Season 5 Episode 1

Dying Changes Everything

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2008 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • In the first scene where House is playing video games in the coma patient's room, he picks up the drink from the coma patient's hand, and places it back there. You can clearly see the patient's thumb and arm moving.

      Trivia: The game House plays at the beginning of the episode is "Ninja Gaiden II" for the Xbox 360.

    • When Lou is sitting in the chair for her chemotherapy treatment, her feet go from crossed to uncrossed depending on the camera angle.

    • Trivia: Beginning with this episode, House has a new cane. It's called a "Blonde Horn Ball-Light Maple."

  • Quotes

    • (after House has overridden their diagnosis with the correct diagnosis)
      Thirteen: Damn.
      Lou: What?
      Taub: She's happy you're going to be fine... but she'd be happier if you were going to be fine five minutes ago.

    • House: Either she cracked under the whip or she started to realize that her evolutionary purpose is to arouse men, not to castrate them.

    • (Cuddy leads the team while House is gone)
      Taub: What do you want us to do?
      Dr. Cuddy: The same thing you do if he was here.
      Taub: If he was here we'd be asking him what to do.

    • House: People get what they get. It has nothing to do with what they deserve.

    • Patient: (asking about Cameron and House) The two of you use to be together?
      House: (referring to the patient's obesity) She dumped me when I lost the last 85 pounds.

    • House: Treating professional sports injuries now?
      Patient: No, I'm not...
      House: Familiar with the concept of sarcasm. Don't sweat it, it's new.

    • Dr. Wilson: I just need a change of scenery.
      House: Buy a plant!

    • Dr. Cuddy: When's the last time you talked to him.
      House: Uh, I think it was after… when did his girlfriend die? He wanted time alone. I considered being a horrendous pain in the ass, but I didn't want to tread on your turf.

    • Dr. Foreman: We just got a call from Patty Michener. From Women's Majority, the women's rights…
      Dr. Cuddy: We know who she is.
      House: I dated her. Well, not really dated her. More metaphorically raped her by having a penis. You did too.

    • Dr. Cuddy: House has more important things to do.
      House: Sorry, can't help you. You need a specialist to remove those kind of warts. Preferably someone with experience spelunking.

    • House: I'm busy.
      Thirteen: We need you to…
      House: Actually, as you can see, I'm not busy. It's just a euphemism for "get the hell out of here."

    • House: You're being an idiot. You're gonna blow up your career, and six months from now, when you've moved on from Amber--to Burnt Sienna--you're gonna be stuck in a mobile oncology truck in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.
      Dr. Wilson: I'd need a flowchart to explain all the ways in which that was ridiculously insensitive.

    • Lou: Who are you?
      Thirteen: This is Dr. House. He's too brilliant for introductions.

    • Dr. Cameron: You want me to sleep with him to get him to stay?
      House: I'd put the bisexual on that. If you'd like to sit in, so to speak.

    • House: Grief is Newark. Okay, it's there. You can't avoid it. The idea is to hold your nose, hope the traffic's not too bad, and get on to Manhattan as quickly as possible, not to buy property.

    • House: If I told you that I was sorry, would it change anything?
      Dr. Wilson: I wouldn't believe you.
      House: If you believed me.
      Dr. Wilson: It's hard to imagine such a world.

    • Dr. Wilson: I've got to do what's right for me. You got to do what's right for you.
      House: Yeah, but it comes easier for me.

    • Taub: Who wants to service House so this patient can live?

    • Dr. Cuddy: You mind if I come in?
      House: Not at all. You mind if I leave?

    • Dr. Foreman: But we're not talking about another videotape. This one showed a bump. We need to biopsy.
      Dr. Chase: A bump? Oh yeah. My grandfather died of a bump.

    • Kutner: How do you get coal out of a mountain when it's someone else's mountain? If we don't have House, it doesn't mean we can't think like House.
      Thirteen: But it does mean we don't have to talk like him.

    • Thirteen: We can have anything.
      Lou: No we can't. We can aspire to anything, but we don't get it just because we want it. I would rather spend my time close to the birds than waste it wishing I had wings.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Why do you think Wilson is leaving?
      House: How many times do I have to use the word "idiot"?

    • Dr. Cuddy: You're not listening to me, are you?
      House: Try it sometime, you'll see why.

    • Dr. Wilson: We're not friends any more, House. I'm not sure we ever were.

    • House: Almost dying changes nothing. Dying changes everything.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: September 24, 2008 on TEN
      Portugal: November 10, 2008 on Fox
      Latin America: November 13, 2008 on Universal Channel
      Spain: January 6, 2009 on Cuatro
      The Netherlands: January 8, 2009 on SBS 6
      Germany: March 3, 2009 on RTL
      Hungary: March 18, 2009 on TV2
      Denmark: March 21, 2009 on Kanal 4
      United Kingdom: May 31, 2009 on Sky One
      Slovakia: September 2, 2009 on STV1
      Czech Republic: September 7, 2009 on TV Nova
      Poland: September 3, 2009 on TVP2
      Sweden: September 29, 2009 on TV4

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