Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2005 on FOX

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  • this is a good ep

    in this ep of the show house there is a 16 year old that comes in from bleeding to much and then house in this ep goes and makes a deal with cuddy that he can make it with out taken his pills for his pain and so makes deal he can make it with out them for a week and so he condistion becomes more worse and his asstans think he condition that he is in is stoping him from making clear decision to save the patient and that he will die this was a good ep i thought
  • One of the most dramatic episodes of the seasons.

    This episode of House was painful to watch, with two extremely dramatic plots. First, House is challenged to a deal, where he has to stay off his pain medication for a week to prove that he isn\'t addicted. He manages to complete the week, but with great difficulty; he finally admits that he is addicted. Although he needs the medication for his pain, he decides that this is the way he wants to live, because he\'s still healthy.

    Meanwhile, a 16 year old boy, son of a man whose wife died of cancer, fights for his life. This episode is unique, because the mystery of his illness is not discovered until later, and there is controversy about whether House really has a straight mind while he is off his medication. You don\'t find out whether the patient lives or dies until the very end, nor do you have much of an idea.

    This episode is one of my personal favorites.
  • House saves the day and win the bet so 1 month off clinic duty even thought we found out he's actually addicted to the drugs.

    Well what can I say about this, even when House is De-toxin he’s still able to save the patient, still I liked the story line he is addicted to pain-medication but won’t admit it’s a problem. Still we found out at the end it was his friends idea not the women but he managed to skip 1 month clinic duty. Now that’s a good bet he won.

    Foreman, well nothing ever changes with him but Cameron for once in her life actually followed House into wrong thing, he was trying to teach her lesson I hope she learned, I mean surely she should learn to question House’s decision if it doesn’t make sense to her. Still next week episode might be interesting.

    Cat autopsy, is there anything House wouldn’t do? I know it helped find the cure but I have to wonder how far he will go with it. His hands shaking when he did it and Cameron just standing there just shows how well she knows him, she knew that no-way if she offered help he would been very angry at her.
  • Detox was a great episode! We got to see a side of House we knew existed but until now, were unsure if EVERYONE knew about his addiction to the vicodin. Well done!

    AWESOME! I really enjoyed watching House bicker with not only the other patients and Lisa Cuddy, But his inner demons as well. I believe that this episode did NOT promote or encourage drug addiction, but made clear that NO ONE is exempt from the grasp addiction can have on some people.
  • This episode was what I thought to be fantastic. Here in Australia the commercials for it said it was: “The performance that earned him (Hugh) an Emmy nomination”

    This episode was what I thought to be fantastic. Here in Australia the commercials for it said it was:

    “The performance that earned him (Hugh) an Emmy nomination”

    And after this episode I’d have to agree.

    I think that this episode had a lot of character development for both House and Cameron.

    House was given the challenge to give up his pain killers for a week; in return he would get a month off clinic duty. During this week, he goes through the typical withdrawal symptoms. When he is given an ‘easy’ way out, he is faced with an important decision. Take the pills or don’t take the pills.

    It’s no surprise that withdrawal symptoms are HELL on House, and yet he takes the hard option and ditches the pills. At the end he announces that YES he is an addict but he doesn’t see it as a problem. Is this fear? Or just plain stubbornness?

    We learn the strength that House has, and his determination to prove others wrong, which is also an example of his inner strengths.

    Cameron is faced with an important decision of her own. Believe House and do what he says even if she believe sits wrong, or go against his wishes and do what she thinks is best.

    Though out the episode she has to fight the demons within herself to make her decisions… what’s more important?

    I found the episode to be quite fantastic! I loved it! But then again what’s not to love about House?
  • The episode that left me speachless and that proved that House has guts!!

    I loved this episode! Hugh Laurie plays House so well, especially in this episode. I thought that this episode was exceptional. It literally left me speachless.
    I LOVED the way they House handled himself when he was detoxing. He still had his demeanor, but it was slightly damaged and he knew it which made him more irratable and more fun to watch.
    I loved the way he deliberatly broke his hand! It may just be me, but I thought it proved that he was stronger than he looked and made him seem like he was the sort of person who handled himself in every aspect.
    I thought that House became more aware of himself and others in this episode. I think that at the end of this episode he seemed to be more aware of how people reacted to him just being there, not saying anything, but just being there.
    I think this episode also made him more protective of himself in some areas, but more open in others.
    It may just be me again, but I didn't think that House and Cameron grew alot in this episode. I think that Cameron just aknowledged that House will be House and nothing she can say or do would change that. I think that House aknowledged that Cameron is one of the only positive forces in his life and that he shouldn't take her for granted.
  • House being House, even when he represses one of the fundamental aspects of being himself- taking Vicodin...

    This definitely rates highly among my favorite episodes of this season! How fantastic is Hugh Laurie's acting? He brings out House's character so well, I'm just in awe of his talent. The portrayal of the effects of going cold turkey on the vicodin was so harsh and believable- I flinched when he deliberately broke his hand to get his mind off the drugs!

    Some people have commented on the strengthening of Cameron's character, how she was conflicted on whether to believe him or not, but I don't think it was ever meant to be about her. Cameron is one of the weaker characters- no offence to any Cameron obsessed fans- and this episode had nothing to do with her development. It annoys me how she's so wishy-washy, she'll go along with something he says and if it seems like it's failing miserably, she'll throw the responsibility for it back on him. She should either whole-heartedly support him, or have her own opinion, like Foreman, not suck up to him.

    I like the concern for House bringing Cuddy and Wilson together to plot for his own good! I did not see that coming- the fact that Wilson had masterminded the whole thing! Just thought it was Cuddy being bossy as always...but that was an amusing little diversion!
  • House as drug addict. This episode served to demonstrate just how much House relies on his pain medication in order to function. It also showed the amazing acting range of Hugh Laurie.

    A stand-out episode. House is challenged to go without his pain medication for a week and then proceeds to fall apart while trying to save a young man's life. The purpose of the challenge was to force House into acknowledging his addiction to Vicodin so that he could seek help and treatment. What happened however was that House while admitting his addiction also defended their necesity for his functionality as a doctor because of his great leg pain. Even Foreman seemed to concede the point when he offered the pills back to House so that he could focus on the young man's diagnosis. Excellent performance by Laurie in a very demanding role.
  • This episode was very unique because Wilson was attempting to undermine House's past and his addiction. However, not achieving his goals, House continues to be the sarcastic jerk that we all love.

    Absolutly beautiful! My favorite quote was:
    Chase: We have two hours to figure this out. Either we restore the bloodflow or he loses his eye.
    House: Forget the eye. Tell him to use the other one to look on the bright side.

    Like I said, this episode was absolute genius! While the quote was enough for me, I was delighted to mingle into House's dark past and view his addiction. As intelligent as he is he is a mere mortal without the Vidocan. However, he still accesses his intelligence by smashing his hand with a small club of some sort to direct the pain away from the leg and onto something greater, but something that will heal faster. Also, it was sad and cool to see House get punched in the end, but I was hoping he would make some type of smart comment in the end. This episode also tested his team into really believing his abilities to function as a doctor, which Foreman obviously disproved. Camron was on the border but Chase was for House. (Typically strange because this goes all opposite in the later episodes.)
  • House is asked by Dr Cuddy to stop his medication Vicodin for the week to get a month of clinic duty! While he is trying to find out what is wrong with a college student

    This episode tells us that House is a addict but he doesn't think that he has a problem because it lets him do his job. It was a good script and the performance that Hugh Laurie gave tells us why he deserved to be nominated for the emmy for best male performance in a drama series. I think they should of let him go home to let him recover but overall it was a very good performance
  • Hugh Laurie shows his versatility

    Hugh Laurie has proven that he's a fantastic, gifted, and brilliant comic actor. However, his role in HOUSE has really showcased his ability to act dramatically, adding bits of hilarity throughout the show. This particularly episode shows one of his character's flaws, making him all the more human and likeable. Also, the episode gives insight into House's character and leaves the viewer wondering how much he has really changed since the infarction in his leg. Laurie is wonderful in HOUSE, and this episode should have won him the Emmy.

    The verbal sparing between house and Cuddy is great. They are like two school kids that cannot stop picking at each other. In addition, it was a good challenge to make House stop the drugs. I think it is about time they bring information in to the show about a possible treatment for his leg. We all know he is still in love with his ex-wife but I do not think he has, or can forgive her.
    When is he going to give in to the younger and good-looking Dr. Cameron? She just keeps hitting Houses brick wall because he will not let anyone in to his domain.
  • I think this was my favourite episode up until this point!

    This episode was indeed very special for a number of reasons. I think this is the first one so far that had a really strong background story along with a really cool disease. I rather liked all the symptoms in this one and how they cured the blindess was one of those House TV show things that makes me even more interested in the show.

    The first time i watched this episode, like the characters, i was doubting House's ability to diagnose properly as he was detoxing. But i soon learned that you should never doubt him. I also enjoyed the beginning of this episode, it kind of caught me off guard! As with the end, it was also pretty awesome in my opinion, though kind of gross. Definitely a worth while episode, and one of the best in the entire series!

    Medical Problem: Naphtalin Poisoning.
    Rating: 9.8/10
  • House is chalanged to go a week without Vicodin, can he? Hugh Laurie shows what an amazing actor he is.

    Once again an amazing episode.

    The first time I watched this episode, I didn’t think too much of it. But now after re-watching it several times, I realize how amazing this episode is, it is defiantly one of my top episodes of season 1.

    Through out this whole episode Hugh's acting was fabulous, absolutely flawless.
    The pain and emotions he portrayed through out this episode took the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster, I found myself on the verge of tears more then once.

    The scene where House smashed his hand was beyond amazing, you could really see and feel the pain he was going through at that moment, this is one of the points where I nearly cried, I just couldn’t watch the pain. And once he smashed it, the relief on his face was so genuine I would swear on my life that Hugh was actually going through all this. Once again props to him.

    The first time I watched the episode, when he spilled the pills in front of him, I was sure he will take one. Guess I wasn't aware yet how far he will go to prove he's right. House never seizes to amaze me, time after time.

    When the father punched House he deserved it, and that was the first and only time I felt that way, against House. But then again you could see the pain he was in, and I could tell he wanted that punch, because with it came some relief from the pain.
    When Cameron finally relented and said that House was correct was just so fantastic for the dynamics of the two. As were all the scenes between House/Cuddy/Wilson. They were perfectly in character and a joy to watch.

    "It takes away my pain" that line did have me in tears. I felt so bad for House I was hurt on the inside. Yet another amazing scene for an amazing episode.

    I loved how in the end we find out it was Wilson's idea, I thought that was really funny. More fantastic stuff.
  • This one was superb

    House and Cuddy making a bet that House couldn't go a week without his vicodin made for an incredible episode. The case was actually very interesting as well.

    Foreman throwing House his pills toward the end so House would get his act together and figure out what was wrong with the kid was interesting. They all thought that House wouldn't be able to do his job without the pills but he ended up solving the case anyway.

    Termites being what was wrong was really quite different. I loved that in the end House admitted that he was addicted to the vicodin but still said that it wasn't a problem.
  • another great epi

    well, this one was a bit freaky tho. I mean, the guy said like; i think i wet my bed or something, and then you see blood everywhere. Iwl. anyways, nice pei to take House off his medication. I would say; congratz guys, he admitted that he's addicted, i mean, coming from House, that's something.. hurray. Anyways, I'm glad it's not Hepitatis E. Although I only know there's a A, B & C, that sounds freaky..
  • This is one of my favorites from the first season.

    This episode is one of my favorites from the first season of House. A boy with unexplained internal bleeding, interesting case. Also, House goes off Vicaden for a week for a month off of clinic duty. He knows that he is an addict, but doesn't feel it is a problem. That is so House. The humor in this one is fabulous. Hugh Laurie was fantastic in this one, and i loved how he figured out the case. This was a very cool episode. I don't know what else to say, i need ten more words. Now four. Now one. Oh, look i'm done. :)
  • A good episode, but they need to have a reality check on these doctors.

    This episode was well-balanced and a good watch. The case they worked on was interesting enough, but the main focus wasn't really on that. Most of this episode focused on House and his addiction to pain killers.

    One of my favorite things about this show is the friendship between House and Wilson. House tries to alienate everyone he meets but for some reason he tolerates Wilson. And for some reason Wilson cares a lot about him. As hinted in this episode House was not always as bitter and cynical as he is now, even though he was never a ray of sunshine, so he must have been friendlier when the two got to know each other. But it's nice to have the Wilson character on the show, someone who will stick by House (Cameron doesn't count, she's annoying and has a crush on him) and try to help him.

    But for the love of Pete, they need to stop having these doctors spend a quarter of each episode doing stuff they shouldn't. Like digging up dead pets, they would have someone else do that. Or checking the house for termites, why the heck would the DOCTORS be doing that? Or performing operations on eyes, which they are not even close to qualified for. Or doing lab work, which they're not qualified for either. The list goes on and on... And they need to get House's way of medicating himself more logical. For one he's taking far too much at once, addiction or no addiction he would know how much is dangerous for him to take. For another he always swallows the pills without water. Those are big pills, even people who take lots of pills every day can't swallow pills that big without water. Details maybe, but it brings down the overall impression.

    I like the character of House and I like the characters around him and the dynamics of the show. But I'm starting to lose interest because of how these doctors have no other patients and keep doing stuff they are nowhere near qualified to do. Can't they have just a dash of realism?
  • House takes Cuddy on in a bet to prove he\\\'s not addicted to vicodin.

    Detox was definitely one of the best episodes of season one. It\\\\\\\'s right up there with Three Stories. The acting is superb, and it\\\\\\\'s really cool to see the contrast between House with his vicodin and House detoxing. The writers are very consistent so far with House\\\\\\\'s character development, and his willingness to detox to get out of clinic duty and to prove that he needs his medicine is right in line with him and seems plausible. The other characters were well-written too, with Foreman getting House some pills to \\\\\\\"cover his ass\\\\\\\" and Wilson trying to fix House after he admits he\\\\\\\'s addicted. Well-written and well acted.
  • Review

    I thought this was one of the bets House episodes to date. The explosive "fight" at the end between Wilson and House made the episode one of the greatest of all time. The lack of the clinic in the past couple of episodes has taken some of the hilariousness out of the show, but the bet with Cuddy was comical and fun to watch for the whole episode. I am still holding strong with the theory that House-Cuddy have the best on screen connection between any characters on the show, maybe even on all of television. The case in this episode was great to, with House and the boys father having explosive words towards one another. Action packed isnt usually the words that comes to mind when I think of House, but it was with this episode.
  • great

    When I look back, I believe this is the first episode I saw of HOUSE. A college student is admitted with conflicting symptoms, not the least of which is uncontrolled bleeding. This episode goes right for the gut and we watch House and his colleagues poke and prod this kid to the point of death. I had trouble watching all of it, as it took me back to my days working first as an emergency room orderly and later as a floating nurse's aide in a large city hospital when I was a mere teen. You haven't lived until you've seen a doctor straddle a suffocating patient and plunge a large stainless steel cylinder into his chest to alleviate fluid on the lungs. This episode of HOUSE is so realistic, it reminds me of those good old days -- may they never return. This also is the episode where House is sort-of blackmailed into giving up his painkillers. You'll have to watch for yourself to see if he does
  • House gets cut off.

    I like this episode, because it shows how much House needs those pills, it also shows that he is an addict. The B plot i.e the patient. I love the beginning when the patient & the girl were driving & they think there safe until a truck hits them, that is hysterical, also when he pukes on her, I thought she was going to dump him. Another gruesome moment in House, they have an autopsy in a cat, that was so gross. I Like how he smashes his hand, shows how powerful the scene is, I also like how he makes it all week. A great episode with the whole internal bleeding & how he solves the case in the end, amazing & thrilling!
  • The perfect drug

    Gregory no puede dejar las drogas. Vaya oración para describir a un prestigiosísimo doctor. Pero esa es la verdad. Su pierna muere de dolor y su corazón las pide desesperadamente. La causa o el efecto? Las drogas lo hacen alejarse de la gente o las toma para echarles la culpa de su instinto ermitaño? Qué lo aleja del resto del universo? Su mundo sordío y su negación del problema o las pastillas anti arrancame la pierna de una vez? No me gustó este capítulo, al menos no tanto como el resto. Necesito que los personajes salgan de esa clínica y cuenten sus vidas, sus porqués. Que House abra su diario personal al menos por unos segundos.
  • Introducing the Vicodin and Lupus factor...

    This was the first episode that deals with House's addiction- one that will become a major focus over the coming seasons.

    House takes a bet from Cuddy to get of clinic duty, and has to go one week without his pain medication, whilst treating a dying kid, who is suspected of Lupus ("its not lupus" being an in joke in later seasons to come).

    The acting from Hugh Laurie as House detoxes was particulary excellent, and it was interesting to see how his staff reacts, especially Cameron (this one Jennifer Morrisons best episode to date). Wilson and House's dynamics at the end was also fantastic.

    The case itself wasn't as interesting as previous episodes- I felt as if they had done this before in Paternity and Occams Razor- the concerned Dad, the girlfriend, the kid fearing to be in pain etc. Nevertheless, this was more than made up for in the conclusion where House realises the true diagnosis from his dead cat. All in all, this was another great installment, and also a pivotel one as we begin to question what House would be like without his pain medication.