Season 3 Episode 5

Fools for Love

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2006 on FOX

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  • The medical mystery was fine, but the policeman side-story was ABSURD. Imagine a cop suing a doctor, then later "accidentally following and arresting him". He would be thrown off the force for abuse of power. Stoooopid.

    And the policeman story gets even more absurd in the next episode... He arranges a search warrant EVEN though he was SUING Dr House! What stoopid, Hollywood "Writers" Guild idiots! They try to shove the most ridiculous things at us!

    (Tarantino said he is not in the Director's Guild because they are Amateurs!)

    The medical story was very good, although I guessed the result when we heard they grew up next door to each other. (Ref the superb movie: Fool for Love)

    ( Personally, I do not like "personal soap" in my Mystery series, whether they be Crime mysteries or Medical mysteries or otherwise. The "Soap" aspects ALWAYS detract from the series. Ref: Law & Order: Criminal Intent )

    However, in this episode and the next (Obese guy), you can just fast-forward your TiVo or DVR to skip the policeman stuff, and not miss any of the mystery.
  • A nosey House, a bitter Tritter, and a forbidden love....

    Nothing tickles Dr. Gregory House quite like an interesting medical case, but what could possibly tickle him more? "Fools For Love" has the answer: Wilson's love life. House almost cannot focus on the case at hand - that sees a black woman with an odd illness and her white husband who starts getting similarly sick - because of his nosey procedure in figuring out if Wilson is lying about not being in a relationship with a nurse named Wendy. If that was not enough to distract House from the unhappy sick couple in his care, a man named Tritter comes into the picture and makes House miserable.

    "Fools For Love" is a well written, well acted, funny, shocking, and touching episode of House M.D. The case is one of the very best ever featured in the show and seeing House and Wilson go at it is always funny, and it is especially funny in this episode. You also have themes of love and decency that throw hands with House's rudeness and cynicism - you can't go wrong with "Fools For Love."

    House M.D. rarely gets better than this.
  • House vs Tritter- Round 1.

    House meets his most formidable enemy in this episode- and he makes Vogler look like House's number one fan. Tritter is a great prospect of a character, and the writers cleverly showed a clinic patient getting back at House. The rectal-therometer was classic House, but with House getting arrested at the end of the episode, it seems he may have bitten off more than he can chew this time.

    The case itself was also very entertaining, with the young couple in love having a quite Shakespearian tone to it. Foremans reactions to the couple was quite entertaining ,especially as he clashed with the male. The twist at the end was horrifying, and quite sad for the couple.

    The one liners and dramatic turns are really working at the moment, as the Season has been a lot darker than the last- even the lighting is much darker! Nevertheless, the humour still hits the right spots- House losing a bet was a first, but a very funny first.

    Overall, the Season has hit its first story arc, and is beginning to hit a stride comparable with the last Season.
  • Two person falls sick.

    Husband and wife are robbed, and then they fall sick. Then later on, we learn that the husband comes from a trouble background. The two of them continue to fall ill, and ill, and ill. While a patient in a clinic gives House more trouble, more trouble and more trouble. I hate that guy from the clinic, I never like a person like him. He said House should not be rude, but yet he is rude. And the couple is still sick, until House finds out they are actually half-brother and sister. Feel sorry for them, they are in love for more than 10 years...

    Final Diagnosis: Hereditary angiodema
  • Incest.

    This episode was pretty gross for me, House tricks us again, it really wasn't the robbers who were sick it was the guy's wife. But you know what was gross about this episode is when they find out they are related, and that's why they have the symptoms, which could turn your world upside down, I know it would for me, I love that police officer, giving House a taste of his own medicine, that guy takes crap from no one, he even tripped him, he tripped a cripple! While Cuddy still denies her pregnancy. A great shocking painful to watch episode. Just great!
  • Review

    Couple of exciting things in this episode that may have big implications on the future of the show. For one thing, the cop at the end of the episode was a huge change in the show. House is arrested and is being sent away to jail. Im sure he will be out at the start of the next episode, but it was a great way to end the episode this week. I like the character of Tritter and I do wonder if he will be back in the weeks to come. House has always treated people in the clinic like crap, and he finnaly ran into the wrong guy to try and play games with. Onto the case itself - it was good, but felt a little old. I know they havent done this exact case before, but they have done something a little similar in the past. I thought the two actors did a good job in their one episode on the show.

    Overall, I would say this has to be up there as far as House drama go. It was a great episode that sets up future episodes.
  • Great episode, interested to see where the character of Tritter will go.

    I enjoyed this episode it aired in the UK last night. The brother sister storyline was quite interesting but more interesting for me was the character of Tritter that House was treating in the clinic. It would appear the House may have met his match in Detective Tritter.

    I think he may have gone a little bit far in leaving the thermometer in him and he will probably live to regret that.

    Overall a good episode, I enjoyed Foreman winning the bet with House because it isn't very often that House gets played like that, it maybe a small indication of how the tables are possibly about to turn on him.

    Can't wait for next weeks episode.
  • DO you love your sister/brother?

    Have you ever run away? With your brother or sister with out even knowing it? Because your she or he were your next door naighbor? And your father had an affair wiht your mother? Now that would be a biggie. especially if they were the love of your life were your own sister. In this episode Dovtor House has two patients who are husband and wife and also half sister and half brother. But whats even more disturbing to Doctor House is that they have a disease that Doctor Hosue can not figure out. But in the end the desease turns out to be hereditary. From their father.
  • The beginning of Tritter

    I loved the beginning when House thought that Wilson was dating Wendy, and started to question him about it and when he denied it House came back to do the differential with the team. I loved how Cameron said that she was doing Wendy it was very humorous.

    I didn't like Tritter. House was his usual self when he did that examination and I hated that they spent so much time concentrating on that.

    It was interesting that the wife and her husband both started getting sick. I hate that they kept saying they were the love of each other's life because that was really quite annoying. It was really interesting that they both had a genetic thing and that they were half brother and sister.

    I can't believe that Foreman was really going out with Wendy that was a curve ball. I loved House and Foreman going back and forth with that bet too. And Chase and Foreman had some excellent scenes together too.

    Pretty good episode
  • i enjoyed watching this episode

    This episode was good to watch I enjoyed it. It’s funny when House sees Wilson talking to a nurse, House has to know who she is and he will make sure he annoys Wilson until he finds out. With Cameron how she was saying that she got with the nurse that Wilson was talking to and started to talk dirty just to get Houses attention on the case, just to get them back on the case. I hope that David Morse is not going to be in the show for long because I don’t like the character he is. Sorry
  • The writers are going the interracial relationship route that so many other shows have picke up since viewers were surprised by Rose's husband("Lost"). This episode, which just aired in NZ, was one of the best epis I've seen. Next week looks better.

    The guy who plays the jerk who arrests House is scheduled to be on again in the next few epis. So House will have to face up to his pain-killer addiction. And be chased by an annoying SOB. This epi was a good setup for that and also had a great storyline for the patient characters. An intriguing medical story while setting up the next few epis.
  • In comes House's kryptonite

    A good episode for a number or reasons. One for the episode itself, and two for the "thinking ahead" part of it. The episode is about a young couple that come to hospital because one has a rare illness. Then House relizes that they both seem to have the same disease. But the biggest part of the episode is Tritter. Tritter is a cop that went to House for his advice. It seemed that something hurt and he wanted to know what it was. And like always House gave him a really quick diagnosis. So when Tritter asked if he could run some tests to be sure, House stuck someting in his (i will let your mind wander). This made him made, and doubled to the fact that he was mad that House treats people like that he set to work to make House's life misrable.
  • This is a classic episode of house, with an unexpected twist at the end

    Episode is shows typical house’s character. And also shows his rare characteristic of how he cared about his friend Wilson, even though it is funny that House misjudge about Wilson, but actually Foreman was dating the nurse. At least he cares about something.

    Dr. Cuddy refuses all the time that she is pregnant at the beginning of the episode. It is extremely funny how house arrive at that conclusion (checking on waste bin). It's extremely great how the show reveals that she is pregnant at the end (she tasks pregnancy test at the dying moments).

    The episode is going to continue. A cop who visits Dr. House for a clinic is not happy with the attention given to him and tries to push the House to the limits. It is extremely funny how House gives him an answer (By putting a tube in his rectum).

    Wow. An unexpected end. We never expect this kind of the end normally at the episode break of House. But we do now and I am looking forward to see what happens next. A great end.
  • Funny, and interesting to watch.

    I thought this episode of House was very funny. It was enjoyable to see House attack Wilson about dating the nurse when the entire time it was Foreman. I also thougth it was funny how he stuck the thrmometer up the guys butt. there were some other very funny moments, mainly between House FOreman and Chase and all the betting that they did. This episode i thought also had a very interesting case, making the two patients brother and sister was something new. also it was cool to see a guest appearance by Ricky Ulman from Phil of the Future. Again there was more House commenting on Cuddy's nonexistant preganancy, which we see is true at the end when the preganancy test she takes is negative. i think the writers need to get away from house making jokes about it, and finally get Cuddy preganant, because the jokes well funny have become tiresome.
    i also really enjoyed the little twist at the end wwith house being arrested by the guy that he bullied, and it was also intersting to see house being called out on his bullying by someone that was not from his team, Cuddy or Wilson.
    in the end the episode had an interesting case, a new twist and it was funny.
  • It\\\\\\\'s getting boring, same stories, same plots. No character development at all. Yes,we get House is

    It\\\\\\\'s getting boring, same stories, same plots. No character development at all. Yes,we get House is a bitter person, yes, we get that two of them are very ethical persons and one is not.
    And Cuddy always angry and the baby jokes... it\\\\\\\'s getting old. Sarcoidosis is always a suspect disease or maybe a tumor.

    We arent learning anything new of the main characters as we did in season two. Mystery diseases are still a great plot, but with some other new things around.

    This episode was just a sleeping pill.

    Sorry for my english, I tried to explaint the best I could.
  • Beating a dead horse

    I have to agree with a lot of other people that I\'m getting really tired of the same story, different episode. The writers are beating the same dead horse with the same character developments that aren\'t developing. We already know all this stuff already, why not tell us something new? Now as far as this episode goes, I find it highly unlikely that two people in this day and age cannot know they are related. Although most states no longer require blood testing prior to marriage, they do require birth certificates. Which would have shown their relation. I do notice that they are a mixed race couple, but still, birth certificates would have shown that. Unless one of them did not have a completely filled out birth certificate. In any case, Tritter deserved to be kicked in the teeth for being an insensitive jerkwad.
  • Foreman... go away!

    I still don't get Foreman. I don't like him and he bothers me with the superiority he definitely doesn't have. So he played House. oh no, really?!?

    but, who hasn't? even a nasty policeman is able to track him down!! I'm sure the writers want to develop the characters, but I don't know if they doing in the right way... Cameron also plays House, Wilson works in misterious ways.. well, Chase is dumb as usual.

    the episode was OK, another fine example and also informative... but aren't we done yet? NOTHING happens!!House is bitter, Foreman disagrees and Cameron fools around. LIKE ALWAYS!!!I'm getting tired of the same plot
  • I'm so glad my favorite tuesday show is back!

    Although this wasnt the best episode all season, I was still thorougy entertained. Not really by the case but by everything else. That cop guy that told House he was a jerk? i wanted to kick his A$$. even though house uses people, he still doesnt deserve to be tripped. well, maybe a tiny bit haha. And I loved how house tried so hard to prove that wilson was dating the nurse, and all those questions between him and foreman about dating someone who is a different race than you. I like foreman, he's a cool guy. and oh how sneaky he is haha. its was him dating her all along. the ned was cute, how he stayed with the patient just to talk. any other doctor wouldnt do that.

    like i said, good eppie, but a little too average for me.
  • It's great to have House back after a whole month, even if it's not the best episode ever.

    On the whole, it was a fairly good episode, but not the best. I've expected much more from the promos. I didn't like the direction this director took the show to –a bit too quick and semi-ER style, which I don't think should be the case with House. It was quite strange to see House popping pills in front of everybody again. So far in the season he managed to hid the fact he's back on the pills, so why now? Of course it gets him in trouble with this new character Tritter, which I really dislike. David Morse is great as the aggressive and vindictive cup but I just hate to watch him. The scene when he tripped House's cane was plain cruel. House doesn't deserve to be treated like that, despite of all his personality problems. Though his response to Tritter's aggression was not smart at all. The thing is, Tritter doesn't look like the kind of man who will stand in the clinic for hours with the thermometer up his butt… and even more so, as someone who will go and complain about the "treatment" he got to a female. This didn't make sense at all. Same goes for the fact that this Tritter guy seem to know a lot about House and it brings the question if they somehow clashed before: he doesn't strike me as someone who is sensitive enough to know if someone is lonely just by the look of it – yet he's there to come up with the whole House's profile a second after he sees him. Tritter strikes me as a very disturbed individual. I'm not the one to think that House has met his match in this character. House can be rude, but he was never aggressive He is compulsive but it's mainly about getting the truth out and curing his patients. He is never cruel for the sake of being cruel, yet Tritter is. The scene when Tritter arrests House was very disturbing too. He is clearly after House for something that is a lot bigger then what happened in the clinic. And I don’t mean that literally…. -:)

    I'm guessing Tritter is the new Vogler and I hope he will vanish soon enough after he's made his point and taught House whatever lesson he needs to learn for the sake of the plot.

    Other then that - the medical story was not the best yet and House's team is acting too out of character and not in a good way. Forman's too boring again when all he does is tell House he's wrong but gives no real positive input to the case. Also to turn him into this sensitive guy is a mistake. Forman sits to comfort a patient?! Come on… Cameron is getting really annoying with her new sarcastic attitude. It just doesn't fit her and she's not good at that. But she annoys me either way... At least Chase is back from the dead – saying he agrees with House but is afraid of being sued… he seems to finally have a voice after a long time he went missing in action.

    Wilson–House relationship is getting too bitter there are lots of hidden emotions there. Makes one curious as for where it'll end. Cuddy's pregnancy test is another thing to ponder about – who is the donor? Why is House teasing her about it so much?... but on the whole, her character needs some new tuning. It's just getting too boring to hear her say to House again "you're not always right". O.k. we get it – move on, please.

    And House in this episode is far too bitter and frustrated. The writer takes it to the point where it's difficult to identify with him. They need to mellow things down a bit for him and show his complexity. Otherwise he will end up as a one dimension character and that is never a good thing.
  • Great episode to come back to House to.

    After a short baseball hiatus, we get to see House again, in all his snarkiness.
    It was interesting to see House, who's so cynical about true love, actually get shot down by the real thing for once. But that whole story line was quite sad, especially when they found out the truth. I'll admit that continuing a relationship with that information would be a bit disturbing. However, they didn't grow up as siblings and are only partially biologically brother and sister. This scenario does pose an ambiguous moral and ethical question.
    I did like David Morse in this character. He's a great counter weight to House, and it's nice to see someone who isn't intimidated, afraid, confused, or otherwise thrown off by House's demeanor. I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of him.
  • wonderful after a long, painful hiatus

    this episode was great to watch after waiting the month or however long it was since the last episode. i think the writing was excellent: the banter between house and foreman brilliant. chase seemed to be house's little helper this episode, backing him up on everything. the plot twist for the patients was surprising and enjoyable, and we finally get to see that cuddy really isnt pregnant, like house thinks she is, but she is trying to be. i am looking forward to next week when we can see how house gets out of a DUI charge. hugh laurie is great
  • House treats a couple for the same disease and finds out they are siblings. He then sends Foreman to be the one to ruin their lives. We see Cuddy holding a negative pregnancy test, we meet Foreman's girlfriend, and House gets arrested.

    Even though I missed the very beginning (it being Halloween night, and me wanting free candy), I loved this episode! Even though we found out that Cuddy wasn\'t lying about her not being pregnant, I still hope she gets pregnant sometime this season. I couldn\'t stop laughing, even in parts of the episode where they probably weren\'t trying to be funny. I read the spoilers, as I do before each episode (House likes Vicodin, I like spoilers), so I knew he would get arrested. However, I didn\'t think it would be by the same guy who came to see him in the clinic. I also didn't realize it would be at the very end of the episode. I thought it would happen earlier on, and they could make a big deal out of it. Maybe they'll do that in the next one... I love how Cameron is getting quite a few good lines and, in a way, standing up to House. \'I\'m hitting that, and it\'s totally hot\' and \'ooh, almost\' are still running through my head a day later. I hope Que Sera Sera is as good as this one.
  • Refreshing and satisfying return from a mini-hiatus.

    In a series that is typically quite good, this episode really stood out as being excellent. There was some nice charcter growth for Chase and Cameron, and some tying up of loose ends with Cuddy.

    One of the things that struck me the most about this episode was just how different House has become. Not nearly as dark or inhuman, but he still keeps his renegade approach and dedication. There has also been more sassing from the ducklings lately, especially Cameron. The atomosphere seems much more casual than when the series began.

    Maybe it was just my mood at the time, but I never really got into the case. Sometimes I go crazy with the suspense of the medical mystery, but in this episode the nonmedical storylines were far more interesting to me. I especially enjoyed the repoire between House and Foreman. It seems like Foreman is really becoming more of House's equal than Cameron or Chase.

    Wilson: You know what could save this couple: lots of misdirected sarcasm.
  • It's nothing special when House brings himself into trouble, but this time it could get very serious.

    First of all, it was only a matter of time that House brings himself in very deep trouble, and here it is. He treats another patient like crap (nothing special), but this one fights back. Bad idea House… starting a fight with a cop is not good.

    The next episodes are going to be really interesting, because I don't think none of them will back down. House rarely does it and it seems like it's personal now for Tritter.

    But aside of that, the whole episode was just great as always. The actual case was very intense and the explanation in the end was a little shocking for me. I couldn't imagine how I would react, when I realise that the love of my life is actually my half-sister. I really liked Foremans reaction in the end and it's good to see, that he has a nice girlfriend and the way he played House. Go for it man!!

    The ending at all was really good, but also a little frustrating. First Wilson alone in his hotel-room and then Cuddy with the negative pregnancy test (by the way, nice Soundtrack in this scene). But this shows again, that the show is not totally fixated on House himself.

    Overall, I can't wait to see the next episode, when House and Tritter are at it again.
  • This was disturbing/nerve-wracking for me. Michael kicking House's cane out was an assult on House. Being a policeman this was not a legal move. Both made bad moves on this one. Cuddy wasn't interested in what happenned she should have asked House.

    Cameron is getting to big for her own self, Cuddy is feeling upset over her neg. preg. test, Chase has a better attitude and Foreman is just too cute in this one. He was "holding his cards on this bet VERY close to his vest" so to speak. Seeing the nurse instead of having it be Wilson was great! You go Foreman! Chase, Cameron & House had that look on their faces of "WHAT!" Michael give's policeman a bad reputation. But, both House & Michael acted like bullies. Kicked Cane. Thermometer left in? Tit for Tat in their proffessions? Childish.
  • House is in a world of trouble!!

    That had to be the longest 5 weeks in history, I mean really isn't that what ESPN is for, so FOX doesn't have to deprive us of sensational tv...for baseball. Anyways...

    This episode was a great welcome back, and with the upcoming story arc, I can't wait for the next couple of months.

    POTW's, two 20 year old newlyweds. First off are they nuts, who is their right mind gets married at that age...especially now!! Beyond that, very interesting ddx. Not the normal results or options. To have it turn out to be something genetic was very different. In a medical show, you do tend to run out of options and have to recycle diseases, but they haven't done this before, so it was refreshing.

    Character wise, this is what I love about this show. We always learn more about the characters and their relationships without giving too much away, causing the series to be confronted by the dreaded shark!!

    Foreman was on his game, playing House for all he was worth with the betting on "Wilson's girlfriend". And hey he got $200 to spend on her, on their weekend away now!!

    Cameron, I love her snarky! Way back in Season 1, Wilson told House that he couldn't be around that much niceness without some rubbing off...Coincidently I think it's the other way around. Cameron can't be around that much snarkiness without some rubbing off!! She has House's number, and she can play the verbal volley just as well!

    Chase, let's just say, fashion faux pas number six hundred and eighty two!!! Where are Stacey and Clinton(from TLC What Not to Wear) when you really need them!

    And House, what to say. He had a smack down coming to him, and he is all deserving. I love him for the jerk he is, but you can only push people so far, and he went over the line in this one. It started off as another case of crotch-rot, where the patient knew best. But when he tripped him in ritalation...the game was on. House will not enjoy the big house and his only other choice is detox. Not looking too cheery either way, but makes for great tv. I can't wait!!!

    I'm still giving Cameron the best line of the night though!!

    House: If he's not hitting that, then why is she here?
    Dr. Cameron: Because I'm hitting that, and it's totally hot.

    Till next week!!
  • It was good but im ticked!

    I loved the episode, but that police man needs to get off Houses back! IM SERIOUS TOO! I dont like the fact he arrested him at all! But it was funny that he left the temometer in his butt, and I think the police officer totally deserved it! I loved the trick they threw in at the end,I sorta felt bad for the little fellow though, he was pitiful! ! ! but I could see where she was coming from not wanting to sleep with her partical brother!! Oh yea and before I wrap it up I dont think Foreman should have had to pay for that bet because he was datin her!
  • House treats a couple with matching symptoms.

    House is back after the baseball playoffs. Thank god. House is back and as good as ever.

    Basically a young couple are victims of a hold up at cafe. He fights the robbers and his wife is suddenly sick. House gets called in. Soon the husband has very similar symptoms.

    Meanwhile House meets a patient as mean and nasty as he is. This patient, a police officer, refuses to take any of House's crap. House one ups the cop by using a rectal thermometer on the cop and leaving for the day. Cuddy wants House to apologize. House refuses. House also believes Dr. Wilson is seeing a nurse so House pokes his nose in where it does not belong, as usual. In the end it is Foreman dating the nurse and House cures the couple, after a very interesting discovery about them. House on his way home is pulled over by the cop he treated and refused to apologize to. The cop arrests him on possession of narcotics.
  • getting arrested...i didnt see that one coming. though i think the police officer wasnt exactly wrong in knocking off house's walking stick...he does treat most of his patients like he should get treated the same way. <<

    the house getting arrested bit was a good change...he has a new nemesis now..maybe he'll change his attitude towards everyone? haha..i doubt that...if anything this will make house even more pissed off. what happened to the couple was totally sad...i mean who wud hav thought they'd turn out to be siblings. poor them..i mean that was down right gross!
  • A new nemesis for House

    Every season it seems House has to find an outsider for the good doctor to play off of. In the first season, it was Vogler, last year it was Stacy and now we've got David Morse's police officer character who isn't going to put up with House's antics. Watching the pissing contest between the two was a highlight of the episode and I loved how some of the simmering plotlines of the season all came together in House's arrest. Too bad FOX ruined this moment by showing it in the previews for the last month. But, then again, this is the FOX promo department we're talking about here.

    Meanwhile, we've got a pretty unusual case that doesn't boil down to a tumor somehow being involved. It seems as if House has gotten away from that this season and it's for the better. Instead it turns out the patients are half-siblings which is why Dad was so vehemently opposed to them being together. Which brings up a question of just why not tell the siblings this and save the heartache later?

    Meanwhile, Wilson might have a new love interest and House is not happy about it. He prefers Wilson to be miserable so he can have someone to share these things with. Best line of the night came from Cameron about being the one "hitting that" with the attractive nurse.
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