Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2006 on FOX
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While a severely burned teenager is admitted and his blood tests come back with strange results, House makes himself the guinea pig in his own unofficial tests of a new drug designed to treat migraines to prove a former medical school colleague is wrong about the drug.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • This being the third episode of house i've seen, i was very pleased. It was funny and kept me glued to the screen!

    I started watching house at the episode failure to commincate! I decided to carry on watching and i'm glad i did. I thought this episode was funny and lots more. House sitting at the lecture was the best scene. Very funny! I found myself even wanting to know what was really wrong with the burnt boy! Great episode, will keep watching for sure!
  • Classic episode.

    This is one of those episodes that I can watch time and time again. House treats a burn victim whilst trying to get over Stacy.

    I thought the case was very interesting, simply because the team couldn't use the normal tests we see them use so much, which created more dilemnas and more of a challenge for them. It reminded me very much of an early series one case, with lots of medical jargon and different tests to answer the puzzle.

    I thought House dealing with the loss of Stacy was also very funny. I loved him interupting Dr Webber (Bulldog from "Fraiser"), and the scenes between himself and Wilson were hilarious and some of the best one liners and dialogue this Season. It was also very amusing when he got stoned in the locker room and then recovered to help with the diagnosis. I thought the parents in the episode were fantastic, and definate one of the better acted sets of parents we have had in this show.

    Overall, as already stated, this Season has hit its stride, and the next set of episodes merely confirms this. A fantastically well written episode, which shows of its humour, as well as House's pain and need for a distraction, making him slightly more insane than usual. Fantastic.moreless
  • Funny.

    Well this episode shows that migraines hurt like hell anyways the funn7y part was when House was acting like was on dope after getting the pills for the migraine also when he is criticizing the new guy & his migraine medicine, I burst out laughing. I love the motorcycle crash in the beginning, wow that was intense, I like when House reveals that the parent's child was having an orgasm, he was weird kid too, telling their parents everything & the parents don't seem to mind, they even give him drugs. But I liked how the patient was healed & he totally kicked the new guy out of the hospital after proving him wrong. A finny episode.moreless
  • Does House need a distraction after bidding farewell to Stacy?

    House exacts revenge on a former medical school classmate, Philip Weber, who turned him in for cheating on a math test. Seems this guy has published his research on a migraine remedy in an Indian medical journal. House seeks to prove him wrong by trying out the medication on himself - after inducing a killer migraine. Of course, Weber's medicine doesn't work, leaving House with not only pain in his leg, but pain in his head. Needing to rid himself of the headache, House ultimately resorts to LSD (which was, in fact, invented to treat migraines) combined with antidepressants (which mitigate the psychedelic effects of the acid). As House tries to disprove Weber, he treats a burn victim, who has crashed his ATV.

    Favorite moments: Wilson believes that House hatches his elaborate plot as a distraction after losing Stacy, suggesting that his friend hire a hooker (among other things) instead. In the final scene of the episode, House desolately awaits his lady of the evening. As he lets her into his apartment, it is clear that House hurts, not just in his head, not just in his leg, but in his heart as well. Also, Cameron's examination of House when he is tripping on LSD is a delight.moreless
  • One of my Top 10 House episode of all times...

    Ok, , so I absolutely LOVE this episode. Everything about it was amazing; from the disguise that House wears while hearing the lecture that he set up behind Cuddy's back to the test he does on himself with a drug that is not legalized in the US. All in point just to ruin an old colleague's career? Oh hell yes!

    So, I love in (almost) the beginning when House gives the coma patient a migraine! LOL How funny is that? I like when Cuddy is like, "You gave him a migraine? Have you ever read an ethical code..." Too funny! One of the great parts of the episode. Or how she confronts him about setting up the lecture...of course forging her name. Ha Ha Don't you just love when he walks out of the room and growls at Cuddy first. Talking about his punishment! LOL So, we all know the scene of him and Wilson in the lecture. His disguise..."Sudden chills and light sensitivity." =) *Wink* I like Wilson's advise...get a big screen TV...get a hooker, something! As he kept asking questions...

    Then a little later in, he decides to test the drug on himself. Very cleaver...or not. I like how he pounds on the desk and Cameron is like, "Are you ok?" House is like: "I'm having a migraine." Of course, then it shows Foreman giving him some drugs to cure the problem...blah, blah, blah. I like when he walks into the "Meeting room" where all the ducklings are and lies down on the ground; using a book for a pillow. =) Foreman: Something's seriously wrong with him. All that was an awesome interaction. LOVE that scene. Ok, so the best...yeehaa! When he comes out of the shower and the song, "Get Miles" is playing my Gomez. Awesome!

    This whole episode is the best! So much more...

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Dr. Gregory House

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Dr. Allison Cameron

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Dr. Robert Chase

Omar Epps

Omar Epps

Dr. Eric Foreman

Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Robert Sean Leonard

Robert Sean Leonard

Dr. James Wilson

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When House is in the bathroom taking a shower after dropping what appears to be a very high amount of acid, the camera focuses on House's eyes. Since LSD produces mydriasis (enlargement of the pupils), House's pupils should be dilated but instead they're normal size.

    • While House and the others are watching the patient being treated for his burns, House comments that they need the help of a "Belgian doc named Einthoven." He's referring to Willem Einthoven, who was Dutch, not Belgian.

    • When the patient was set on fire due to the accident, he fell chest-first towards the ground, which should have killed the fire, and thus the chest should have taken minimal damage - but during the scene where the doctors are washing his body with cold water to get rid of the residuals, you can see that his whole chest area is badly burned.

    • The title on the cover of the Indian medical journal House reads in the beginning as translated means Neuro Science - New Delhi (the Indian Capital). The phrase he reads from the dictionary and says later to Dr. Weber - "teri maa kee" - translates to "your mother's..." - pretty the beginning of a curse phrase.

    • It's common in most TV shows and movies showing a crash, but...the pipes that Adam crash into at the beginning must have been soaked with gasoline - they burst into flame the second he hits them.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Dr. Cuddy: (walking into House's office) Hey! Did you drop acid?
      House: Why would I do that?
      Dr. Cuddy: To annoy me. Or maybe because you're miserable, or because you want to self-destruct. Pick one.

    • House: Why is it so dark in here? It's a beautiful day outside. Open the shades, let the sun shine in.
      Dr. Cameron: It's nighttime.
      House: It's still Tuesday, right?

    • House: (to the parents) He has a cigarette burn on his wrist. Also a fading nicotine stain between two fingers. Bad news, your son has a filthy, unhealthy habit. Good news, he's trying to quit. Bad news, quitting is killing him. Good news, I can cure him. Bad news... no, that's the end of it.

    • House: I didn't know people actually read emails--the delete button is so conveniently located.

    • Dr. Wilson: (talking to House) Foolproof plan, by the way. Either his meds would work and you'd be in psychic pain because von Evil is going to be rich; or they wouldn't, and you got to be in agony all day. Perfect lose-lose situation. Very you.

    • Dr. Foreman: Hey, if you feel chest pain, you need to let me know. Verapamil can cause congestive heart failure.
      House: Nothing can hurt my heart.

    • Dr. Foreman: Why didn't you take the patient to radiology, get an MRA?
      House: Obviously I was doing something illegal. Using nuclear imaging would have raised questions.

    • House: (to anesthesiologist) God you're good! You're putting me to sleep!

    • Dr. Cuddy: You induced a migraine headache in a coma patient?
      House: Gave him a little headache, similar to the one you're giving me now.
      Cuddy: Have you even read an ethical guideline?

    • Dr. Wilson: This guy's name is Weber, not von Lieberman.
      House: I call Weber "von Lieberman." Way eviler.

    • Weber: You cannot test this on an abnormal brain.
      House: That's so close-minded, He's not "abnormal", he's special.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Cameron is worried about you. I told her that LSD lasts up to twelve hours. If you were functional, she must be wrong.
      Dr. House Either that or I also took a whole bunch of anti-depressants, which short-circuited the LSD... (innocently) I'm just saying that would also explain it.

    • Dr. Wilson: (to a disgruntled House) Doctor Jekyll I presume? They found a half-eaten sheep in the zoo, and the police want to ask you a few questions.

    • Dr. Cameron: (Adam's) brain is like a waiter that's got too many...
      House: Hey, hey... I do the metaphors.

    • Dr. Foreman: Been looking for you.
      House: Been avoiding you.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Did you sign this?
      House: Uh... yeah. We can talk later about the appropriate discipline.

    • Dr. Cameron: What are you looking for?
      House: Same as you – love, acceptance, solid return on investment.

    • Dr. Wilson: So what's the plan – you're going to wait until he bends over and make a fart sound?
      House: I'm not here about the past – he's a bad scientist.
      Dr. Wilson: Well, you cheated off him – how bad could he be?
      House: He got the answer wrong.

    • Dr. Wilson: You have got to find less debilitating outlets than humiliating people. I hear bowling is more fun than stalking.
      House: But I'm better at this.

    • Weber: (to House) Who are you?
      Dr. Wilson: (sotto voce) Just a lunatic who needs a hobby.

    • Weber: Do I know you?
      House: I know your math skills -- they blow.
      Dr. Wilson: Touché.

    • Dr. Cameron: Could pain medicine cause an orgasm?
      House: I wish.

    • Dr. Foreman: House! You can't do this!
      House: Oh, if I had a nickel for every time I've heard that.

    • House: The universe always settles the score.
      Dr. Cuddy: Does it?
      House: No, but it should.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Dr. Wilson: Doctor Jekyll, I presume? They found a half-eaten sheep in the zoo, and the police want to ask you a few questions.
      The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was a story by Robert Louis Stevenson, originally published in 1886. In the tale, Dr. Jekyll, a peaceful man, created a potion that unleashed his "evil side", the murderous Mr. Hyde. Since its publication, the term "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" has come into colloquial use, to refer to the good and evil parts of a person.