Season 2 Episode 10

Failure to Communicate

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2006 on FOX

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  • A triumphant episode, one of the greats :)

    This episode was super sexytime! From the very first scene to the last, I cant help but not rank and place this one in to my Top 5 House episodes of all time (thus far). First of all, kudos for the writers choosing such an AWSOME medical problem for the episode. I was so intruiged by it, never knew such a medical problem existed. It was so smart and slickly executed.

    It was both interesting and pleasant to watch an episode without House being 'physically' there to diagnose or save the day. It was a test for House's three comrades, to see if they REALLY have what it takes to diagnose and solve a case/problemo without the Big Cheese there. Automatically once i knew this would be the case I started to lick my lips. A true test :)

    And as the episode progressed, one was able to determine just how MUCH these three doctors, Cuddy and the whole damn hospital need this maverick medical genius to save the day and the lives!

    Oh and ofcourse, House and Stacey kissing! Yes, oh how immature of me to still keep grinning at these two on screen but CMON! Its so hard not to! Literally, my first were clenched and covering my eyes when they approached for the kiss, it was done so well! Lord have mercy! All in all this episode is, as my summary will state, a TRIUMPHANT EPISODE in the overall series. Kudos indeed :)
  • One of my all time faves...

    I think House has really began hitting its stride this season, as this and the last few episodes have been fantastic. I thought the patient was extremely interesting, and was brilliantly acted- it must be hard deliberately speaking nonsense with emotion! A great performance there. The case was interesting as he couldn't communicate with his doctors, making it a riddle.

    It was also interesting to see House's team squabble whilst he was stuck away. The team obviously need House's leadership, and thus proving how much Foreman still needs to learn- something he admits when Chase berates him about it. I loved the Wilson/House scene "Hi honey, how are the kids"- there friendship makes the series that much more special to me- brilliantly acted. I also enjoyed Cuddy, who I barely mention in these reviews, and her trust of House is discretely seen- its obvious, despite their sniping, that she trusts and respects his opinion more than his team.

    In the subplot, House and Stacy finally kiss. I think the acting between Hugh Laurie and Sela Ward is very dynamic, and I believe in their characters relationship. Stacy seems to get to House, and its this that makes it interesting. No other character, apart from maybe Wilson, can bring out his softer side. With Cameron, he has a soft spot but often ridicules her- he ribs Chase, and clashes with Foreman and Cuddy. Here, it is clear that he loves her very deeply, and the writers once again cleverly tied this in with the patient wanting to change, but ultimately failing.

    Overall, the Season has really hit a stride, and a string of near perfect episodes emphasises how great this show is.
  • Stacy kisses House.

    Well Stacy is a two-timing whore! She gives House all this crap about having feelings & not trying to make a move & looking through the file since season 1, then all of a sudden she turns around & kisses him which also almost leads to a one night stand. Until his team saves him. Which is pretty much amazing because the patient's plot is very interesting, he can't talk & he is on drugs behind his wife's back which that plot seems to be drying out since, most of House's patients deal with fidelity & lying but still a great plot counting on the fact he can't say anything. A very revealing episode.
  • soo cool how house figured out what he was saying, over speaker phone. i know house doesnt naturally see patients, but he does take a look, eventually. But here he didnt

    WOW! this episode was really cool. i really liked it. it is one of my favvorites. I really thought it was cool how they had house figure out what he was saying. i have seen this episode, but i always forget, even after my billionth time seeing it, that house and his x- wife, really uhh... connect. It was cool to see what she really thought about him. I also really like how the guy who couldn't talk, was kinda close to what he was saying. liike, sometimes, i kinda new what he was trying to sayy.. I just really like this episode, and it is exactly why i watch the series!
  • Review

    I actually really liked the House-Stacy relationsip issues in this story right up until the end where I was once again left confused at what they were doing with each other. They had a moment in the hotel room yet at the end it seems like Stacy told House she doesnt think he can change, just in a very random way. I thought House handeling the case overthe phone was awesome simply because it gave them an episode of Foreman-House issues off. I dont think the writers ever really were sold on the Foreman being Houses boss thing, but having House not be at the hospital with this case certainly helped that and prooved that Foreman is not ready to be the boss. I thought the epieosde was a stanard episode of House, the ending really left me wanting more answers though.
  • I loved this case it was so interesting to have a guy not be able to communicate and having House out of town at the same time

    I loved Foreman trying to take charge and pretend that he was as good a diagnostician as House is. I think Cuddy wanted to smack him with something too.

    I enjoyed House lying about his billing too. Stacy trying to tell him what to say before they met with the guy was amusing. I found it funny that House prescribed Viagra for a woman with a heart condition it was so something that he would do.

    Stacy and House at the airport was a good story line too. I liked how he just kept prodding about why she wasn't wearing her cross. I can't believe the hotel part though.

    I loved how Chase was trying to be House it was kind of funny actually. And I loved how Chase and Cameron were against Foreman being in charge.

    I thought it was interesting that the guy was bipolar and I loved how House was telling them what to do and questioning the patient while he was on speaker phone.

    One of my all time favorite episodes of House and one of the most interesting cases ever.
  • i love sela ward she so pretty, she and house should hi the sack already! they look so good together, and she really gets house, their banter in front of disciplinary guy was hilarious.

    foreman is just as egomanic as house is so he should trying to feel as if there more stability with him as head honcho man. chase is so adorable, they all looked like spoilt children without a guide, it was a great watching them all. talk about the phone ringing at the wrong time just when house and stacy where about to make history, what fraustration. i hope she leaves her husband cos she totally gets house and the look so good together. i wonder how the budding romance will play out with her husbadn on a wheel chair. wilson's looking great.
  • House and Stacy are stuck in Baltimore overnight due to inclement weather while the "kids" try to solve the case of a famous journalist whose fall has left him speaking gibberish.

    That happened to me once when I fell off my bike and cracked my head on the asphalt. Concussion. I haven't ridden downhill, standing up, with no hands, ever since. I tell you, it's the darnedest thing to think you're speaking in proper sentences only to have nonsense coming out of your mouth. If only House had been working my case... Anyway, Stacy admits that she likes curry and that, though she can't have it all the time, she craves it now and again. This is sexy lawyer-speak for "House, I want you now!" It turns House on so much that he plants a couple of kisses on her, yet he can't refuse the siren call of his true love — his work. When House leaves Stacy alone in the hotel room because the "kids" call in with more symptoms, he goes and scribbles random words in red lipstick on the airport's wall. This would probably earn most frequent-fliers a fine at least. House, though, can do so for hours without any harassment from security. What he can't do is leave a backpack on the plane without boarding. I loved how that security guard tracked down the pack's owner lickety-split and then left him standing in the hall, still not on the plane! I bet House didn't have to remove his shoes at any checkpoints either. Really, why bother with scripting airport security if it's not going to make any sense? It's nice to know that House can make sense of things from afar and diagnose his patient with cerebral malaria. (Yay! It's not a tumor!) What's disturbing is that his team is basically useless without him. Exactly what is House teaching them, or are they just slow learners? They didn't even order a MRI, House's favorite test. I did notice that in House's absence, Chase was smug, Foreman was insecure and Cameron was somewhat commanding. House, however, was unchanged. Thank goodness the show is named for a certain surly doc, or it just wouldn't have been the same.
  • I Was There, But Not In House's "House."

    I was on this episode and I was among the "unfortunates" who were stranded in the airport by the snow storm. (Of course, we were really in L.A. on a sound stage and it was about 80 degrees outdoors that evening, but that's Hollywood.)

    I'm almost ashamed to admit that I had never heard of the series "House" prior to my being booked on the show on this episode, "Failure To Communicate" as an uncredited actor. Being an actor, I usually work well into the evening hours and I don't often have the opportunity to watch prime time T.V., so unless I am booked on one of these shows, I don't know about them. (In fact these scenes of this episode were shot well into the wee hours of the morning,,,it was considered a night shoot.)

    Nevertheless, I remember that when my agent called me and told me that I was booked for the next night on "House," I asked her "What is THAT?, some sorta home improvement show on HGTV?" Thankfully, it wasn't and I discovered a fantastic television show!

    I'm not surprised by the fact that this show "sneaked in" on Fox-TV beneath my "radar," but I am amazed that this show has seemingly grabbed the interest of everyone and has become a super hit. But why wouldn't it? It's a very well written, well produced, well directed and well performed series.

    If and when I mention to someone that I did an episode of "House," people usually say something to the effect of, "oh, I love that show, it's one of my favorites!" Obviously, this is a show that has won the hearts of a good chunk of it's viewers.

    It IS a very interesting idea for a storyline! On the show you have a very intelligent M.D., injured, walking with a cane and addicted to Pain Meds., yet he solves the most puzzling of medical cases with a certain likeable, yet despiseable attitude! Can you possibly beat that? I love this series,,,now that I know about it of course. If I can't watch "House" as it's being broadcasted, I usually TiVo it for later viewing.

    Working with Hugh Laurie, (Dr. Gregory House,) and Sela Ward, (Stacy Warner,) was a real pleasure. They are very nice people and amazingly talented actors! I truly enjoyed working with them on this episode and I'd love to have the opportunity to work with them again.

    Nevertheless, here are some very strange coicidences involving myself and this episode, and the fact that I appeared on it. One is that I suffer from a very rare illness called "Behcet's ("Buh-Shets,") Disease." For the first time EVER, I heard my illness mentioned on T.V. and it happened to be on "House" and on the very same episode in which I appeared.

    They were trying to figure out the cause of the patient's ephasia, and it was mentioned that this might be "Behcet's or Lupus," both very simular autoimmune diseases. When I was struck by this illness back in 1991, my Doc's were saying that I had either Behcets or Lupus. It turned out that mine is Behcets. Thankfully I never had ephasia with my illness, but I was comatose for several weeks in the onset of the disorder. What an irony that this was mentioned on the very show on which I worked!

    The second coincidence surrounding this show is that one of the show's writers name is Sara B. Cooper,,,my late-Mother's EXACT maiden name. You've gotta admit that this is a one in a million!

    A third coincidence is that Sela Ward attended The University of Alabama and shortly after my shooting this episode of "House" with Sela I was booked to Host a series of Educational Videos being shot at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and I was actually there when this episode of "House" was aired.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't give this episode a perfect ten rating. Being on the set myself, I know what was happening and what was supposed to happen in the airport scenes. However, when it aired I saw a couple of things that "out of sinc" that they missed in editing. Had I not been on the set I would have never noticed the difference, but I WAS there and I did notice, so I have to put the two-tenths of a percent of a point against the editors. (Better luck next time guys and gals in editing!)

    Otherwise this episode and this series is excellant! I'm hoping to book another appearance on the show next season!

    David Cubero
  • This episode is another great installment from House.

    I think the episode focuses more on its main characters and their relationship - especially House and Stacy rather than on House's patient. I think this is good for the show, simply because it reveals more about the characters and what their personalities are. It's also good to finally see Stacy and House back together.
  • Bring it back from Hiatus please

    I'm itching to find out what happened to Stacy. One month is way too long for me to wait for this next episode. I thought that this episode shows how capable House really is as a doctor. If I ever get sick I want someone like him to fix me
  • House is a pimp

    Yea so stacy just couldn't resist the awesomeness of House, but I kinda hoped House would be the quintessential good guy and say no you can't have an affair with me. But then again that's just not House. Otherwise this episode was pretty good with House being away and all. But the goodness stops there, i was kinda disappointed in the patient aspect again, i'm pretty sure it was just an exact replica to one former patient who had the wife that didn't know about the drug use and shit. so i was kinda disappointed in the regurgitation there. o well i'm sure it won't continue, i hope atleast.
  • i love this show this episode was good i dont rly know why but whatever i love chase a cuttie lol

    i love this show this episode was good i dont rly know why but whatever i love chase a cuttie lol anyways...yeah house hillarious chase should have a bigger role in at least a few episodes i mean i know he had that one episode but i want mroe chase cute lol
  • House and Stacy are grounded at an airport, while the team struggles to get by without their leader. Chase, Foreman and Cameron all try to diagnose a man who is suffering from a brain condition that doesn't allow him to say what he wants, but still need h

    This was the type of episode that makes House the great show that it is. The team keeps it entertaining all trying to act like House and make their own diagnosis. The House/Stacy story line continued showing that there were still some feelings on her side. I find they're using the lying patient who won't give up the truth until the final second story line too much, but somehow its always original- one of the best this season.
  • WARNING Wraith feb00’s feedback has a spoiler WARNING

    You’d think people would figure out that not all of us like knowing what’s going to happen next week and warn us before they spoil it for us. But apparantely some people are no brighter than those in hollywood.

    This episode was a good one, though I’m still sick of Foreman’s childish nature, I don’t know if it’s the acting or the writing on his character, but the best thing this year he has done is recognize he’s no House. Stacy’s role was a scary one at first, I thought it was going to be like the first season where they tried to turn the show into a soap-opera, they’re still trying with foreman, but they are actually writing Stacy’s role small enough that it isn’t over whelming the show.
  • The beginning of the end of Stacy.

    What can I say. I normally can't stand the character of Stacy. However in this episode, it was sort of bittersweet. I know the character is going bye-bye next episode, so this one finally had good writing of her character, so that she actually had a purpose. However I'm not sure getting in a fight with your husband is a very good excuse to cheat with your ex-boyfriend. Even House seemed reluctant at first. Thankfully with that well timed phone call it didn't get that bad. I definitely would not have wanted to seem them do the would have dragged House's character down even further, all because of her!!! He does so many OOC things around her, that would have been the ultimate one. As arrogant as House can be, I don't think even he would have condoned cheating with his ex. It could very easily have been him(when he had the infarction) that she was cheating on. Medicine and the puzzles it presents are the first love in his life, and thankfully this time, it saved him from making the biggest mistake ever.

    As for the rest of the episode, the PotW was cool, with the whole aphasia. How screwed up for the actor to try and learn that dialogue, when it made no sense whatsoever. I felt bad for Foreman, taking all kinds of flak from Chase. He was doing the best that he could, with the situation that Cuddy put him in. But he knows he's got a long way to go, before he will ever measure up to House. Cameron trying to be the peace maker and finding the clue to the correct diagnosis made my day too.

    On to the next episode....IN A MONTH!!!! There better not be any repeats after that. We still have 13 new episodes left to this season, and after this break, only 13 weeks left to the first of May.
  • Only House can make a lame storyline special!

    Gimme a break! Two obviously more or less involved people get snowed in at an airport? and then there's just one room left (for some kind of reason)? We saw that storyline a hundred times in numerous variations! But House someway manages to make it special! Maybe because House isn't that kind of show stuff like that usually happens and Dr. House isn't a person who handles such a situation the usual way..

    I also liked how Dr. Foreman got to his senses (at least a bit), that he isn't House as hard as he tried to be like him! To be honest, at the beginning of the episode I just wanted to smack him, but over the episode I started to like him a little bit again and hopefully, everything is back to normal pretty soon!

    The case wasn't that interesting to me this time though.. it kinda got overshaddowed by the character developments.. but that isn't a bad thing, I'm pretty sure, the next episode will be more centered around the patient again!

  • I didn't think I would like this episode, but I was so so wrong.

    When I first read what this episode was going to be about, I thought that House and Stacy were going to be gone and that the rest of the crew was going to try and handle everything. I thought that House was not going to be in the episode. Glad I was wrong and decided to watch.

    Even when stranded in an airport far away, House still manages to know more about the patient than the the other three. Foreman is getting on my nerves, he is just so arrogant. He always thinks he knows everything that is going on, and yet House usually proves him wrong.

    Stacy and House kissing in a hotel room while being stranded. I never saw that coming. I almost thought House was going to get some! I actually found myself rooting for him.

    Anyway good episode, great show. I also loved the title of the book House was reading. Classic!
  • Even in absentia, House is abrasive as ever

    I'm starting to dislike Foreman, rather intensely. He pouts far too well for a grown man. For that matter, so does Chase. Cameron winds up being the mediator again, looking at both of them like they are idiots, except she really hasn't got a leg to stand on. Ah well, at least they do redeem themselves by the end of the episode.

    Ah, now I remember where I've seen Elizabeth before - she was in an episode of Babylon 5 called Walkabout (episode 3-18). It's her voice that triggered it, it's a very distinctive voice, and quite lovely. I think she also used to be on the show Profiler.

    I like the interaction between Stacy and House, they seem to be getting the best writing these days, and I love the book he's reading - hilarious. He really shouldn't have told Stacy that anomalies bug him, because that just gives her power over him. Then again, he's so pushy and aggravating she winds up telling him why she doesn't have her cross on, and ends up confessing again that she loved House, and he's better off without her. They managed to reveal quite a bit about the two of them this episode, which is good because otherwise what is the point of having her around. Sela Ward is a fine actress, and if all she were was window dressing it would be a waste of screen time.

    Comparing House to vindaloo curry... hmm. Kind of came to a screaming halt at that one - lol. At least the phone saved them at the last minute. When he goes back to the airport to ponder the mystery of the patient, really, are we supposed to believe that it's empty? Surely not. Also, does airport security really threaten a passenger with going into custody if they don't get on the plane?
  • This was a great episode.

    This episode was a good blend of what makes House one of the best shows on TV. It was funny, it had some great moments, and we had a huge House/Stacey moment.. I liked that House was out of town and kept having to talk to people by phone. It was great that even though he wasn't there he was capable of knowing more than the people who were with the patient. Hugh Laurie is such a talented actor and was at his prime in tonight’s episode. The moment between House and Stacey made me think. I really want to know what will happen next with them. The scenes from the next new episode look so great and I can't wait!