Season 2 Episode 5

Daddy's Boy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on FOX

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  • I loved this story. Father works hard for his son to achieve only to accidentally poison him and a friend later.

    In this story, we initally see a college partying and drinking when he breaks out into what looks like a seizure. As is natural for the show, the doctors have various diagnosis and runs this test and that test and can't find what ails the college student. When they asked the father what he does, he tells them he owns a construction company instead of what he really does, which is residing over a junk yard which his son and a friend of his, also sick, work at, every now and then. The father finally tells him the truth about the junkyard situation including the fact that he gave his son a souvenir of sorts from the junkyard in order to remind him of where he came from. House and the crew go looking for the "souvenir" and find that radiation is radiating from it which is the cause of his sickness. The team do what they can, but the lower his body defenses drop, basically the closer he is to death. It's a sad unfortunate story of a single father trying to do the right by his son as he grows up and ends up inadventertly having a hand in his own son's impending death which is a heavy cross to bear. We also get a peek of House's family dynamics, and seeing that made me love his character even more, because it makes me think of my own parents, and I think we also see a calmer more reflective side to House. Overall, I give this show an above average rating. It wasn't a big bang, but I think most definitely worth tuning into.
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