Season 2 Episode 5

Daddy's Boy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on FOX

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  • House's parents...

    I thought the medical case in this episode was fantastic- I was very interested in the unusual shock like symptons, and the lies between the father and son. It was touching at the end when the father comforted his son, raising the question if its okay to lie in certain situations.

    Tying into this, we get to meet House's parents for the first time, interesting the rest of the staff, in particular Cameron. I thought it was a poignant moment when House admitted he hated his father to Cuddy, and demonstrated a little of House's interior, and perhaps upbringing. The episode was also very funny in places- House and Wilson provided the main laughs again, especially in their manipulation of each other. There friendship is superb, and I think their connection goes deeper than what we have seen so far.

    Overall, this was a great episode, with an interesting case and subplot merging with one another. My only complaint was that I was hoping for more insight into House's parents, as we only gained a small teaser- I don't buy that House hates his dad just because his dad tells the truth.
  • House's parents come to visit.

    This episode reminds me of the saying, "Curiosity kills the cat" and when Cameron is curious about House's parent they killed the cat, that makes no sense, but to the point, a very well planned out episode, and at the end, your not really sure if the patient lives or dies. Sort of an unsolved cliffhanger, I like how House & Wilson compromise & it turns out Wilson lied referring to borrowing money. I also like how Cameron was checking for fungus in that man's groins & his boss thought she was a prostitute, that was my favorite part! Another thing, that kid does not look 22, he looks more like 16. A great conception!
  • I loved this story. Father works hard for his son to achieve only to accidentally poison him and a friend later.

    In this story, we initally see a college partying and drinking when he breaks out into what looks like a seizure. As is natural for the show, the doctors have various diagnosis and runs this test and that test and can't find what ails the college student. When they asked the father what he does, he tells them he owns a construction company instead of what he really does, which is residing over a junk yard which his son and a friend of his, also sick, work at, every now and then. The father finally tells him the truth about the junkyard situation including the fact that he gave his son a souvenir of sorts from the junkyard in order to remind him of where he came from. House and the crew go looking for the "souvenir" and find that radiation is radiating from it which is the cause of his sickness. The team do what they can, but the lower his body defenses drop, basically the closer he is to death. It's a sad unfortunate story of a single father trying to do the right by his son as he grows up and ends up inadventertly having a hand in his own son's impending death which is a heavy cross to bear. We also get a peek of House's family dynamics, and seeing that made me love his character even more, because it makes me think of my own parents, and I think we also see a calmer more reflective side to House. Overall, I give this show an above average rating. It wasn't a big bang, but I think most definitely worth tuning into.
  • The episode was kind of bleh.

    This episode felt kind of uneven. They had a patient storyline which was gripping, but it felt like they didn't do that much with it. We didn't even get to find out how it ended. I was a bit annoyed that they didn't give the storyline the room that it deserved.

    Too much of the focus was on the storyline with House's parents. I didn't like getting to see his parents or getting the big insight storyline. House's parents, and his relationship with them, is not something I'm very interested in - it's much more interesting when we get to picture it for ourselves. It annoys me that they took the first steps on the "he's not really a jerk, he's just had a hard time" path. They've avoided it in the past, by not blaming it on his leg. In real life some people are simply jerks, not every unpleasant person has the big sob story. But for some reason TV seems to have the big need to make us feel sorry for all non-nice characters. I liked House better when he was just a jerk.

    And Cameron is far too annoying. What is she doing butting in when House's parents come to visit? She's nosy and bratty. Can't they get rid of her already? She's really getting on my nerves.
  • Review

    The meeting of Houses parents went by without too much drama that told us anything about Houses past other then the fact that he hates his father because his father told the truth too much of the time. I think there might be more to that story, but I doubt we will learn anything new for quite some time. I thought that the Cameron-House interactions have pretty much taken a hault, except for the few random scenes where Cameron is spying on House while he is eating dinner with his parents. Theres no doubt that she still has something for him, I just wish the writers would make a decision of if they would get together or not. I hate that every week it feels like the same story - Cameron is obsessed with House, yet nothing happens about it excpet for a few butterflies in her stomach. I just think the story is getting old. The case in this one was random, with the father and son not being able to tell the truth which may have cost the son his life. I thought the episode was comical, but the drama was a little weaker in this episode then it should have been. Had House and company had dinner with Houses parents, maybe then it would have been a little bit better
  • Shocks and House's parents

    So we get to learn a little bit more about House and we get an interesting case.

    Another case where in the end they cannot do anything for the patient. Radiation poisoning was interesting because Carnell wasn't the only one who was affected by it and by diagnosing him they save his father and his friend.

    House getting his bike was cool and Wilson telling him to take it back was so Wilson of him and the dinner plans with House's parents and Wilson refusing to cancel was good.

    I thought the shocks made for an extra interesting episode and it was definitely a case House would take. I loved Wilson telling House that he accepted the case the moment he lent him 5 grand.

    Cameron trying to prod into House's life and dinner with his parents was just Cameron being Cameron I loved how Foreman and Chase were trying to say it was pointless.

    House and Wilson were so perfect whenever they were talking. I loved how House told him that he had been borrowing increasing amounts of money from him to see where he would draw the line and Wilson responding by saying that he had been doing the same thing with lies.

    This was a brilliant episode of House I liked it a lot.
  • House shows that he has a depth of feeling within, the usual "tough and ornery" approach is less obvious here as the story unfolds.

    This episode shows a profound, emotional interaction between a father and son, (son is the patient). Anyone can relate to the idea of looking out for your kids, for whatever reason. Also how much it matters to most of us to make our parents proud, to “measure up” and be the best we can be. It poses the question to any parent about honest communication with a child, on any subject. As parents, we all want the best for our kids, and in the effort to provide the best, it isn't uncommon to fall short in the actual connection with the child we care so much about. Especially with this father and son, clearly, they've had their differences; but uncovering the best intentions from both sides proves that they really care about each other deeply, especially with the loss of the wife and mother to contend with. In the end, the way that father and son are left to spend what little time they have left together, House and staff are the epitome of professionalism. Knowing what we know about his style, he shines through with a level of understanding and humanity that is seldom really seen or felt from this character. As the final scene between father and son is shown, the viewer can't help but choke up inside, unable to help but identify with how it might feel to know, as a parent, that this is likely the last conversation that will ever take place on this earth between this parent and child. House is affected, too, you can see it in him, no words need to be spoken, as he rides off into the night on the new motorcycle, the viewer is left to reflect. This one really stayed with me, and reminds me of how much we have to keep focused on what is really important, no matter what mistakes we or those we love make. Made me think that somewhere deep inside, House wants to be forgiven for being crippled in that accident, having that cane, and being hooked on painkillers, that somewhere inside, the “great doctor” who is only human, fallible, yet needs to be accepted unconditionally. House’s mean exterior is a front, his addiction a cover-up. I was left with the feeling that he knows he has to start with accepting himself to overcome, but he just doesn’t know how.
  • A very pivotal episode in terms of House's past and origings, with his parents visting, revealing a troubled relationship with his father and the causes of it

    While House seems to be upset with the relationship between his patient and the patient's father because they lie to each other - for example the father told his son Carnell that his mother died because a drunken driver crushed into her while the truth is that she fell asleep on the wheel in order to protect him, or Carnell never told his dad that during spring break he flew to Jamaica with some of his college friends - the fact that House's own father is unwilling to lie to him, to protect him, is the reason for their trouled relationship. In a rare moment of opening up and showing that vulnerability that keeps Cameron sucked in, he tells her that his father is just like her, "Not the caring 'til your eyes pop out part, just the insane moral compass that won't let you lie to anybody about anything. It's a great quality for boy scouts and police witnesses. Crappy quality for a dad." By telling House that his real problem is that "You just don't know how lucky you are!" his father points out that House cannot use his disability as an excuse not to have any life besides his work, as an excues to be miserable forever. As Wilson points out later in the episode, it's not the truth that House can't handle - what his father accuses him of is very true - but rather the fact that he hates being a disappointment, and his dad feels disappointed because he keeps hiding behind his cane sticking to his misery. While House's mom tells him that he's perfect "just the way you are" and shows a parent's willingness to protect their child over telling the truth, House's father is unwilling to do the same, valueing the truth over anyone's feelings, exactly as House himself. So while House at the beginning of the episode, condemns the notion of parents who lie because they love their child, it is the lack of this instinct in his father that conditions their problematic relationship. And yet we can see from where House must have - at least partly - inherited his streak of seeking out the truth ruthlessly, no matter the consequences. The very fact that House is so reluctant to face his father, his hurt expression when he hears the truth from him is based on House being scared of disappointing him, revealing the deeper emotions of respect and admiration for his father.

    A great episode for getting to know House, this most complex character full of contrasting qualities, better and getting to the bottom of one of his many issues.
  • at last we see what happend to House after he took the motorcycle for a spin, he bought it!!! crippled and all he went in and bought it. Later we find it couldn\'t have been done without the monetary help of a fellow colleague...

    This epi is really enlightening as to how House and Wilson\'s friendship is, it\'s not just going for drinks and meeting girls, h3ll Wilson lends House $5k to buy the motorcycle, and thus we see a \"sky high rise in personal friends interest loans\". Imean you really gotta love a friend who loans you that amount money, and note this, with out asking for. Wilson later finds out that his loan went into financing House\'s new craving motorcycling.

    But what really puts Wilson\'s friendship to the test, is when House offers to pay Wilson the Loan (a day or two after it was loaned) if he agrees to accompany him to dinner the night House\'s folks are in town to wich Wilson asks why did he need a loan if he had the money all along, H:\"I wanted to see where you draw the line after last year you lent me 40 bucks\",W:\"You were trying to put an objective value to our friendship\". The night ends with House paying up, and Wilson telling him he\'ll take House\'s parents to their dinner.
  • the frate party scene was amazing! the electric shock thing? is that for real? men foor second there i thought i was watching a horror movie?

    The whole medical problem was that for real? men i was spellbound and glued to the tv, that poor boy and is dad, the part his bowels collapsed and he pooped on the bed, now didnt see that coming! seriously that dr cameron is beginning to irritate me, she should get over the crush already and i dont think i want to see house end up with her; she's just hinky. dr house has parents? and they're normal too. whao. it was a great episode. really great!
  • Perhaps a little out of character for House, this is one of my more remembered episodes.

    A unique starting sequence made this episode jump out at me right from the start. It would appear the characters have a really strong relationship together, filled with trust. But the writers of this episode definitely were deceiving when it came to the characters. This was something they usually dont do with their characters, i must say i liked the change.

    The disease and the symptoms were crazy, interesting and shocking some of the time. For example when Carnell had an accident in his hospital bed without even feeling anything or at the very beginning when he was feelin the shock like sensations in his spine. I classified this episode as "out of character" for three reasons. The characters were not quite as they appeared to be at the start, House was more serious than he usually is towards the end and finally because the patient actually didnt live, which has only happened a few times so far in this series.

    Medical Problem: Radiation poisoning, causing tumor in spine
    Rating: 9.5/10
  • I Believe that House really respects his Father for truth and loves his family. He just didn't want to them to see him like he is now, with a cane and how it happened.

    Very compelling script, exicution of story line, great interactions. House needed to come face to face with what happened to his parents. Sometimes truths hurts but, it always works in "real" life down the road. If House didn't miss his Parents then why did he look longinly at his parents picture in an episode? He seems to be a very complicated man when really, all it is, is pain, physical and mental, not to mention a broken heart that he really cannot deal with. Add this to the mix of missing his parents and growing older, we all can identify with seeing our parents more. Thank-You. This episode helped me as well.
  • I can't believe the son from 24 appeared in this episode.

    This is the first episode of House I’ve ever seen. It’s an all right show, cause House can be rudely sarcastic, and I like that about character, plus this is a complete difference from his role as Mr. Little. You have good ole Mr. Little and then you have badass House. My opinion is that House is pretty cool, especially since, even though he’s a cripple, he can still ride a motorcycle.
  • Great episode in all aspects: character development, Hugh's performance and the story was interesting as well. One of my favorites

    the parallel stories with House's parents and the patient's father was a bit too obvious: House hates his father and not his mother, same with the patient. Also the patient's father blames his son for his way of life - what House's father probably feels about House but doesn't dare to say... but despite that, it's well written and we get to know more about House's life and that's always a great thing.
  • Not one of the greatest episodes of House but again kept me watching.

    Not one of the greatest episodes of House but again kept me watching.
    Motorbike in the handicap spot, cane in hand, House once again lets little specks of information to who he really is, and why he is the way he is. Being behind in the episodes sucks but hey what can you do!
  • House's parents come to town! Well only for a night and also House going through a mid life crisis with his motorbike.

    This was a great episode because we find out why he doesn't want to see his parents. It sad to hear that his dad never lied to him. I know that people lie to protect people but sometimes the truth should be told. The motorbike that house got looked fanastic and I want one now
  • Nothing wrong with it.

    I don't see why so many people are hung up on this episode. Let's try to look at it from the producers' point of view. They're probably reading this to get tips on how to make the show better. House is very blunt and insensitive, generally speaking. To avoid the secondary dimension of characterization, they have to give House a heart and a background. He acts like he doesn't care about patients, and he pretends he has no life. He cares, he fears, he loves, he hates. He experiences all the struggles that everybody does, and the writers slip little references in, like the conflict on the Gaza strip, to remind us that House is the embodiment of humanity. As cheesy as that may sound, in the applied sense, it works, and it's clearly what they're going for.

    This is one of the more sensitive episodes. Most of the viewers are conditioned to love the insensitive side of House, because that's the part that makes them laugh the most. In the future, I expect there to be more conflict, bringing House to even greater insensitivity. The more House feels pain, the more he hurts everybody else. That's always funny. This time, it's clear he enjoyed meeting his parents, mainly his mother. After the scene where she said, "You're absolutely perfect just the way you are," he looked like he'd been through a lot, and he was as happy as I'd ever seen him.
  • Got to meet the parents!

    Maybe I was just in a bad mood but this episode seemed to be lacking the usual luster this show has gotten me spoiled with.

    I enjoyed watching it but it held nothing to write about. LOL

    Even the shocking behavior Dr. House has been known for was not shocking.

    Even meeting the Doc's parents gave us very little. He came across as a spoiled angry little brat. I don't think the writers meant to do that.
  • In this particular episode, house diagnosed a sick princeton kid who got a radioactive poisoning that developed his spinal angioma (Spine Tumor), this radiation also inhibits him from fighting infecctions...The object that tested for wells was give by the

    This particular episode is so good because it is the first time iv'e saw a medical show that the patient has no future

    Great show because the boy is booping at his pants without feeling it!!! Ewww grows!!!
    also its kinnda funny because the collegue of House went to examine the groin of the patient and the boos of the examinee went to ask for a card @ house's collegue!
  • Another great episode, and better yet, we meet House's parents!

    It's amazing that there have been over 25 episodes of this series thus far, and yet each week the writers are able to provide us with a unique, and often shocking illness (no pun intended).

    In this episode a recent grad is suffering from "shocks" for no apparent reason. I found it interesting how the father was always incessant on making sure his son remembers his roots, and ultimately, that led to this "illness."

    Of course the big thing everyone's been talking about is meeting House's parents. I wasn't surprised in the least that House was reluctant to see them, however I didn't expect the reason, and it was a rather interesting one; that his father didn't let him lie. The best was telling Cameron his father was just like her.

    Lastly, I'd just like to say I loved the scene in front of Wilson's car when House explains why he asked him for money when he didn't need any, and then Wilson's remark afterwards about lying in increasing amounts :).
  • A little more gravy to House's character. The interplay between House and Camerons continues. Good medical case as well- intruiging!

    Another revealing episode with glimpses at House's parents.

    Cameron was insistent on meeting House's parents to find out more about him and why he's so miserable. Sensibly, she gives House his space and leaves him to have a private dinner with his parents (~ in the cafeteria!)

    Ah Wilson- sucked in to House's crazy experiments? Funny though!

    The case was actually pretty interesting. Once again, not you garden variety illness- then again, if it was, House would have nothing to do with it.

    Good episode with lots of subtle revelations.
  • New revelations about House but the main plot was kind of bland.


    Finally some good revelations about House. Who knew he actually had a real fear in life and it was his own father? Who knew he even had parents? I loved the performance of R. Lee Ermey as his father. He was superb and I only wish that he had been on it more. Perhaps, it could happen later on down the line. I was so excited to see that House actually had parents and didn’t just appear that way. It went to show just how much of the way House reacts to situations is not just because of his leg and what happened there, but started way earlier in life. I almost passed out when House actually thanked Cameron for not going to the dinner with his parents. Although, I got a tad irritated by Little Miss Perfect’s insisting on getting involved in House’s problems again, albeit for a good reason.

    I’m probably one of the very few people who guessed what the patient had wrong with him about half way through. I can actually say it was the first time I was correct in the diagnosis, also meaning I watch too many medical shows. I figured out also that somehow the father would be involved in what actually caused his child's illness, but I digress. Finally House found a patient he couldn’t save which is a point that sadly I’ve been waiting on that since I watched started watching the show. It goes to prove that even world famous doctors can’t save everyone and that doctors aren‘t always the “miracle workers“ they portray on shows. This to me was a step in the right director for the show as it was something I didn‘t expect.. Also, once again I became ill from watching the “surgeries”, they are just too realistic for me to handle most of the time.

    All in all, Daddy’s Boy wasn’t the best episode of this series that I have seen, but I do have to say it was one of Hugh Laurie’s strongest performances of the season so far.
  • we met House's parents. He doesn't like his Dad because he's too honest and never lets him lie or do anything wrong. His mom is nice. A patient got radioactive(sp?) poisoning.

    This is exactly why I watch this show! I loved the humor! It's one of my favorite episodes out of the series now. Hugh Laurie is such a good actor! I love the show House and I love every episode! I thought it was good to tell us more about House and his background. Again I loved this episode!
  • I had only seen one episode of House before this...but I'll definitely be watching more in the future.

    "Daddy's Boy" was a very good episode, and it makes me want to watch the show more. I've only seen one other episode of the show, but I will definitely be seeing more.

    The plot is interesting. Not only is there a strange case of a patient that keeps receiving shocks, there is a subplot about House's parents! I thought this was handled well, and added a new depth to House's character. In addition, the relationship between the patient and his father is interesting. They keep lying to each other, but in the end they forgive. The two actors were superb in their parts. There were also many funny bits in this one, including many hilarious one-liners. Altogether, this was a very good episode that drew me in and makes me want to keep watching.
  • Just plain terrible.

    This was by the far the worst House episode ever made. I have been watching avidly since the beginning of last season and I almost shut this one off because I couldn't take the pain of this episode. Everyone was out of character, except Cameron, and even the diagnosis procedure was a joke. Last season on Occam's Razor, they made a big predicament about two diseases hitting simulataneously. Now all of sudden, it's normal? Radiation poisoning and the tumor in the spine? Or was the tumor caused by the radiation? I don't think they really explained that well. Also, about Carnell dying. Chase said it doesn't seem likely that Carnell would fight off the infection. No mention of what type of infection this was and "seems likely" wasn't as definitive as the episode when the homeless woman had rabies and we knew she was dead. The whole scene with House's parents could have been greatly done, but that was let down with a disappointment. The previews got everyone hyped up just to be let down. The only decent part was the original scene with House and Wilson bickering about lying, and when Cameron was portrayed as a prostitute in her office...those were definite classics, but all in all this was absolutely terrible, and the writers better get their act is a great show, but episodes like this make me wonder....
  • This episode was...boring

    I am a huge fan of House, I watch every week and have since the last season. Most episodes are great, even if they are far-fetched sometimes. Knowing that House's parents were going to be in this episode, I though it would have been better written. In fact when the parents did show up, I was quite disappointed. Not only were they normal, they didn't "fit" as his parents. The diagnosis of the infection and the tumor was well boring... In this episode nothing really happened. There were some amusing parts when Cameron butts into House's personal life and gets Wilson to invite his parents for dinner, House borrowing money from Wilson just to see if he would do it or not. I like that House has the bike because that goes back to the first episode when he took it out on the test drive. This episode looked like it was put together too quickly and the writing was sloppy. All the actors/actresses did well with what they were given. Sela Ward was not in this episode, she brings alot to the show, especially when she goes toe to toe with House. Hopefully the other episodes won't be as boring.....
  • Well written episode, I really liked it.

    I really liked this episode ! Lots of small but right/fitting details (for example : the Vicodin is back , but less obvious ), and lots of info on House.
    Well written dialogues, good pace ( I've found some of the previous season 2 episodes a bit too fast). An episode equalling greatness of Three stories.
  • Everybody lies to their family.

    It goes without saying that many college kids lie to their parents about their activities. This show is no exception to that. However, there are a few requsite twists and turns. The patient gets shocked every few minutes. He then suffers sphincter paralysis. It comes to light that he had lied to his father about going out of the country. His father had lied to him about the nature of his mother's death. In the end, the problem turns out to radioactive metal attached to his book bag. As extreme as that sounds, it was sort of a letdown. The even bigger letdown was the introduction of House's parents. They were absolutely normal. The saving grace of the show once again was House's wit and his vanity purchase of a bike. Only House could borrow increasingly higher amounts from Wilson just testing to see how much he could borrow.
  • I've been a fan since the show started, but.......

    I love House to the point of obsession. It's been my favorite show since it aired, but this episode made me ill.

    This is possibly the worst House episode I have ever seen . It seriously felt like someone had sat in a room for a day and threw this plot togther. The idea of House's parent had great potential, but it totally took a nose dive.

    I also think House was way out of character. He was entirely too nice, and happy. The only reason I like the show House is because it's about this bitter , acerbic doctor who hates visiting patients, and has no social skills whatsoever. In this episode House was actually being "friendly".

    Everything in this episode was sloppy. The dialoge was poorly done. The scene transitions were rough , and unorganized. And for someone who hates his father , House certainly didn't let it show.

    House didn't really make any clever breakthrough diagnoses, and he let his ducklings do the work for him. If he's such a maverick why are his ducklings coming up with all the clever stuff.

    The only good part about this episode was when Cameron was being intrusive into House's personal life.

    I really hope that the next episodes in this season don't follow the same pattern as Daddy's Boy , because I will stop watching altogether.

    Hopefully the next episode will make up for this one.
  • House gets in touch with his roots.... sort of

    Loved the whole motorcycle bit.... not only the amusement of House's delight in owning it, but the whole "rev the engine when Foreman wants to talk". Great.

    This episode could have been done better. I can't put my finger on exactly what it was... but I think getting a glimpse into House's past... just could have been done better.

    Still loving the tension between Cameron and House.... the conversation after his dinner with his parents, I got tingly.