Season 2 Episode 5

Daddy's Boy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Wilson incorrectly says "His BAC was 2.0%", if this were true the patient would be dead. He most probably meant 0.20%.

    • Trivia: The bike that House rides in this episode appears to be a Honda CBR1000RR with the Repsol Honda colors.

    • Taddy works in Manhattan, where Cameron visits him, but when he starts vomiting blood they take him to the New Jersey.

  • Quotes

    • Dr. Wilson: We're discussing your new patient.
      House: Must be a boring discussion, considering that I haven't accepted a new patient.

    • House: You lie to your mother?
      Dr. Cuddy: Only since I was twelve!

    • House: (hearing serious news about patient on phone) Check it again. I'll be right there.
      Dr. Cuddy: What happened?
      House: Apparently I can save money by switching to another long-distance carrier.

    • Dr. Cameron: (talking about House) Why does he hate seeing his parents? So his dad tells the truth, he can't handle that?
      Dr. Wilson: He hates being a disappointment.
      Dr. Cameron: He's a doctor, world-famous! How disappointed can they be?
      Dr. Wilson: You know what I figure is worse than watching your son become crippled? Watching him be miserable.

    • House: You - intravenous broad spectrum antibiotics. You - get cervical, thoracic, and lumbar T2 weighted fast spin echo MRIs. And you - track down all the other Richie Riches who went to Jamaica. See if any of them have the shocks, the trots, or the hots.

    • Dr. Foreman: You have no evidence to support a poisoning diagnosis.
      House: Which is why it's going to be so cool when I turn out to be right.

    • Dr. Wilson: If you have the money then why did you need the loan?
      House: I didn't. I just wanted to see if you'd give it to me. I've been borrowing increasing amounts ever since you lent me $40 a year ago. Ummm, a little experiment to see where you'd draw the line.
      Dr. Wilson: You're…you're trying to objectively measure how much I value our friendship.
      House: It's five grand – you got nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Dr. Wilson: Now, be a grown-up and either tell Mommy and Daddy you don't want to see them, or I'm picking you up at seven for dinner.
      House: What do you mean? You just said…?
      Dr. Wilson: I lied. I've been lying to you in increasing amounts ever since I told you you looked good unshaved a year ago. It's a little experiment, you know, to see where you'd draw the line.

    • Dr. Wilson: Two-wheeled vehicles that travel 150 miles an hour don't really go well with crippled irresponsible drug addicts.
      House: Actually, two-wheeled vehicles that go 180 miles an hour do not go well with healthy responsible architects who don't know how to separate breaking and turning. Good news is, it brings the price right down.

    • House: Good morning!
      Dr. Foreman: It's almost noon.
      House: Really? Must be why I'm so hungry. Who's up for lunch?

    • Dr. Cameron: Why would you need $5,000?
      Dr. Chase: Bad night at poker or great night with a hooker.
      House: Thank you for saving me the trouble of deflecting that personal question with a joke.

    • House: When I said I'd do anything for the money, I obviously didn't mean it.

    • Dr. Cameron: Who was that?
      House: Angelina Jolie. I call her "Mom." Who thinks that's sexy?

    • Dr. Wilson: You used me to avoid seeing your parents.
      House: What do you care?
      Dr. Wilson: I don't - I just thought it might be interesting to find out why.
      House: You could have just asked.
      Dr. Wilson: You would have lied.
      House: You would have believed me…which would have kept us both happy.

    • Dr. Cameron: You're not curious?
      Dr. Chase: I'm curious about crocs, but I don't stick my head in their mouths.

    • House: Get me out of this and I'll tell you who started the rumor about you being a transsexual.
      Dr. Cuddy: There is no such rumor.
      House: There will be...unless you get me out of this dinner.

    • House: Mom, it's great to see you.
      Blythe House: Oh, Greg, don't lie.

    • John House: Last I checked, you have two legs.
      House: (holds up cane) Three, actually.

    • Dr. Cameron: What's with the jacket?
      House: It keeps me warm and (flicks his hair) cool. How does it know?

    • Dr. Foreman: (about House's parents) It's dinner. It's sixty minutes, most of which will be spent chewing. Unless they say something like, "Do you prefer the chardonnay or the merlot? And, oh, by the way, we kept Greg locked in the closet for 17 years," you're not going to learn anything interesting.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • House: Track down all the other Richie Riches who went to Jamaica.
      Richie Rich, "The Poor Little Rich Boy", is a fictional character who first appeared in comic books published by Harvey Comics in 1953. He became their biggest hit in the 1960s. His animated television debut was in 1980, and his live-action debut was in Richie Rich (1994), starring Macaulay Culkin.

    • House: Get me out of this and I'll tell you who started the rumor about you being a transsexual.
      Lisa Edelstein who plays Dr. Cuddy, played transexual client Cindy McCauliff on Ally McBeal.