Season 8 Episode 22

Everybody Dies

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 21, 2012 on FOX

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  • Heartbreaking ending

    SPOILERS GALORE: I don't understand all the ambivalent comments about this episode. House is dead. He didn't leave through some backdoor. That's just Wilson wishing his best friend was still alive. I pretty much figured House wouldn't make it, but ws still devastated at his demise. I cried for him, and then hearing the Louis Prima song at the end, made me cry some more. Easily the most emotionally honest episode they've written in years.
  • Left me with a good taste, but I was satisfied, not full

    There have been episodes of House where I turned off the TV after seeing them for the first time and said to myself, "Wow." I felt as if I caught a glimpse into a man that was reprehensible and pathetic in so many ways and yet complicated, brilliant, compelling, and loveable in so many more. As I watched these, I inadvertently began examining the qualities and the motivations in myself and those around me. These things drew me into the series and I wish they had been there in stronger force tonight.

    I love House, M.D. and think it might be my favorite TV show ever (even above Seinfeld), but too many parts of this episode felt like the writers took a shotgun approach to the character. It had the feel of a show that didn't know its series finale was coming and scrambled to answer as many questions as it could. I kind of thought the parade of past characters seemed a little gratuitous, but each one had some nice questions for House; when Cameron showed up, we finally got to something deeper. But everything felt rushed. Did House had really show he was actually capable of making the changes he claimed he was going to make? I'm not so sure. The emotion and psychological depth in his resolution wasn't there. Note: This isn't a complaint about the acting but the writing.

    There are important questions about House that weren't answered in this episode that I think should have been addressed in order for us to buy this "change" House talks about. Perhaps fans will say they were answered, but I wonder whether - in our devoted fanhood - we project the answers we want onto the episode rather than admit that they really weren't given. How does House reconcile his godless view of the world in which he fundamentally believes that life has no meaning? How can he rationally chose to go on when he views life like this? How will he deal with the isolation he feels towards humanity and life itself? He admitted once that his pain changed him - how is he going to deal with it going forward? Has he finally realized that he's allowed to be happy? Has he finally admitted to himself that he has dreams - that he wants to be happy? Has he overcome his pathological need for misery? Can he ever be happy, considering these things? Can he really change?

    I guess my real problem with the episode was that we didn't get to experience the same level of intimacy with the character of House that we have in some of the great episodes like "Three Stories", "Broken", "Wilson's Heart", "Control", "Ignorance is Bliss", and some others I'm forgetting. Maybe I'm wrong and need to see the episode again, but thinking back, we knew best episodes when we saw them after only one viewing - and then we came back for seconds.
  • Funny that my first review of 'House' is the final episode.


    I'll cut right to the Chase (Pun definitely intended). This episode gave us everything we needed; namely resolution. The character of House, while a sufferer, was always a misanthropist. Part of him chose to subject himself to constant misery because he truly believed he couldn't change, and more importantly he believed that no one could change. Foreman and Wilson deciding to finally stop putting up with House's bullshit is exactly what he needed to jump-start his atrophied sense of self-worth by making him realize he needed to be there for Wilson even after making mistakes.

    People who dislike later seasons of House don't realize something, House's character was never supposed to be static. He was always changing a little bit, whether he chose to admit it or not. Take 'Broken', in which he finally admitted he needed help, or 'Help Me', when he realized that people could still love him. Stacey's projection in this final episode represented where House could go if he finally let this self-destructive part of himself die, which metaphorically happens when he fakes his death. "I can change", while being a simple bit of dialougue, is in my opinion the strongest moment in the show, beating out even the season four and six finales, my personal favorites.

    Overall, this episode was never intended to provide closure for the Wilson situation or for House's prison sentence, it was to resolve the characters on the show. House decides to become a new man (possibly after he goes to prison again) and stops practicing medicine, Chase becomes House, as many of us knew he would, Foreman may or may not know House's true fate, but will keep it a secret, and Cameron and Taub have new families. We know Wilson will live out his final days with House in (relative) peace, and we know that House has let himself develop a conscience and is now treating Wilson as a real friend rather than an emotional crutch. Shame Wilson needed to develop cancer for that to happen.

    If they ever do a reunion, it would be nice to see where House has done with life after Wilson, and I would hope he has a family. He deserves that after beating himself up his entire life. The writers get highest praise for giving me a character that I'm this sad to see go. Goodbye House, both to the show and to the character personally. We'll miss you.

    P.S. Anyone think Cameron's new spouse looks like Greg?
  • Don't get me wrong now it was a great finale BUT

    Don't let my 6.5 be an indication that I hated how the show ended. It's just...unsatisfying, But this is lose lose I don't think anyone will 100% be satisfied. And the ending sure did leave alot of loose ends. Ultimately the ending was House's Ultimate Prank But what next? The finale does leave alot more questions than answers and they are questions that will remain unanswered most of all being What is House's Ultimate Fate? It's unanswered

    The ending was Meloncolle not happy nor sad just bitter sweet. While I didn't hate it I wanted it give it a middle of the road score because I don't think any finale to a show like this will satisfy other House Season Finales could have served as better series finales

  • How else?

    I can't imagine it being easy to close off a show like House. The essence of the show (medical whoduni) can go on forever. What us loyal fans were given was perfect. An hour of House doing his House things. Angry, sarcastic, and full of schemes to the very end. And finally left us safe in knowing that when push comes to shove, he is a good guy (albeit a troubled one) who will do questionable things for the greater good (final months with Wilson). As sad as I am to see my favourite show on TV for the past 8 years end, it was as good an end as I could have hoped for.
  • Already Missed

    I have to agree, his ultimate selfish act was truly self-less. As much as feeling anxious/dreading this last episode, I must say that the writers and cast outdid themselves. My whole family has watched "HOUSE" from the beginning. Best show on television!
  • Holmes is where the House is

    House will be missed. I will miss house. I always thought of him as the ideal doctor, the ideal healer. As the two easy riders ride into the sunset may they enjoy their remaining lives together. Where was Cuddy?
  • With ALL my LOVE

    I knew that House was only killing himself off 2 spend the last few months of his true best friend's life(Wilson) with him.......his ultimate selfish act was truly self-less. We could all take a page from the book of House. Have followed, laughed with, learned from, and grew 2 luv all the characters since the beginning.....I WILL TRULY MISS THIS SHOW THAT WAS AHEAD OF IT'S TIME...THANKS FOX!
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