Season 7 Episode 17

Fall From Grace

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2011 on FOX

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  • House spirals down into ineptitude, Cuddy character is uselessly ambivalent, and Wilson remains the hopeless friend who is the equivalent of a small kick-me type dog that endures anything for a few scraps.

    House season seems to be spiraling downward quickly as the season ends. The last 3 episodes are the worst to date. Basically, if you have watched any episode of house before...well then you have seen this episode too. - Patient has weird symptoms
    - House plays childish antics (who's high on drugs again)
    - Cuddy sits on the fence of allowing/disdaining
    - Wilson is a pathetic friend with no life of his own
    - House's doctor crew scramble until House gets an epiphany on how to solve case

    This was brilliant for season one, but now that it is season 7...just downright pathetic story & character development.
  • "Fall From Grace"

    Now well into its post-Huddy phase, House's philosophy for the rest of the season seems to be, if you can't make it good, you can at least go big. Where else are you going to see a pre-credits sequence in which a couple of little kids who you will never hear about again set off an impressive-looking rocket in the woods for the express purpose of inadvertently setting fire to a homeless man, thus introducing us to our principal guest star and case of the week? Those of us who loved the House of old can't help mourning the show that it used to be, but the airwaves are cluttered with smoking hulks that used to be good shows, just sitting there, taking up space. Showmanship ought to be count for something.

    Showmanship was much in evidence tonight, as House, the old rascal, set about torturing Cuddy for dumping him by parading around the hospital with a delectable-looking young lady of Slavic provenance on his arm and brazenly involving his former squeeze in the preparations for their green card marriage. It was actually a lot like the pre-Huddy House, except for two things: The aggressive cuteness of it all cut off the flow of blood to the medical plot line, so that it never seemed all that important or involving, and despite the evidence of your eyes and ears, you were meant to understand that House and Cuddy were in agony because of all the things they couldn't say to each other. What with House tooling around the hospital on a Segway with his new sweetie-of-convenience hanging on behind and the two of them assaulting Cuddy with remote-control helicopters, much of the episode seemed intended to be mordantly, painfully funny, slapstick tragedy, cry because their hearts are breaking.

    Most of it was just stare-at-the-screen-in-silence theoretical-funny, though it did occasionally sink to the groan-worthy, as when the green-card bride broke out the malapropisms. Also, at one point, House had a consultation session while piloting a monster truck. This scene made a very important dramatic point, which is that House still does well enough in the ratings that whoever is in charge of the budget will sign off on a request for a monster truck.

    At this point, the most moving experience connected to the show is probably just watching Lisa Edelstein working like a saint, as she tries to navigate the currents of her character as they've been shaped by the writers' self-contradicting whims without making a fool of herself. Her hard shell of indifference to House's cruel prankishness, her mask of bureaucratic reasonableness when she told House that he couldn't use the hospital chapel for the wedding, and her stoic unhappiness as she stalked out of the wedding before she could break down were all believable in context, even if they were a little hard to knit together, let alone connect to the woman she used to play, whose emotions were tingling and confused in a hundred different ways but who was still smart enough to not get too close to this a**hole. As for Hugh Laurie, he's still a commanding presence who's fun to watch, though I'll repeat that sticking him behind the wheel of a monster truck is pushing it. As a sop to the old fans, there were even a couple of shots of him sitting at his desk looking obsessed and haunted, as if he were actually thinking about ways to save somebody's life. But the pain has drained out of his performance; House is no longer the guy who greets a call girl at his door with, "I need a distraction. You don't need to talk to be that, do you?" Now, he's the guy who, in his darkest hour, is seen with a different Maxim cover girl in every scene and even teams up with them to play practical jokes. And without pain, House is, well, just another a**hole. He's a charismatic a**hole, but all that means is that you can't take your eyes off him even when you're past the point where you wish you could.
  • Ohh Masters

    Well, House we all love is back again to his real self. It was so cool to see him ride a segway on the hospital hallways and a monster truck.

    His confrontation with Cuddy and Wilson's usual interruptions are nice to watch. But the real deal this week was House's so called fake marriage and the medical mystery. They were all very well planned and developed throughout the episode. House is getting married to save money, but i am not really sure of that. He seems to care about this girl, but he refuses to sleep with her at the end, by saying "I never sleep with married women" (it cracked me up). By the way, I am also not sure that House is back on Vicodine. When they first showed the pills, I saw that they were smaller than vicodine and I personally don't see any change in his usual behaviour. He is just teasing Cuddy in every possible way. The medical mystery was also very good. A patient with no history or identity. He fooled everyone including House, but especially Masters. I will never forget the look on Masters' face when she learns that the patient is a serial killer and a cannibal.

    All in all, a great episode. I sure hope that the rest of the season can catch up to this.
  • 717

    I really don't get why so many people liked the last episode, but anyways, I thought this episode was better in some ways. The ending was fantastic, and I wonder how this will affect Masters in the long run. I don't know about anyone else, but I've really enjoyed Amber Tamblyn's stay on House, and it's sad to find out that this will be her final season according to David Shore.

    The medical mystery was great and way more thought out and developed than last week. Anything House/Cuddy related has really annoyed me, and I guess this is big for the fans that like this couple, but right now, I'm just really not liking their story lines.

    Also seeing House "get over" the breakup kind of bugs me too. All annoyances aside, this was still a great well thought out episode. Looking forward to Olivia Wilde's return next week.
  • Married for Money

    House reveals that he is getting married to his Russian massage therapist, Dominica, and he goes significantly overboard by playing with toy helicopters, driving a monster truck, etc. all it seems to get back at Cuddy. But the reason for this, so he says, is to get Dominica to work four days a week for free so that he can save 33,000 dollars. Wilson takes this affront personally and tries to ease Cuddy and House into sensible choices. The patient, an ex addict homeless burn victim has father issues and gradually gets worse as they continue treating him, but he obviously isn't who he says he is. In the end, they cure him, House gets married but won't sleep with his new wife, and the patient escapes after being cured and it turns out he's a serial killer who eats his victims. Oh happy day.