Season 8 Episode 22

Everybody Dies

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 21, 2012 on FOX

Episode Recap

House wakes up and finds himself lying in the second floor of an abandoned paint warehouse, surrounded by drug paraphernalia. A man is on the ground near him, passed out or dead. House crawls over to him and Kutner appears telling him that the man is dead. When House points out that Kutner is dead, Kutner points out that the fire burning beneath House isn't. Kutner suggests that he get moving, but House wonders if he isn't hallucinating the whole thing, and Kutner asks him how met the dead man.

The dead man, Oliver, is at the clinic and explains to House that he was in a car accident and has been taking pain medicine for the orbital fracture. House wants to check his chest since Oliver might have suffered a chest injuries. When Oliver removes his shirt, House notices the ring of burns on his collarbone and explains that he figured he tended to doze off while smoking because of the drugs. As Oliver starts to leave, House notices Cullen's Sign on his stomach and takes an interest.

House takes the case to the team, and they're surprised that he decided to take an interest in a patient, despite the fact Wilson is dying and House's parole officer is on the way to take him back to prison.


House tells Kutcher that the medicine didn't matter, but Kutner wonders why he didn't answer his employees' questions. He figures that House has a plan, but figures that he knew from the beginning that it wouldn't work.


House goes to see Foreman and asks for a meeting. Foreman says that he's busy but House insists and suggests that Foreman tell the parole board that he needs him to help eight patients or they'll all die. He doesn't want to perjure himself but House says that he'll pay the price but he doesn't want Wilson to do so as well. Foreman agrees but says that he has to take all the cases that he gets.


As House turns from Foreman, he sees Kutner in the lobby. He says that he figured that House asked Foreman to be his friend because he knew that he would need one when his plan failed. They appear back in the warehouse and Kutner points out that House isn't leaving even though the fire is spreading. He figures that's the reason that House is now seeing a suicidal friend.


Wilson meets with the oncologist who will be taking over for him when Foreman comes in and asks if he's seen House. He warns Wilson that no one has seen him in two days and they figure that he's doing something stupid.


Kutner asks House why he wants to kill himself, and House suggests that he's killing himself because he's going to jail, losing his job and his best friend. However, Kutner points out that death is the opposite of a puzzle and figures that House doesn't find life interesting anymore. Amber appears, replacing Kutner, and asks him about Oliver. When he wonders why she cares, she points out that she's his subconscious and wonders why he still cares.


Oliver seizes from a clot in his lungs and the team tries to revive him. House strolls in and gives him an injection, and then counts down to five. Oliver suddenly comes back to life and goes berserk, and House explains that he gave him naloxone to counter the heroin that caused Oliver's respiratory distress. Oliver screams that he won't stop taking drugs because reality sucks.

Amber appears to House in the room and chuckles, pointing out that wasn't what Oliver said at the time. House claims that he compressed the story, but Amber figures that House had a reason for talking to Oliver when he almost never talks to patients.


When Oliver wakes up, House is at his bedside. House notes that Oliver was a stockbroker with a family, but Oliver says that he was miserable. He says that he used to rationalize it, but now he's not miserable. When he had a ski injury, the painkillers weren't enough and a friend gave him heroin. It caused all the pain and unhappiness to disappear. House points out that he lost everything, but Oliver says that everything wasn't enough because reality itself sucks.


Amber wonders if House thought Oliver was a good role model and points out that he's dead. She asks why he wanted to hear what he did.


House continues to sit with the unconscious Oliver and Foreman comes to point out that he passed on all of his cases to other doctors. House seems unconcerned that he'll be going back to prison and Foreman wonders why he's risking everything, but House figures that he'll lie. Foreman refuses and leaves.


House figures that Oliver is happy, and Amber points out that he's dead. She points out that nothing mattered to House except the puzzle.


House notices a twitch in Oliver's thenar eminence and tells him that he's dying from Lou Gehrig's Disease. Then House is at the door to the room.


Amber notices that House skipped over part of the conversation and calls him on it. She figures that he's avoiding it but House avoids her point.


House notices that the veins on Oliver's right side are enlarged, meaning there's something in there. He uses an ultrasound and confirms that he inhaled a small branch while he was passed out on a park bench. Because the heroin suppressed his cough reflex, he didn't choke it up and it set off an auto-immune reaction.


House smiles, and then he stops when Amber points it out. He doesn't think that solving the puzzle trumps Wilson dying, and notes that all of his patients will be as dead as Wilson in 70 years. Amber tells him that he always goes back to solving puzzle, and he'll always have puzzles because people always get sick. She points out that solving puzzles makes him happy and he doesn't need anything else, and tells him to go home. House gets up and walks toward the exit. However, when he opens the door he discovers that the stairs are filled with fire.

Wilson and Foreman go to House's apartment and discover that their friend left food to rot and didn't take his suitcases. When Wilson wonders if they should have handled things differently, Foreman insists that they did the right thing. House's cell phone rings and they realize that he's left it behind. Foreman confirms that House bailed on his hooker two nights ago. They check his outgoing calls and discover four calls to a particular person.

House tries to find another way out and discovers that the floor is starting to burn through beneath him. It finally gives out, dropping him onto the floor below in the middle of the flames.

Wilson and Foreman go to see Dr. Nolan, who is in the middle of group therapy. He refuses to breach confidentiality but they point out that he may be a danger to himself. Nolan talks to them privately and they explain what has happened, and they realize that House has turned to heroin. They go back to the hospital to find Oliver's address.

Stacy Warner appears to House and asks him why he left and then stopped. She suggests that his falling through the floor might be a sign that the universe hates him, and wonders if he really doesn't believe in God. House insists that he doesn't and that he can't live his life based on something he doesn't believe in. Stacy says that she knows he believed in love.


House asks Wilson to take the fall, pointing out that if he perjures himself then he'll never spend time in jail. He suggests that Wilson claim that House gave him the tickets and Wilson flushed them down the toilet in disgust. Wilson is less than enthused to ruin his reputation, but House says that he doesn't want to lose the time with him. Touched, Wilson agrees and House starts to walk away. However, Wilson changes his mind and says that he won't do it because House assumed that he'd be there to bail him out. He tells House that he needs to learn how to act when he's gone and learn to count on himself, and then walks away.


Stacy says that Wilson was right as always, and House had to develop a conscience on his own. House insists that consciences don't spontaneously develop, and Stacy says that he's wrong and that's why he'll be better off without Wilson. She tells him that he has to find a conscience on his own, stands up, and offers House her hand. He takes it and gets up...

... and House finds himself in the house that he could have had with Stacy, holding his child. After a moment, he says that it's a reason for him to die, but Stacy says that if he could have had it, then he still can. House looks over and sees himself with Dominika, but he refuses to settle so easily and several cheerleaders appear. He sits down, saying that they're fantasies, and ignores Stacy saying that he doesn't have to die.

House lies down in the burning warehouse, and looks up to see Cameron. She sits down and says that she's not there to convince him to live. When House wonders why she hates him, Cameron says that she loves him. She thinks that he should die as a reward because he's suffered and given enough. Now he deserves the chance to give up. House realized that Wilson gave up and that he accepted the choice to live without pain, and Cameron asks why he can't give himself the same gift.

Wilson and Foreman go to Oliver's address and find an empty warehouse. However, they smell smoke and spot the fire burning in a building down the street.

Cameron tells House just to let go and go to sleep. He admits that he had a chance to avoid it, and Cameron points out that he gave up that chance and so many others because he's arrogant and self-destructive. House remembers the last part of his conversation with Oliver.


House tells Oliver that he'll die fast from Lou Gehrig's, and Oliver offers to take the fall for House for the prank. When House points out that he doesn't owe him, Oliver says that he tried and he'll tell the cops that when House treated him like crap, he stole his tickets and flushed them. House thanks him and starts to walk out, and then asks if he's doing it because he's dying. He points out that Oliver is now a better person because he's dying, and the world is a better place because Oliver is dying. House wonders why he should tell him that he's not asymmetrical. Cameron appears and tells House that he cared more about the puzzle than himself. She figures that House is stalling so he can take the cowardly away out, and won't even admit that he is.


House admits that Cameron is right, but says that he can change. He gets up and walks toward the front door. He sees Wilson and Foreman... and the building collapses on him and then explodes.

The next morning, the doctors gather as the firemen put out the flames. Adams and Park wonder if he might have gotten out, but Taub points out that they're taking the body out. The EMTs take the body to the morgue and the coroner confirms that it's House.

Sometime later, Park, Adams, Masters, House's mother Blythe, Stacy, Dominika, Foreman, Taub, Thirteen, Chase, and Cameron all speak glowingly of their friend, son, and mentor. Finally Wilson gets up and starts by saying that House was his friend and a healer. He then tells everyone the truth, that House was a bitter jerk who mocked everyone and everything. In mid rant, his phone rings and Wilson tries to ignore it. The phone keeps ringing and Wilson takes it out and realizes that it's not his phone. It has a text message on it: "Shut up you idiot."

Wilson drives back to his apartment and finds House waiting outside. When he wonders how, House says that he got out of the back of the building and switched the dental records. Wilson warns him that he's destroyed his life and can never be a doctor again, and House tells him that he's dead. He then asks Wilson how he wants to spend his last five months and Wilson smiles.

Chase meets his new team of with Park and Adams. As they leave, he goes into his new office.

Taub meets with his wife, Ruby, and his two daughters.

Cameron continues to work in the ER. She finds a picture of her with House, Chase, and Foreman and smiles. She then meets her husband and her baby child.

Foreman sits in his office and finds House's ID badge, and then smiles.

House and Wilson get on motorcycles and prepare to go cross-country. When Wilson starts to talk about when the cancer gets bad, House tells him that cancer is boring and they ride off together.

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