Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2005 on FOX

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  • If you don't like formula's in shows don't watch them!

    Name a show I beg you please, where it doesn't start off with something . crime scene in a cop show) and that lead to bunch of suspects and they never work as the bad guy, so new suspect - nope, nope nope, oh we found him and we interviewed him first damn. You say 'Dr. House' must be a really bad doctor for always being wrong - well those must be really bad cops, they must interview the suspect first in every case.

    House isn't your typical GP (general family doctor, I don't know what countries use as their titles). He takes the worst of the worst cases, that nobody can diagnose, and figures it out. So yes while one or two episodes that are different (and there are later in the show some like these). Each episode SHOULD revolve around - he gets a case, diagnoses with the most obvious, is wrong because if it was obvious someone else might be able to guess it. But because tests take a long time and the patients he usually has involve dying soon, he treats (not the best method I may agree sometimes, but if the family consents then so be it).

    And repeats that process until he gets it right. ALSO a lot of the time, his first diagnosis is based on the 'current' symptoms. So if a person can't be diagnosed for something else because they show not all the symptoms of something else - why would he automatically choose it. Until those symptoms present near the end of the episode. They also have to think about thousands of diseases, especially the rarest.

    House isn't going to take patients with the sniffles, as you see at the start of a lot episodes because he needs convincing to take on patients.

    ANYWAY sorry guys. Rant over. Simply - don't like that it follows quite a logical formula of what would probably happen in real life with someone of his specialty. Don't watch it or any 'thriller/drama show" and stop complaining. Was sick of reading that one person complain in every feedback so far.

    Good episode.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house a legendary jazz musian comes into the hospatal becasue they think he is dieing from als and its serious but after doing test and looking over things house does not think its als that is killing him but the jazz musian signs a dnr becasue he does not want to die slow house goes and does not care about that and does tests on him and they think he worsen the situation but he starts to get better. also in this ep formon meets with a guy that was a old friend and he wants him to come work with him on the west coast and he does not know what he should do
  • House save another patient and makes his life better.

    ok, who predicted that House would cure the patient immorbilty?, As soon as i saw him parlased i thought House would find a solution. This show is slighly getting boring but i still watch it mainly because there's nothing else good on thursday night.

    i was intrested to find out that his boss when he was hire him they put $30,000 set a-side for him for legal expense, now that that give House more permission to go against hospital ploicy doesn't it, i did find it slighly amusing when he told judge about seeing his doctor . There's a reason why it's called Dnr, i assume treating him was in breach of it yet he did it anyway.

    House team, two of them are lap-dog to house while 3rd member Foreman wasn't sure if he wanted to stick with House move other doctor team but i'm glad he stayed with House.
  • The episode that proved that House was a doctor

    This episode was a bit out of the ordinary, but was just as enjoyable and exciting as any other episode. If you took notice, it was the first time House had anything physically medical to do with a case patient. I think that it was a real turning point in House. Before i thought of him as incompitent, but now i know that he is also a doctor.
  • Another repetition of the House formula : misdiagnose, blame patients, test procedures, or fellow doctors, and repeat until patient dies or gets better.

    This is another repetition of the House formula : misdiagnose, blame patients, test procedures, or fellow doctors, and repeat until patient dies or gets better.

    In this case, it's a patient who is misdiagnosed with ALS, and asks for a "Do Not Resusitate" (DNR). House thinks he doesn't have ALS, and that he's not capable of thinking objectively. When House gives him medicine that creates breathing difficulties, he violates the DNR and incubates the patient.

    House believes he has another condition entirely (but is wrong). The patient's original doctor belives he has ALS (but is wrong). They all fight over the right to pull the plug, and the patient get's better seemingly on his own (in spite of the excellent care House gives him).

    Eventually House realises his diagnosis was wrong, again. And in the end, find's the right diagnosis and treatment. He has a greatful patient, and some degree of validation.

    But he's alienated his staff, with almost inexcusable hubris. It seems I'm not the only one frustrated by the frequency of his mistakes, and his arrogance.
  • Not bad, but not great

    So what if it's formulaic? How many successful series do you see on TV these days (or before, for that matter) that aren't formulaic?

    DNR was an interesting episode for me, since it revealed that fraction more about House's character - the first time in x many episodes that he actually gets a rise, and of all times when Foreman's considering leaving.

    Judging or rating this show shouldn't be based on the formula of the comedy, or the plot or story within the one episode. It should be about whether or not you felt entertained enough from it - about the characters, about their relations, not about 'does X happen before Y', and all the other mis-diagnostic hooplah.
  • Hilarious one-liners, wrong diagnoses, serious emotion...what more could you want?

    Some have commented that this is a ripoff of the old formula- but with such consistently well-plotted episodes, why mess with a winning formula? House is so egotistical for a guy that misdiagnoses a condition so many times, but his tenacity results in him solving the puzzle eventually. I really liked the emotional, personal touches to this episode, with John Henry recovering and being stunned and awestruck at feeling sensation in his limbs and being able to walk again. The House/Cuddy interaction was excellent, and I love how he was gleeful at the thought of a court order that prevented him from carrying out clinic duty...pure genius!
  • What can i say? It was another excellent episode.

    Another good one, i was not all that different from previous episodes, relatively unshocking symptoms, although quite a few of them. It was one of those where the patient has a symptom before they are admitted into the hospital. When House cures one of these patients, it makes me feel awesome inside because i know House is smarter than the people that originally diagnosed him.

    The ending of the episode is what really made this one great for me. It was very touching, i though House and the patient could never get along, but the ending changed my thoughts. I almost shed a tear of joy!

    Medical Problem: Tumour on spine (i dont recall what disease is)
    Rating: 9.4/10

  • Great episode

    This episode really shows how House is willing to put himself in harms way to protect or save the life of a patient. When a famous Jazz musician is diagnosed with a disease with little to no hope of recovery, he signs a DNR, or Do Not Recessiate, which means if he goes into cardiac arrest he can't be helped with paddles. House decides to try to cure this musician and even recessitates him landing him in court. House eventually improves the condition of the Jazz Musician which proves his previous doctor, Marty Hamilton, wrong. It's a great episode which you gotta see
  • Another great episode

    House is even better when he wants a case that hasn't been assigned to him and he tries to steal it, who would think that House would do that? It was interesting to see the case being Foreman's and House actually trying to take it from him especially after all the times we've seen him try and avoid cases like the plague.

    The guy wanting to die so he wouldn't have to experience the pain of living added to the interest of this episode. House saving him when he didn't want to be saved and then having the team move the patient over the clinic was so humerous.

    It was a great episode from beginning to end.
  • Last week I was disappointed and started to wonder if maybe this show isn't for me... This week I was blown away and determined to continue watching.

    There were several really good elements to this episode. First off there was the case, where they had a diagnosis but wondered if it was the right one. They didn't follow the normal style and I don't even think the patient had any seizures (that must be a first for this show!) The patient was interesting and we got to do without all those family members, who tend to be very much alike.

    There was also great insight to House's characted and some development in his relationship to Foreman. Foreman has been loathing him for several episodes and finally he got to see what motivates House and got some respect for him. I think House put it really well when he told Foreman why he comes down so hard on him. It's not about making yourself sleep at night; it's about learning and saving people. We got to see some real emotion in House for once.

    We also got to see some emotion in Cuddy. It was nice to get to see that side of her. She obviously thought it was sad that they were going to pull the plug, and she didn't have her wall up as much as usual. Normally it's as if she's trying to keep up with House and play the game at his level; in this episode she set aside their usual game and showed genuine concern.

    I also really like the friendship between House and Wilson. House doesn't care about anybody, yet he accepts Wilson without (much) question. And Wilson sees right through all of House's mannerisms. Those two must have been friends before House got sick. I just think it works really well, they need a character like Wilson who can put up with House and be his good friend at all times.

    But what in the name of the big guy were Chase and Cameron doing performing BRAIN SURGERY on their patient? HELLO, you need to be a SURGEON to do that! It really annoys me that these doctors are super specialists in every single field of medicine. Come on, can't we have just a dash of realism?
  • Good one, House!!

    If I ever got seriousle sick, Id definitely want House to treat me. Because he's not giving up, and I love that about someone. Especially when that someone is a doctor.
    When his diagnose turns out to be awfully wrong, he works harder than before to find out what's worng with his musician patient, who, by the way, don't want to be treated. House even gets sued, but of course, he talks his way out of it. I really love the way House and Forman's relations is working out. Sometimes I get the feeling they cant stand each other, but still, when Forman gets a job offer from his teacher from LA or San Fransisco (cant really remember..), he turns it down. He realizes that altho he'd treat someone like his old teacher does, House is a better doctor, and he can learn more from him. So he stays.
    Good episode!
  • Review

    I thought this episode was just about what you would expect from House, comical and dramatic all the way through. I didnt really like the fact that House was wrong a lot in this episode, but fixing a patient who didnt think he would ever walk again (and someone of importance as well) was a nice thing to watch. Again the scenes with Cuddy-House were great, they are without a doubt the best scenes on the show. I thought if they had removed Eric from the hospital (aka the show) the show would geta lot better. I dont really like his involvment with the show and I think it would be better for House to have a three man "team" as opposed to a four man one
  • good episode...

    The team has to diagnose a famous jazz player named Giles. Giles, however, signs so that if his heart stopped, no one could bring him back. He did not want a slow death. However, House brings him back and makes Giles better. Foreman goes off talking about getting another job. I hate Foreman and his drama is stupid and boring. I liked the case in this episode. I found it weird, though, because I have an amazing saxophone player in my jazz band named Giles . . . that's weird. Oh well. Overall, good episode with a good case but bad character development.
  • Average episode of house

    Two things stand out in my mind regarding this episode: House finally taking matters into his own hands to save a stricken musician's life (see exactly what happens for yourself). And House and the musician together at the end, trading jibes in a heartwarming and very funny manner (again, see exactly what happens for yourself). The clinic stuff is pretty outrageous, including a diabetic in denial whom House dresses down so viciously I wouldn't have been at all amazed if the guy had filed a lawsuit. "DNR" also is one of those rare episodes where House learns a thing or two about human relationships the hard way, thanks to the patient.
  • House goes to court!

    This episode was finally different from the others, it wasn't just about the patient, House going to court, the DNR sequence was just simply amazing, usually you are used to House saving someone, but when they stop breathing, and you can't do anything it's so cringe-worthy. But I think House did the right thing saving that man's life. It is revealed that Foreman's name is Eric, and he hates House, and Chase & Cameron don't, I like how after the episode House starts to get a bit personal & Calls Foreman Eric now, and I like their talks, that talk with the singer & House was so sweet, they both had canes, I think that House actually cared about that patient. A great thrilling episode.
  • Wanna die

    Quiero morir, dejar esta vida que tantas alegrías me dio y llegar en lo mejor de mi estadía en este mundo al otro, al mejor, al verdadero, al feliz. Quiero dejar de sufrir, es eso tan loco? Por qué seguir con esto? What´s the point? No le veo el sentido. Si ya no puedo hacerlo para qué seguir? Para verme caer? Para ver como todo lo que quiero se marchita? Para dejar morir a la gente que amo? Ellos podrán vivir tan bien sin mí. El universo se va a olvidar tan rápido de esta personita insignificante (si es que alguna vez me conoció...). Quiero morir, por favor, hagan todo lo posible por no dejarme.
  • The Rubix Complex...

    Touching on a previous episode, we see more focus on House's determination to "solve the puzzle". What I particulary loved about this episode was how the patient brings out a lot of emotion in House- he seems to genuinally care about the patient this week, not just the puzzle, and we see House's deep love for music.

    The Foreman storyline was also very good. Last episode we saw him trying not to be like House, whilst this one hes tries to distance himself further when his old boss comes back into town. The interactions between House and Foreman are excellent in this episode, and it shows House as a very good teacher. The patient storyline was very dramatic and funny at the same time, and it felt different to the normal formula, as we see House go to court, violate a DNR, get introduced (albeit for the first and only time) to a new doctor, and see him clash with him. It seems that the only person he gets on well with is Wilson- their dynamics were once again excellent.

    It is also interesting to see House showing concern for people too; he admits he thinks what he does "matters" to Foreman, he decides not to risk Cameron and Chase's medical licenses, and he is touched when John Henry Giles gives him his trombone at the end. Also, watch out for the first tiny mentions of House's Vicodin addiction, as this will develop into a very important story arch over several seasons...

    Overall, this was probably one, if not the, favourite episode of this series so far. The acting was fantastic and the storyline was so well written; everything seemed to fuse into one. I maybe a biased House fanatic, but I am not an avid TV watched- for something to get me this addicted, I beleive it must be something special!!!