Season 4 Episode 12

Don't Ever Change

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2008 on FOX

Episode Recap

At a Hasidic Jewish wedding, Roz and Yonatan are united in matrimony. At the reception afterward, as bride and groom are lifted up on chairs, Roz collapses and starts bleeding from her bladder.

House greets Wilson as he arrives for work and Wilson admits they've been together for two months. Wilson finally gives in and tells House to check out Amber himself.

House and his team take on Roz's case while discussing Amber and Wilson, and Kutner admits he knew. House suspects she poisoned herself and sends Foreman and Taub to check her house. Taub is Jewish but skeptical of the Hasidic life They notice that Roz cut a few records and talk to her, and she reveals she turned Hasidic six months ago. Before that she took heroin but she has been clean for months, and Yonatan knows and accepted. They take a hair sample to test for latent toxins.

House gets into Amber's house using a stolen key from Wilson and is waiting for her when she gets home He isn't sure why she's dating Wilson and tosses out several theories, including trying to get her job back and getting revenge. Amber neither admits nor denies and House leaves.

The drug tests are negative but House suspects that her newfound religion is a symptom of porphyria. House insists that people don't change and proscribes treatment for the rare genetic disorder. Yonatan and Roz are skeptical and Kutner is forced to explain how House came up with his diagnosis. Yonatan goes to Cuddy and demands a new doctor, and she points out the symptoms also indicate cyroglobulinemia fits some of the symptoms. Cuddy starts to prescribe treatment but Roz goes into respiratory distress.

It's back to differential with the breathing problem ruling out porphyria, and Thirteen doesn't believe the new religious is a mental symptom. House suspects it's lupus and has them give a stress test. He then catches up to Wilson and Amber at a restaurant and Amber takes charge to get their reservation settled. House realizes Wilson likes Amber taking charge and that he's sleeping with someone just like… House.

Taub administers the stress test and Yonatan wonders if treating the Lupus will undo the mental change that led her to becoming Hasidic. Taub tries to reassure Yonatan he'll find someone else, but Yonatan wonders why Taub doesn't love his wife more then when they first got married. The stress test proves negative but when Roz stands up she collapses with leg pain. Foreman suspects a blood clot and House orders a MRI and fMRI. Thirteen and Foreman run the MRI and he suspects she doesn't want to be oversimplified and maintain the mystery about her. House proposes they restart her IV to determine if she's a masochist when the pain hits, based on the mental images. When Foreman touches her, her pleasure centers light up. However, they determine she's been praying which might explain the brain activity, and when they get her up her BP and heart rate drop. As soon as they lay her down, she stabilizes. House gets her up… and she crashes again.

Back in differential, Taub admits he can see why Roz would be attracted to the Hasidic life Kutner suggest an electrical problem in the heart, accounting for all the symptoms. House spots Wilson and orders tests, then goes out to talk to his friend. Wilson admits House is right and he's looking for someone like House. House isn't satisfied with that and says that Amber is needy, which attracts Wilson. Wilson denies it and wonders why House keeps finding a new argument every time Wilson agrees with him.

Taub and Kutner test Roz's heart and Taub still thinks her change in lifemeans something. Roz condemns them for gossiping and remembers Foreman's earlier conversation with Thirteen. They then prepare a sweat test.

House goes to Cuddy and suggests she sleep with Wilson to get him away from Amber. She's less then thrilled, and skeptical of House's theory Wilson feels guilty, sleeps with women, ends up betrayed, feels guilty, and repeats the cycle. Cuddy notes that House is afraid of losing Wilson

They administer the sweat test to Roz, while Yonatan insists seeing her bare is disrespectful. When Thirteen tries to console him, he feels she's being condescending. As they raise the temperature, Roz goes into hypothermia.

It's back to differential with the new symptom, and they wonder if she has an infection. They suspect something might be missing: cortisol, indicating Addison's. They administer a cortisol test. Meanwhile, Cuddy expresses her doubts to Wilson about Amber but he insists he's happy. She tells him the blunt truth: his needs will feed her needs and there'll be nothing left of him.

Roz seems to feel better with the cortisol but Thirteen detects internal bleeding and Roz starts saying a prayer for herself. They give her injections but Chase says they need to open her up to find the bleeding. Even so, it will only keep her alive until they can cure her. Roz refuses, wanting to share shabbat with her husband in eight hours, after sunset. Yonatan tries to convince her but she standards by her Hasidic beliefs. House insists on Chase staying with them and they need him. They're left with nothing that fits the symptoms, but Chase suggests they convince her it's now sunset. They go ahead with the plan and Roz and Yonatan have their ceremony. Meanwhile, House calls in Amber and offers her the fellowship if she can solve the case and drops Wilson. She insists that with Wilson she has love and respect, and she won't take the chance at the fellowship. She does suggest D.I.C., but that doesn't fit all the symptoms either. House is forced to admit she's changed.

The team runs another round of tests but they all prove negative. House insists that things aren't where they should be just because they want them to be… but then realizes something isn't where it should be. House goes out into the hall and intercepts Roz, and has them stand her up. She starts to collapse… until he applies pressure to her kidney. As soon as he releases the pressure, she crashes again. House has concluded that Roz has a floating kidney that was dislodged during the marriage. Every time she stood the kidney dropped and caused the problems, and they did the scans while she was lying down so they didn't come up with anything. Surgery will correct the problem and Roz will be fine.

Later, House lets Wilson know he's (more or less) okay with his girlfriend, but refuses to admit that anyone has changed. Wilson is shocked that he might form a long-term connection with someone other then House, but House might end up losing a friend. Wilson appreciates the self-sacrifice, even though House denies it.