Season 3 Episode 9

Finding Judas

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2006 on FOX

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  • Cuddy has custody of a patient while the parents can't agree

    It was so nice seeing Cuddy with that little girl. It was kind of cute. I loved that Cuddy was struggling the entire time from not knowing what to say to the girl to not knowing what was wrong. Seeing House insult her and say it was a good thing that she wasn't a mother was so House, but I felt really bad for Cuddy after he said that.

    It was great though in the beginning when House had to come to Cuddy for his vicodin. I loved that House shined the laser point on Cuddy while she was in a meeting it was so funny. I also loved hearing Cuddy telling House to go to his secret stashes and I loved that the secret stash was in the lupus text book and then when Foreman asked all he said was "It's Never Lupus." Tritter was such a pain in the a$$ I can't believe that it could actually be legal for him to do all the things he did. How could he do that I mean be for real?! I don't see how he could just freeze all of House's team's bank accounts like that and shut Wilson out and all. I really hate that guy the entire thing with him was just completely ridiculous. The way he talked to Cuddy bothered me too.

    Chase being right in the end was impressive. I enjoyed watching House punch Chase in the face at the end it showed that he was out of control. House was so ready to cut Alice in half and it was actually quite terrifying.

    I cannot believe that Wilson went to talk to Tritter in the end especially after all he did to protect House earlier on. This was a really interesting case and there was even some good humor with House and his drugs but everything with Tritter was so incredibly ridiculous I can't see anything like that happening in real life.
  • House vs Tritter- Round 5

    I seriously forgot how good Season 3 was. The episode was fast, dramatic, and full of incident.

    The arguing parents was something that hadn't been done very much before, and it was interesting seeing it in this episode, and how the conflicting parents could play hazardous with their daughter. The scenes where House takes them to a judge is very funny- and it is probably the only amount of humour in the episode.

    This episode is probably the darkest of House so far- the way he falls shows how Tritter gains the upper hand. The way he takes out his frustration, in particular on Cuddy, is quite devastating- it shows him as normally a grumpy but great diagnostian with his pills, but without them a quite horrible person. Fortunately, we do see him snap back to his senses after he punches Chase- their was a look of horror on House's face.

    Tritter trying to play the team was also entertaining, giving us insight into the teams lives. Tritter, in many ways, is very much like House- seen especially in the scene with Cuddy, which was very like the scenes when House and Cuddy clash. Tritter is determined to do whatever it takes- just like House. He also seems to be lacking in any personal relationship, like House, and, a couple of episodes ago, he quoted House's much used line "Everybody lies".

    On another aside, we get to see Cuddy battling with her demons of whether she would make a good mother.

    The biggest shock came at the end when Wilson finally decides to stop protecting House- it was a twist I didn't see coming when I watched the episode the first time.

    Overall, the most humourless episode of House, but one of the most heart pounding and dramatic- severely underated episode.
  • Cuddy gets what she wants.

    I love this episode cause it looks like Cuddy is sort of half crazy once you think about it, staying in the shower with a little girl she barely knows, she cared a lot it seemed, House was such a jerk in this episode, just made me want to kill him, and I love the end, Chase gets a diagnosis right & ends up getting punched in the face. Ouch! The end was chilling, Wilson ratting out House, that must hurt. Finally someone did it, looks like everyone has just had enough. A great episode about House going nuts cause of loss of Vicodin. Great episode!
  • Review

    The tritter storyline is beginning to lose a littlebit of luster with the members of Houses team and Wilson getting pulled every whcih way in this episode. However, it does look as if this is going to be closing soon. Chase has had enough and the end of the epsiode shows Wilson going to see Tritter.

    I thought the case with the little girl with the fighting parents was the best in the last five epsiodes, but the drama in the epsiode actually brought this down. House telling Cuddy that she would be a failure as a mother, that was really harsh. I love Cuddy, shes one of my favorite characters on the show and it was hard to see her get reated like that sitting in the shower trying to help the girl through whateveer she was going through. House using his last pill pretty much confirmed to me that the issue with Tritter is going to be solved within the next episode or two. Interested to see where it goes and it will be interesting to see them get back to regular formula again.
  • House comes apart and takes everyone with him...

    I loved this episode. (Thank God for S3 on DVD.) I really think this was underrated and should have been the episode put forth for nominations. What was brilliant wasn't the case or even Tritter but House's detox and how when he cannot manage pain he inflicts it at the heart of everyone around him. The most telling and disheartening is how he brings down Lisa Cuddy. What is poignant about what he says to her is that she is perhaps the one that has (Besides Wilson...) sacrificed, fought, and gone to bat for House the most. She constantly places everything on the line for as she says "the best darn doctor the hospital has..." House knows where Lisa is vunerable and he targets his jabs at that- leaving her questioning all she wants. It goes to show that House is merely a renound diagnostician of diseases but life. If he wasn't, then anything he said would be worthless and just angry irrational tirades. Wilson's own actions are also a culmination of the season as he seeks to teach House and fails horribly in the process- or so it would seem. ;) Wonderful episode with great character development!
  • Am I the only one who thinks Tritter should be the one up on charges? His activities have a more far-reaching effect than House's addiction or the other doctors covering up for him.

    Tritter has to be one of the most annoying characters on television. Although, at this point, they are all getting pretty annoying. The writing is still great; the acting is still great; the directing is still great. However, I think they've let House's addiction and Tritter's stalking get out of control. I mean, Tritter goes to the point of freezing people's bank accounts and spending his vacation at the hospital, leaning on the doctors to t,urn House in. What he's done to Wilson, stopping his prescription-writing abilities, has put Wilson's patients at risk. Why aren't the doctors documenting all of this harrasssment and taking it to his superiors? Of course, that doesn't guarantee that anything will be done about it, but it would be a common sense move.

    Unfortunately, the last few episodes have been decidedly lacking in common sense, and this storyline is getting stagnant. We're still a few weeks behind the US; hoping this trend changes soon.

    All of that said, this is still a great show, and it was a great episode in regard to acting, writing and directing. I just wish they'd get rid of Tritter.
  • Interesting in the way mould makes interesting patterns on bread. Tritter is a jerk. House punches Chase and insults Cuddy in a very personal way.

    The 1 is for House punching Chase.

    This show is about HOUSE. We already know he is a jerk with huge character flaws and an addiction to drugs. He is also a collosal genius, and a messiah without the niceness. But that allows him to operate.

    Tritter is a useless cop jerk who does not save lives and whose life's work seems to bring down a doctor who treated him, but was mean. This doctor also performs miracles on a regular basis without error - when on his pain medication. House's medication is like other people who are addicted to caffeine. We don't have police chasing down accountants who drink too much coffee. I don't see how Tritter torturing House adds value, viewer pleasure or anything at all to the overall genius of the show.

    House is god, and the writers know that. Straining relationships when not done by House, just for the hell of it does no credit to the writers of the show. Also, pretending that House can ever be hurt/removed/put in jail is plain stupid, as we all know why we watch the show.

    Waste of TV time and the writers better come up with something better if they want viewers to stay tuned.
  • This episode was weird. I mean how many people are allergic to light? Why did House punch Chase? Can you tell me how to change the icon? Because I really hate Charlie McCarthy or whatever his stinkin' name is... How can I go to

    This episode was weird. I mean how many people are allergic to light???????????
    I also think that House is starting to get really cranky and maybe that's why House punched Chase...
    I could also say that other episodes were much more interesting like "Cane & Able" or "Merry Little Christmas".
    I think I appreciated more the first season even if I don't know why...
    Can you please tell me how you can change the icon??????????
    Because I really hate Charlie McCarthy or whatever his stinkin' name is...
    And another thing how can I go to the blog ??????????? Bye Bye, Au Hi. I'm new. Question: why did House punch the extremely beautiful CHASE????????
    By the way this episode was pretty much OK...revoir, Arrivederci ecc ...I'm new. Question: why did House punch the extremely beautiful CHASE????????
    By the way this episode was pretty much OK...
  • Out of charater a bit but yet overall an excellent episode.

    House stealing Wilson's pad to write Viciodin prescripts for himself is because he's and addict but yet he in some weird way needs the pills. To House friends don't seem very important. He's just not that kind or compassionate, but Wilson on the other hand is very kind and compassionate. Yet Wilson betrays House. I think Wilson is just too nice to do that. It was very unpredictable.

    They almost unnecessarily cut off Alice's arm, luckily Chase realizes House is wrong and tells him. House doesn’t seem care what Chase thinks and just punches Chase. I just knew it was a matter of time before that happened, with their personality differences and House thinking he's all-powerful, just a matter of time.

    House tells Cuddy she'd make a terrible mother, and she confides in Wilson, which I find sort of out of character, I know Wilson is caring and all but I just don't think Cuddy would do that she seems to strong mentally and emotionally to just confide in Wilson.
    Tritter has gone overboard to an unrealistic amount of effort he is putting in to put House in jail. He freezes everyone's accounts; so, they make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; which seems very comical grown people, doctors even, just standing there making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • House broke his wombat? *snark*

    There are not many shows on television today that throw me into fits so intense I cannot even think of how to put it into words. This show, and more specifically this episode, did just that. I remember my livejournal entry immidiately following this episode, and it went something to the effect of "OHMYGOSH..House and the girl and Chase and the punching and WILSON!!" This episode was the culmination of everything the show had been building up to, and it was far from dissapointing. This episode was just waiting to happen, and it was pulled off splendidly and more shockingly than I think many of the viewers could have imagined.
  • Wonderful

    I had so much fun watching this episode. I wonder how the character of Allice could go through all that. I know it would be hard for me if I was that young and had to Go through that. I also think Tritter is Awful. But I thought everything else went wonderful. Thanks for reading my review. I enjoy seeing what you guys out there think. Check out my blogs on or go to
  • We don't care for Tritter anymore

    We don't care for Tritter or his attitude. We thinks it detracts from the shows normal plot. Better to show House in detox than show how arbitrary and capricious the police can be if they have a personal vendetta. Drug rehab could also be a good shows subject since even getting off cigarettes can be very difficult situation for an individual person. My experience has been that cops are just as human as anybody else. Sorry to use this terminology, but Tritter has copped an attitude of vengeance against House. He does not care who he hurts while trying to get even or exact revenge on House. House seems to be performing miracles in most of his shows. You all even showed a radiation poisoning case before it happened in real life to the Russian spy in England. Thanks for listening.
  • House is descending into his addiction and the level is showcased by the his withdrawel

    I find it interesting that several reviewers focused on Wilson\'s betrayal. House committed the first betrayal by stealing a prescription pad and forging his own med orders. I agree that Tritter is going overboard, but is it any worse than some of the stuff House has pulled? I am watching now to see how they \"redeem\" House. He is getting to the point where his license to practice is at risk. Tritter was on the money when he accuesed Cuddy and the others of enabling House\'s addiction by ignoring it. Brilliance is not an excuse for his increasing lack of humanity. Not that he had a lot to begin with, but he is a healer, of sorts. And this is despite the fact that he is generally disdainful of people as a rule. That is part of what makes him complicated and fun to watch
  • Doctor House is stepping over the line in some of these cases.

    I am glad that he can help the patients get better. However I am starting to see the detectives point about him. Based upon how dependent he has become on his prescription it does not look like he is in any condition to see patients. I applaud Wilson for going to the cop in the end. House is getting out of hand and I think the next episode might reveal her circumstances. On the flip side though, I do want the cop to be reprimanded for his abuse of power. One thing is for sure, I am very happy that they figured out what was wrong with that girl before they amputated.
  • House continues to struggle against a reduction in his medication forced upon him by an obsessive cop on his back, while dealing with a little girl with unexplained infectious reactions.

    Always a pleasure to watch, but the running arc with the obsessed cop has grown too unrealistic. Given the disruption that he has caused (he looks like he has even moved into one of the offices to go over the records and interrogate staff!), why hasn't the hospital got its phalanx of lawyers to bring this cop to book for his actions? There's no indication that the man has the DA on his side. Surely the hospital board members, who would no doubt be rubbing shoulders with police commissioners and the like, could pull strings to get a police detective off their backs.
    As for you, House, go on the Internet for your drugs like everybody else... :-)
  • Aww, Cuddy all maternal!

    An exciting episode. That Tritter bastard finally got to Wilson. Though the team was loyal, so there's a sunshine.

    So, the patient. Allergy to light. I can't imagine how could that be treatable. Well ok, it isn't, but still - don't understand how can you live with it. And eventually they didn't even "close the case". There was no closure. As well as the other 2 episodes. What's happening!?

    Cuddy was granted guardianship of the patient. Cause apparently the patient's parents were dimwitted idiots. There has been a bunch of children cases, where the parents don't know squat and they make wrong decisions and they never get canceled as parents. A new thing!
    Anyway, Cuddy got all maternal and stuff.

    Speaking of the big mean cop, Tritter froze House's team's bank accounts, pressuring them into testifying against House. He finally got to Wilson. A surprising twist all in all. I hope it's just a plan to stab Tritter and eventually save House. Nah, too utopic. Tritter nearly blackmailed them all. I don't quite know the law stuff, but they should sue him. Ok, I'm a dummy so I won't touch that chapter. And we saw House without the pills, managing his pain. It didn't go very well. He needs a buttload of pills.

    "It's wrong! Let's cure her with sunshine and Puppies!"
  • House needs his vicoden...that cop tritter is a jerk!...wilson is going to turn on house?! and cuddy breaks down.

    Wow! first off...let me say im VERY mad at you...DR. WILSON...betraying house like how your going to betray him! House completly destroys cuddy...but he is completly right (figures)...i mean no offese but its not like brain surgery how to confort a 7 year-old and she failed MISERABLY!

    the tritter is a jerk! doesn\'t he have anything better to do then tourment the people at this particular hospitle?

    And Chase is more of a suck-up than ever! and personally..the way he solved the case of the little girl\'s illness at the end...reminded of something house would do!
    i think hes becoming house!
  • Melpomene & Talia are dancing together and Erato is there appreciating their show.

    Appena finita di vedere.....
    Puntata stupenda : Melpomene e Talia danzano insieme con Erato che assiste compiaciuto....Cosa sto dicendo? A dire il vero non lo so nemmeno io...
    Cmq puntata che si apre illuminata da due scene esilaranti:house che gioca col laser e il libro sul lupus con la sorpresa (it's never lupus!)Trooooppo LoL
    Caso stupendo dal punto di vista medico(la porfiria, la malattia che ha dato origine al mito di dracula) e soprattutto un house mai visto prima, impotente di fronte alla malattia.
    Rivelazione chase Shocked
    Chi l'avrebbe mai detto che il meno ispirato dei ducklings (e anche il piu' preso per il kulo:
    Chase: His theory correctly predicted pancreitis.
    Foreman: You might want to wait until he actually tells us his theory until you kiss his theory’s ass.)sarebbe stato l'unico a dimostrarsi pronto allla prima defaillance di mamma oca?
    E infine tritter trova il tanto agognato Giuda pronto a vendersi per 30 denari.
    Ma vi diro', un house reso ancor piu' pezzo di merddda dall'astinenza da Vicodin lo avrebbe tradito chiunque, anche Pietro e maria maddalena.
    Io sono con Wilson!
  • House is on a few pills at a time. Boy, I am glad I am not with him in all of this miss. This is why I love this series.

    What a great episode! House is up in another detox without of his pills. He gets angry and mad and can't think of any reason for this little girl's illiness. But, we saw the team work their best on what their guess is. Titter is like House and I think anyone could agree with me. He thinks he can get what he wants. But he can't and I don't think he won't. House has always things coming to him but when his backstabing best friend Wilson made a deal with the cop. I was mad. And oh yeah, when House yelled at Cuddy about being a parent and that she sucks at it. I do think that was a little harsh to say. But the man is in detox and without his pills. He's not thinking. Well, I guess this season is getting more and more exciting every week. Right?
  • Jaw dropping, at last.

    This episode of House had a great impact.
    More on the drama, less on the comedy. I like that.

    The medical case was very interesting, and the solution wasn't predictable at all. Granted you'd be on the edge of your seat until the last minute.

    Tritter is getting real close to take House down - he's now going after Cuddy, Chase, Foreman, Cameron and...

    Wilson, House's only friend, actually. And, most surprisingly, it turns out, that he's the one who betrays House. He's Judas to Jesus.

    Incredibly acted, writed, directed episode this was.
    A bit unrealistic, but still, does it really matter, as long as they can keep up the drama? I think not.
  • So House is God after all

    Very strange episode.
    The first 15 minutes or so had all the funny parts. The laser pointer, the " it's never lupus" -> Very funny.
    And after that the story line went "soap" and House turned "evil nasty mean addict-in-pain" on us.
    And I was so happy when they put good'ol sarcastic House back last weak, but I was speaking too soon...

    I was so very shocked at what he said to Cuddy. You don't even THINK that when you're mad, you certainly don't say it to her! So very sad.
    If it wasn't for my video crashing (or for the pause button I would normally have pressed) I am sure I would not have registered the scenes after.
    And yet at the same time, slightly too "Grey's" for me, not "House".
    It does explain the final scene in a previous episode though, with the birth control test, and House was right after all when she was pregnant for a while...

    Wilson reaction to Cuddy was very strange as well, he's supposed to be the caring understanding one, right? Not the one telling her it's something physical, and asking What and Why instead of knowing what she means.
    Edit: after watching it a second time I have to admit that Wilson does seem to comfort Cuddy after bad.

    Tritter. We've seen this before, they should have just put theses scenes in with the other interrogation episode, and they should have given Morse something interesting to do in this one.
    These scenes didn't add anything to the story I think.

    House. Once again proves he really does need pain medication. He was in too much pain to think about the case, and I do think he would have listened to Chase if he wasn't. ( And he definitely wouldn't have hit him).
    It's OK to ration his Vicodin, or at least keep an eye on how much he's actually taking. But having him beg for pills every hour is not done, and giving a cop more power over a medical decision than doctors certainly is not done.
    And can Tritter really do all this (go after House like this without a good reason, and freeze accounts when he so wishes)?!?

    And why didn't anyone (besides sort of Cuddy) tell the parents to shut up, stop arguing over everything and start worrying about their daughter.

    Cuddy was brilliant in this episode, but the rest was slightly blegh ( or not what I'd expect, or way different).

    Oh, and Wilson. I need 30 silver pieces.
    So House is God after all...
    (not - no religion here, and this is NOT meant to offend anyone)
    So, maybe Wilson thinks he has been God long enough now and he's going to change that? Of he see what House has done to Cuddy and Chase and wants to intervene before things get even more out of control? Two weeks to think it all over..wonder where this is going!
    Hope in a future episode the Tritter arch will prove to be less lame that it seems to have gotten, and the pieces will fall into place after all.
  • A very emotional episode. And with a twist at the end.

    Out of everyone, i actually expected Wilson to be the *last* person to turn on House. Even though his practice is ruined, he just seemed to have firm morals. However, I would have punched House if I was Wilson long ago for being such an ass all the time. I have a hard time siding with House and not Tritter in this case... Oh well. I'm dying to find out what will happen.

    And I still can't believe these doctors push possibly risky medicine on patients without waiting for confirmation on tests!!! That poor girl nearly lost an entire leg and arm! I have children and was totally flabbergasted when they decided to not wait for the test to see if it was flesh eating bacteria!! That is insane. Any doctor who decided to push radical treatment without confirmation is a quack... If you don't agree.. imagine that was your child on the table.

    All in all, a very powerful and emotional episode... which is why I gave it a high score.
  • Oh my God!!! I can't believe House was wrong...but more importantly, i can't beleive that Chase was right! It was like i had stepped into an "alternate reality".

    House was totally awesome!!!

    I so loved this episode...not only was it funy, but it was cleverly plotted!

    Dr.House's perfomance was great...he acted as if he was a drug addict cut off from his daily supply!
    How unreal!

    More over, it was fun seeing House being mean...i mean really mean. He even made Cuddy cry!
    How cool!

    But what i didn't expect was for House to be wrong!
    I had expected anything but that! House is never i had a hard time digesting that. Plus, to add confusion to shock...Chase was right! Of all the doctors who could have realised House's had to be Chase?!
    Totally unreal!

    Then again, one shouldn't blame House, it wasn't his fault he got the diagnosis was Cuddy and Wilson's fault, cause they didn't give him his medication!
  • Great episode...

    I have just started watching this show as of a few weeks ago and i have yet to do a review on a episode. so this is my first. A little girl comes in and they don't know what is wrong with he and then she gets an infection on her arms and legs so they have to amputate them but just when they were about to do it Chase figured out what was wrong with her she is allergic to light. He tried to tell house and house being so angry because he can't get any pills punches him. That cop Tritter convinced chase to ntestify against House. It surprised me when House said what he said to Cuddy. I can't believe that the little girl was allergic to light so now she has to have special light bulbs and filters on her windows. That would really suck being allergic to light. This is the best episode of House that I have seen so far. Later...
  • another great episode with some pretty good character development :P

    I really like this epsiode. Not only was the case pretty good, but everything else was too! House seems the be getting really desperate for his meds. and he has a secret stash haha. were you suprised? i sure wasnt lol.

    jeez chase, way to wanna like screw House over. meeting with tritter and agreeing to testify. how dare he! but he got what was coming for him when House punched him. Im blaming that on House not having his drugs. but did you see the look on wilsons face when he saaw chase's bruise? OoOoOo..

    House really can hit people where it hurts most. when cuddy was in the shower with the little girl (not that way lol) i was like HOLY CRAP did he just say that? then poor cuddy cried. awwww i felt so bad.

    overall, awesome episode!
  • Cruel behavior and unrealistic plot makes for a mediocre episode.

    This episode had its impact, for sure – it was dramatic, House was wrong about the case, the kid was saved on the very last minute... but that's not the kind of drama I'm looking for in a House episode. Where is the medical story it all this. Almost forgotten. Turning House into a frick who runs around like a wounded wolf attacking people and making the wrong decisions is totally wrong. Cutting him off the medication he clearly needs is pure cruelty. Would anyone recommend starving an obese person for days as a method to cure his/hers "food addiction"???? Taking Houses' "addiction" to that level is silly: are we supposed to believe the doctors around him are the finest when they can't even sympathize or help a person agonizing in pain? Cuddy's behavior throughout this episode was a disgrace. She's supposed to be the Dean of this hospital, yet from the way she talks to Tritter you'd think she's a first year student. He tells her she failed in doing her job and she opens her eyes and can't talk - well, maybe he has a point there!
    The way she makes House beg for every pill is plain cruel and serves no point. She had no problem asking house for help with her shots, yet when he is in need all she does is insult him and humiliate him. House knows how to hurt when he is pushed to the corner. He was blunt with what he said to her, but he was right, as she was so awkward around the poor kid and didn't give her any emotional support. It's time for Cuddy to stop lecturing House about his life and think about her life and about her true motives for wanting a baby. Right now it seems she needs the baby like she needs another trophy on her desk. Tritter's story on this episode was so lame it's just insulting. How can he act the way he does?! Are there no lawyers at the hospital? What is he – a super cop who can just do whatever he wants whenever he wants? He says he's working this case on his days off? How can that even be? and while he's off duty he gets permission to talk to anyone on staff and check out confidential medical files????? Sorry, it makes no sense at all and more so since he basically has no case – a couple of forged prescriptions of a legal medication – that's about it. No judge in his right mind would agree to take such dramatic steps based on this. Its plain ridiculous and at this point, quite repetitive and boring. At least some positive character development when it comes to Cameron and Forman. Good for them both. Forman wasn't even too bothered when House yelled at them that they have betrayed him. Maybe he appreciates House more now, after he was reminded of Houses rare abilities last episode. Chase, on the other hand, is the scheming liar he always was. Yes, he solved the case and saved the kid, but on the whole he acts like the whole world owes him something and if he will not get it he's going to tell... What a baby. I completely disliked the episode's title and making Wilson (who is Jewish) the Judas who asks for his bribe for selling House. That's just terrible. House himself would be appalled is anyone would describe him as Jesus! (If only for not admitting his hated father is the Holly Spirit!!!). The whole allegory is quite silly. Are we now to expect the crucifixion? I'm not sure I'll eagerly wait for that. I'm afraid this show is changing way too drastically and too rapidly. I don’t like the direction it has taken on this episode and hope it's not how the rest of the season will look like.
  • We get to see some new sides of characters, and some old sides as well.

    This episode wasvery revealing in terms of characters. We got to see newsides of characters like Chase, Wilson and Cuddy, but we got to see some old ones too. This is the first episode in a while where Chase has said more than two lines and then completely disappeared. I really liked that fact and the fact that he was in the episode and played a major part in it. The new side we got to see of Chase is that he is not a little rat. He didn't tel Tritter about House and when he knew something was right he stood up to House and got punched for it. The new side that we saw of Cuddy is her sensitive side. its good that we got to see more of her humanity and the fact that she cant always ignore House's little comments.
    And Wilson, i can't believe... well actually I can believe that he would do that to House. He has been most affected by House's problems with Tritter and I'm not sure but it loos as though he is protecting Chase from losing his job, bcause if Chases ratted he would be fired.
    We got to see more of the same from Cameron and Foreman, but in this episode House got extremely mean. Yeah we all know that he is in pain but he brought it on himself by having too many pills and then having them taken away. this episode really revealed things about the characters and was enjoyable to watch.
  • House goes into withdrawal and turns friends and co-workers against him.

    So the requirement for Chase to actually do something is House being unable to do his work? What annoys me is that Chase who I think is the most interesting of the ducklings -a cynical doctor who thinks doctors should be able to help terminal patients to die but still tries to incorporate his catholic beliefs into his life - and I hate that he's always the stupid one who always messes up. It's so cliché (the doctors son who didn't really want to become a doctor) and not very believable (since House hired him after all, and he's been there longer than the other two). And here he gets to prove his not a complete disloyal jerk and he gets to have a House-type revelation about what's wrong. Great, just great. His storming out towards the end worries me, if Chase decides to quit (which, quite frankly, if I was him I'd do) I will be very sad.

    I like Houses interaction with Cuddy in this one, and her worries about what kind of mum she would be, it's believable and an interesting story line. I dislike this whole cop-thing, because House is obviously addicted (his behaviour in this episode shows he's not in pain as much as he's in withdrawal) but if they're not ending this show they can't really make him loose is license or end up in jail so it feels like it's going nowhere. All it's doing is creating tension which could have been accomplished in some other fashion making it less a cop out from the writer. Wilson giving up House did seem logical at this point but I'm not sure it was a good choice. It was a good episode but mostly because of Chase actually developing for once than anything else.
  • a little girl screaming in pain, parent divorced and House has not got enough meds ...

    Tittlers back on the war path ( did he ever leave?) ... Cuddy at loggerheads with house over patient treatment reagaing the little girl with gall stones .. The three studges or Houses henchmen trying to work out why House in incredible pain and sufferuing from withdrawl goes over the top with his knife blade remarks and Chase finally growing a backbone...
    A greatinstallment from the writers adding edge and pasiion as well as silly antics with a judge over the waring parents.. Cuddy distressed and wilson is he going to give in and turjn Judas seriously? An amazing episode with plenty of bits to love a few not needed but overall catchy.
  • This was the best episode the House has ever had. There were a lot of interpersonal dynamics at play, and for the first time I was actually shocked by what House did.

    Damn. House can be a real bastard when he wants to. This episode House seeming to cross one of his own lines, and I really hope it doesn't become a trend. On the plus side, Chase did things right for once.

    I was getting rather tired of the whole Tritter storyline, but now things have gotten interesting. I think this will be one of those extra-important episodes that changes the sries dynamic forever. Things have happened now that can't be undone or ignored. Of course, I thought the same thing about House and Cameron going on a date.

    In terms of balancing the medical story and the personal story, this may not be the best episode, but it's got to be in the top five. As for being compelling, number one. The girl's parents and their fighting, the medical mystery, and all the interpersonal doctor dynamics were exceptionally well executed on a show that routinely does well with those subjects anyway.

    I expect a lot from House, and I was more than a little impressed with the quality of this episode. Best. House. Ever.
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