Season 4 Episode 12

Don't Ever Change

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2008 on FOX

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  • Good episode!!!

    It always makes me warm and jewey!
  • Beautifully written

    I thought this was a wonderfully well written episode, and a lot better than I remember it being. People say this was the weakest Season so far, but some of the episodes have been brilliant.

    The diagnosis case was a classic, and it was written very similiar to the way the older Seasons were. The patient was interesting and it brought some of the religious aspects back to the show that most seasons to have at least once. It was interesting seeing Taub's opinions on the situation, and his banter with Foreman was very much like the older Seasons as the team banters whilst searching each others homes.

    Foreman once again is the subject of that banter as he does so with Thirteen, and we see how working with House so long as affected him. Thirteen is also exposed as a bi-sexual! It provided some very amusing moments.

    I personally think the new team have come into their own- Taub's self discovery and Kutners confidence has now grown, and the patient storyline was brilliant as we wonder if people can actually change.

    The subplot was also good as we delve into Wilson's relationship with Amber, and for the first time I actually quite like her character, saying how she has hoped she has changed, and how she feels both loved and respected with Wilson. It shed some light on their character's personalities, whilst House and amusingly believes Wilson is dating himself!

    House letting go of his paranoia and letting Wilson have his own life was a big step for him, and paves the way for a possible new beginning.

    Overall, dynamic, wonderfully written and entertaining- people should let go of there dislike for change (the new team) and realise that this is classic House on many levels.
  • Thirteen goes both ways.

    This episode was revealing in two ways, Thirteen is a bisexual which came to a shock. Funny how everyone figured out, out of spite. Which is crazy. Anyways Another way it was revealing is how much Amber has changed. She is not the same girl who got fired two episodes ago. She wasn't surprised to see Thirteen in the group, I love how she suggests an illness, which shows she still has some House in her. Laura Silverman guests stars! I love her on the Sarah Silverman Show, she is hilarious. Anyways, she was a ho in this episode though, kind of a trader. Great episode.
  • The last show before the strike.

    SPOILER ALERT: Do Not Read This If You Have Not Seen the Show.

    No clinic duty this week and for good reason. House has found out that his only friend is dating Amber, the cutthroat B, aka CTB. First, there was the attempt to break them up. Then, there was the realization by House that Wilson was dating the female version of himself. Finally, there was acceptance.

    Yes, there was a case about a woman who became a Hasidic Jew six months earlier. She collapsed at her wedding. There was the usual fumbling around to find the diagnosis. Cameo appearances of Cuddy, Foreman and Chase but no Cameron. As House normally does, he finds a relatively simple answer. Patient cured and ready to live a long, normal life.

    And, of course, there was the weird comment by Foreman that Thirteen was bisexual.
  •'s good

    When an office building collapses, House has to work fast to diagnose a young woman, Megan, who survived the disaster. Due to her injuries, Megan's only form of communication is blinking. House, without a team since Foreman and Cameron quit and he fired Chase, talks through his ideas with a janitor at the hospital. As House persists in diagnosing Megan by himself, he realizes that the case is not what it appears, and that solitude may not be the answer. I love this series more and more and I think thedirection this season is going is the right one, I loved the episode "Alone", it was a funny episode with the janitor and House loosing his guitar, I really, really cant wait to see more of this series. "Alone" gets an easy ten out of ten. Keep it up.
  • I can't say I loved it, but it wasn't bad either.

    The Case: It wasn't as exciting as I expected and hoped for it to be. I thought the whole being Jews thing would make it more interesting, well, it did, but I was just expecting so much more. You only get to do a storyline once and I think they did it all wrong here, sorry.

    The People: Now this is where it got good. 13, a lesbian? It seems that it is leading that way, but who knows, we might just be seeing more hospital gossip and a little misunderstanding in this episode, but I'll be first to smile when she hooks up with Cuddy. Plus, Wilson and House date, don't ask, just watch.
  • brilliant,from the begining to end it was perfect,the music,the acting,the case,i cry with this episode;i don´t know what else to say just watch it you wont be dissapointed...

    guao!!! i loved this episode,the only thing i didn´t like was the fact that wilson is actually in love with this women,poor house he loves wilson and well who doesn´t,anyway we all see what happens in the next 4 episodes...i´m surprise because house says that people don´t change and he´s actually changing or i don´t know maybe is a strategy to convince wilson and separated him from amber but that is just my opinion,and other you really think that house might be gay i want your opinions about this issue...i mean i dont mind but do you? im not sure if we are ready for this...and im sorry for my english im not american...hilson x ever
  • People do change...

    So, again one episode what was rather more about the relation ship than on the real medical case as House has his mind occupied with everything else. I cannot say it was bad but.. oh, I miss the old kind of episodes were medicine was most important.

    This time the case, it was somehow adventurous but I did not liked the way they saw it - like that changing a lifestyle means you are crazy.

    And all that running after Amber and Wilson - it was childish. But what else do you expect from House, I would ask?

    So, some great dialog, definitely, and those surprise moments... but... there was something missing...
  • Great! cut throat b*tch is back!!! COOL :)

    I thought this episode was very good, who would have thought Wilson and Amber would be an item??? good twist, I did not see it coming!!! but i am glad to see her, i actually thought she was a great character and would have been a good edition to the team.
    The case this week was also very intense, religion is always a sensitive topic so i enjoyed watching... Who cares if 13 is bisexual?? is it that important? i don't think she is that good a character, she is likable but because she is such a mystery I end up not finding her that interesting. Can't wait to see what comes next.
  • House biggest case: Wilson's relationship

    Great episode!
    I love the final diagnostic and the patient tematic was really cool too!
    13 is bissexual! I wonder how Taub figured that out...and i din't understand...House knows about it or don't?
    But everybody knows that House was more interessed on Wilson's relation ship with the beach...I don't trust her either, I think House is totally right and people dont change! They can make some effort but deep inside them they still are who they used to be.
    Amber is probably just trying to get the job...she is the beach! And we saw the things she'd done in the game!
    But if Gregory House decied to give her a shot, who am I to say no?
  • Although the topic of choice wasn't so great. The character development and House getting his monolithic view of humanity thrown in his face was wonderful. As to the topic once again House rages against religion and a type of patient not seen often.

    Although the topic of choice wasn't so great. The character development and House getting his monolithic view of humanity thrown in his face was wonderful. As to the topic once again House rages against religion and a type of patient not seen often. I liked the view into Hasidic culture but old House didn't pack as much a punch against these highly religious people. Guess the focus was on the character development. It was great to see House fall apart at losing Wilson being at his beckon call. To top it off the icing on the cake as the saying goes. Wilson is dating Amber of all people and she turns down Houses offer to dump Wilson for a spot back on the team. There were other aspects of character development that didn't matter much to me. Number 13 is bisexual whats a show without at least one I suppose is the logic and the plastic surgeon is subject to at least being open to religion. Didn't care about those but the rest of the episode was great.
  • House has a heart! I don't know if I like his change!

    House keep saying people never change through the whole episode. However, people start to change around him. And looks like in the end he shows everybody a hint that he is begging to change too. Actually, he show some kindness when he was treating a girl in the las episode. Well, I like House because of the way he face life and people around him. I hope this doesn't mean his change will make him less "jerky"! Even the sound track on this episode shows how lighter everything might become in the future. Maybe the writes are start to think that he (House) need some changes otherwise it could become a "boring jerk" who just does jerky things for no reason!
  • Who wouldn't want to sleep with House.... Though I never thought it would be Wilson! Ha.

    I thought this was a great episode. First, I know nothing about Hasidic practice. I found it very interesting. And also very romantic. I loved how everyone worked together to give Roz and her new husband their first Sabbat together. It was so sweet. Although I agree with some of the other reviewers in that many of the episodes seems to be getting awfully crowded with new and old fellows, I don't think this episode was over-crowded. Personally, I disagree with adding the new characters this season. I haven't connected with any of them. When Dr. Forman told Thirteen that she's bisexual, I thought - how could we know, they've done nothing to develop her character all season. However, it didn't change my feelings about this episode because I have no investment in the new characters. I loved the Wilson/House development. I just wish they had given us more this season about Chase and Cameron. I'm still waiting!
  • was this wrote by someone during the writers strike because i thought it was terrible

    This episode of house for felt well below par. Firstly the episode shows how crowded the show is now with all the characters (even before the pointless cameo from amber). It doesnt seem revelent to have chase, cameron and foreman in this show anymore because they do not offer anything. It shows this season because they didnt add anything to the episodes they have been in, and are only in certain scenes for a few minutes. The only real decent thing from this episode was again the interaction between house and wilson (the "sleeping with me" scene was very funny) but other than that it was a below than average episode, just like alot of season 4
  • In this episode House is treating a Jewish bride. On the outside of the hospital House and Wilson's relationship is not so good because of Wilson's new girlfriend Amber.

    I loved this episode and it was great to watch. I can't wait till next season to see what happens. I hope House doesn't loose his best friend! That would be awful! Keep writing these great and super funny scripts and you will keep having good results. I look forward to watching another episode of House each week even if it is a re-run. My two favorite characters are House and Wilson so please don't make them loose their relationship! That's half the reason I even watch the show! I always get a good laugh out of House especially this last one. I highly recommend it.
  • - I need you to sleep with Wilson. -- Good morning.

    Actually I did not enjoy this episode as much as I thought I would be. The Jewish storyline was quite promising but nothing that we did not already see happened. We had some Orthodox POTWs before. The moving kidney was a nice riddle though.
    Way more interesting was they way House dealt with Amber dating Wilson. I'm not saying that I ship towards them being together but since they really like one another and since she isn't in it just to get the job from House it's fine for me... And she IS the female version of House.
    It was great to see Cuddy again. I had a feeling that she is somewhere there sneaking under the hospital's walls and doing her best to avoid the camera so that we do not see her. And she's back, though I wish we saw her more, way mooore...
  • Good episode...

    A Jewish bride falls ill and House and his team have to save her, obviously. Anyways, in the end her kidney was messed up some how and she just needed surgery. I really liked her husband and all of the religious/jewish things in the episode. It was interesting to see different types of people with different beliefs in the show. It adds more. I also liked how all of the characters reacted to the jewish husband. Let's see, what else. That girl is bi...awkward... Anyways, Wilson is dating the b*tch and liked it because she acts a lot like House. It makes sense. Wilson likes House as a friend and has liked him forever, so why not have a girlfriend that acts like him? Anyways, I thought House's curiosity was halarious. Overall, good episode.
  • House's patient is pretty much getting worse by the minute, but House is way more concerned about Wilson dating CTB, beacuse he might lose his friend.

    House treats a jew who crashes on the day of her wedding while being upped on the chair. She keeps getting worse and worse... and the team seems helpless to fix her, ruling out diagnostic after diagnostic. The patient ends up getting comfortable with the idea of dying which of course doesn't happen because at the final minute House solves the mystery which is awesomely cool. Floating Kidney, I knew about it, but I had no idea it could cause that much trouble.. I loved it. On the other hand, the solving of the case took that long probably because House was way more interested in Wilson, because he now has this relationship with Amber, who is the female proxy of House *OMG! You're sleeping with me! - Greg House*... House tries by all means to break them up, talking to Wilson, talking to Amber (trying to find out if it's all a huge manipulation to get House to hire her in the end), asking Cuddy to sleep with Wilson... However, in the end he realizes he's scared to lose his friend and ends up doing what most people would consider a Wilson attitude on House: he self-sacrifices, letting Wilson have his relationship with Amber and Wilson doesn't believe it, but it seems true, even when House says he would sacrifice pretty much everything except self... so House! It was overall a really good episode and I think it was a reasonable season finale, even though when I hate that we only got 12 episodes.
  • With Wilson dating a female proxy of House, House is afraid of losing his friend. But is a change really a change?

    This episode dealt beautifully with a topic that could easily have become a big gay cliché, but instead it steered completely clear of that. Only this show can deal with this many layers in a friendship without turning it into a joke, or reducing feelings as love and devotion something as simplified as "Oh my god I'm gay The world is bigger than that, and this episode proved it.

    There's a reason Wilson always abandoned his wives for House. It's got nothing to do with gay straight, or any of those limiting names. No, it's much more transcending than that - it's the mental, emotional and spiritual connection he's got with House, and which none of his wives could provide. So what do you do?

    With three failed marriages with women who couldn't keep him interested, he's finally come to the conclusion that he needs a change, and starts dating Amber, who is very much like House. So much that House exclaims that Wilson is in fact dating him.

    Wilson agrees with him. "Yes I am, and why shouldn't I?" Someone like House is exactly what he needs. He's accepted that. But House suspects that Amber has ulterior motives, and questions her about it. But not immediately being able to figure out her game, if she has any, he later proceeds to offer her a job if she will just leave Wilson alone. Losing Wilson is more realistic, and a more frightening outcome, than any avenging mission she's on. She turns him down and explains her reasons for dating Wilson.

    House believes her, and they seem to connect.

    Meanwhile, the patient, a newly converted Jew, makes the doctors discuss if a person can really change that drastically. House says they can't. 13, talking to Foreman, suggests that a change might not be a change at all, if it was there from the beginning, only hidden.

    "Things aren't always there just because we want them to be there," House says, solving the patient's case, a dislodged kidney.

    He's basically saying that we don't really change. This ties in nicely with Wilson, and how he's always sought House's company because he loves him. His choice of women may have changed, but he hasn't changed. He's just become more self aware of what was always there.

    Realizing this, House gives Wilson his blessing, and Wilson, commenting that House must be aware of the risk of losing him, is genuinely happy about the surprising selfless act. Or maybe it wasn't so surprising at all. After all, people don't change, so House had it in him all the time ;)
  • While the team diagnosis a Jewish Bride who fell ill during her wedding, House takes an interest in Wilson's relationship with Amber.

    What makes this episode shine is it debunk's House's long held believe that people don't change. House is skeptical about his patients new found beleif in Hidasic Judiasm, especially when it is revealed that she left the wild life of a record producer six months before. House insists that she is using her religion soley as a means of escaping something while the husband insists that their beliefs have meaning and are nothing to be taken lightly.

    Meanwhile House is out to prove that Amber has alterior motives for dating Wilson. The scenes between Amber, House and Wilson are hilarious, yet meaningful. The best scene was between House and Wilson, when House realizes that Wilson is very happy dating someone who shares his qualities. The show did a good job of adressing the feelings House and Wilson have always had for each other without turning them into something perverse. I especially liked the ending where Amber explains to House why she likes being with Jimmy and House, in turn comes to accept the fact that he can share Wilson with someone else and still be friends. It's nice to know that the friendship between House and Wilson will never change.
  • Despite some good moments, this was quite a mediocre episode. To think this could be the season finale makes me really sad.

    I was hoping the cooperation between Doris Egan and Leonard Dick, who earlier on this season gave us The Right Stuff, would produce yet another good episode, but unfortunately this wasn't the case. It's quite obvious from Ms. Egan's blogs that she's quite interested in getting positive responses from her readers, but I didn't expect it to influence the episode so much and at the risk of sounding narrow minded, I'd still say that turning the House-Wilson friendship into a gay-in-disguise one, is a very bad plot decision. Even if, of course, it'll please DE's avid blog readers...

    I never was a Wilson fan, and it appears I never will be, but the House-Wilson relationship always had an intriguing, masochistic charm for me. Here are two so very different people who are friends for years, for some odd reason... There were all these very subtle sub plot that suggested so many reasons for why they still hang out together, and it was always a puzzle that I hoped would never be solved. Now this nice balance has been bluntly disrupted, the charm is gone, and for what? For a minority of the viewers who can't believe there can be a friendship without sexual attraction? What was always great about this show was that there were always the small hints and details one had to actively try and look for. In this ep, it seems like this information is delivered by hitting on the viewers heads with a baseball bat. Sad, very sad.

    I thought brining CTB back could be a good idea, as I hoped she could add an interesting dimension to the always horrible way females are written in this show. But of course not - they had to change her too and made her into a pale image of what she used to be. Now all that the career oriented CTB cares about is getting a seat at the restaurant by being overly obnoxious... How sad is that. What's even sadder is that House, who has so much respect for strong women, seems pleased with that...So if she's just one more uninteresting character - who needs her? Don't we have way too many of characters already?

    Same as in House Training, another mediocre episode by DE, House is once again more interested with Wilson's relationships then he cares about solving the case. He goes out to Amber's (no reason to call her CTB now...) apartment, he goes out to spy on her and Wilson at the restaurant - all while he's supposed to be working on the case. He looks like this really creepy old guy who has nothing better to do in his life. Disgusting.

    And the rest is not a lot better: the medical story was pathetic and it's solution was so very last week's déjà vu: "things aren't where we want them to be just because we want them to be there" - wait, isn't it the same a line from What a Wonderful Lie? Oh sorry, there it was "things have their place... things don't care..." Big difference! Well, I guess there's a shortage of punch lines in L.A. these days..

    The POTW was just so badly played - but how can anyone blame the actress for that? Her lines and character were such clichés there wasn't much she could do about it but moan constantly. And rightly so. Same goes for the guy who played her husband - between his lines and the very bad fake beard, how could he not look like a caricature of a Hassidic man? And to think that any Hassidic man would LIE to his wife about when the Shabbat ceremony starts?! Great research, writers! Really. The only one there who actually sounded realistic about Hassidic knowledge was House... Well, at least they kept that in character.

    And 13's big secret is that she's Bi? Wow, what an amazing revelation... Kutner is crazy about Sci-Fi? That's nice, but does he have to use sci language ALL the time? And Taub changes from "they're totally crazy" to "there's something about it" in 5 seconds for no obvious reason?!

    House says "we need you" to Chase? Why really? For a medical input, maybe? Of course not! They need Chase badly, so that they'll have someone who can tell them how to lie to the patient... Oh, no doubt now, he should be back on the team asap. (Don't get me wrong - Chase is the only one of the old Ducklings I could stand, but that line was yet again so clearly written to please the audience it was just pathetic.) And Cuddy preaching to Wilson about Amber? What an utter blah...

    So what saved the day after all? Once again, HL's ability to take even the worst episode and make it look like it's great. I have no idea how he does it, but this guy saves the day every single time. It's just sad that he's wasting his efforts on such a mediocre episode, when he could truly fly high with a really good one, like Frozen from last week.
  • House and team treat a bride who became ill at her wedding, and the relationship between CTB and Wilson is elaborated on.

    Decent episode, but more of the same, it's pretty tough for an episode of House to be bad, but this one was just run of the mill, vanilla, cookie-cutter, etc... That is not to say that it was terrible, but nothing all that spectacular.

    House treats a woman who used to be a heroin addict that has become a Hasidic Jew. This immediately makes House skeptical in that he cannot fathom such a sudden conversion to such a strict faith as well as the nature of God and faith. The POTW goes through a myriad of horrific symptoms and medical tests...we all know this part...and it is revealed that her one kidney hangs too low and it is causing her condition.

    This storyline was alright, interesting, but nothing terribly intriguing. It was poignant, thoughtful, and well acted. It was good to see how this issue helped to shed more light on House's attitudes on faith and God seeing is that the patient and her husband are deeply devout, and House could care less. Each episode helps to show more sides of Dr. House, this one was no exception, but this exposition is not enough to carry an entire episode.

    The second storyline involved Wilson and CTB (aka Amber)who are now dating. This was interesting, and could prove to be more interesting in later episodes. House's line about Wilson "sleeping with him" was hysterical. Amber and House are similar in ways, but not entirely. House's evaluation of their relationship was very good and we shall have to wait to see if he is correct.

    The new team did their thing again, and it was alright. When the new team is on, they are on. They can add a new depth to the show and make things interesting, but when they are off, it's just boring. All three people in the new team are interesting and can liven the screen up, but they were underused this episode amounting to not much more than superlative details.

    Direction was solid, each actor conveyed their emotions well and they were all quite believable. The cinematography was good at parts, and unnoticeable at others. Acting was pretty good, especially by the POTW and her husband, Hugh Laurie was good as usual, everybody else...they did alright.

    This could've been a really good episode, but it was kind of bland. Ending the season with a whimper instead of a bang is kind of dissappointing. This show can do much better, though one must wonder if the writers strike had anything to do with this. If it did or didn't, I don't know, but I thought this episode was lacking.
  • Great Episode

    Coming from a jewish background I know how stereotypes infest depictions of jews in everyday life. But....
    in the context of the universally offensive Dr. House, it does fit. The screenplay was quite respectful of the practices and dedication of religious jews and portrayed outsiders' reactions quite accurately. The great part was the ricochet discussion of change all over the hour. It simply does not get any better than the House/Wilson dialog. Yes, some of the superficial insights were just that, but every character textured the discussion with all manner of reflection on the theme. I am sure when I read the script, there will be several things I missed.
  • People don't change… even if they have legs that go all the way to Canada

    Today we had way more personal drama than clinical...usually House takes it on everyone to prove a theory he showed that he was human after all (kind of!) that he won't change (god forbids!) but he is willing to let the others around him take a different approach on their emotional lives….after screwing every possible solution to the problem (only then)…including backstabbing, making indecent proposals to the boss, buying his way into Amber decision with a fellowship and just admitting that things aren't where they should be just because they want them to be he realized he had to let go….for now.

    Which bring us to the other problem… The new guys are good, but maybe is the inability to face change that keeps me hoping to see the old gang reunite for one more differential, we have been missing Cameron the last couple of episodes… and Chase is improving but only in tight spots with fewer lines…Foreman comeback looked promising but has disappointed so far… I think is time to speed things up and get more layered performances in the supporting cast in order than to rely solely on the exceptional but ill tempered Dr. Gregory House.
  • Still smiling.

    OMG; definitely one of my favourite episodes ever!
    This episode, for me, was even better than the wonderfully written Frozen, and I'm pretty sure that I owe this to theDoris Egan, who is responsible for several other faves of mine such as House vs. God, Son of a coma guy and House Training.
    I loved the whole interaction between House and Wilson, but also the tension between House and Amber, who finally succeeded in making me love her.
    The case, though not that interesting for my preoccupied thoughts (I'm still fascinated by House's self-sacrifice) also enabled some fantastic dialogues - themes like love, fidelity, marriage etc. corresponded to the whole House/Wilson/Amber developement.

    TOP episode I will love till my grave!
  • Give the new Team a chance !!!

    I thought the interplay between house and Wilson was very funny. The best line was "you do it both ways – right" and the wink to 13 about the ultrasound.. Cuddy was very aggressive in her explanation to Wilson but the chalk outline was probably right. It was interesting to see the religious angle as obviously the head writer has a little knowledge!!! At least they showed house making decisions based on some of the patients religious beliefs and I thought the husband was very welled played – one thing – a scene was missing where the husband and house had a discussion because he went from "I want another doctor" to nothing. Amber was excellent and the scene in the restaurant with house and Wilson about - your sleeping with me was very funny. Chase made a good appearance and there was some excellent interplay – "Chase we need you" and "by God I mean you" from chase. Will everyone shut up about the old team and let the writers create the new team -they have to be allowed situations for the audience to like the new team. Everything changes enjoy it.
  • What was that...?

    What the hell was that? HORRIBLE EPISODE. This has to be one of the WORST TV episodes I've ever seen. The stereotypical portrayal of jews isn't even surprising me, but the fact that this has been done SO MANY times on this show does. Religion gets in the way of medication. WE get it. We really do. It's dull now. House's big speeches on how useless religion is... been done to death. Awful. For the first time it was funny, in season 1. Then in season 2, it was okay. In season 3, slightly dull. In season 4? BAD.

    The medical case apart from this was horrible anyway though. Again, another really weak conclusion and of course once again House out of nowhere figures it out. It has just gotten really cliché now for House to always figure it out from random context.

    The only part of the episode I enjoyed was the dialouge between Wilson and House, that's always good. However AMBER? OH my god, she's an awful character. Do the writers actually expect us to just accept that she changed in such a short time?

    Another thing... Cuddy. Where was she? Just like the previous episode she barely got a few lines. She's easily the best supporting character next to Wilson.

    And for me, the absolutely WORST part of the whole episode which was a mess anyway, the new characters. 13 is flat out boring and ridiciliously Cameron-like. The fact we don't know her name in a MEDICAL SHOW is beyond unreal. Taub was not only boring but this time annoying too. And completetly random. He suddenly wants to become a jew? Oh, okay. The only new character I enjoy is Kutner because he's funny... yeah, that's it, other than that he isn't very interesting either.

    Foreman... okay as usual. I always felt he's a much needed character, a good doctor, nothing more. So I actually didn't have any problems with him. Chase? Oh, he got more than one line this episode. Maybe he got 3. Amazing. Why is he still credited as a regular? Cameron? Not even mentioned, no conclusion after the previous episode's "firing", nothing. In fact this show is really starting to get ridicilious. It seems to set up serialised storytelling in one episode then completetly drop it in the next as if nothing happened.

    As perfect "Alone" was, this episode couldn't have sucked more. And it's the season finale due to the writer's strike... great.

    Well, the 4th season is without a doubt the worst ever season of House.
  • Review

    Let me start off by saying that I know the writers strike cut this season short, but this was not a good replacement as the season finale at all. Frozen was a better epiosde in terms of what should have been put here, but with the Super Bowl the network opted to go for ratings. As Season Four continues the more I continue to miss the old team. Ive said it in past reviews and ill keep saying it until I dont feel that way. The original team is better then the new team in every single way. I miss Cameron and Chase in the meetings. Even Foreman being in the show as much as he is just doesn't feel the same without Chase and Cameron being there. He is also in the show far less then he used to be, which could be the reason. Cuddy needs to be more involved in the show. There is a list of reasons why Season Four has been my worst season to date - the cases, other then "Alone", have been bad and everything after the "Survivor" game got a little too boring for me. This being the season finale brought it all into perspective for me.
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