Season 2 Episode 10

Failure to Communicate

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2006 on FOX

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  • One of my all time faves...

    I think House has really began hitting its stride this season, as this and the last few episodes have been fantastic. I thought the patient was extremely interesting, and was brilliantly acted- it must be hard deliberately speaking nonsense with emotion! A great performance there. The case was interesting as he couldn't communicate with his doctors, making it a riddle.

    It was also interesting to see House's team squabble whilst he was stuck away. The team obviously need House's leadership, and thus proving how much Foreman still needs to learn- something he admits when Chase berates him about it. I loved the Wilson/House scene "Hi honey, how are the kids"- there friendship makes the series that much more special to me- brilliantly acted. I also enjoyed Cuddy, who I barely mention in these reviews, and her trust of House is discretely seen- its obvious, despite their sniping, that she trusts and respects his opinion more than his team.

    In the subplot, House and Stacy finally kiss. I think the acting between Hugh Laurie and Sela Ward is very dynamic, and I believe in their characters relationship. Stacy seems to get to House, and its this that makes it interesting. No other character, apart from maybe Wilson, can bring out his softer side. With Cameron, he has a soft spot but often ridicules her- he ribs Chase, and clashes with Foreman and Cuddy. Here, it is clear that he loves her very deeply, and the writers once again cleverly tied this in with the patient wanting to change, but ultimately failing.

    Overall, the Season has really hit a stride, and a string of near perfect episodes emphasises how great this show is.