: Even I don't like you.
      House: You know, words can hurt.

    • House: You're Chase's dad. It's hard to miss, with the big hug and how glad he was to see you.

    • House: A secret club? What's the secret – they're all morons?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Tommy: He was a Navy test pilot. Real Top Gun stuff.
      This references the movie Top Gun, where Tom Cruise plays a hot shot pilot.