Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2005 on FOX
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Legendary jazz musician John Henry Giles is checked into the hospital and when he's told he's dying from ALS, he signs a DNR to avoid a slow death. House disagrees with the diagnosis and goes against everyone's wishes when he violates the DNR to save Giles' life. The decision lands House in court, drives Foreman to consider taking another job, and results in Giles' paralysis worsening. But when the patient inexplicably starts getting better, the team has to figure out the mystery in reverse and find out why his condition is improving. Meanwhile, Dr. Foreman meets with an old friend who offers him a West Coast partnership.moreless

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  • If you don't like formula's in shows don't watch them!

    Name a show I beg you please, where it doesn't start off with something . crime scene in a cop show) and that lead to bunch of suspects and they never work as the bad guy, so new suspect - nope, nope nope, oh we found him and we interviewed him first damn. You say 'Dr. House' must be a really bad doctor for always being wrong - well those must be really bad cops, they must interview the suspect first in every case.

    House isn't your typical GP (general family doctor, I don't know what countries use as their titles). He takes the worst of the worst cases, that nobody can diagnose, and figures it out. So yes while one or two episodes that are different (and there are later in the show some like these). Each episode SHOULD revolve around - he gets a case, diagnoses with the most obvious, is wrong because if it was obvious someone else might be able to guess it. But because tests take a long time and the patients he usually has involve dying soon, he treats (not the best method I may agree sometimes, but if the family consents then so be it).

    And repeats that process until he gets it right. ALSO a lot of the time, his first diagnosis is based on the 'current' symptoms. So if a person can't be diagnosed for something else because they show not all the symptoms of something else - why would he automatically choose it. Until those symptoms present near the end of the episode. They also have to think about thousands of diseases, especially the rarest.

    House isn't going to take patients with the sniffles, as you see at the start of a lot episodes because he needs convincing to take on patients.

    ANYWAY sorry guys. Rant over. Simply - don't like that it follows quite a logical formula of what would probably happen in real life with someone of his specialty. Don't watch it or any 'thriller/drama show" and stop complaining. Was sick of reading that one person complain in every feedback so far.

    Good episode.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house a legendary jazz musian comes into the hospatal becasue they think he is dieing from als and its serious but after doing test and looking over things house does not think its als that is killing him but the jazz musian signs a dnr becasue he does not want to die slow house goes and does not care about that and does tests on him and they think he worsen the situation but he starts to get better. also in this ep formon meets with a guy that was a old friend and he wants him to come work with him on the west coast and he does not know what he should domoreless
  • House save another patient and makes his life better.

    ok, who predicted that House would cure the patient immorbilty?, As soon as i saw him parlased i thought House would find a solution. This show is slighly getting boring but i still watch it mainly because there's nothing else good on thursday night.

    i was intrested to find out that his boss when he was hire him they put $30,000 set a-side for him for legal expense, now that that give House more permission to go against hospital ploicy doesn't it, i did find it slighly amusing when he told judge about seeing his doctor . There's a reason why it's called Dnr, i assume treating him was in breach of it yet he did it anyway.

    House team, two of them are lap-dog to house while 3rd member Foreman wasn't sure if he wanted to stick with House move other doctor team but i'm glad he stayed with House.

  • The episode that proved that House was a doctor

    This episode was a bit out of the ordinary, but was just as enjoyable and exciting as any other episode. If you took notice, it was the first time House had anything physically medical to do with a case patient. I think that it was a real turning point in House. Before i thought of him as incompitent, but now i know that he is also a doctor.
  • Another repetition of the House formula : misdiagnose, blame patients, test procedures, or fellow doctors, and repeat until patient dies or gets better.

    This is another repetition of the House formula : misdiagnose, blame patients, test procedures, or fellow doctors, and repeat until patient dies or gets better.

    In this case, it's a patient who is misdiagnosed with ALS, and asks for a "Do Not Resusitate" (DNR). House thinks he doesn't have ALS, and that he's not capable of thinking objectively. When House gives him medicine that creates breathing difficulties, he violates the DNR and incubates the patient.

    House believes he has another condition entirely (but is wrong). The patient's original doctor belives he has ALS (but is wrong). They all fight over the right to pull the plug, and the patient get's better seemingly on his own (in spite of the excellent care House gives him).

    Eventually House realises his diagnosis was wrong, again. And in the end, find's the right diagnosis and treatment. He has a greatful patient, and some degree of validation.

    But he's alienated his staff, with almost inexcusable hubris. It seems I'm not the only one frustrated by the frequency of his mistakes, and his arrogance.moreless
Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Omar Epps

Omar Epps

Dr. Eric Foreman

Robert Sean Leonard

Robert Sean Leonard

Dr. James Wilson

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Dr. Allison Cameron

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Dr. Robert Chase

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Dr. Gregory House

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Chase and Cameron perform brain surgery on their patient. You have to be a surgeon, and a qualified one at that, to perform that procedure. Chase and Cameron are not.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • House: (to Foreman) You took a chance, you did something great. You were wrong, but it was still great. You should feel great that it was great. You should feel like crap that it was wrong. That's the difference between (Hamilton) and me. He thinks you do your job and what will be will be. I think that what I do and what you do matters. He sleeps better at night. He shouldn't.

    • Giles: How many of those pills you taking?
      House: I'm in pain.
      Giles: Yes, aren't we all?

    • House: And that's all you are? Musician?
      Giles: I got one thing, same as you.
      House: Really? Well apparently you know me better than I know you.
      Giles: I know that limp. I know the empty ring finger. And that obsessive nature of yours, that's a big secret.You don't risk jail and your career to save somebody who doesn't want to be saved, unless you got something. Anything. One thing. The reason normal people got wives and kids and hobbies, whatever, that's because they ain't got that one thing that--that hits a man hard and that true. I got music, you got this, the thing you think about all the time, the thing that keeps you south of normal. Yeah, makes us great, makes us the best. All we miss out on is everything else. No woman waiting at home after work with a drink and a kiss, that ain't gonna happen for us.
      House: That's why God made microwaves.
      Giles: Yeah. And when it's over, it's over.
      House: Yeah. (House opens the door and starts to move Giles' bed out of the room)
      Giles: What are you doing?
      House: It's not over for me. Either you're gonna call the cops again or we're doing this. If you wanna die you can do it easily inside an MRI machine.

    • Dr. Cuddy: When I hired you, I knew you were insane. I will continue to try and stop you from doing insane things, but once they're done… Trying to convince an insane person not to do insane things is, in itself, insane. So when I hired you I also set aside $50,000 a year for legal expenses. So far you've come in under budget.

    • Dr. Wilson: So your philosophy is, if they don't want treatment they get it shoved down their throat, but if it might cure their paralysis, Whoa, you'd better slow down.
      House: Yeah, My old philosophy used to be "Live and Let Live," but I'm taking this needlepoint class and they gave us these really big pillows.
      Dr. Wilson: What's your philosophy on employee relations?
      House: That's a very tiny pillow.

    • House: Phone works. Next time you want to make me feel all warm and fuzzy, leave a message.

    • Marty Hamilton: You enjoy working with Dr. House?
      Dr. Foreman: Not the word I'd use . . .

    • Dr. Wilson: (to House) Some doctors have the messiah complex-–they need to save the world. You got the Rubik's complex-–you need to solve the puzzle.

    • House: Can we get the lecture over with, because I've got a... actually, I've got nothing to do. Take your time.

    • Server: Dr. House?
      House: Cuddy sent me a stripper again? Love that woman--so thoughtful.

    • Dr. Foreman: You assaulted that man.
      House: Fine, I'll never do it again.
      Dr. Foreman: Yes, you will.
      House: All the more reason this debate is pointless.

    • Dr. Foreman: What is wrong with you?
      House: Everyone knows what's wrong with me. What's wrong with him is much more interesting.

    • Willie: My pants tell you I have diabetes?
      House: No, they tell me you're an idiot.

    • House: What about the paralysis?
      Dr. Foreman: We're sticking to the pneumonia.
      House: Well, you certainly are, boss. Like a wet tongue sticks to dry ice.

    • House: Like I always say, there's no "I" in team. There's a "me" though, if you jumble it up.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Forget (Giles') paralysis.
      House: Tell that to the rest of his bowling team.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Wilson: Yeah, and that girl dropped the charges against Kobe. Doesn't mean that he should call her and see if she's free to get a sundae.
      Referring to Kobe Bryant who had a sexual assault charge made against him by a woman whom he claimed he had had consensual sex with but who charged him with rape. She later dropped the charges and settled out of court with him in a civil lawsuit.

    • House: Your fingers. They show signs of clubbing, which indicate a health problem. Remember Bart Giamatti? Same thing, just dropped dead one day.
      Bart Giamatti was Commissioner of Major League Baseball in 1989. He ruled that Pete Rose should receive a lifetime suspension for gambling and later died suddenly of a massive heart attack a few weeks later.

    • House: I watched Matlock last night.
      Matlock was a series that ran from 1986 to 1995 on ABC and NBC and starred Andy Griffith as a lawyer and senior citizen.