Season 2 Episode 10

Failure to Communicate

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2006 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: When Foreman asks, "Do you understand what I'm saying?", Fletcher replies, "Of golf." He means "Of course," like "Golf course."

    • Trivia: The book that House is reading in the airport is titled "Classic Lesbian Prison Stories."

    • In the scene at the airport where Stacy is using her laptop, we first see a pen in her mouth, then it magically jumps behind her left ear. It then appears and disappears a further two times, before disappearing for good.

  • Quotes

    • Dr. Cameron: What did House say?
      Dr. Foreman: "The person you are trying to reach is currently unavailable."

    • House: (Speaking about Mark) So you had a fight. I'm sure it'll blow over.
      Stacy It was about nothing.
      House: Of course it was. Mark's tired. He's worried. He's got mobility problems. It's normal to blow up over little things.
      Stacy: I don't mind fighting over little things. I didn't mind fighting over big things. That I could understand. We fight over nothing. You know, a mail box with a sign that says, "Last pickup 5:00 p.m." Does that mean last pickup to go to the post office, or last pickup to leave the post office and be sent out of town?
      House: You fought over mail delivery?

    • Stacy: Why does this matter to you?
      House: It's an anomaly. Anomalies bug me.
      Stacy: Then you're going to suffer.

    • Dr. Chase: (to Foreman) The only thing you've been asked to do is supervise House in case he does something insane.
      Dr. Cameron: Which might, you know, save a life.

    • Dr. Cameron: The more devoted, the more reason to lie.
      House: That's cynical.
      Dr. Cameron: You disagree?
      House: No, I'm just kvelling. Our little girl is growing up.

    • Dr. Foreman: In one of (Fletch's) books he talked about giving up drugs and alcohol. Said how it changed his life.
      Chase: (imitating House) Everybody lies.

    • Cuddy: You woke me up to lie to a patient?

    • House: You know, "Stacy" in the original Greek means "relationship killer."

    • House: (talking about Viagra) A woman has a heart condition, she's on her own. A man can't nail his office assistant, it's national crisis time.

    • Stacy: If I thought you were capable of listening, I'd shut up.
      House: That makes no sense at all.

    • Dr. Chase: You're not my boss.
      Dr. Foreman: I'm House's boss. House is your boss. The math is pretty simple.

    • Peter Foster: Are you trying to bribe me?
      House: No. I could. There's an ATM in the lobby.
      Stacy: My client is an idiot.

    • Dr. Chase: We've got an MRI scheduled in twenty minutes. Earliest Foreman could get the machine.
      House: I teach you to lie and cheat and steal, and as soon as my back is turned, you wait in line?

    • Dr. Foreman: (to Chase) You have a point to make, or did you just feel like giving a long unnecessary speech for something medically irrelevant?

    • Dr. Wilson: Do you know your phone's dead? Do you ever recharge your batteries?
      House: They recharge? I just keep buying new phones.

    • Dr. Cameron: Maybe House is wrong.
      House: (pause) I hope that's not the end of the thought.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Tell me, if it is your aim to sell me the same crazy ideas that House does, how are you an improvement on House?
      Dr. Foreman: I brought you a coffee!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title
      The title is a referance to a tagline in the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke. The exact phrase that is spoken is "What we've got here is failure to communicate." This line is repeated throughout the movie by Strother Martin's character.

    • Character: Fletcher
      The patient in this episode is an independent minded reporter with a reputation for taking down corruption and crime through undercover investigations who goes by the nickname Fletch. He shares all these characteristics with hero of Gregory McDonald's series of mystery novels. Two Fletch novels were made into movies starring Chevy Chase in the title role.