Season 4 Episode 12

Don't Ever Change

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2008 on FOX

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  • Beautifully written

    I thought this was a wonderfully well written episode, and a lot better than I remember it being. People say this was the weakest Season so far, but some of the episodes have been brilliant.

    The diagnosis case was a classic, and it was written very similiar to the way the older Seasons were. The patient was interesting and it brought some of the religious aspects back to the show that most seasons to have at least once. It was interesting seeing Taub's opinions on the situation, and his banter with Foreman was very much like the older Seasons as the team banters whilst searching each others homes.

    Foreman once again is the subject of that banter as he does so with Thirteen, and we see how working with House so long as affected him. Thirteen is also exposed as a bi-sexual! It provided some very amusing moments.

    I personally think the new team have come into their own- Taub's self discovery and Kutners confidence has now grown, and the patient storyline was brilliant as we wonder if people can actually change.

    The subplot was also good as we delve into Wilson's relationship with Amber, and for the first time I actually quite like her character, saying how she has hoped she has changed, and how she feels both loved and respected with Wilson. It shed some light on their character's personalities, whilst House and amusingly believes Wilson is dating himself!

    House letting go of his paranoia and letting Wilson have his own life was a big step for him, and paves the way for a possible new beginning.

    Overall, dynamic, wonderfully written and entertaining- people should let go of there dislike for change (the new team) and realise that this is classic House on many levels.