Season 3 Episode 9

Finding Judas

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2006 on FOX
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House takes the case of a young girl who has been diagnosed with pancreitis. When he takes her divorced parents to court to force them to allow treatment because they can't agree, the judge awards guardianship of the girl to Cuddy. Meanwhile, Tritter continues his strategy to force House to admit to his drug use by offering one of the team members a deal.moreless

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  • Cuddy has custody of a patient while the parents can't agree

    It was so nice seeing Cuddy with that little girl. It was kind of cute. I loved that Cuddy was struggling the entire time from not knowing what to say to the girl to not knowing what was wrong. Seeing House insult her and say it was a good thing that she wasn't a mother was so House, but I felt really bad for Cuddy after he said that.

    It was great though in the beginning when House had to come to Cuddy for his vicodin. I loved that House shined the laser point on Cuddy while she was in a meeting it was so funny. I also loved hearing Cuddy telling House to go to his secret stashes and I loved that the secret stash was in the lupus text book and then when Foreman asked all he said was "It's Never Lupus." Tritter was such a pain in the a$$ I can't believe that it could actually be legal for him to do all the things he did. How could he do that I mean be for real?! I don't see how he could just freeze all of House's team's bank accounts like that and shut Wilson out and all. I really hate that guy the entire thing with him was just completely ridiculous. The way he talked to Cuddy bothered me too.

    Chase being right in the end was impressive. I enjoyed watching House punch Chase in the face at the end it showed that he was out of control. House was so ready to cut Alice in half and it was actually quite terrifying.

    I cannot believe that Wilson went to talk to Tritter in the end especially after all he did to protect House earlier on. This was a really interesting case and there was even some good humor with House and his drugs but everything with Tritter was so incredibly ridiculous I can't see anything like that happening in real life.moreless
  • House vs Tritter- Round 5

    I seriously forgot how good Season 3 was. The episode was fast, dramatic, and full of incident.

    The arguing parents was something that hadn't been done very much before, and it was interesting seeing it in this episode, and how the conflicting parents could play hazardous with their daughter. The scenes where House takes them to a judge is very funny- and it is probably the only amount of humour in the episode.

    This episode is probably the darkest of House so far- the way he falls shows how Tritter gains the upper hand. The way he takes out his frustration, in particular on Cuddy, is quite devastating- it shows him as normally a grumpy but great diagnostian with his pills, but without them a quite horrible person. Fortunately, we do see him snap back to his senses after he punches Chase- their was a look of horror on House's face.

    Tritter trying to play the team was also entertaining, giving us insight into the teams lives. Tritter, in many ways, is very much like House- seen especially in the scene with Cuddy, which was very like the scenes when House and Cuddy clash. Tritter is determined to do whatever it takes- just like House. He also seems to be lacking in any personal relationship, like House, and, a couple of episodes ago, he quoted House's much used line "Everybody lies".

    On another aside, we get to see Cuddy battling with her demons of whether she would make a good mother.

    The biggest shock came at the end when Wilson finally decides to stop protecting House- it was a twist I didn't see coming when I watched the episode the first time.

    Overall, the most humourless episode of House, but one of the most heart pounding and dramatic- severely underated episode.moreless
  • Cuddy gets what she wants.

    I love this episode cause it looks like Cuddy is sort of half crazy once you think about it, staying in the shower with a little girl she barely knows, she cared a lot it seemed, House was such a jerk in this episode, just made me want to kill him, and I love the end, Chase gets a diagnosis right & ends up getting punched in the face. Ouch! The end was chilling, Wilson ratting out House, that must hurt. Finally someone did it, looks like everyone has just had enough. A great episode about House going nuts cause of loss of Vicodin. Great episode!moreless
  • Review

    The tritter storyline is beginning to lose a littlebit of luster with the members of Houses team and Wilson getting pulled every whcih way in this episode. However, it does look as if this is going to be closing soon. Chase has had enough and the end of the epsiode shows Wilson going to see Tritter.

    I thought the case with the little girl with the fighting parents was the best in the last five epsiodes, but the drama in the epsiode actually brought this down. House telling Cuddy that she would be a failure as a mother, that was really harsh. I love Cuddy, shes one of my favorite characters on the show and it was hard to see her get reated like that sitting in the shower trying to help the girl through whateveer she was going through. House using his last pill pretty much confirmed to me that the issue with Tritter is going to be solved within the next episode or two. Interested to see where it goes and it will be interesting to see them get back to regular formula again.moreless
  • House comes apart and takes everyone with him...

    I loved this episode. (Thank God for S3 on DVD.) I really think this was underrated and should have been the episode put forth for nominations. What was brilliant wasn't the case or even Tritter but House's detox and how when he cannot manage pain he inflicts it at the heart of everyone around him. The most telling and disheartening is how he brings down Lisa Cuddy. What is poignant about what he says to her is that she is perhaps the one that has (Besides Wilson...) sacrificed, fought, and gone to bat for House the most. She constantly places everything on the line for as she says "the best darn doctor the hospital has..." House knows where Lisa is vunerable and he targets his jabs at that- leaving her questioning all she wants. It goes to show that House is merely a renound diagnostician of diseases but life. If he wasn't, then anything he said would be worthless and just angry irrational tirades. Wilson's own actions are also a culmination of the season as he seeks to teach House and fails horribly in the process- or so it would seem. ;) Wonderful episode with great character development!moreless
Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Dr. Gregory House

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Dr. Allison Cameron

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Dr. Robert Chase

Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Omar Epps

Omar Epps

Dr. Eric Foreman

Robert Sean Leonard

Robert Sean Leonard

Dr. James Wilson

Alyssa Shafer

Alyssa Shafer

Alice Hartman

Guest Star

Paula Cale

Paula Cale


Guest Star

Jodi Long

Jodi Long


Guest Star

David Morse

David Morse

Michael Tritter

Recurring Role

Bobbin Bergstrom

Bobbin Bergstrom


Recurring Role

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    • (Chase shines a laser pointer at Foreman)
      Dr. Foreman: (shielding his eyes) Get that thing away from me! I don't wanna get burned.
      Dr. Chase: Laser pointers don't burn you, genius.
      Dr. Foreman: Skin no, retina yes.

    • Edie: (sarcastically) You're right. I'm so petty, I hope (Alice) dies so it vindicates my opinion. (Alice stares at Edie) I didn't mean that, sweetie. Mommy was being sarcastic.
      Rob: She's a few years away from grasping the sarcasm, don't you think?

    • Dr. Chase: I wasn't kissing his ass.
      Dr. Foreman: It just looked that way from our angle. You on your knees, House bending over.

    • Dr. Foreman: Doing nothing is not a plan, it's specifically a lack of a plan!

    • Dr. Wilson: You okay?
      Dr. Cuddy: Yeah, sure.
      Dr. Wilson: Umm, what I meant by “are you okay?” is “what the hell did House do?”

    • House: This is my office, I'm talking, there are people here who work for me, but not listening. Explain this to me.

    • House: You know what else shuts down systems? Death!

    • Dr. Foreman: (to Tritter) I really hope no one dies while I'm sitting here not talking to you.

    • House: If I'm in a buttload of pain, I need a buttload of pills.

    • House: (holding up a laser pointer) This baby won me second place in the Clinic's weekly "weirdest thing pulled out of an orifice" contest.
      Dr. Cuddy: I am this close to putting a new lab in oncology.
      House: You do not want to know what came in first.
      Dr. Cuddy: House...
      House: Rhymes with "fucchini."

    • House: Right, she's six! She can't have flesh-eating bacteria! It's just wrong! Let's cure her with sunshine and puppies!

    • Dr. Cuddy: You think Dr. Wilson deserved to have his assets seized? His entire practice ruined?
      Tritter: No.
      Dr. Cuddy: So, you just don't care?
      Tritter: This is how I get what I want. I put pressure on people. And if it doesn't work on Wilson, it will work on you.

    • House: But I hurt in an unreasonable way.
      Dr. Cuddy: Then dip into your secret stash
      House: Tritter took it.
      Dr. Cuddy: Then move on to your secret secret stash.
      House: I ran out.
      Dr. Cuddy: Then move on to your secret secret secret stash!

    • Chase: His theory correctly predicted pancreatitis.
      Foreman: You might want to wait until he actually tells us his theory before you start kissing his theory's ass.

    • House: I am a complete stranger who apparently cares more about whether your kid dies than you do.
      Edie: You're Dr. House.
      House: You've seen my stage show.

    • House: It's people like this who killed Copernicus.
      Judge: Galileo.
      House: Either way.
      Judge: And they just locked Galileo up.
      House: They killed his spirit… and nobody likes a showoff.

    • House: Chase, hang the bag! You can grow a backbone tomorrow.

    • Judge: You were in here yesterday telling me her father's guardianship was best for her.
      House: I honestly thought I'd get a different judge.

    • Judge: Dr. Cuddy, what do you think of Dr. House? Is he as big a jerk as I think he is?
      Dr. Cuddy: Bigger.

    • House: (at Cuddy) It's a good thing you failed at becoming a mom, because you suck at it!

    • Edie: You're the doctor, I'm the mother, I outrank you, live with it

    • Dr. Foreman: You stash your drugs in a lupus textbook?
      House: It's never lupus.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Music: Here Comes the Sun Again by M. Ward

    • David Morse was nominated for the Emmy of Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his performance as Michael Tritter in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: August 9, 2007 on SBS6
      Greece: November 17, 2007 on Star Channel
      The Czech Republic: January 21, 2008 on TV Nova
      Belgium: January 31, 2008 on KanaalTwee
      Sweden: April 1, 2008 on TV4
      Norway: September 10, 2008 on NRK
      Lithuania: October 1st, 2008 on TV3


    • Dr. Wilson: Beckett was going to call his play Waiting for House's Approval but thought it was too grim.
      Alluding to Samuel Beckett's 1952 play Waiting for Godot, where several men, apparent survivors of war, wait for Godot to arrive.

    • House: A simple procedure turns a little girl into The English Patient. What gives?
      Referencing the 1996 movie starring Ralph Fiennes as a badly-burned patient plane crash victim and his memories of a love affair.

    • Wilson: I'm going to need 30 pieces of silver.
      This line and the title of the episode are references to Judas, who received 30 pieces of silver in exchange for betraying Jesus to the Roman legionnaires.