Season 8 Episode 22

Everybody Dies

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 21, 2012 on FOX

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  • Well it certainly Was a last Episode

    UPDATE 2

    Would someone tell me--was HOUSE really alive at the end---or is it a delusion of Wilson? severlal people here beleive it was an illusion and House is dead.... Then why would Foreman find House's ID card holding up the leg of the table? Who rode away with Wilson on a morotbike...although it was not beleivabkle he lived through the fire without a burn, that is how the writers wanted us to take it. Prove me wrong.


    There seems to be some argument on whether Hosue Died i nthe fire or is still alive. Explai nto me--those who beleive he is DEAD---who was talking to Wilson at the end, how House send phone Texts to Wilson. I saw no evidence i nthe last 5 minutes of any Delusional references or behavior by WIlson or tell-tale signs it wasa wishful Dream of Wilson. Sin ce it is now up for debate-----convince me HOSUE IS DEAD and the last 4 minutes was DELUSIONAL on Wilson's psrt?

    Kutner appears, then Amber, then Cameron (Error--House only sees DEAD people--how is he seeing Cameron? ?), etc......Interesting. Should have gone deeper into what House is truly FEELING and his final views. While every character dissects HOUSE as a man (some too myopically ). While they all confront House on his faults and his reason to be...not much from House. Slightly lacking on his final views. He did say "I can change". I wonder if that was ENOUGH.

    What more could House have said--a lot more--let's see---having to train MORONS for 8 years. Knowing his diagnoses are correct and the others are too dumb. having to deal with the system, the misery of Cuddy, the embarassment of taking minimum wage from Foreman. being alone, being in pain, isolated and no one but HOUSE understanding......shall i go on? If he on the verge of suicide in a burning building i would have thought a lifetime of pain would have brought some tears..Don't get me wrong--this was a very captivating final episode..i rated it "9" .

    I can;t beleive he didn't die "I escaped through the back door" WHAT? Whjat back door? I saw a beam on fire land on his head---how could he possibly get up and out a back door? Not one burn on his body? Enjoyed Wilson's truthful eulogy. Wish House was actually dead and the last scene was only a delusional guilt trip of Wilson for NOT helping House. He should have haunted Wilson's world for his last 5 months....still I was not moving from 9-10 and the phone stayed off. I don;t buy House could have lived and I don't know why they didn;t let him have his say....PS--No CUTTY return ( no surprise there lol).
  • Heartbreaking ending

    SPOILERS GALORE: I don't understand all the ambivalent comments about this episode. House is dead. He didn't leave through some backdoor. That's just Wilson wishing his best friend was still alive. I pretty much figured House wouldn't make it, but ws still devastated at his demise. I cried for him, and then hearing the Louis Prima song at the end, made me cry some more. Easily the most emotionally honest episode they've written in years.
  • What a creative show and they had to copy the ending!

    Was it only me or others also noticed that the ending was copied from the 80's show MacGyver? Only here, Wilson was the Son. ha ha!
  • well done, its the most satisfied end.. but still they can do another season if they whould :(

    did n liked the beginning of the episode, and did n believed he is died neither, but at the funeral i really did and said if it is this the end i will hate the series..

    goodbye house,, nothing else to say..
  • hmmmm...

    Ok so the finale of this awesome show was kinda cool but had its flaws, yada yada yada, see everybody else. I don't want to go into detail regarding the "errors" because that's not the point and doing so is actually a bit annoying, but one thing just weirds me out so I have to mention it:

    Why did House plan to fake his own death by switching dental records beforehand, only to then actually almost die by overdosing(?) on (maybe) heroin, after which he changed his mind again to come back to life... Did he plan to die or not?!?

    Why did he even TAKE Heroin in a burning building in the first place, if he had switched dental records with a junkie anyway? Just for fun? And why did the patient (if it was him - but where else would House get someone's dental records?) die in the burning building? House had just saved him, he didn't have to die! Did he still WANT to die?! Why?!

    Did House just accidentally overdose(?!?!), did then somehow decide against dying subconsciously, only to go ahead with his original fake-death-plan?

    It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me: This whole hallucination thing seemed a little forced...

    And since it was his subconsiousness: No Cuddy in his brain? Are you serious?! That's the least plausible thing and probably due to some contract crap... Fail. Personally, I would have loved to see Cuddy again.

    Whatever, still enjoyed the episode but... meh.
  • Landed right in the sharks mouth

    What a terrible episode to end the House story on. It gave nothing, no resolution, no closure. Just poor from the start to the end.

    More hallucinations? Great way to rehash a done story and make it even more dull than it was on its last outting.

    House is in a fire! and seemingly has the ability to breath smoke for 20 minutes while he argues with the cameo appearances of everyone from his past who didnt have more sense.

    And back to a House staple of questioning everyones motives, and then having them question his motives. .and then he can question their motives for questioning his motives.

    Dull, uneventful, shocking, boring? Pick one, they all sum up the finale pretty well. House and Wilson ride off into the sunset after a poorly executed fake funeral. (BTW, if he escaped the fire laden building, who the hell was the guy Wilson saw at the window just before the building collapsed? because there is no way in hell THAT guy snuck out the back.)

    I am glad it is over, because it has been on a downward spiral for the past 3 years. Hugh Laurie deserves better, because he crafted a person in House that I, as a viewer, wanted to take a journey with. The writers however decided that the show would end with House exactly where he was when we joined him.
  • An apologetic ending for an unapologetic series

    I have to say I was really disappointed by the series finale. It was everything the series was not and, considering the series was amazingly good, this last episode was, at best, mediocre.

    There was no medicine, no puzzle, no interactions. And no, House talking to his subconscious doesn't count.

    House was a great series, and it deserved a better ending. Never, ever an apologetic one.
  • House ends with a whimper

    and, unfortunately, not with a bang. While the writing wasn't very original, it had its moments, but the plot was entirely concocted so as to keep us hanging as regards to whether the series, which follows House on his path of self-destruction, will end in his complete obliteration or in his absolution.

    The series ends, as you might suspect, with neither.

    The whole mock funeral was so ineffective, even if I was happy to see some of the old stars. Also, Wilson and Foreman denying House the pleasure of getting out of his seemingly impossible mess. Yeah, very dramatic, very very whatthehell effect. Moreover, since the opening scene, it was clear how it would end. I shed no tear, I felt almost nothing.

    Basically, the series ended the only way it could. House being a sad old egotistical man really intent on satisfying his wishes, unable to move forward or to move back or to move anywhere at all. Faking his own death wasn't in the least successful, if you ask me. Forced a bit, to think House will actually change something about his life. In fact, the ending offers no illusion of House moving on. Au contraire. This is a mediocre finale of a season, not the finale of the whole series. Perhaps there will be a movie ha! Or not.
  • #822 'Everybody Dies'

    Well, I've just caught up on the series finale. Haven't been a regular watcher for about 3 years (although I watched those Candice Bergen episodes online last season). The finale seemed uneventful ... felt boring in the first half, picked up some steam in it's second half. It was nice to see Jennifer Morrison, Sela Ward, Kal Penn, Anne Dudek and even Amber Tamblyn back. I just felt cheated by the writers at the very end. Wanted House to die, wanted that to be his real funeral. I still think this show should've ended two years ago back when people still cared. Huge props to Mr. Laurie for giving life to such a unique and iconic character of Dr. Gregory House. He made him feel real even in the most unrealistic situations. (6.5/10)
  • Left me with a good taste, but I was satisfied, not full

    There have been episodes of House where I turned off the TV after seeing them for the first time and said to myself, "Wow." I felt as if I caught a glimpse into a man that was reprehensible and pathetic in so many ways and yet complicated, brilliant, compelling, and loveable in so many more. As I watched these, I inadvertently began examining the qualities and the motivations in myself and those around me. These things drew me into the series and I wish they had been there in stronger force tonight.

    I love House, M.D. and think it might be my favorite TV show ever (even above Seinfeld), but too many parts of this episode felt like the writers took a shotgun approach to the character. It had the feel of a show that didn't know its series finale was coming and scrambled to answer as many questions as it could. I kind of thought the parade of past characters seemed a little gratuitous, but each one had some nice questions for House; when Cameron showed up, we finally got to something deeper. But everything felt rushed. Did House had really show he was actually capable of making the changes he claimed he was going to make? I'm not so sure. The emotion and psychological depth in his resolution wasn't there. Note: This isn't a complaint about the acting but the writing.

    There are important questions about House that weren't answered in this episode that I think should have been addressed in order for us to buy this "change" House talks about. Perhaps fans will say they were answered, but I wonder whether - in our devoted fanhood - we project the answers we want onto the episode rather than admit that they really weren't given. How does House reconcile his godless view of the world in which he fundamentally believes that life has no meaning? How can he rationally chose to go on when he views life like this? How will he deal with the isolation he feels towards humanity and life itself? He admitted once that his pain changed him - how is he going to deal with it going forward? Has he finally realized that he's allowed to be happy? Has he finally admitted to himself that he has dreams - that he wants to be happy? Has he overcome his pathological need for misery? Can he ever be happy, considering these things? Can he really change?

    I guess my real problem with the episode was that we didn't get to experience the same level of intimacy with the character of House that we have in some of the great episodes like "Three Stories", "Broken", "Wilson's Heart", "Control", "Ignorance is Bliss", and some others I'm forgetting. Maybe I'm wrong and need to see the episode again, but thinking back, we knew best episodes when we saw them after only one viewing - and then we came back for seconds.
  • The Perfect Ending!

    First, the Ending was the best I ever seen for a Drama Series. What an Ending for House! and he still ass although James is about to die!

    what a turn of events at the ending! he die and hes not dead, typical house who love to keep the mystery and puzzles going!

    A good touch is to bring most of the cast in one episodes, its touching to see everyone with house and crying for him.

    To end it with House and James on the road is the best ending ever even that I didn't the thing about James Dieing! but still the two friends their last moments together alone is awesome.

    And again, the best ending ever for a drama series :D
  • They couldn't have ended it better!

    While I did laugh, and cry, and laugh some more at "Swan Song" (cast party episode the hour prior to the last episode), It no way prepared me for this final episode!

    Truly remarkable! I love that they brought everyone who had passed away during the 8 years (the staff and regular characters; not patients) and how House also 'hallucinated' those still living. It put most of the characters into neat little boxes with bows to catch a glimpse of what they will do to move on after House "died". The ending was truly a masterpiece and could not have been more perfect!

    I couldn't imagine how the writers were going to leave us, and feared an ending along the lines of Soprano's "lack of an ending". This last episode of House was like every great episode rolled into one, with ONE LAST twisted "Gotcha" by Gregory House.

    I can count on one hand how many television show's that had an episode that made me cry, this was among the top 3. To solicit such a reaction from an audience over a ficticious character and story in truly an amazing feat.

    Congratulations to everyone who made this show work! You created something truly magical and I'm going to really miss my Monday night's in bed with Hugh Laurie!
  • Holmes is where the House is

    House will be missed. I will miss house. I always thought of him as the ideal doctor, the ideal healer. As the two easy riders ride into the sunset may they enjoy their remaining lives together. Where was Cuddy?
  • Just not good enough.

    One of the charms or failings in House is his attitude towards others. This has been the cornerstone of the series and there has been times where his emotional sides come out. These are the best episodes in my opinion.

    For a finale, I expected similar. Where House talks, cry's and opens up to either Wilson or even one of his crew. We get none of that here.

    There are some pointless cameos which represent Houses mind but it feels so tacked on. I will admit, the last episode I watched from house was about 5 episodes back, but there are so many unanswered questions and for a series whose main character cannot leave a puzzle unsolved, this was ironic.

    Why was house at this building? I gathered it was to do with heroine, but there has been times in the series where he dabbled in drugs. Having one heroine addict tell him that heroine will make him feel better was enough to make house try some? Why was this man dead? Overdose? His illness? House killed him to be kind? None of this is explained.

    Also, why is the building on fire? Never explained.

    I also didn't buy Houses last minute change of heart. After all the episodes, all the things he has seen and been through, the sadness, the relationships. It took his subconscious to say to him, you are a coward, for him to wake up and have a change of heart?

    Also, for someone who had a change of heart, he seemed to be his old jerk self at the end, meaning he learnt nothing. What I would have loved is him breaking down with Wilson, saying sorry and that he wishes things could have been different. Show us that he has truly changed for the better, rather than implying it. Show, don't tell, remember?

    Overall, I felt this was a let down. It was genuinely funny in parts, moving in others but not enough to end this mammoth and epic series. Ending a series is hard to do, but it can be done. Did the writers of this episode even watch any previous ones?

    Now come forth and rate this down into oblivion, simply because I don't agree with the masses.
  • Disappointing yet adequate

    Initial thoughts are that this should have been a 2 hour episode, not one. How did House end up in that place, no explanation. If the writers thought that wasn't the point of the episode, then they shouldn't have shown us that patient at all.

    Didn't like the fact that it appears House had an epiphany following a meeting with a patient. He has derided other doctors when they did that, so couldn't find it believable that he would start. Unless he was looking for an excuse, but then it wasn't made clear enough to make it look like he was.

    Did anyone else notice the absence of a former Dean of Medicine?

    Given the last 2 or 3 episodes, the final few scenes seemed to give enough closure for that.

    Given the how bad the past 4 seasons (from 5 onwards) have been, you couldn't have expected the final episode to be any better than this.

    House started with a bang, season 2 was a frown, season 3 seemed to be back on form, season 4 short but sweet and exciting. Season 5 through to 7 was one long groan (with a few exceptions especially when Lucas was around - but the whole "Huddy" will-they-won't-they? thing was too drawn out and should have only last half a season). Season 8 was pretty much more of the same. And in the end it finally finished with a "meh"
  • Don't get me wrong now it was a great finale BUT

    Don't let my 6.5 be an indication that I hated how the show ended. It's just...unsatisfying, But this is lose lose I don't think anyone will 100% be satisfied. And the ending sure did leave alot of loose ends. Ultimately the ending was House's Ultimate Prank But what next? The finale does leave alot more questions than answers and they are questions that will remain unanswered most of all being What is House's Ultimate Fate? It's unanswered

    The ending was Meloncolle not happy nor sad just bitter sweet. While I didn't hate it I wanted it give it a middle of the road score because I don't think any finale to a show like this will satisfy other House Season Finales could have served as better series finales

  • Everybody Dies

    Not much of a twist that House did not die in the end. But it probably would have meant more had he died.

    We got to see the return of two of my favorite actresses, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Morrison, and we had a ride off into the sunset, literally, for House and Wilson.

    It was well-done, but how do you say goodbye to this show? I am not sure if I am ready for that. At least they went out gracefully. Not too overly emotional, but fitting to satisfy us until we find our next TV obsession.
  • House

    The series ended on a hopeful and clever note - within character and the general tone; gracious and not written with the same sophistry of the mid-series rubbish.

    Of course "Bones" would never have been fooled e.g. the lack of wear on the "good leg" after years of a debilitating affliction or the lack of wear on a displaced pelvis and so on... dentistry - pshaw!

    Everyone dies - just like "everyone lies" is a bit of a mantra

    The only/best friend "exit stage left" of House and Wilson was touching... kudos for a more creative ending than so many other series and a great rally from some mid-series faults.
  • A Bittersweet Ending

    Love the final episode, but it's too bad that I have to say final.. It was great to see some old friends including Amber, in who I still miss being on the show.. No Cuddy brings a bad taste in my mouth, but Stacy was a great remedy.. I wish to know Wilson's fate after this.. But hey, that's what fan-fiction is for right?? Get cracking guys!!
  • House Was AWESOME

    I'm so glad that House didn't die in the final episode. I enjoyed seeing many of his team return, but would have enjoyed seeing Cuddy. FOX, please bring House back sometime in the future.
  • A great "Housian" end

    What is House? Just a bright doctor? No. House is about commitment without conditions and norms. He HAS to be with Wilson those last 5 months and the price to pay is his "life". A GREAT season finale.

    It is probably the series ending, but it leaves an open window for a resurrection of the series.

    I really hope for the second.

    Thx for those past 8 years.
  • The imaginary ending

    Popular culture is not supposed to explain everything in the way a movie or t.v. show ends. There is supposed to be something left to the imagination that allows us to run the conclusion through our minds and picture what the future will be like and 'House' accomplished it beautifully in their bittersweet ending to a glorious 8 year run. They tried to bring back characters like Kutner, Amber and Stacy whose marks had been left on the show and it seemed a little unnecessary bringing them back if Cuddy could not be there since she was just as much of a force in House's life as the others. The only hallucination I enjoyed was Cameron and it was nice to see her back for the final episode as thoughts of her persisted with the fans since she left in season 6. In the previous 7 seasons, Hugh Laurie has bee nominated for 6 Emmys (omitted for season 2) and he has NEVER won. Robert Sean Leonard has never even been nominated!! A shame since he is largely responsible for who House is as a person and as a doctor. If Leonard isn't at least nominated and if Laurie doesn't WIN his long deserved award, it will be a shame. We'll see what the fall awards bring. Thank you David Shore and everyone for a great 8 year run and lots of years ahead in DVD repeats that I will be enjoying.
  • great ending

    Been a house fan sad to see it go but enjoyed the ending and how it concluded

  • Great Ending to Great Show.

    The creators of house came up with a good ending to this series. I like how they boiled down all of houses problems and made him see a new light. My heart broke when I thought that he had died. I was very sad and teary and a little mad at the thought of killing house off the way that it had supposedly went down but seeing that he was actually alive was a great relief and a shocking surprise. I was very happy to see him end up spending time with wilson and having a fresh and hopefully better chance at life.

    I will miss this show but I think that it was a good ending :)
  • Spin off

    Am I the only one who has heard of a possible spin off from this show?
  • Already Missed

    I have to agree, his ultimate selfish act was truly self-less. As much as feeling anxious/dreading this last episode, I must say that the writers and cast outdid themselves. My whole family has watched "HOUSE" from the beginning. Best show on television!
  • Expected Better.

    This series finale was definitely disappointing. It felt more like a regular episode than a series finale and it seemed unbelievable that he would actually survive in a fire that long without dying of smoke inhalation or something related to that; and there was no way he had time to escape through the back of the building and still get out unscathed. I think they could have pulled off something better, but given the way the last few seasons were going, it wasn't much of a surprise that this episode was a disappointment.
  • Color me sufficiently disappointed

    While it was emotional as any series finale would or should be, it was annoying unoriginal. I don't mean that it should have been original to stand out amongst all other TV shows, but rather original compared to other episodes of House! I mean, they reused a lot of elements that were played out since season five. I found the lack of Cuddy to be extremely upsetting.

    I stopped watching this show after season 7 (I should have stopped after the first episode of season 6, though), only to come back and watch the finale. There were elements of the episode that were interesting and well-done such as PART of what they did with House and Wilson and the motorcycles (spoiler). However, the fact that Wilson got cancer was really annoying. I mean, it's so easy for a show to score points with that cop-out. If it's down in the ratings well there's an easy remedy, just give someone cancer and a sad death episode and voila!

    The funeral scene was pretty neat anyway. I don't know. I mean how did this show go from being some of the best ANYTHING on TV in the first few seasons just being dried up and tired? Bummer. It's just like I said in an episode review for season 6 or 7, they spent way too much time with the storyline about House being semi-open and accepting of his situation being all introspective and what not. There were moments here and there in the older episodes but that's all it was. Moments. For the most part, the show while being serious was very funny and clever. Ever since the end of season 5 it's just been depressing.

    I'm rambling. I think you get my point. That's where the writers went wrong. Goodbye House.

    In response to Gericom - The idea was that House didn't plan to fake his death before the almost drug overdose, but that he did it after he escaped the fire. He would not have been able to fake his death without the body of the other guy so the show leaves it to yoru imagination that he snuck into the hospital, fixed Foreman's table with his nametag as a clue for him to find and switch the dental records with his former patient's body.

    UPDATE: David Shore answered some post finale questions.

    House is NOT dead is the most important part to take away from it. The play on Foreman of finding his nametag under the table was used as a device to show it was not just a delusion on Wilson's character.

    Likewise, I love the show but the ending just didn't live up to my high expectations.. Definitely worth a watch and see for closure but I wanted more of an emotional episode just like when Amber died. It didn't give me that feeling, but I will never stop loving this show!
  • End of a great series

    I have loved this show from the start and I really liked the ending; very Sherlock Holmes with the fake death. I shall miss House a lot as it was unique in having an unpleasant leading character who was actual made likeable by the great acting of Hugh Laurie and the scripts. I shall miss this show a lot.
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