Season 8 Episode 22

Everybody Dies

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 21, 2012 on FOX

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  • Well it certainly Was a last Episode

    UPDATE 2

    Would someone tell me--was HOUSE really alive at the end---or is it a delusion of Wilson? severlal people here beleive it was an illusion and House is dead.... Then why would Foreman find House's ID card holding up the leg of the table? Who rode away with Wilson on a morotbike...although it was not beleivabkle he lived through the fire without a burn, that is how the writers wanted us to take it. Prove me wrong.


    There seems to be some argument on whether Hosue Died i nthe fire or is still alive. Explai nto me--those who beleive he is DEAD---who was talking to Wilson at the end, how House send phone Texts to Wilson. I saw no evidence i nthe last 5 minutes of any Delusional references or behavior by WIlson or tell-tale signs it wasa wishful Dream of Wilson. Sin ce it is now up for debate-----convince me HOSUE IS DEAD and the last 4 minutes was DELUSIONAL on Wilson's psrt?

    Kutner appears, then Amber, then Cameron (Error--House only sees DEAD people--how is he seeing Cameron? ?), etc......Interesting. Should have gone deeper into what House is truly FEELING and his final views. While every character dissects HOUSE as a man (some too myopically ). While they all confront House on his faults and his reason to be...not much from House. Slightly lacking on his final views. He did say "I can change". I wonder if that was ENOUGH.

    What more could House have said--a lot more--let's see---having to train MORONS for 8 years. Knowing his diagnoses are correct and the others are too dumb. having to deal with the system, the misery of Cuddy, the embarassment of taking minimum wage from Foreman. being alone, being in pain, isolated and no one but HOUSE understanding......shall i go on? If he on the verge of suicide in a burning building i would have thought a lifetime of pain would have brought some tears..Don't get me wrong--this was a very captivating final episode..i rated it "9" .

    I can;t beleive he didn't die "I escaped through the back door" WHAT? Whjat back door? I saw a beam on fire land on his head---how could he possibly get up and out a back door? Not one burn on his body? Enjoyed Wilson's truthful eulogy. Wish House was actually dead and the last scene was only a delusional guilt trip of Wilson for NOT helping House. He should have haunted Wilson's world for his last 5 months....still I was not moving from 9-10 and the phone stayed off. I don;t buy House could have lived and I don't know why they didn;t let him have his say....PS--No CUTTY return ( no surprise there lol).