Season 1 Episode 5

Damned If You Do

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 2004 on FOX

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  • Well it was an average episoide

    Well, House's reaction to seeing the nun was priceless, Still he thought it was a simple case which caused him to think he made an error when she went into fit but he refuses to accept it. As per usual he investigate and get thrown off the case but knowing House like we know he didn't give in and spoke to the nun. Still that help with the tea but that didn't cure her. At this stage he has to give up but he refuses to give-up and get an idea to do full body scan. So it was copper wire, am i only thinking why didn't they do one when she was admitted to the hospital?.

    Other case, Santa claus well recommend Smoking to do a patient, i didn't know doctor were allowed to do that but it was amusing, it's upto the patient whether he would take the advice. I thought it was nice Camron to give house a present, am i sense she kinda of likes him. What was the present she give him, i want to know.

    Next week case look a bit more cool, finally we see blood vomitting, this is a medical drama so it took few episoide to have one these type of cases. Until next week that's it from me.