Season 5 Episode 1

Dying Changes Everything

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2008 on FOX

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  • House is a Miserable!!

    Eu adoro o seriado House pq nós podemos odiar e adorar oe personagem deste incrivel ator chamado Hugh Laurie! ele faz coisas inacreditáveis, deixando a gente louco de raiva, mas ao mesmo tempo apaixonado pelo personagem cômico e imprevisível!!
    Nesta 5º temporada, ele se encontra mais louco ainda, provavelmente por causa deste primeiro episódio, que como o nome já diz, "A morte muda tudo".
    Neste episódio ele mostra mais uma vez o pq de ser o melhor ator por vários anos seguidos! Respostas inteligentes, diálogos cheios de ironia, incerteza do final, todos os ingredientes de um grande episódio.
    Aconselho a todos tomarem seu lugar e se preparar para esta 5º temporada deste "louco e miserable" médico!!
  • Big Meanie!

    It's actually heartbreaking to watch Wilson and House at odds like this and even in the next episode as well. So Amber's death is obviously still being dealt with and House is as grouchy as ever, still denying his part in Amber's death. (Although we all know how he feels, thanks to the ending scene from Wilson's Heart). I cant believe the writers even took this path with these two characters so hats off to them for tackling a potentially damaging storyline in terms of the overall show. I just hope they eventually reconcile. I also liked the patient's stroyline and how it tied in with Thirteen's feelings. Taub continues to grate on me and Kutner is still the best out of the newbies: goofy but has intelligent moments.
  • 501

    It feels like I'm watching a different show. This episode didn't like as much, House is definitely not the same, Cameron only had 2 scenes, and Chase only had 1. Wilson was so messed up though there was some slight jokes, Wilson is so messed up to House, at the end it was so sad.

    I wonder House will deal after that. Then Cuddy thinks of Couples Counseling which was the funny part, they should of changed the theme song, the team hardly is there, I also felt as though it was starring Thirteen, this isn't Thirteen MD, the patient was okay.

    I like how Cameron & Wilson had a heart to heart towards the end. Okay season opener, again not the same. Fair episode.
  • Season 5 Premiere

    House is back, and he is as miserable and as **** as ever. The story takes place two months after Wilson loses his girlfriend, and the plot takes place around Wilson's decision to leave the hospital.

    I thought this episode was a perfect start to Season 5- the House and Wilson relationship is tested but still dynamic between the pair of them- it was comical how Cuddy tried to get the pair to make up, but heart rendering how Wilson tells House he isn't a friend at the end.

    Wilson's meltdown also gave Cameron the chance to behave sympathetically- thats the most character development we have seen from her in over a Season, and it was a welcome change.

    Meanwhile, we see how Thirteen is coping with her huntingdons, as well as the Teams reaction to her. Thirteen bonded with the patient, showing how desperate she is to make a difference. The case itself was actually very interesting- the patient had some emotional depth as well as an interesting character (in response to reviews that are determined to put this show down).

    Overall, a brilliant start to Season 5- the acting was excellent, and the character development was well balanced with the patient. An excellent episode.
  • House is back and Wilson deals with the death of Amber. Everything you'd want in a House episode...a lot of Thirteen as well but I don't think that's a bad thing.

    So Wilson decides to resign from the hospital...very rash and stupid decision which was noted by most people but we obviously understand...the way he lost Amber is unforgettable. I do really like how House was just telling him not to be a idiot...we saw House telling Wilson not to go...making sure that they were okay as friends. I liked how House went on strike to get Wilson to stay...Cuddy giving them couples counselling was very funny. Wilson at the end was really harsh I think...he ends his entire friendship with House because he's sick of him and his attitude. Even the sarcastic doctor seemed shocked. Thirteen mainly deals with a patient...I like her, why don't other people? I actually feel for her about her Huntington's...her relationship with the patient towards the end was nice. How she changed something in her...then admitted about her disease, intense...I'm liking this development. Her horror when the patient went back to the job was well done.

    Great opening episode. Looking forward to more of season 5.
  • The after-math of Amber's death is stll being dealt with

    In this episode of House, the following happens. We pick up 2 months after the death of Amber and the season finale. We open with Wilson returning to the hospital, but we quickly learn that he is leaving to start a fresh, in a new place. In the episode, even Cuddy tries to get Wilson to change his mind, but she can't. Even though there is a patient in this episode, it is much more focussed on the whole situation between House and Wilson. Also in this episode House reveals to the rest of the team that 13 has Huntington's disease. We see House going to say sorry to Wilson, but Wilson packs up his things and leaves.
  • Great episode.

    As usual since the first time i watched House, this was a great episode, not an amazing one like the 2 finales fomr last season, but was still great.
    13 tryed to find helfself and prove herself dispite ther disease was nice to watch.
    But for me the best was House trying to make Wilson stay, unfortunately he was being the unusual House.
    The ending when Wilson tells that he is leaving because of House was like someone stabbed me, i was TOTALLY shocked with that, i mean, what the hell !!! That was an amazing end of episode and im looking foward to what will happen next !
  • House got meaner over summer.

    Sometimes I wonder if House comes to work determined to make Thirteen cry. Well we're back at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital and everything's just as we left it (only two months later). The big drastic change this season is obviously Wilson leaving but let's see how that plays out. The great thing about this episode is seeing the entire cast; everyone had their little part to play and it worked out perfectly. What I'm not too happy about is that Thirteen really has Huntington's disease, I was hoping that that was a typo. It's good to be back can't wait for what's next.
  • That's it...

    Exactly why I watch the series. Great lines, great season opener and more of the same stuff to hope for in next episodes. This is why House is one of the best, if not first one, show on the air. At last we see what is the aftermath of the Ambers death and end of Wilson and House relationship. Or is it the end, we definitely see that Wilson comes to his senses and sees the true nature of their 'friendship'. But, is this really the end of it... At this moment only the scriptwriters know, but hopefully we'll know soon enough. Thanks for this one, it brought me back to my childhood and I can hardly wait for the next one.
  • I didn't get the "house" feeling and exitement .. but he's back baby !! -- this review contains spoilers --

    fther 4 months of waiting we finaly see what is happend to House and the rest of the gang.

    We start of with a small story and a woman getting sick. As always she will get varies wrong and finaly 1 right explanation and she wins to fight another day.

    Now on to the real stuff.House is alife and up and running if we see him again 2 mounths later playing a game in the room of the coma-guy.

    The problem is that there has been no contact between him and Wilson. He is back afther a 2 mounths leave in the first meeting between them he's saying he is leaving the hospital. There is to mutch reminding him of Amber there and he can't take it.

    Ofcource House is calling him an idiot and whell that's about all he has to say to him. Cuddy tries to get them to talk but even she can't do it.

    In the last scene we see Wilson in his practicly empty office. House comes in and finaly talks seriously to him. Wilson on the other hand trows the converstion around by breaking the friendship by saying to House that the problem wasn't Amber or the hospital. He is saying that even now he is doing this to protect House. Wilson feels that ( in him protecting House ) he enables House to be the ass he is and be the emotional outcast he is.
    Wilson needs to be his own man and needs to leave ...

    Last shot of him walking down the long hollway of the hospital .. leaving everyone behind.

    I feel sad and the i didn't want it to happen .. however the previeuw of next week looks good and changes the scenery. Looking forward to that but now i feel that this episode is way to heavy for a starter and maybee shout have been the ending of season 4. I think i needed a little easyer episode to get back in the game and whell, this one wasn't.

    All thing aside it's just a great one episode. House looks good and there's a lot of stuff going on. Let's bring on more because i'm steamed up and ready to go :)

  • Wilson leaves and House is getting he just calls him an idiot.

    The first episode of season 5 of House was wow! I like how it started with the video game and the old coma guy holding on to House's drink. Cuddy, like always, kept taking charge of the annoying House. Wilson, I hope you doesn't resign forever because he is House's best bud even though he did tell House he wasn't.
    House, who showed he would do much as he could to make Wilson stay blackmails the man with a patient. I like House pushes Cameron to say something even though she had done the same thing as Wilson when her college husband died from cancer. Foreman admitted that Wilson would be missed but the man showed do what he thinks is good from him and ignore every one else. His friends only cared for his happiness. Can't with to see what happens next.
  • Yayy! House is back!!

    Are you freaking kidding me?? Wilson can't leave, no way!! He is like House's other half!!
    Well, I survived without Cameron and Chase but without Wilson, it's too much!
    I'm not liking 13 right now...this Huntington's disease things completely changed her! I think by the end of the season Chase and Cameron will be back!
    Couple's teraphy was great! hahahah they needed that! Too bad it didn't work!
    Pretty lepra really exists?? That's incredible!
    House is sooo smart, I wish I was like him! I don't think there is anyone in the world like him, he knows everything, he remembers everything and his boss let him do everything!
    Wilson has to be back!!! Please!!
  • This is Dr. House. He's too brilliant for introductions.

    Well I'll make it a quick review.. Except for the drama with Wilson and with 13, which i know, was basically the entire episode, lol, i LOVED it! While i was watching it, i was like: OMG I didn't realize how much I missed HOUSE! - Do you mind if I come in?
    - Not at all. Do you mind if I leave?
    - why are you leaving??
    - i just need a change of scenery
    - BUY A PLANT!

    Really... the episode speaks for itself.. apart all the Wilson leaving, 13 dealing with the desease, yadda yadda... it was freaking fantastic. Those dialogs overcomes all the other, IMO, kinda boring stuff.
  • Oh my frickin god! What a great episode!!! A great season opener and quickly catches everyone's attention, and answers questions poised in last season's finale.

    Extremely good episode!!! It has all the ingredients that makes House one of the best shows on the air. The show quickly grabbed attention with the patients symptoms and went from there. Not only was the patients situation and symptoms interesting and on keep you on your toes; the episode also had the extra ingredient and spice of House and Wilsons relatinship. It finally answered the question; Is Ambers death and House involvement be the final coffin nail in there friendship? And not to mention to the final 5 minutes that only leave you craving for more!!!! I must say that this is a great start for a promising new season.
  • Starts with a woman hallucinating -she sees ants crawling all over her skin. There's tension in the team, there's tension between House and Wilson.....

    I've always loved this show. Not because of the medical mysteries but because of House. His character is some one you should hate but you just can't. He is witty, funny and also the biggest a$$ you could possibly ever meet. He's flawed and he uses it to bludgeon others. All of it combine to create one of the most interesting characters ever made in T.V. Unfortunately that character in this episode went M.I.A. They said they wanted to make more house "classic" episodes. Well, house classic still somehow had some compassion left in him. Remember the episode "One Day, One Room" in the third season? It was one of the best episodes in the series. But here House went all out bitter bastard mode. I couldn't even bring myself to like him a tiny bit. Maybe this is part of some grand divine plan to impart some wisdom but changing the character too much might turn some people off. One the bright side the show still remains well written and well directed. The show relies more on the characters to hook you and it here it still does that well. I also appreciate more screen time for the older characters although I would prefer that they hack them off eventually. Too many characters not enough story to go around...
  • A patient is brought in seeing ants. House and Wilson are on the outs and House refuses to treat the patient until Wilson stays. The new team takes over the case with 13 at the forefront. House figures out the patient has leprosy at the end.

    The writers continue to shove 13 down our throats. I think she was in more than House. The House/Wilson parts were pretty good, especially at the end. Cameron and Wilson's conversation was good as well. Something with House will probably get Wilson to stay but I'm sure she will talk with him as well to get him to stay. Still not enough of Cameron and Chase though. It would have been a perfect time for the new team to go to Cameron and Chase for a consult with House out of the picture. And it seems to me Cuddy is more interested in House's well-being in regards to Wilson staying than Wilson's. It seems like the main reason she wants Wilson to stay is for House. She doesn't seem to care what Wilson is feeling.
  • House gets a patient who thinks she has ants crawling all over her. He barely starts dealing with his patient when Wilson drops a bombshell.

    This episode was not one of the best of the series.. but it was very entertaining nonetheless.

    It was a little disappointing that the episode featured 13 so much and I wished we'd get a little more House screen time.. but I suppose it's okay. I was a little stunned and more than a little sad at hearing Wilson's words to House at the end of the episode. But I figure that those things needed to be said as Wilson was obviously sitting on them for a long time. Maybe their friendship will only be stronger for it and maybe House will now stop taking Wilson as much for granted.

    It was interesting to hear Cuddy's words to House about his fear of putting himself out there because Wilson might just walk away anyway.. I wonder how House will deal with this now. Will he ever open up this much again? I was a little surprised at how little a role Foreman had in this episode. Chase and Cameron both got a lot more significant time and lines and they aren't even on House's team anymore.

    Overall this episode got me nicely warmed up for the rest of the season. It should be great fun.
  • This episode is the perfect follow up to the tragic two-parter. Since the season finale set the standards way up high, I wasn't expecting for them to rite new twists making it unrealistically exciting. I was exactly expecting this kind of episode.

    Things will not pass without our characters changed in some level, especially for House and Wilson. You just have to see the episode to know how the writers skillfully handled this tricky situation. Personally, I love that they kept House's usual evasion to confrontation. It's easy to fall into making House uncharacteristically nice and guilty, but they didn't. They took the harder route of maintaining his rude insensitive self, knowing that it's not his emotions underneath. There's a change and we see that. Wilson's resignation was expected but his reason still surprised me. The POW made this even more interesting as she connected with Thirteen now that she knows she's dying.

    Considering everything, I've decided the writers absolutely delivered. This opener revealed where the characters stand and how they're affected by recent events. The writers' brilliance just shown through as I watched everybody's new stand. Doing so, they didn't lose the essence of the show. The interesting medical mystery, witty dialogue, and humor keeps me hooked. I'm glad that they're improving to fit in Cameron/Chase. They finally found a place for them without making it forced.

    Aftermaths are risky to write. I can see how people can see another average episode. Nothing particularly huge happened. But there's no need for that yet.

    I'm convinced the makers of this show still knows what they're doing. I trust the upcoming episodes would just be as satisfying as we get new plots this season. Most of all, I can't wait to see the resolution of our favorite dysfunctional bromance on TV.
  • Wilson decides to leave the hospital to deal with his grief. House tries to dissuade him in his typically abrasive manner. House's team attempts to solve a medical mystery without him.

    Hugh Laurie's portrayal of the brilliant and curmudgeonly House continues to impress. While he deals with Wilson's defection, he leaves his team to deal with a woman's continuing medical decline, dropping in only to redirect the teams efforts when they flounder. The writing of 'House' is extraordinary. The writers make you laugh and cry with equal aplomb. I hope that they find a way to include Cameron and Chase to a greater extent in the cases the team works on. I also hope the rift between House and Wilson is short lived. Although it makes sense for their friendship to change and evolve, it would be very sad to take away the one person who really understands House. Wilson constantly holds a mirror up to House and provides him with insight into his emotional conflicts. On the other hand, House's brutal honesty and remarkable observations provide Wilson with many insights as well. Kudos also to the rest of the cast who move through the tongue twisting medical dialogue with remarkable ease. The start of the fifth season did not disappoint.
  • We start of as usual, seeing the symptoms in today's episode, though today when we first see House we see him playing a video game. We find out Wilson is resigning, and House tries his best to get him to stay.

    This was a great start off to the new season. I was jumping up and down my seat the whole time while I waited for the clock to strike eight so I could finally get my new dose of House. Happy to see that House suffered no cognitive damage from last season, that was sure one of my greatest fears. I loved every minute of it, it was sad to see that Wilson is resigning. He is probably one of my favorite characters other than House, their playful banter keeps me entertained. I'm sure this season is going to be totally awesome.
  • Apparently, a new season changes everything too.

    The first episode of the fifth season of House may just be an off episode, but it was nowhere near as good as the rest of them. After Amanda's death in last season's finale, Wilson decides to resign from Princeton Hospital causing issues with his team and House himself. There's some tender moments between Wilson and House, but they are only dotted throughout.

    The case in this episode feels very half-baked and not thought about. A business woman's boss thinks that bugs are crawling all over her. Big deal. The solution to the case isn't even as good as it usually is anyway.

    The new season of House feels as though it has lost emotion. It's very dry and seems to lack the smart witiness of the other four seasons. I'll watch the rest of the season, but I was not particularly impressed by this episode.
  • perfect... ...................................................................................................

    i think it was a great episode bcos it was the primiere of season 5.
    13 was off balance. and although i thought foreman would try to take control but it was taub who lead all the way.
    house was being house.. wilson changed a lot. started thinking for himself which is good for him. i think it was a great episode bcos it was the primiere of season 5.
    13 was off balance. and although i thought foreman would try to take control but it was taub who lead all the way.
    house was being house.. wilson changed a lot. started thinking for himself which is good for him.
  • What were they thinking?

    In the first episode of the season, House has to deal with backlash from Amber's death. Wilson is leaving the hospital...and everyone has an opinion. Meanwhile, the new team tries to treat a patient alone.
    Things would have been fine if 1.) there was less 13, 2.) there was less time devoted to the patient, 3.) time in clinic, 4.) more time with the old team.
    Wilson leaving makes me sad (Robert Sean Leonard is AMAZING!!), but I appreciated Cameron and Foreman's advice: leave if you want/need to, but come back. The couples therapy was entertaining... I think House has every right to be upset in the end...Wilson is his best (only?) friend, even if he doesn't always treat him well, he genuinely cares about Wilson and admitted guilt (has he ever done that before?).
    The team treating the patient, specifically 13 treating the patient, was a letdown. I liked that they tried to solve it on their own, but 13 was just annoying. Not really sure where they're going from here, but I hope it involves more interaction (significant interaction) with Chase and Cameron, and more time with Foreman.
  • Wilson comes back from grieving over Amber's death, but resigns, much to a shocked staff and House. House tries to mock, black-mail and forgive Wilson, as well as himself in order to have his only friend stay.

    This episode single handedly reminded me and its viewers, why this show matters, and why existentialism is a difficult code to live by. When it comes to film and TV, the good shows know that there must be an "MOT" element or statement within the show and season that keeps people watching, i.e. something that connects with audience members. By "MOT" I mean, Moment of Truth, where we, as audience memebers, realize that this show matters! This episode, "Death Changes Everything," has at least four great moments, none more powerful than when House looks at 13 and says, "Death changes everything." While the statment may seem like an overused cliche, it is in fact, far from one. Instead, it is a symoblic overtone and statement for the entire staff, as well as the audience that watches it. As audience members, we watch this episode with a different "eye," based on deaths we may have experinced first hand, while House views death as the one thing that seemingly destroyed his only friendship. "13" views death as something that will be coming very soon, and therefore, she must make every moment of her life count, while Foreman, her colleague, views death as the only thing that can separate him from House--Wilson's descision to leave the hospital a symbolic choice that Foreman tried to make in Season 3-4, but was "forced" back to Princeton Plainsboro Hospital. The undertones of this statement and how it affects not only the staff members on the show, but the audience watching it are truly remarkable, dare I say, true genius. We have finally seen House's humanity, and the depth to which he cared for Wilson. This episode has not only defined the tone for the rest of season 5, but it has literally summed up House's own life, as well as that of his fans and the entire series: "People get what they get...Don't act like you're just figuring that out now."
  • House and Wilson were brilliant. Good to see Cameron around again, let's keep it that. Thirteen was a little more interesting then last season but still bland. Everyone else was good too. Two thumbs way, way up!

    One word, fantastic. They worked everyone in well and at their own appropriate levels (story, relevance, that sort of thing). I found Thirteen mildly more interesting this time around because as a result of her Huntington's test she's a little less like Cameron 2.0, though I still get that vibe. Kutner and Taub got the least to do but that's appropriate given each characters individual stories at the moment. There was just the right amount of Foreman and Cuddy, I like them in small doses. Chase had an appearance and though I wanted more they had other things to deal with so I didn't feel like they were shoving him out. The POW was interesting, especially tying into Thirteen like that though I still don't get why all the focus is on her and not split with the other newbies. Onto what I consider the two big gems episode. Cameron, they really brought her back to her former glory in this episode. Her stuff with House, though short was important to the entire episode story wise regarding Wilson and appropriate because pf all that her character has been through in the past (losing her husband). I loved the little talk House and Cam had in the ER, makes me miss House/Cameron all the more. Her scene with Wilson was wonderful too. They don't always get to much screen time together so I kind of forget sometimes that they are friends (in a general sense) and have a lot in common. They're talk was sweet, Cameron is really the only one who can understand in the most personel sense what Wilson is going through though obviously it is a different situation with different details and circumstances. She is the most likely candidate to help him through this, especially seeing as House is out of the picture on this one. Just through that little talk they made a connection and I sense that maybe Cameron might be the one to help him through this, I could be wrong but who knows.

    The real meat and potatoes of the episode was obviously House/Wilson. I got the distinct feeling from their first scene together that Wilson in no way blamed House and he shouldn't, House wasn't responsible for what happened but he did play a part in it. And that's why Wilson is angry, that's why he left. And I get that. Wilson is House's constant and consistent enabler when it comes to supporting him through his misery and negative actions, if that wasn't the case Amber would have never even been there that night picking up House from the bar let alone getting on the bus. That's why Wilson is cutting House out and I don't blame him, especially because as much as you could say his actions are fueled by grief that doesn't mean they are wrong. They are dead on. To be frank, because House needs an enabler I could see why he would say he doesn't know if he and House were ever really friends. It doesn't mean that they weren't friends, they were and are but the reasons behind it all make it difficult to really say they were. Wilson is House's friend because House needs someone to enable him, he cares for Wilson it's true but is that why they became friends? I'd be inclined to say no if it weren't for one thing. House's extreme emotions in this episode, granted he didn't break down and cry but for House his showed extreme emotion, regarding Wilson. House apologized, walked away from his patient but more importantly the puzzle of it all, and even came right out and talked to Wilson about it all even though he was afraid of what Wilson might say (that he might blame House or cast him aside, which he obviously di) All I know is that it's going to take more then a knock at the door for Wilson to let House back in.

    Kudos on a great premiere!
  • This was great...

    I've been waiting for this for a while now and I wasn't disapointed by this episode. The story line was great from start to finish and the humor, well you can't have an episode of Hose without one of House's famous one-liners. I don't want to see Wilson go. He'll probably be back it will just take time. I suppose there was one thing I was disapointed with and that was the opening credits. They should get some new ones. I'm sick and tired of the old team being in like a cameo apperance in every episode. Just yank the old teams names out of the opening credits and put the new team's names in. But time will tell. Can't wait until next week.
  • Continues to destroy the primary greatness of this show.

    I am not saying this episode does not have some good stuff in it.

    13 dealing with her impending doom is getting a bit old and never really were interesting. But this episode goes a bit deeper which had a bit of feeling.

    For me and my friends there are 2 things really great about this show.

    1. House and Wilson's special friendship is by far the best pert of this show. Every time these guys interact .. conning, tricking and making fun of each other have made us laugh till tears run, so many times.
    This have been gone the last 2 episodes and Wilson's statement that they never were friends is so out of character and not something you realistically recover from in a few episodes. I have a feeling it will take a while before this show becomes really funny again.

    2. Second best thing about the show is when house threats patients in the free clinic. This is where we have so many times bathed in his brilliant, intelligent humor. But this haven't been part of the show for many episodes.

    Wilson has dealt with cancer and dying people for very long. Has dealt with grief and mourning family members with great professionalism in his job. He has even dated and lived with a dying patient earlier in the show. And now, for most of this episode they want us to believe that he has gone totally out of whack and is throwing his life away over a person he have been with for ?? 2 months???

    This is and has been the best show in the world for a long time. Why are they trying to change it into something else?
  • If you want a change of scenery - buy a plant!

    I liked it...I liked it (or maybe I just missed House that much? ) for about 20 first minutes of the show - House looking like House hiding ,using coma guy's hand as a cup holder, playing games...the medical case ,well, they all look kind of the same old ,same old by now, but I happened to like the POTW (and the actress playing her) this time - her unemotional ,reasonable approach to things was a happy vacation from all the teary soap of the season finale.Cuddy's eagerness to make House deal with Wilson's personal issues instead of working on the case made me shrug, but I hoped it was a minor "blip in a data" ... Unfortunately it wasn't.The further the ep went the worse. House decided to leav the dieing patient because he wants Wilson to stay? Doesn't feel like something House (before season 3 ) would do.Yes he "avoids work like a plaque" as Stacy noticed ,but she also added "unless it's actually is a plaque".And now it's "your friendship means more for me then this patient"? I can't help but remember House/Wilson scene in "Babies and a Bathwater" -this one looked like the opposite day to it,which is sad because it makes House not House and ...what's the point then?...It's true he did left the patient "to die" once before,in "Merry Little Christmas" ,but there was a huge difference IMO - then Cuddy put him off the case and cut off his Vicodin to pressure House accept Trigger's deal - not the same as blackmailing Wilson to stay in his job,I say.Very,very not the same. I realize that after making that terrible soap season finale they wouldn't be able to just drop Amber's death story like it never happened ,but to see Cuddy doing nothing (how ridiculous was to see her sitting on the couch in her office looking through magazine - is she the head of the big hospital or a visitor in a waiting room? )but dealing with Wilson's "grief" and House's "guilt"..They are grown up men ,not teenage girls ,so what for all this "tell him how you feel?" or it's for us,all the needy women on the other rside of the screen? Pathetic... One thing I found promising - the writing.Not the best,but it has more then one of "House" the show worthy lines: House's "People get what they get.It has nothing to do with what they deserve.." , the POTW's "not everybody created equal" and even Wilson ,who annoyed me to no end in this ep had one good one,"I'm an oncologist – I see cancer.Show it to an immunologist -he'll see autoimmune"- so sad ,so true... But good punch lines isn't all what "House" is.To have a strong, charismatic main character defines this show and it hurts to hear "you spread misery because you can't feel anything else" - they ,probably just wanted to give Hilson fanfic writers something to base their fantasies on,but does it worth it? Does satisfying those who's looking for "emotions" and tears worth ruining the character like House? Well, it's for David Shore and others in charge to decide.We will see...
  • There was something on this show before...what was it?Oh,yeah,subtlety...

    I wonder, did the writers get complaints about plot being too subtle for our comprehension? Or is this because they're rushed to finish the script already, so instead of little details, a word, indication, touch, we get huge, flashy signs to make sure we get the right meaning.

    This episode wasn't bad, I quite liked it although I wouldn't mind a bit more time focusing on the patient and less on 13 and her issues(I swear,sometimes I thought the POW was there so 13 could rant to someone). The fact that she was a feminist could be better used as well, but I think it's a wrong show for that.:)

    House and Wilson storyline...I love that they're focusing on the friendship so much(although I could do without all the challenges...).It's such a difference from shows where the guys only care whether they get the girl or not.Deep,complicated friendships,ones that you actually have to work for,are very rare on tv.Even rarer are the arcs focused mostly on that friendship,this word became so superficial that it rarely makes for a compelling storyline even for one episode on other shows.It's nice to see House working to keep a relationship for once.For being such a miserable,misanthropic jerk he sure gets alot of support and adoration from everyone.Well,this is a tv show.:)
  • "I've got a bad feeling about this."

    To be honest the cliffhanger from last season never really sat well with me. That being said I never really cared for the storyline in this episode, and would of rather sat through the entire episode with just House and Wilson in it. In this episode I felt overall indifferent to the case and patient, she was overall blank, then again most of the patients House has to deal with to some extent are a little lacking. In my honest opinion the writers should of yanked the actual case out of the episode (instead make it like the "One Day, One Room" episode back from Season Three). I know the writers made it female patient to make her have a repoor will 13 but to me this fails, I didn't buy it for a second. The new team I still have a bit of a problem with. They still lack that one thing that made the old team memorable, they all had personalities and good chemistry. All the new team every does is whine and bicker. Speaking of the old team, I'm really getting tired of the writers just bringing the old team back as estentially throwaway characters. "Ok, We need a surgery scene in the new episode, so we'll bring in Chase." Its like you've brought them back last season, so either bring them back or not at all. Even though I was apprehensive of the new House/Wilson storyline last season, whenever the two of them had a scene together my interest had spiked. Overall this only season opener to date of which I haven't thoroughly enjoyed.
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