Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2006 on FOX

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  • This being the third episode of house i've seen, i was very pleased. It was funny and kept me glued to the screen!

    I started watching house at the episode failure to commincate! I decided to carry on watching and i'm glad i did. I thought this episode was funny and lots more. House sitting at the lecture was the best scene. Very funny! I found myself even wanting to know what was really wrong with the burnt boy! Great episode, will keep watching for sure!
  • Classic episode.

    This is one of those episodes that I can watch time and time again. House treats a burn victim whilst trying to get over Stacy.

    I thought the case was very interesting, simply because the team couldn't use the normal tests we see them use so much, which created more dilemnas and more of a challenge for them. It reminded me very much of an early series one case, with lots of medical jargon and different tests to answer the puzzle.

    I thought House dealing with the loss of Stacy was also very funny. I loved him interupting Dr Webber (Bulldog from "Fraiser"), and the scenes between himself and Wilson were hilarious and some of the best one liners and dialogue this Season. It was also very amusing when he got stoned in the locker room and then recovered to help with the diagnosis. I thought the parents in the episode were fantastic, and definate one of the better acted sets of parents we have had in this show.

    Overall, as already stated, this Season has hit its stride, and the next set of episodes merely confirms this. A fantastically well written episode, which shows of its humour, as well as House's pain and need for a distraction, making him slightly more insane than usual. Fantastic.
  • Funny.

    Well this episode shows that migraines hurt like hell anyways the funn7y part was when House was acting like was on dope after getting the pills for the migraine also when he is criticizing the new guy & his migraine medicine, I burst out laughing. I love the motorcycle crash in the beginning, wow that was intense, I like when House reveals that the parent's child was having an orgasm, he was weird kid too, telling their parents everything & the parents don't seem to mind, they even give him drugs. But I liked how the patient was healed & he totally kicked the new guy out of the hospital after proving him wrong. A finny episode.
  • Does House need a distraction after bidding farewell to Stacy?

    House exacts revenge on a former medical school classmate, Philip Weber, who turned him in for cheating on a math test. Seems this guy has published his research on a migraine remedy in an Indian medical journal. House seeks to prove him wrong by trying out the medication on himself - after inducing a killer migraine. Of course, Weber's medicine doesn't work, leaving House with not only pain in his leg, but pain in his head. Needing to rid himself of the headache, House ultimately resorts to LSD (which was, in fact, invented to treat migraines) combined with antidepressants (which mitigate the psychedelic effects of the acid). As House tries to disprove Weber, he treats a burn victim, who has crashed his ATV.

    Favorite moments: Wilson believes that House hatches his elaborate plot as a distraction after losing Stacy, suggesting that his friend hire a hooker (among other things) instead. In the final scene of the episode, House desolately awaits his lady of the evening. As he lets her into his apartment, it is clear that House hurts, not just in his head, not just in his leg, but in his heart as well. Also, Cameron's examination of House when he is tripping on LSD is a delight.
  • One of my Top 10 House episode of all times...

    Ok, , so I absolutely LOVE this episode. Everything about it was amazing; from the disguise that House wears while hearing the lecture that he set up behind Cuddy's back to the test he does on himself with a drug that is not legalized in the US. All in point just to ruin an old colleague's career? Oh hell yes!

    So, I love in (almost) the beginning when House gives the coma patient a migraine! LOL How funny is that? I like when Cuddy is like, "You gave him a migraine? Have you ever read an ethical code..." Too funny! One of the great parts of the episode. Or how she confronts him about setting up the lecture...of course forging her name. Ha Ha Don't you just love when he walks out of the room and growls at Cuddy first. Talking about his punishment! LOL So, we all know the scene of him and Wilson in the lecture. His disguise..."Sudden chills and light sensitivity." =) *Wink* I like Wilson's advise...get a big screen TV...get a hooker, something! As he kept asking questions...

    Then a little later in, he decides to test the drug on himself. Very cleaver...or not. I like how he pounds on the desk and Cameron is like, "Are you ok?" House is like: "I'm having a migraine." Of course, then it shows Foreman giving him some drugs to cure the problem...blah, blah, blah. I like when he walks into the "Meeting room" where all the ducklings are and lies down on the ground; using a book for a pillow. =) Foreman: Something's seriously wrong with him. All that was an awesome interaction. LOVE that scene. Ok, so the best...yeehaa! When he comes out of the shower and the song, "Get Miles" is playing my Gomez. Awesome!

    This whole episode is the best! So much more...

  • Review

    This is the first House episode where I thought both the acting and the storyline was nothing but sub par. The fact that House got a hooker at the end so he could deal with his issue about turning down the woman that he loved because he actually grew a heart for a change was just stupid. He tried drugs and when that didnt work he went out and got himself another distraction. Personally, I didnt like that writing. The case in this episode was average, not amazing that I would go crazy over. There was no cool interactions between the charcaters and the doctor that House wanted to get back at didn't even play a pivotal role in the episode. House needs to go back to the clinic three or four times an episode like he used to have to do in season 1. It led to a lot of comedy between Cuddy and him and was the basis around the humor for the show. I think this episode is the beginning of a fall for this show. I didnt think one episode could turn me off that much, but I am not being entertained.
  • House uses pain to get out of pain

    This was just a really great episode of House. I liked that they couldn't do any of their normal tests because Adam's burns were so bad, it made solving the case more interesting.

    House inducing the migraine in the coma patient to prove that the drug didn't work was so classical of House. I loved Cuddy getting mad at him for it. And Cuddy yelling at him for signing her name for Weber to come and speak.

    Cuddy was great introducing Weber and then when he said thank you to her that was great as well. House at Weber's lecture was just beautiful. I loved how Wilson kept telling House that he needed a hobby throughout the beginning of the lecture. And I loved Foreman coming in and House yelling Shut Up really loud.

    I can believe that House would give himself a migraine just to prove his enemy's math skills sucked. And then House dropping acid and Cameron getting all worried about him after were great.

    Much better than the last episode.
  • House's way to cope with his pain.

    House and his team treat a burn victim after the boy crashes his ATV and it catches on fire.

    After pushing Stacy out of his life, House has to create distractions for himself so he won't feel the pain of pushing the love of his life out of his life. House induces a migraine headache to prove that Dr. Philip Weber, House's college rival, and his medicine doesn't work. But as Wilson explains, it wasn't the only reason. Wilson tells House what he did was a perfect lose/lose situation, very him, because either he would be in psychic pain from Weber being rich or he would be in physical agony all day, just so he could get Stacy off his mind.
  • Finally, we got rid of Stacy's.

    Sting advises, "If you love someone, set them free." House's rendition includes banishing all thoughts of the love you threw away, so to distract himself, he:

    * induces migraines in himself and in Comatose Man,
    * destroys his med-school rival's clinical trials,
    * drops acid and
    * entertains a call girl.

    All of these, of course, are disguised as clever means to work-related ends. All except the prostitute. Whether House is exposing the bad math of the doctor who got him kicked out of Johns Hopkins 20 years before or waking up his teenage burn patient to take a medical history, it's all about going to the extreme to avoid his own pain. "Nothing can hurt my heart," House says, though we all know that's a lie. Wilson, as ever, is filled with witty comebacks that balance out the caustic doctor's ill mood. Slipping into the light-sensitive doctor's darkened office, Wilson greets him with, "Dr. Jekyll, I presume? They found a half-eaten sheep in the zoo. The police want to ask you a few questions." Even that didn't get a smirk from the heartbroken one. With Stacy gone, House swings dangerously between hurting himself and hurting his patients. Hopefully somebody at Princeton-Plainsboro will catch him before he flies over the edge. Is it wrong to hope his salvation will come in Stacy's surprise return to the show? I don't think so. Fingers crossed.
  • i missed the ending!

    i was wondering if someone out there would be so kind as to let me know how this one ended... fox cut out right after house was going to wake the kid up for the second time. and came back on right after he explained why the kid got sick in the first place. can someone let me know what happened. i would really appriciate it. thank you, donovan
  • Known to my mother and I as "The Migraine One"....

    This is more about the migraine than the whole episode - my mother and I both suffer severe migraine, and we both sat and watched the episode going "Yes! That's it EXACTLY!" although neither of us were entirely sure why ANYONE would want to induce a migraine, even for testing purposes.

    Hugh Laurie must either suffer from migraines himself, or know people who do! His acting was spot on, from the utter inability to interact with anyone or anything, to the wanting to hide under the desk with his eyes shut, which, being House, he actually did. These monster headaches are not fun. Do not induce them at home, people!
  • Another great episode

    loved how house took drugs just to prove his point that the guys migrane medicine didnt work. and when he came in to tell house that his funding had been cut, he sarcasticly tells cuddy thanks for the introduction and the look she gives back made me think that she agreed about the qaulity of the medicine. i think there wasnt enough cuddy in this episode, i enjoy he chemistry between cuddy and house-their constant bickering and fighting shows how she stands up to him yet is able to admit when hes right. plus cameron starts to get annoying
  • Omg, it just keeps getting better and better!

    This episode is soooooo good. I cant get enough of House's witty remarks, the guys a genius! My god, this is by far the best show i have seen in my entire life.
    I love how House always replys to his colleagues and Cuddy. I also enjoyed the insertion of Von Lieberman, he's right it does sound way eviler than Weber. lol.
  • Exactly what I hoped for and I was not disapointed.

    And again House proves he can make sarcastic jokes whenever he wants. I believe that in this show House acts a bit childish by injecting himself with nitroglycerin just to prove the medicine isn't working. But I think that this is realistic, for House of course, for his character. He must prove his right no matter what he does. But he does it in the sarcastic way and that is what i like. This episode really made me laugh and i hope more like this will come. In this episode House shows everything about himself and the spectator is pleased in what he sees. So in may opinion one of the best shows ever.
  • House is in my exact shadow, I can see myself do the same things to old rivals

    The is probably my second favorite show next to the one where house stands in the lecture hall and teaches class for one of his sick doctors. It is great to see someone be vindictive toward others like I want to be but get in trouble for doing it so I repress my actions
  • We see another side of Dr. House in this episode.

    Wilson is right, House is probably regretting his decision of turning away from Stacy (the love of his life). And to counter it, he is doing all kinds of strange things that we've never seen House do - like injecting nitroglycerine to himself to get a migraine then using his arch-enemy's medicine which he knows will not work to humiliate his former colleague who turned him for cheating in med school and hiring a 'distraction'.

    I also feel sorry for the patient, I can't believe he got seriously injured like that just because of the simple fact that he is trying to quit smoking...

    This is definitely the best episode of the season so far!
  • Fun stuff (spoilers)

    Good to have house back in charge, glad to see House is still completely out of control, it’s what makes the show that much more enjoyable. House does to know everything! Of course the show just isn’t complete unless Wilson and House trade words a few times, Wilson taking advantage of House’s migraine was priceless, and their back in forth during the speech was great too. As always Cameron and Chase were top notch as well, looking forward to next week.
  • Why, oh why???

    I've always enjoyed watching House. Despite all the things he and his subordinates do on the show that don't quite accurately reflect what goes on in real hospitals, I've learnt to just tolerate it (I mean, this isn't a show just meant for doctors). But just as House sinks to a new personal low in this episode, so does the show in general, it seems. Even to a person not familiar with conducting scientific studies, it would appear pretty ridiculous that a doctor possessing such intellect as House's would even consider that testing a drug on himself would disprove his ex-nemesis' claims. The case itself was pretty interesting, though. Shows you how important it is to examine patients thoroughly (looking at the fingers for tar stains is one of the standard steps in a physical examination). Here's to more medicine and less drama!!
  • In this episode, House's competitive nature is revealed even more when he tries to prove a former rival wrong. Also, a severely burned teenager poses a problem for the team.

    This episode was great and amazing as usual. I loved House's acid trip, but I couldn't Cameron left him to hallucinate by himself!! I think it's so sad though that he hired a "distraction" so he doesn't have to think about Stacy. I wish he hadn't told Stacy that she was better off without him, because she's definately not!!
    The case was as usual complicated and could either go one way or the other. That is one thing I don't like about this show is that you know that every week that if they do one thing, their patient will die and if they do another thing, he'll be cured. That is one thing that I find very monotonous. I don't really understand why quitting smoking was killing the kid but I think I missed House saying something about cheap meds to quit or something. I felt so bad for the kid and his family- he was so young and his life will never be the same!!
  • alright not the best liked the acid part

    i liked this episode enough i mean i love this show to the point where it really cant let me down, i just didnt like the whole house with a hooker thing at the end, i found it amusing though that he droped acid and then took a bunch of pain killers i liked the song they played too when he was halucinating. i thought that the illness in this one was a little lacking a kid on anti smoking meds isnt really much of a medical odity you know hes supposed to solve illness that no one would ever think of. and enough with the whole house depressed over stacy thing i never really lke her that much anyway, i think that house and cameron would be a perfect match because the whole him being way older than her is part of the appeal. i mean im 20 and i would sleep with house in a heartbeat
  • House stoops to new lows to prove a former rival wrong. Oh, and a nasty maggot scene.

    House never ceases to amaze me. He goes to great lengths to make others suffer. A former classmate who once turned House in for cheating, go figure, is lured into an elaborate scheme by House to prove that his new migrane prevention medication does not work. House induces a migrane in a coma patient and then the migrane is not cured by the meds, then to further prove his point he induces himself with a migrane which lasts for a dayish. Meanwhile a teenager is dying not only from the burns all over his body, but also some heart condition/seizure/orgasm inducing element that is the mystery of this show.

    House tripping on LSD while the he holds the info to help the kid and the docs wait on his recovery is just jeapordizing the patient. At what point does it not work out for House? And does he care?

    No pain, no gain.
  • Holy cow!

    For once, the cause of a patients condition turns out to not be a tumor. I know--we're all stunned.

    A tour de force performance by Laurie as House inflicts a migraine upon himself to settle a 20 year old dispute with a medical school alum. If this doesn't win him an Emmy, I don't know what will.

    Meanwhile, the plight of a young burn victim is not compelling, except when House ups the ante and wake the kid up to find out what happened to him.
  • Not terrible.

    First, House stopped taking Vicodin to win a bet. Now, he injects himself with a faulty drug to prove an old enemy wrong. Both times, he does things that are very risky and potentially very bad for the patient. But once again, he ends up saving the day with a last-minute observation that anyone else would have missed.

    I think it was a bad idea to make House act so childish about his little rivalry with Weber, despite the fact that he ended up proving him wrong through statistical means and kept people from buying into a lie. And as House said, "This isn't about the past. He's a bad doctor."

    Aside from that very miniscule aspect of the episode, I thought the medical case was fascinating. House displayed a MacGyver-like ability to use unconventional methods in his diagnosis. As far as him seeming to be taking "stabs in the dark" goes, he had no other way to diagnose or test the patient, and we've seen that when he's "distracted" by things such as splitting headaches and severe pain in his leg, he tends to get progressively more erratic and bizarre.

    Basically, this was a solid episode, and in terms of how it rates compared to everything else on TV, I think it deserves a 9.2. And the teaser for next episode looks to tie House's own self-destructive behavior with his patient's...should be great.
  • House gives himself a migraine to prove that a former colleague's drug doesn't work. Also the team works to treat a kid with extensive burns who crashed an ATV.

    Not one of House's better episodes. I've been a fan of this show ever since it debuted, but I'm not liking Season 2 Dr. House the way I liked Season 1 Dr. House. Instead of being edgy, this episode portrays House like a petty little school boy, working hard to discredit a doctor for a grudge developed 20 years ago. The plot was messy and confusing, leaving my fellow House watchers and me in the dust. Half the time, we assumed the pain and hallucinations that House was experiencing were some unknown side effects of the other doctor's migraine cure. Instead House is apparently trying to self-destruct. Wilson's total lack of tolerance for House's BS was actually a mirror of my feelings toward House, which was nice as you aren't actually allowed to jump into the TV and personally b****-slap House over the head (or so I'm told). The case took a backseat to House's issues which was probably a good thing, since it wasn't that interesting to begin with. I echo the feelings of those who were sick of the Stacey-House storyline and applaud the first episode without House's ex. But House has gone from appearing clever and cunning to severely dangerous and seems to be making desperate stabs in the dark until he luckily lands on the right answer. I used to think he had some kind of morals and (as Cameron said in Season 1) "did things because they were right." But I now find him completely devoid of any sense of right and wrong. Hopefully, what we're watching is just the aftermath, the relationship debris, of life post-Stacey.
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