Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2005 on FOX

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  • House plays mad scientist..

    I really enjoyed this episode, especially after rewatching it where I felt I picked up a lot more. The interactions between House the patient was definately one of the best, right up there with "Control". Their banter throughout the episode was fantastic.

    I noticed other viewers didn't enjoy Foreman being in charge, but I felt it was an interesting change, and also good character development. We get to see more of Foremans ambitions, and his desire to prove himself. It also showed to us that he isn't ready to be a leader yet, and also that he has a lot to learn. It was also strange to see House having to fight for what he wants, rather than dictate like he normally does- it made for an interesting change, and has the benefit of not being permanent as well.

    House was wrong a lot in this episode, and could have ended up killing the patient. His desire to be right seemed to trump his desire to solve the puzzle in this episode, and it made for a fantastically interesting case this week. The clinic scene was also hilarious, and one of the best this season so far.

    I thought Wilson refusing to help Foreman was a nice touch for their friendship- he basically said that he accepts House for who he is, which is why he didn't have any tips to give him.

    Cameron being **** and upfront was also a nice turn- it was bizarre seeing the patient find Cameron more of a jerk than House! Flip of characters there.

    Overall, I thought this episode was fantastic, and provided both witty dialogue, plot intrigue, and fascinating character development all in forty minutes of wonderful TV.
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