Season 6 Episode 3

Epic Fail

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2009 on FOX

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  • Epic Fail

    A very eventful episode of House that was a great follow up to the cinematic season premiere. We got a very intriguing cold opening that has never really been done or seen before, we really saw how great the cast was here in many instances, and finally, we got a nice twist at the very end that made us wonder what came next.

    I loved the medical mystery this week, definitely one of the best. Thirteen going behind Foreman's back to look online just as Foreman had his epiphany was great, it was even more awesome when we find out that House was the one who solved the case in the end.

    Coming in to this episode, I really didn't think I would like Foreman being the boss, but we got some great dynamics here, and now that the entire team has disappeared during House's absence, who knows what will happen next? The Cuddy & Wilson dynamic was also noteworthy. Overall, underrated episode of House, just a great episode.
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