Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2005 on FOX

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  • House really doesn't need a lot of "bosses" to answer to, one is enough. Get rid of Foreman.

    House really doesn't need a lot of "bosses" to answer to, one is enough. Get rid of Foreman. Well, at least in his current roll, it's simply silly. House is, well House, the center of the show, and one of his hired hands now bosses him, it's just childish, and unrealistic. The writers are really good in a lot of aspects of this show, but when it comes to drama all they seem to be able to produce when it involves character interaction is second rate soap-operas.
  • House plays mad scientist..

    I really enjoyed this episode, especially after rewatching it where I felt I picked up a lot more. The interactions between House the patient was definately one of the best, right up there with "Control". Their banter throughout the episode was fantastic.

    I noticed other viewers didn't enjoy Foreman being in charge, but I felt it was an interesting change, and also good character development. We get to see more of Foremans ambitions, and his desire to prove himself. It also showed to us that he isn't ready to be a leader yet, and also that he has a lot to learn. It was also strange to see House having to fight for what he wants, rather than dictate like he normally does- it made for an interesting change, and has the benefit of not being permanent as well.

    House was wrong a lot in this episode, and could have ended up killing the patient. His desire to be right seemed to trump his desire to solve the puzzle in this episode, and it made for a fantastically interesting case this week. The clinic scene was also hilarious, and one of the best this season so far.

    I thought Wilson refusing to help Foreman was a nice touch for their friendship- he basically said that he accepts House for who he is, which is why he didn't have any tips to give him.

    Cameron being **** and upfront was also a nice turn- it was bizarre seeing the patient find Cameron more of a jerk than House! Flip of characters there.

    Overall, I thought this episode was fantastic, and provided both witty dialogue, plot intrigue, and fascinating character development all in forty minutes of wonderful TV.
  • The first mentally ill patient.

    Well this patient really flew off the handle. This would have to be the most craziest patients ever! Hurting yourself to get attention, but no like slitting writs attention, I mean getting yourself sick & checked in to a hospital attention but it turns out she was actually sick. This episode was pretty much the aftermath of Foreman getting to be in charge. And Chase's suspension continues. While House has to listen to Foreman and the rest of the team is ticked by it, I'm ticked by it too. Because Foreman is such a jerk to everyone while he is in charge. And Cameron still looks like hell after being waiting for HIV results. Another great installment.
  • Review

    Everyone was expecting this to be a big episode, with Foreman taking charge over the staff that House has spent a season and a half running. I thought Foreman in charge seemed- too random. I didnt think he stpped up to House and he was wrong on just about every single case, which is why House is the leader of this show and Foreman is in fact nothing but his puppet. Of the three I do think Foreman is the best leader, but I dont see him staying in charge but for maybe another episode or two. I thought the acting by Cynthia Nixon was good in this episode and I really liked her interactions with the rest of Houses staff. She really liked House while she degraded Cameron, something we are not used to seeing. SOlid episode overall, there was no Stacy-House interaction, which is likely a good thing because as I have stated before that situation either needs to die or they need to make it something
  • Foreman in charge and Cameron wonders why not her and of course the hot OTB babe

    I loved Cameron in this one. I loved her whining to Chase about why Foreman was put in charge and not her. I loved Chase's response that putting her in charge of the department would be a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen. And I loved it when Cameron went and asked House what he thought of her leadership skills and he said they were nonexistent. Foreman trying to prove to Cuddy that he was better than House was interesting to watch as was Foreman asking Wilson for advice.

    I didn't really like Foreman being in charge he didn't do a good job.

    I liked that Cameron had the correct diagnoses but that wasn't the patient’s only problem.

    House injecting Anica with the insulin and colchicine was just something that you knew House would do to confirm his diagnoses.

    Really great episode I loved it and I loved Cameron.
  • I love the new Cameron

    Different from season 1, I am lovingthis new Cameron that is being born in this season, she is more beautifull every episode, she got a great body, such beautifull eyes, her hair is such nice and she is developing a new character that I love.......go girl! She needs to lose her beast inside, and start acting like the sexy and hot woman she is, if she still have feelings for Haouse, she should keep trying to seduce him at any cost (so far, is she slept with her coworker, she is up for anything), and I think the creators must start showing a most appealing, sexy and hot Cameron, I bet ratings will go up even more!
  • Return to the origins

    In 2004, I started watching House because of their compelling medical cases, and for House, Cuddy and Foreman, my favourite characters. It's being along since I liked a show and it's main star, the second being CSI and the third Friends. Pretty much all the shows I watch and don't actually love the main character, instead, I tend to relate and like bether the supporting characters (IN The OC, I prefer Summer and Seth to Ryan and Marissa, and so on). So this show was nice for his funny lead and co-stars. The show was amazing in the first year, but with Sela Ward growth in the show, the episodes began to be boring, a lot about House's romantic issues with Stacy, his problems working with her and talking with/or about Stacy's husband. All this, BOORING AS HELL. Thank Good Sela Ward does not appear in this episode. Cynthia Nixon, from the HBO show "Sex and the City" was great in this episode, proving that she isn't only just : That actress from Sex and The City, like her co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

    Also, Hugh Laurie and Jennifer Morrison chemestry is there waiting to pop up.

    I just don't give more points to this episode because, the writers must be stoned, since they have forgotten the fact that Cameron and Chase had crazy wild sex, this season, and they aren't talking about.
  • HI

    Al inicio del capítulo una persona intenta administrar reanimación cardiopulmonar a Anica y se coloca encima de la víctima pero la verdad es que es es una posición errónea. El rescatista debe colocarse al un lado y junto a los hombros de la víctima para dar las compresiones torácicas. La posción que asume el rescatista se usa mas bien para hacer la maniobra de Heimlich. La serie es excelente no solo por su contenido médico sino también porque los personajes no son tan suaves como en otras series pero espero que no caigan en lo que cayeron otras series como ER que ña historia sólo giraba alrededor de la vida íntima de los personajes, debe haber un equilibrio.
  • Whats with the foreman in charge thing? Though it did give alot of charcter summery.

    um yeah. Cameron had power issues. Chase is still sulking and we get to watch a beautiful slinging match betweeen house and foreman. go the bike. now for useless words. la la la la la strawberries grapes daytime soaps and tab. now for the repeat:

    um yeah. Cameron had power issues. Chase is still sulking and we get to watch a beautiful slinging match betweeen house and foreman. go the bike. now for useless words. la la la la la strawberries grapes daytime soaps and tab. now for the repeat:

    um yeah. Cameron had power issues. Chase is still sulking and we get to watch a beautiful slinging match betweeen house and foreman. go the bike. now for useless words. la la la la la strawberries grapes daytime soaps and tab.

    100 words eat your heart out
  • I loved it

    Foreman was in charge and he tried to do things more humanely, but House was still right. Despite his cruel ways, House always seems to be right. House just had to go more out of his way to "help" the pateint. House kept finding ways to remind Foreman that if he messed up it was his fault and he had no one to fall back on. Not only was this episode different in this aspect, but I also enjoyed the pateint. She brought House's gambling and other promblems to attention. And, It was always hard to tell wether her ilnesses were real or not. I thought this episode was great. I am looking forward to the next one. I'd like to see something bigger happen with Cameron soon.
  • This episode had classic "House" written all over it, and Cynthia Nixon's performance was impeccable. One of the best episodes to date.

    As I stated in my summary, Cynthia Nixon was brilliant in this role. I thought she played the part really well and was very believable.

    The debates over Munchausen's disease and the extent to which it can drive a person was done well. I also liked how Cameron learned a few things from watching House, and decided to use deception to find the truth (leaving mis-labeled pills in the room). Of course, the big deception in the episode was performed by House himself, and wow was it a big one. It was a classic House move; unethical, controversial, and life-threatening.

    Many people probably thought the bone marrow transplant would have been a better ending, but I think having, instead, a mere infection being the cause worked better for the overall message. If she had to have the bone marrow transplant she would have been in the hospital for months, getting all the attention she's wanted. By having it be a minor infection, the writers were then able to add that final scene of her going to another hospital to be admitted. This showed viewers that despite almost having a life-threatening disease, and despite being called out on her mental disorder, including bringing up the root of it, all that was still not enough to "cure" her of this disease. She still sought attention, and now, ironically, she had a new ailment to use.

    Great episode! A+ to the writers on this one.
  • Absolutely hilarious.

    This was one of the best this season. I laughed so hard at most of the scenes. Too many great Housisms to mention. And hey what do you know NO STACY!!! No wonder I liked it. House's reactions to Foreman as his boss were priceless. Cynthia Nixon did a wonderful job as a guest patient of the week. It was interesting to see Munchausens as the disease, instead of a physical ailment, they went mental. House not wanting to accept that he was wrong...Cameron being kickass, and right on all her diagnosis'. Their whole b & e scenes were great.

    Foreman being mini-House was fun to watch, although I wouldn't want the role reversal all the time. Felt sorry for him, with the way Cuddy played him...but he couldn't have realistically expected to head the unit as a fellow. Not gonna happen.

  • Munchausen's

    It's great that the writers finally deviated from the norm a little bit and actually included a psychological illness as well as a physical illness with this patient. Yes, the physical side may have been a "letdown" to some people because it was a simple infection, but it was the whole psychological and physical aspect that made this episode so good. This is the first time a psych illness was portrayed and diagnosed (Socratic method, she presented as Schizophrenic, but she actually didn't have Schizophrenia). I think it's important and the writers portrayed it beautifully, the reason why she developed Munchausen's disease. Yes, every patient lies and this episode is no different in that sense, but in another sense, she did it because she was mentally ill, and could not really control it. The lines were classic, the plot was fantastic, and the twists thrown in were great. Also, the writers mirrored what many people in the world believe about patients who "cry wolf" within Cameron and Foreman. Ship em out. They have a mental illness...obviously nothing is wrong on the physical end..they are just crazy. No, I do not want to see every patient from now on having a mental illness, but throwing in that finally and every now and then would be a great idea. One of the best episodes so far!
  • This was certainly a different episode then we are all use to from HOUSE. But unfortunetly it didnt do it for me.

    Unlike all other HOUSE episodes this patient actually made herself sick, to achieve her goal.

    But unlike the other episodes there were no dramatic scenes, there were no seizures, strokes or operations. There were no mind baffling mysterious that needed to be solved. It was all quite simple. She came into the hospital because she made herself sick, they found out that this was caused by her mental disorder and they threw her out.

    After which House's diagnose of ALP was proven wrong and in the end it turned out to be a simple infection.

    What is weird about this episode is that there were no tests done on the actual bruising. If they had cut the bruising open and found the infection they would of started the treatment sooner.

    Apart from all that, i liked the conflict between House and Foreman, and the classic "You secret is safe with me. Hey Wilson guess what Foreman just did!" that was just gold.
    But like most, I don't believe Foreman's reign will last further then the next episode.
  • We finally got to see House out of his element. Once he has to answer to someone else, he becomes a whole new character, as cynical as ever.

    The writers did a great job with this one. House's response to his probation from last episode was anything but expected. This week we got to see a whole new side of House.

    Not to mention some extremely funny quotes and scenes. Especially the patient with the jelly (I'm still laughing at that one!)
  • The comparison between House and this new patient along with the new "relationship" between House and Foreman make this a very interesting episode.

    I really enjoyed that episode. I loved how they made a comparison between House and the patient in this episode. They first meet at the betting shop betting on horses, which is when she starts seizing. The development of the episode reveals things about her which showed she was seeking attention (much in the same way I believe House does) except that by the end of the episode she wants to get better, whereas House is back into the betting shop.

    I think it's going to be an interesting few episodes with Foreman "in charge", and whether House or Foreman are going to win in this little battle they've got going on.

    This episode is a great episode in discovering the peculiar ways of this eccentric doctor, and leaves us wanting to find out more without producing any real cliffhanger.
  • The harder Foreman tries to assert himself, the harder House makes it for him. In short, the worst four weeks of his career have just begun.

    House comes off as more of a jerk than normal in this episode, but this is partly because he can't seems to resist the urge to make his new boss, Dr. Foreman, miserable at every turn. House dumps his overdue filing and reports on him, and Foreman does it, of course, just to show that House won't break him. In turn, Cuddy nearly offers Foreman the job full-time, then seems to pull it bank, which can only annoy Foreman further. Meanwhile, House meets a woman at the OTB, who promptly has a seizure, and is diagnosed as having Munchausen's disease. House senses there's something else wrong with her, and persists with the examinations, against Foreman's wishes. Then the formula kicks in: everyone doubts House, House is right anyway, everyone eats crow. At the end of the episode, House is still miserable, but at least Foreman's miserable with him. At least Cuddy is happy, because the department is finally running smoothly.
  • More than meets the eye.

    This was definitely not a "jump the shark" type of episode. People overreact a little too much when an episode doesn't meet high standards or it isn't brilliant on the surface. As evidenced by the Nielsens, "House" is going strong (top-rated show on FOX right now, even more than "The OC").

    Simply put, this wasn't the show at its best, kind of like "Sports Medicine" last year. It was better than anything that "Grey's Anatomy" puts out because the characters actually have depth and you want to get involved with the characters on a deeper level than who's sleeping with who.

    The episode wasn't very well-written, but we do see a lot of character development. Foreman and House are going to be at each other's throats a lot more in the future, and I can't wait to see the conflict between the two. House continues to push the limits and Foreman continues to play the safe route.

    This show isn't just about curing patients. Remember, House picked each of these doctors for a reason, and it's pretty obvious that he regards his patients as puzzles. Just based on the way the show has developed, he treats his doctors the same way. That's why this episode isn't as terrible as some may think.

    We don't know anything about Foreman compared to Cameron and Chase, just that he got arrested as a teenager and turned his life around. Now we're seeing how that event shaped his personality. Foreman turned his life around because he stuck to the rules, played it "by the book" and didn't rebel or act unconventionally. House succeeds because he defies convention--and that drives Foreman crazy. He doesn't follow the rules that Foreman has grown to worship, and Foreman's remark about House driving the mortality rate up comes from this belief.

    I don't blame you if you didn't like the episode because it wasn't great. But at the same time, there's more to the story than traditional drama and characters hopping in and out of bed with each other--and that makes the series great.

    In the end, not the most interesting case, and I think they needed to develop Foreman a bit more in this episode, but what they gave us was good.
  • Doctors take on those oh so strange cases.

    Last nights show was so funny. I love the way they made Foreman House's boss. House was his classic smart mouth self. Up until the end I thought that the woman had a real illness, but it sure looked like she was still milking it for all it was worth. I love the way House gave her a shot to make her have a siezure to insure that she would be readmitted because he seriously thought something was wrong with her. I don't think that Foreman will remain House's boss for long. It doesn't seem to fit him well. He's too much of a people pleaser and it also looks like it goes to his head. But again, this was a really funny episode.
  • adventurous role reversal that\'s ultimately short-changed

    i make an effort to approach this series with the writers\\\' prespective in mind. in this episode we see the writer\\\'s flex their skill by utilizing rampant role reversals. foreman plays the boss. cameron uses deception to extract the truth from the patient - and as we\\\'re shown, when cameron pulls it off, it doesn\\\'t come off as charming as house. house even plays the subordinate and is sent out to the patient\\\'s house by foreman (mirroring the season 1 episode where house first send\\\'s foreman to break into a patient\\\'s house).

    however, the show is titled house, and as such, house in the end is infalable. because of these constrainsts, the role reversals are undermined and short changed. house\\\'s final diagnosis of the infection seemed tacked on to accomodate these rules. it would have been a far more satisfying episode had

    a. house manipulated his way back into being the boss by the end of the episode or into a cliffhanger


    b. chase was suddenly brought to the foreground and made the final diagnosis - completing the principle charachter role reversals.
  • Bad Medicine

    Sometimes a show has an implausible premise, but carries it through so well that you will overlook the initial contradictions. This ep exemplified the problem with House - there are too many implausibilities that they are a distraction rather than an asset. The weight of the series was on the character of House, whose unlikability was the hook - unlikability, however, is not compelling for the long run; it gets very wearing. (As an aside, shows which tout themselves using "Sherlock Holmes" as a comparison to the protag, really don't get what makes Holmes compelling).
    The only way that a doctor like House could possibly survive is as an independent contractor (he'd still get sued routinely) - but TV doesn't like the notion of indie doctors - they're always employees - so you're left with the hugely implausible situation of an employee behaving in a manner that is harmful and potentially costly to the employer. No real hospital could afford House, no matter how "brilliant" he is.
    And is he? The Doctor in our House wanted to know why no one immediately asked the patient how she got the bruises/lesions - the first thing you would ask on the initial examination. You don't sit around talking to other doctors about how the patient might have come by them, you ask the patient. As we say in the real New Jersey - Jeez!
  • not believable

    nobody can say they believe forman as the boss. lame. this show has jumped the shark. each episode used to have at least one instance where house almost kills his patient in order to achieve a diagnosis. now we are to believe he tricks his subordinate/boss to comply? i think not. i think the formula is bankrupt and getting the bit players into the mix is the last try and making the ensemble work. omar epps should be embarrased.
  • Love how Foreman gets once again "Put in his place as Houses employee"(like hte rest of the restless gang

    This episode shows why it was so stupid to put Foreman as houses boss. He cant hack it. always wrong. and that speech about houses methods will raise the moralaity rate is BULL. Goes to show why House is DA man and the reason we love him.

    I love how this episode goes to show how wilson and house are close. They always tell each other stuff people said about them or did

    Like When house leaves foreman he shouts out ot wilson to tell on foreman. then when foreman tries to talk to wilson. foreman ask if wilson will keep quite about talking about house. Wilson replys No. he wants to tell house everyting foreman says:)
  • It was a funny episode and didn't exactly have the formulaic plot that people claim House has.

    I'm glad that Foreman in charge will not be a regular occurrence. I don't think that I could get used to him in charge. Sure it gave some good opportunities for House to make fun of Foreman but I just prefer House in charge. There were some funny moments between all the characters and I like how Chase was talking to Cameron about why she will never be in charge. For some reason it just made me laugh.

    I don't think that people could claim that this followed the regular plot of House. Sure there was a patient and they went through different diagnoses until they got the right one but they have never done an episode where the patient made themselves sick. It was a good episode overall.