Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 28, 2004 on FOX

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  • Too much love will kill you

    I'm just the pieces of the man I used to be
    Too many bitter tears are raining down on me
    I'm far away from home
    And I've been facing this alone
    For much too long
    I feel like no-one ever told the truth to me
    About growing up and what a struggle it would be
    In my tangled state of mind
    I've been looking back to find
    Where I went wrong
    Too much love will kill you
    If you can't make up your mind
    Torn between the lover
    And the love you leave behind
    You're headed for disaster
    'cos you never read the signs
    Too much love will kill you
    Every time
    I'm just the shadow of the man I used to be
    And it seems like there's no way out of this for me
    I used to bring you sunshine
    Now all I ever do is bring you down
    How would it be if you were standing in my shoes
    Can't you see that it's impossible to choose
    No there's no making sense of it
    Every way I go I'm bound to lose
    Too much love will kill you
    Just as sure as none at all
    It'll drain the power that's in you
    Make you plead and scream and crawl
    And the pain will make you crazy
    You're the victim of your crime
    Too much love will kill you
    Every time
    Too much love will kill you
    It'll make your life a lie
    Yes, too much love will kill you
    And you won't understand why
    You'd give your life, you'd sell your soul
    But here it comes again
    Too much love will kill you
    In the end...
    In the end. The best episode by far
  • One of the more serious episodes...

    This was by far the most serious episodes of House so far, as we see the depth of love for a couple, and the effect of trust on a relationship.

    There were some nice scenes between Cameron and House this episode, and we gain some great insight into Camerons past, learning for the first time about the death of her husband when she was just 21. This gains some greater understanding in the "niceness" that she has in her character, and this small, underplayed development, is a key stepping stone in future developments.

    The House/Wilson moments were again cleverly crafted, as we see for the first time Wilson's "needyness", and experience how different his relationship with House is compared to his other relationships. The scene in the clinic was also quite funny, although not as funny as recent episodes. We also see Foreman's disgruntledness- and this is another stepping stone to build on in future episodes.

    It was also a very interesting case, with twists and turns to the very last scene. It was quite refreshing that this was the first "affair" case in the series, about 6 episodes in, as lots of dramas overuse this plotline

    All in all, it was another great installment, although oddly not my favourite episode. For some reason, I always get tempted to skip this one when it comes on my DVD- which is strange because there are some great acting, both from the patient story and the regular cast members, and some great character development. Not my favourite, but still greater than your average drama.
  • Right up there as Seasons One's top episodes

    IMO the second best episode produced from Season 1. I really enjoyed it! Kept me guessing all the way till the end. The sickness chosen for the episode was one I had never heard of and due to that, I found it interesting. The plot for the episode was pretty juicy, i could almost sink my teeth in to it and how it finished with the Prison Break guy making those crunch decisions. Made me wonder if i would actually do that, if I were in his shoes. Highlight performance in this episode would have to go to Dr Cameron, she was magniv! Definently made me stop and think forsure and definently an ace episode :D
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house a man is jogging and he comes back and he thinks his wife is dead and she is rushed to the hospital but they test everything they can till they realize that house may think she has the african sleeping sickness and he wants to know which one is cheating on the other becasue no one has been to africa this was a good ep and it was very interesting i thought and that is why i gave a 8.5 and besides being one of the best of the first season i thought
  • Excellent...One of the Best House episodes...

    In this episode, two men are jogging and one comes home to his wife to see her dead asleep. This amazing episode reveals riveting symptoms for his wife, and a shocking twist towards the end that reveals an African disease. This is a great episode...a 'fine example' of how House solves cases very easily.
  • An average episoide with a little bit of chacter development.

    Is it just me or is episoide cases getting a little bizzare as this season goes on, i mean african sleep sickness, come on sleeping with someone, it doesn't make sense i mean how people have had affair and she seem 2nd case of this. it's definatly intresting but it feels like the writer are running out of intresting cases to present.

    House:Are those real?
    Patient: what do you think?

    i actually believe her when she said she did it for her husband, i liked how House suggested having an affair since her husband heart-medication is making her feel ill. it amazing what this guy suggest. yet funny thing is i wasn't surprised. Those did look good on her.

    Camron, we finally found she was married and that her husband died, This add more depth to this chacter, i feel like she just way too sensentive to be a doctor, it seem like she doesn't want ask the tough question and she shouldn't let her personal past get in the way. i'm hope we see more chacter development with this chacter as season goes on.
  • The brilliant episodes keep coming...

    It was another entertaining episode of 'House', with a good plot, I thought, and engaging storyline. The husband and wife question- which of them cheated?- was very effective in maintaining view suspense, as I honestly couldn't figure out which of them had done the dirty deed, but I'm usually the last to figure it out anyway...Nice backstory starting to form for Cameron, with the husband revelation, and House stayed perfectly in character with his attempt to 'comfort' her but still being quintessential House with the wry observations and sarcasm too. I loved the interplay between House and Foreman-
    Foreman: Why are you riding on me?
    House: It's what I do, why has it gotten worse lately...? Well, that rules out the race theory, you were just as black last week...
    It's outrageous, and he can be so unethical, like calling for a consult just so he and his friend could ogle this poor woman's chest, but it works so well with the show.
  • HELP! missed the end!!

    Third time I\'ve seen this show. What great characters. BUT ... was recording it because I was not home. the recorder stopped 43 minutes into the episode. How did it end? I\'d love to see the episode again but it only seems to be on this once until whenever. Thanks
  • This is one-a my fave episodes! ^^ I love some of the stuff House says in this one.

    This is one-a my fave episodes! ^^ I love some of the stuff House says in this one. It was a hillarious episode. One of the funniest things that are on here is when Dr. Cameron Says "You pulled my Medical records?" House then said "You coughed yesterday. I was conserned."

    But then Cameron started crying in the lab. It was so sad. And yet house was still a little smart mouth. XD
  • A little different than the others for a few reasons, still great though!

    This was another sweet episode, not the best one so far though. This was different because the number of symptoms was fairly minimal, and none of them were all that shocking compared to those of other episodes. The background story was very important to this episode's success, betrayal and all that kind of stuff.

    I must say they made the antibiotics that cured the disease very cool and deadly looking. Seeing that syringe full of that lightish green/yellow acidic liquid may have been my favourite part of the episode as it entered her body. I also say good job to the guy (from prison break) who just left her after he found out she was okay.

    Medical Problem: African Sleeping Sickness
    Rating: 9.4/10
  • African sleeping sickness something we don't hear about everyday

    As I already mentioned African Sleeping Sickness is very unusual which made for such a great episode.

    I think this was the first episode of House where in the beginning they tricked you into thinking one person was gonna be the patient and it was really the other and I liked that. I thought the husband was gonna be the sick guy but it was really the wife.

    It was a very unusual sickness and so cool for that reason. The woman cheated on her husband which was kinda lame but so totally something for House.

    Cool disease made for a cool episode.
  • Review

    I thought this episode was good from beginning to end, which is what you alwyas look for in any television show really. I like Dominick Percells role in this episode- playing the role of the always there for her husband that eventually has to walk a way when it turns out that his wife has had an affair on him. I thought the twist at the end of it being his best friend was both a cool thing and an odd thing. Becuase we have new cases every episode we never really get to learn the aftermath of the patients in question. Seeing the best friend get in a fight with his wife or seeing Percell greieve would have been great additions to the show, but we will never see those things becuase the next episode will be a new case. Oh well, still a great episode though
  • Amazing :)

    Can u imagine this happening to u?!?!??!!? OMG
    The woman has an affair with her husband married best friend but then she catch a dangers dieses from the husband married best friend wooow The writer has a great Brain. I love every thing about house specially how did he figr out that she was having and affair, poor husband
    this episode waaas sooo fantastic and the basted best friend I wanted to punch him and braking his nose and I felt like slapping the wife and make her wake up from her sleep that B****, she deserve the disease that she got. U should see it if u didn't
  • A wife gets sick with African Sleeping Sickness and House must find out whether she cheated or it was her husband.

    I thought this episode was excellent, but varied a bit from the previous 6 episodes. The fact that House diagnosed the disease before the last 10 minutes was different, and the depth of the guest stars. Normally you don't get much background of the patients or get to see the aftermath, but this episode contained really round and dynamic guest characters. I also love how this show contains many odd diseases. For instance, I have never heard of African Sleeping Sickness. It is always great to watch this show and be able to learn too. I love this show and will continue watching it.
  • The first season is setting the table for all the excellent shows to come.

    How the writers come up with ideas like this is amazing to me. I was spellbound by the way the script wound its way through a very complex set of circumstances. I never saw the real reason of the woman's sickness until the conclusion. All I could say was, "Wow". Gregory House would say, "Everybody lies".

    If I had not been totally hooked on the show by now, this episode would have definitely put House on my favorites list. The very end, where the truth comes out, is heartbreaking. The husband's reaction, while understandable, was extremely sad. My oh my, how complicated life can be.
  • Definitely fits in with the title.

    This was a very powerful episode, in the beginning I thought the girl was going to be treated with menopause. Cause the way she slapped that guy, the word that came to me instantly was menopause. We learn a little something from Cameron's past, she might of left out that she was married!? That is ridiculous, how that would fit in, why would she marry a guy who she knew was sick. Anyways the sickness seemed to merge with their personal life as we find out that his wife is having an affair & worst of all with his best friend which was the most powerful scene when Cameron sees the buddy revealing that it was him. A very shocking episode I would say.