Season 7 Episode 17

Fall From Grace

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Two boys in the park, Chis and Ryan, launch a model rocket and watch it launch and then come down in the nearby woods. They go to get it and discover that it's set off a small fire. As Ryan puts it out, the Chris films and spots a homeless man, Danny, beneath a nearby tree. The fires have spread to his arm and they figure he's dead, but he wakes up and screams. They put the fire out and he stares at his arm, says it smells like licorice, and collapses.

The team waits for House to arrive, and he soon shows up riding a Segway along with his newest woman. They tell him about Danny's case and he takes it, and then introduces the woman, Dominika Patrova. House explains that they're getting married on Friday, and then leaves on the Segway with her.

Danny is eating when Foreman and Masters come to see him. He explains that his smell of sense went haywire a few months ago, and refuses to give them his real name. Danny insists that he's always been healthy, but Foreman points out scars and burn marks on his chest and back. The patient explains that his father tortured him as a child, and he was never hospitalized because his father was careful to cover it up. Masters apologizes and Danny says that it's the past and he's over it.

House scoots around the hospital on his Segway, handing out wedding invitations. He gives one to Cuddy, who says that he can't have a Segway in the hospital. She refuses to back down until House complains about his leg pain, and she then gives in.

Wilson comes to see House in his office, where Dominika is giving him a massage. House asks her to leave, and Wilson accuses him of screwing with Cuddy. When House insists that he's only having the marriage to get Dominika a green card, and to have her work as his housekeeper and save him $33,000. He has an ironclad prenup with Dominika in case she tries to back up, and Wilson doesn't have a response.

Masters and Foreman give Danny an odor ID test and he fails. Taub and Chase return from the park with a drug kit and confront Danny, and he claims he's been taking vitamin supplements. They get his name from his books and Danny insists on going, but starts suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding.

House has Dominika give himself and Foreman a pedicure, and Masters confirms that Danny was getting vitamin supplements, just as he claimed. However, House insists that Danny has been using drugs within the last five months because his hair shows heroin use, and figures he has different unrelated symptoms because of his living conditions. He orders treatment for Vitamin A overdose, and Masters insists on checking Danny's abdominal wall as well.

House goes to get Cuddy to put Dominka on his health insurance, but she refuses, insisting that it's fraud. He calls Dominika in to give a moving speech about American freedom, and Dominika gives Cuddy homemade kulich. She agrees to sign, but warns that if they don't get married, House will lose his health insurance. House says he does and Cuddy signs.

As she runs the abdominal test, Masters points out the tests showed that Danny was using heroin. He says he's been off it for three months, and was briefly declared clinical dead during rehab. Danny figures it was a sign from God. He says that he wants to become a doctor and was smart, and he's been taking vitamin supplements to maintain his health. Masters discovers that there are thirteen masses in Danny's colon and shows the scans to the team. When Masters says that Danny's planning to become a doctor, the others figure that Danny is just telling her what she wants to hear.

As they run further tests, Taub suggests that they should boycott the wedding. Foreman tells him that he and Chase are serving at the wedding. They discover that the masses are bones, and they ask Danny about them. He explains that he ate garbage to convince a restaurant cook to give him real food. Danny's vision starts to alter as he gets extreme tunnel vision

The team gathers on the lobby balcony and tries to run differential, while House and Dominika play with remote helicopters. Chase suggests Foster Kennedy Syndrome, causing pressure on the olfactory and optic nerves, and House tells them to test with a MRI. He then sends his helicopter to attack Cuddy and two donors, and Cuddy covers by claiming that they let children play with RC helicopters.

As they run the MRI, Danny complains about claustrophobia. Taub snaps at him, and Chase suggests that he show Danny a little respect. Chase believes that Danny wants a second chance because of his faith in God. However, Taub figures that Danny is sucking in Chase the same way he is with Masters, telling them both what they want to hear. Danny starts vomiting, and they confirm that he has two dark spots in his parietal cortex. They report to House, who is playing ping pong with Dominika, against Chase and Foreman. House figures that he has mental illness that the doctors in ER didn't pick up, but Masters wants to do more than just put him back out on the street as a crazy man.

That night, Wilson comes to see House and tells him that he needs to figure out how to break up with Cuddy without it affecting their working relationship. House is confident that Cuddy feels guilty and he can use that to get what he wants, but Wilson puts out that he's attacking someone who isn't fighting back.

Taub comes back to see Danny, and tells Masters that he's a hockey fan. He starts writing a report with a hockey pen, but Danny says that he hates hockey, disproving Taub's suspicion that Danny is trying to suck up to him. Danny starts complaining about a burning sensation in his uninjured left arm.

House arrives at work in a monster truck and offers to take the teams for a drive while they run differential. As he speeds through traffic, they realize that the burning arm can't be a symptom of schizophrenia because they're treating for that. House figures that it's genetic, but isn't interested in interrupting his honeymoon to deal with it. He tells them to track down Danny's parents and check the family history.

Later, Taub comes to see House and tells him that he tracked down Danny's father. He lives 30 minutes from the hospital, and Chase and Masters are already going there to talk to the father. Taub then asks why House didn't invite him to the wedding, and House notes that he objected to the mock wedding. Dominika emerges from beneath House's desk, and a speechless Taub quickly gets out despite House's claim that Dominika was just installing a cable. She says that she feels sorry for Taub and wonders if they can do something for him.

Masters and Chase talk to Danny's father, who is upset when they try to ask him about Danny. He finally tells them that his son Danny died three months ago of a drug overdose.

House goes to see Danny and asks for his real name, but Danny refuses to say, or give his father's name. He admits that his father is looking for him, and is claiming that he's cleaned up and sober. Danny doesn't believe it and doesn't want him to be part of his life, and says that if he does see his father, he'll kill him. Danny then reaches for a glass of water but discovers that he no longer has depth perception. He has cerebellar ataxia, and House leaves and tells Masters that it signifies early-onset Parkinson's. House tells her to confirm with a DNA test.

Wilson goes to see Cuddy and complains that House is turning things upside down. She is unimpressed, and Wilson warns that appeasement isn't the answer. Cuddy asks why Wilson cares, and he says that Cuddy is the only boss that can handle House. He tells her to start kicking House's butt. She goes to tell House that he can't use the chapel for his wedding. House tries to make her feel guilty by saying it will upset his wedding plans, but she tells him it's not her problem and leaves.

Masters goes to test Danny, who tells her that she should have let him die. He explains that he overdosed because he tried to kill himself, and he did so because he's done horrible things. When he didn't die, Danny thought that God forgave him, but now he believes that God kept him alive to suffer. Masters insists that he doesn't deserve to die, and Danny tells her that he almost killed his girlfriend in college when he started beating her for no reason. He insists that he's a monster, just like his father, and then passes out as his heart fails from cardiomyopathy.

Back in differential, House wonders why Danny is getting worse since he was admitted to the hospital. House sees a man going by with hospital food and checks Danny's card. He realizes that Danny is eating vegetarian because he can, and he's suffering from adult refsum disease, preventing him from processing the excess phytanic acid. House tells them to give Danny a plasma treatment and check his blood, and then goes to his wedding.

House is holding the wedding at his apartment, with Taub as his ring bearer. As Chase does the honors and administers the vows, Cuddy goes to the bedroom, and Wilson follows her in to find her crying. She admits that the wedding got to her, but she won't give House the satisfaction of leaving. Wilson points out that things are getting back to normal.

Masters tells Danny that he'll be fine as long as he checks his diet, and he thanks her for not giving up on him. She insists that he's not a bad person, and suggests that he talk to a professional once he's released. Danny figures that God has a plan for him, and his illness was a way of testing his resolve. As Masters leaves, Danny says that "Danny" isn't his real name, and she says that it doesn't matter.

At home, Dominika tells House that he likes her, and he says that likes her too. She kisses him and he starts to kiss back, but then he stops and says he never sleeps with married women. He tells her to take the couch and goes to his own bed.

The next day, Masters arrives at work and discovers that Danny has disappeared without checking out. The FBI are there because when they sent Danny's DNA out for testing, it turned out that he's a serial killer who eats his victims… and they saved him.