Season 1 Episode 5

Damned If You Do

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 2004 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    a nun is sent to doctor house but thing is he does not really belive in faith and so she comes in with redness and other things and house gives her pills and then she cant breathed she thinks its god and she wants to be taken . and she thinks its asine from god and house does not belive that . and he must try to figure things out before its too late. and this was a good ep and it showd you anthor side of house . and that is why i gave the show a 8.5 instead of anyting lower
  • Well it was an average episoide

    Well, House's reaction to seeing the nun was priceless, Still he thought it was a simple case which caused him to think he made an error when she went into fit but he refuses to accept it. As per usual he investigate and get thrown off the case but knowing House like we know he didn't give in and spoke to the nun. Still that help with the tea but that didn't cure her. At this stage he has to give up but he refuses to give-up and get an idea to do full body scan. So it was copper wire, am i only thinking why didn't they do one when she was admitted to the hospital?.

    Other case, Santa claus well recommend Smoking to do a patient, i didn't know doctor were allowed to do that but it was amusing, it's upto the patient whether he would take the advice. I thought it was nice Camron to give house a present, am i sense she kinda of likes him. What was the present she give him, i want to know.

    Next week case look a bit more cool, finally we see blood vomitting, this is a medical drama so it took few episoide to have one these type of cases. Until next week that's it from me.
  • Perhaps not one of their best, but I'm still willing to sit through it, so take that as a victory for the writers nonetheless

    This episode was fine, okay, all right.. average, in other words. I didn't quite get the Jewish jokes that House was making with his doctor buddy, but there were a few other priceless moments as usual [such as Cuddy eyeing the teabag he threw at her with suspicion- "What is this, hemlock?"]. On the whole, however, the nun storyline wasn't that engrossing, and the woman was rather insipid and colorless. When she starts hallucinating about 'the Lord', it gets a little cringeworthy- but at least it's not an extended scene. You'd think, though, that House would be a little more cautious with the treatments- he jumps from one to the other haphazardly, and he ranted in a previous episode how dangerous that was, to prescribe one thing then another, but does it himself. All those chemicals in the one body can't be very healthy...but still, an average episode of 'House' is worth far more than a whole heap of other shows, at the end of the day, and I stil found a few moments to enjoy, so it wasn't that bad.
  • Not the best one so far. It looked a little worse compared to the awesome episode before it. Then again, it was still quite good.

    Great episode, they are all great. This one, however, I must say was not my favourite for a few reasons. I always love an episode with shocking or very unusual symptoms. This one did not really have much of either of these. This episode seemed to focus on more of the morals of the nuns' religion i think, or at least religion in general. I just did not find it all that interesting compared to the side stories of the others. This all changed when you found out the patient had been pregnant before and it instantly grew quite interesting.

    The final reveal was awesome too, the way it was done it was like a punch in the face!! A copper cross just sitting in your body for so long, almost unimaginable.

    Medical Problem: Allergic reactions to copper.
    Rating: 9.2/10
  • How do you save a life, when they feel that it is divine intervention?

    This episode hit a little close to home, cause I feel the same way about most nuns. Most of them are evil, they are picky and they disapprove of everything. It’s no wonder why Dr. Chase felt the way he did. “Are you allowed to watch TV or do you think that’s the work of the devil?” But to have a woman get sick that way is insane. She started convulsing and seeing images of Christ. And automatically when a nun has marks on her palms it must be stigmata. Problem is that people associate Jesus to his death more than his message. People focus more of how he died and who’s to blame rather than trying to live for the heavenly father’s will. By the way I’m Catholic, but I also believe that there is more than one pathway to God, so I hope I haven’t belittled all the other wonderful religions out there. It’s interesting to find out that it was actually a copper tool stuck inside of her, from a self-abortion several years ago. It’s also interesting to see House being the Grinch of the hospital and others being nice to him. His small heart becomes ten times sizes to big when his ex-wife tells him he did a good job and Merry Christmas.
  • good good

    this was a very good epiosde i liked it i really enjoyed it
    heres the review:

    the review:

    A nun whose hands are red, swollen and cracked is sent to House. The nun believes it is stigmata, but House suspects an allergic reaction. He gives her some pills, which cause her to become unable to breathe. As her condition worsens, her fellow sisters pray for her while House and his team work to discover the cause of her illness while House has to wonder if he misadministered the illness. o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
  • It's christmas time and hey nuns

    This one was actually pretty good. The nuns were cool. The case was interesting. I loved how everyone thought that House had screwed up and it was really the tea she'd been drinking that caused her reaction.

    House's comments to the one nun when they were in the chapel was highly comical. I also enjoyed House's chat with the other nun at the monistary.

    I loved House and Wilson too they are great when they're together, they both make me laugh. I also enjoyed Chase and Sister Augistine when they were talking. It was a Great episode but I really think there were others that were much better than this one.
  • Review

    I thought that the acting done by Elizabeth Michelle was sub par during the first parts of this episode, but I really liked how her talks with Chase and House went towards the end of the episode. I think she could have done a much better job had she been given a better role, but I liked her as a guest star. The Christmas spirit was a small ministory in this one, with the end of the episode being jolly for a change. House and Cuddy exchanged plesentries and I was surprised that House actually shared a laugh with one of his fellow co-workers. I thought the episode was a good one overall, again I could relate to what was going on without having to know anything about medicine.
  • Great episode!

    This is a truly great episode of House!

    1) I know I always say this, but the medical delemia was good. What they thought was just a simple little allergy turned out to be something much more.
    2) House was incredibly funny in this episode! I loved some of the following parts: "You must be all the talk around the holy water cooler" and "What do you think about the nun." "Which one?" "The cute one, i think she likes me. The sick one obviously."
    3) I loved the idea they had that made her sick! Basically, when she was younger, she had some sort of abortion, a peice of metal from the abortion was stuck inside her, and she was allergic to that! Erm, something like that. XD

    1) The thing with the nuns, well, it wasn't my favorite idea. Though they did manage to fit it quite nicely into the episode.
  • More serious then others

    Another unpleasant and extremely serious episode, as House works on a nun who exhibits a scary bunch of symptoms. She has a secret House must wrest from her in order to save her. But she would rather fly into the arms of her loving God than help House. This is one of those episodes that is so intense, I am amazed the show has any audience. But the truth is, it represents drama of the highest order, as House and the nun go at each other. The acres playing the nun is first-rate and quite believable. This is the kind of episode that makes me flashback to my days as a hospital orderly and nurse's aide, something I would rather not dwell on.
  • Very discriminating to nuns...

    Well everyone seems to hate nuns in this episode as they have this as the main plot element. A nun is a patient & House finds out nuns aren't so good when the nun got pregnant before which was a key to his sickness. Of course there is 2 theories & they both fail & finally it turns out to be the allergic reaction to the birth control pill. Very clever House. Very clever. I like how Chase had a spiritual connection, a very special episode because that scene at the end with the Christmas plot fitting in, and everyone is having fun at Christmas Eve, while Wilson & House are enjoying Chinese, Cameron finding out she got a present from House. A great special episode.
  • What if God is blind?

    Yo no creo en dios, al menos como lo representa la iglesia católica o cualquier otra religión. Además cumplo años en navidad, y lo odio. Entonces entenderán mi identificación con este episodio.
    House es humano, quieren demostrar eso, y lo creo. Cameron es amorosa como el rubio y está bien, como todos. Estoy tratando de no hablar de la religión y todo eso pero no puedo. Lo frágil que tiene que ser alguien para creer en algo que es tan obvio que no existe. Y el miedo que debe tener uno para creer en todas esas imposiciones inútiles e inentendibles que tiene el catolicismo. Como odio eso. Las benditas vendas que nos dan y nosotros tan obsecuentemente nos anudamos lo más fuerte posible.
  • The first time faith is introduced in House...

    This episode involving a sick nun is the first in a long line of episodes dealing with the characters faith.

    House shows his religious views, questioning the whole concept of belief from the out- the scene with the sister towards the end of the episode was certainly a special one as we see just how low he views humanity, questions the "miracles" of birth and love.

    It was also the first time we see development from Chase, seeing him struggle with a surpressed spirtual belief. We also gain some insight to Foreman and Camerons beliefs, and it was interesting seeing Foreman clash with House over his diagnostic technique- a key build up for the future.

    The ending of the episode was also very special, showing the friendship between House and Wilson (who's scenes were once again phenonomal), and shippers rejoice at Cuddy wishing House a merry Christmas, whilst Cameron recieving a present from House. All in all, another great installment.