Season 8 Episode 22

Everybody Dies

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 21, 2012 on FOX

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  • Acute Sendoff-itis

    I've been dreading the moment this show ends for a while now. Back in November 2004, nobody was sure this show would be a success or not. Fox picked it up on a whim. Just looking around today, we can see how much of a hit this show has been. A character that is known world-wide, a medical drama that put other investigative dramas (medical and otherwise) on the map.... inspiring countless other House-like character-driven shows (Bones, Castle, The Glades, just to name a few). I don't remember watching the premiere the first time it aired, but caught onto the series very quickly. By the end of the first season I was hooked. I watched it every week. I've seen every episode. I particularly loved the character of House because I felt somewhat of a connection. My love of puzzles, intense curiousness, and liking to mysteries. I enjoyed both aspects of the show: the actual medical cases and the character storylines. While the two plots had their ups and downs, overall the writing still remained particularly strong. Some of my favorite episodes that ever aired on TV are from this show. This show was one of the reasons I started looking at TV critically. Looking back through this episode guide, numerous episodes stick out, even after all these years: Three Stories (1x23) is probably still my most favorite. The seamlessness of the stories from that episode can never be forgotten. Others include Autopsy (2x02), Euphoria 1&2 (2x20, 2x21), No Reason (2x24), Que Sera Sera (3x06), Son of a Coma Guy (3x07), Half-Wit (3x15), Ugly (4x07), House's Head & Wilson's Heart (4x15, 4x16), and House Divided (5x22). There are a few more... I can't list them all. I guess what I'm trying to say is that a whole lot of the episodes made for great television. Many of those great episodes made for an amazing experience. And Hugh Laurie carried this thing, the central character who never broke. While others left and joined, Hugh Laurie remained and no one could do it better than him.

    EDITED: To actually review this episode, well, it may be pointless. Pointless because I'm biased by my liking of 100+ episodes before this single one. This particular episode was okay. It was different, it was interesting. It shocked us in the end. I thought he died. I'm sure many also did. David Shore gave us both death and life... he creatively killed House and left him alive (David Shore is a smart man). However this episode pales in comparison to some our other hallucination and/or life and death episodes (and we have many to chose from). It allowed us to see some of our previous cast mates over again, but it didn't quire mesh well overall with the current season. The dialogue wasn't particularly strong but again tugged at the heart strings, tugged at the ideas of suffering and life and death. I haven't particularly liked the direction the show has taken over the last season, but that's not to say this was a bad episode. There have been several instances were House had to choose between life and death. It was nice that House chose a new life in this episode. Whether you liked it or not, I think the ride was still as enjoyable as ever. It's been 177 episodes. Overall I'm still glad I watched all of them.
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