Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2006 on FOX

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  • One of my Top 10 House episode of all times...

    Ok, , so I absolutely LOVE this episode. Everything about it was amazing; from the disguise that House wears while hearing the lecture that he set up behind Cuddy's back to the test he does on himself with a drug that is not legalized in the US. All in point just to ruin an old colleague's career? Oh hell yes!

    So, I love in (almost) the beginning when House gives the coma patient a migraine! LOL How funny is that? I like when Cuddy is like, "You gave him a migraine? Have you ever read an ethical code..." Too funny! One of the great parts of the episode. Or how she confronts him about setting up the lecture...of course forging her name. Ha Ha Don't you just love when he walks out of the room and growls at Cuddy first. Talking about his punishment! LOL So, we all know the scene of him and Wilson in the lecture. His disguise..."Sudden chills and light sensitivity." =) *Wink* I like Wilson's advise...get a big screen TV...get a hooker, something! As he kept asking questions...

    Then a little later in, he decides to test the drug on himself. Very cleaver...or not. I like how he pounds on the desk and Cameron is like, "Are you ok?" House is like: "I'm having a migraine." Of course, then it shows Foreman giving him some drugs to cure the problem...blah, blah, blah. I like when he walks into the "Meeting room" where all the ducklings are and lies down on the ground; using a book for a pillow. =) Foreman: Something's seriously wrong with him. All that was an awesome interaction. LOVE that scene. Ok, so the best...yeehaa! When he comes out of the shower and the song, "Get Miles" is playing my Gomez. Awesome!

    This whole episode is the best! So much more...