Season 7 Episode 11

Family Practice

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on FOX

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  • a tough call

    Masters is annoying and we all know people like her. someone who is hung up on themselves and their upper higher than thou morals. but when it comes down to it, they will resort to the same tactics that House uses if its their loved ones. House walks the grey line between morals and ethics but he is concerned with results. Masters puts the results after her morals. Life is Life and as much as House is an a-hole he does his best to help his patients.

    Also Taub is my least favorite character on the show but he got my vote in this episode for standing for his principles.

  • my first review on

    good episode just a little slow in the end
  • Maters and House - nope, no chemistry

    Episode was good, it had all theelements we love in this show. House was, well...House. But I was annoyed with that Masters girl throughout the whole episode. Whenever House fired her in previous episodes and in this one, I was always thinking: Finally!!! I can't stand her! But no, the girl has ''strong moral and ethical beliefs'', but when it comes to firing and re-hiring, she is all like - well, I am gonna make the pitiful face now, cry a little and do whatever House says! But when it comes to decisions that can save someone's life, she is like - oh no, bad House, shame on you, I am gonna tell on you! Yes to your girlfriend, whose mother is dying!!

    God, I really tried to like her, or be neutral with her (like I was with 13), but she is really distracting me and I can not enjoy the show anymore. How is she contributing the team (and the show) is a mystery to me. No one likes her on the team, she cries almost all the time (or at least looks like she's gonna cry), she is insecure, doesn't have any experience in such a difficult cases and she is so uninteresting as a person that it is painful to watch. Taub is short, beyond ugly, multiple cheater and still is an interesting character and fun to watch. Even his wife who was on the screen like 2 minutes is more interesting character that Masters. If they wanted to focus on someone else, apart from House (although I can not see shy would they do that), they should have follow the Taub story. It has potential. Or Chase's. Or Forman's. Or Cuddy's baby's for Criste's sakes! Anyone but Masters's plot line. Cuddy's mother and her illness, House's heroic curing her, and their dinner in previous episode were probably there to tighten up Cuddy's and House's relationship even more, before he proposes, or they move in together, or smt similar...

    Missed Wilson in this ep.

    Masters, please, next time say - I quit, and leave already! :)

  • Daylight Savings? Al Gore should be proud!

    Even though I could go into detail about what happened during this episode and how I dislike the new haircut, this episode could be considered the lowest budget episode of this season so far.

    The introductory scene suggests a lot of money present, but only shows a minimally equipped clothing boutique. Further scenes use very little lighting, many close-ups and almost too clean sets, continuing the minimalistic, environment friendliness of this episode.

    The only major oddity here is the bathroom area, which is supposedly in the attorney's office, looks a lot messier and dirtier than one would expect in such an office - the minimal lighting is also present there.

    I wonder if this is the new direction for 'House', and whether the scenic lighting was necessary throughout the episode. I hope that other episodes feature more light (and perhaps more depth), allowing the viewer to direct his focus, forcing the cast and crew to work on more background detail.
  • The best episode of House this season, and possibly since House's Head in Season 4.

    This was an absolutely incredible episode of House. There was nothing wrong with it - it had a great medical mystery, amazing character development, and the darkness and grittiness that you expect from these sorts of "epic" episodes of House. It's most definitely the best episode yet to air this season, and perhaps even better than last season's finale. It was that good.
    The only character that was perhaps a little ignored was Chase, but I'm totally, absolutely okay with that - not every character can be tended to at once. House, Cuddy, Masters, Taub, Foreman, and pretty much every other even remotely important character in the series got their chance to shine here, and it shows.
    This is House at it's finest.
  • 711

    "Family Practice" is another one of those House episodes that features very dark lighting, a lot of shouting and a lot of emotional scenes, or at least scenes that they were trying to create real emotion with. The problem? It did not work. I did not feel for Cuddy at all in her struggles with the doctors and her mother. I did not care about Taub's problems. I just did not care about their problems, and if you do not care, it is hard to create emotional drama.

    This was not a bad episode, but definitely not as strong as I have been hearing people praise it as.
  • 711

    Superb episode of House tonight, I really didn't expect it to be this good. This definitely was a stand out episode of the season, and it was almost as good as "A Pox on our House" this season. I loved the stormy-dark setting that was set to this episode, it was just so perfect when by the end, we got a sunny day when all the conflict was resolved.

    Okay, so since when did Cuddy have a sister? Just wondering. The cold opening was amusing as well. I don't usually love Taub but even his plot was amusing tonight. I was definitely surprised at that scene in the bathroom. Great acting from Hugh Laurie tonight but I'm for the most part impressed with the Masters character.

    The scene where House revealed that he set Masters up was absolute perfection, and I really expected Masters to have some kind of break down, I definitely didn't expect her actually ratting out House knowing that she would get fired. Superb episode, can't wait for the next.
  • The Price

    This week House offered us an extraordinarily dark episode with Cuddy's mom as the patient of the week. House tries to treat her but gets fired by Arlene, Mrs. Cuddy, and now has to go behind the other attending doctor's back to treat her for what he thinks she really has. What follows is a web of deceit and betrayal. Taub gets a business offer from his brother in law through his sister but he goes out of his way to do the right thing it doesn't go as expected. Masters faces impossible consequences following her strong ethical code and Cuddy and House's relationship may be broken when it's pushed to the brink. Overall a superior mid season episode of House, of course now they naturally have to cool their jets and ease up on the drama throttle for now but when the writers need to they can certainly put on a good show.

    This episode is the culmination of what started
    last season when Cameron left mid season. It took a full year for the dark side of House to finally come into full play. Tonight's episode was extremely engaging. Dark twists and turns everywhere. Characters behaved as they should. House threatens
    to fire everyone (as usual) and Chase of course
    becomes his pin boy, Forman will have nothing to
    do with illegal activities and Poor (he now seems a pathetic character) taub needs to deal with his
    brother in law who is a bully. The episode
    was written by one of the long time executive
    producers so you can be sure he had taken
    into considertion all of the previous episodes leading to this. House now seems willing to
    do 'whatever it takes" to get the job done.
    Cutty now seems the same. She would not stand
    for this in previous seasons. one has to consider whether House has changed her, or she has changed House, or both. the negative of this episode is just dragging Cutty's sister (?) into an episode when no mention of her has ever been made, and
    the actual medical disorder was poor medicine by House and his intake team. You would ALWAYS ask
    a patient if they had recently undergone any
    surgeries (in this case a HIP replacement).
    That aside, this was a very engaging and interesting episode.
  • So many problems...

    I stopped writing reviews for episodes at the start of this season because I haven't been interested enough to write one. However this episode was so ridiculous I couldn't help myself.

    There were so many things wrong with this episode that I don't even know where to begin. Let's start with Masters. I stated from the beginning it made no sense to put her on House's team. I can understand that Cuddy wanted to get her at PPTH to try and impress her so she can hire her once she graduates from med school but it makes no sense for her to be put in House's department. First of all, House only gets the toughest cases that other doctors can't figure out. I don't care how book smart she is; it doesn't make up for years of experience. Secondly, House has got to be the toughest person in the hospital to deal with. How is dealing with House every day going to make her want to stay there after she graduates? And remember when she first started, Taub was complaining how she wouldn't be able to do anything by herself and they would have to babysit her? I knew that wasn't going to last very long and the first or second episode after she started (the wedding one) she is examining the patient while everyone is at the wedding. However, it was only a short clip. No harm, no foul, right? Well this episode blows that all out of the water. House blackmails Masters because she took the blood from the patient. How is that possible? She needs someone to oversee everything she does. That person would be in just as much trouble. And she wouldn't do it by herself. She is too ethical for that. Plus, just the other episode, she complained when Foreman left her alone during a scan because she didn't actually have to do anything. And what is this, like the 2nd or 3rd time she has been fired and rehired. Why would she want to continue to work for House, especially after this episode? If Cuddy had the idea of wanting to hire her while she is in med school to impress her, I'm sure she would have other offers from other hospitals. And why does House want her? He always sends her away when he wants to do something unethical. He wouldn't have to worry about Masters finding out and telling someone if she wasn't around.

    And don't get me started on what House and Cuddy pulled. Cuddy kept saying all along how she shouldn't be the doctor but yet she stayed on the case the entire time. And as I stated above, I can't stand Masters but I was actually glad when she ratted them out. What were they going to do if she didn't rat them out? Try and hang another bag without the attending finding out? And where was Wilson? He could have talked some sense into probably not House but at least Cuddy. And the attending was (rightly) pissed and said he was going to turn Cuddy and House in. Does everything go away just because the patient was healed? I don't think so.

    And I didn't really see any point to Taub's storyline. He takes a quick 5 second look at a scan and thinks he knows more than an expert? For the entire time he has been on House's team, he has never shown to be very smart. And apparently he cheated on his wife more than once prior to the season otherwise the whole storyline doesn't make sense. He got his nose broken by Rachel's brother for cheating on her but she didn't even know about the affair he left plastic surgery for. I have seen a lot of hate for her lately but Taub cheated on her at least 3 times that we know about. She should have divorced him a long time ago and took him for all he was worth.

    And what was the point of the opening scene other than to show more of LE's skin? Does she have a contract where she has to be half naked every 2 or 3 episodes or something?
  • Cuddy deals with the struggles of treating a family member.

    I adored this episode, for the first time in a long time I saw something very genuine in all of the characters. You could feel the tension as Cuddy is faced with making some of the hardest decisions of her life, especially as they turn out to be the wrong ones.

    I appreciated House's ability to stand up to Cuddy at the end of this episode, because as we've seen in previous clips, this is what allows their relationship to work. The two of them know how to push each other without forcing themselves apart, and it was refreshing to see that they maintained that aspect of their relationship. I think the medical case was also very interesting, it kept my in suspense like some of the other well played medical cases, so no complaints there either. Overall a very well-rounded episode.