Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 09, 2006 on FOX
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A young mother has a seizure while bathing her newborn son and nearly drowns him. House and the team have two cases at one time as they try to save the infant and determine the cause of the mother's seizures.

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  • Chase is lying, Foreman is back, Cameron is feeling guilty, something is going on with Cuddy, and the team has a new case

    Okay this was not a great episode of House. The case was sad and only a little bit interesting. House picking on Foreman was expected and as such boring. Chase working NICU was actually semi interesting. Cameron feeling guilty for Foreman was so expected because that's just Cameron. There was so much to this episode that was expected because of the last episode.

    I found it so sad when the little baby died. I loved Chase there. It was brilliant to see Chase so sad that he couldn't prevent Micheal from dying. I liked seeing Chase in that perspective; it was interesting, different, and best of all unexpected.

    I liked that Kara was hearing voices telling her to kill Michael. It was something different. I loved that she kept saying that she could have stopped trying to kill her son and that she didn't have to listen to the voices it proved that even if she seemed insane she was still sane.

    Alcoholic dad was a thrown curve ball. I was kind of expecting it to be Mommy.

    I loved Cuddy! She made up for the many character flaws in this episode. I loved her date with Wilson it was so obvious that she had a hidden agenda. I liked that House found out that she was trying to have a child and that's what her secret was.

    This was a pretty lame episode character wise. The case was interesting and sad, but the characters were so boring.moreless
  • What does Cuddy want with Wilson?....

    In season two's "Forever," House has to deal with an overly-happy Foreman, an irritated Cameron, a worn-out Chase, an awkward Cuddy and Wilson, and a woman who dropped her baby in the bathtub after a seizure.

    One thing that is not so great about "Forever" is how it addresses Foreman's health. Foreman, who we saw just one episode ago narrowly survive an illness and was seemingly left hanging on a cliff about the future health of his brain, just walks into the office at the beginning of this episode almost 100% better. I guess that looks like lazy writing to me - or, at the very least, the way Foreman's story is handled is just incredibly disappointing.

    There are some great things about "Forever" however: the shocking case, House's unusual relationship with his team, and Cuddy and Wilson's date - the latter of which makes the entire episode worthwhile all by itself. "Forever" is certainly one of the better House episodes of season 2.moreless
  • The team deals with Foreman going back to work.

    I thought this episode started a little slowly, and, for some reason, no matter how many times I watch it, I don't fully enjoy it as much as other episodes in this Season.

    Nevertheless, whilst the puzzle was fairly dull, the case and the situations surrounding the case were quite dramatic, and involved another sad baby death. I think this was one of the first deaths of the Season, unless you count the policeman in Euphoria 1, and perhaps the dying girl in episode two.

    I thought House showed both sides of his character well in this episode. He was very harsh, blunt and actually scarily dark when confronting the father about his alcholhism- it showed a very dark side of his character. Nevertheless, he was quite sympathetic to the mother, and tried to talk her out of her refusual to get treatment.

    I thought Foreman's new positive attitude wouldn't last, and it was proven right in this episode. The team seemed a little disjointed, with Foreman not quite himself, Cameron guilty after performing the unnecessary brain biopsy on him, whilst Chase getting away from the team because his dad didn't leave him anything in his will.

    I thought the Wilson and Cuddy subplot was quite interesting, and it gives a new angle for a Cuddy storyline. It was striking that although both Cuddy and Wilson are nicer than House, they both seem equally lonely.

    Overall, I thought this was a solid episode, excellently written and brilliantly acted, yet wasn't quite as entertained as I have been throughout the Season. Something fell flat for me this episode, but I will still argue that the episode was great as a whole, just not as brilliant as some of the other ones.moreless
  • Cuddy & Wilson go on a date.

    Well this episode was very surprising, well actually it wasn't I mean who wasn't expecting atleats some romance between Cuddy & Wilson. But it turns out isn't really a date, it was an embarassing consult lol. Anyways the main plot, that was so creepy when the baby was underwater, they can show that on TV, wow, that creeped me out, while Foreman has an epiphany, a whole new Nice Foreman now that he appreaciates life. WHich did get annoying after a while, while Chase works somewehre else for a whgile to get double the salary. Crazy, didn't expect that. The mom & the baby die sooner or later, thats their 3rd & 4rth dead patient! A well-made episode.moreless
  • Is she crazy or are there seizures? And upon Foreman's return House pushes him without regard for what he has been through.

    The team, minus Chase who is taking a break from House, encounters a woman that has just given birth, and is suffering from seizures that they can't figure out why, in addition she begins to hear voices also from an unknown cause, and as they rush to try and diagnose her to try and save her life, it also becomes a fight to try and save the life her child. After the child dies they conclude that the two may have been suffering from the same aliment, and after convincing the father to allow for an autopsy done by Chase, who is now been "back" on the team, they discover what is needed to save the mothers life. And also coming to light is that Cuddy is going through hormone treatments in the hopes of becoming a mother.

    This episode ends with Foreman studying to regain what he has lost.moreless
Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Dr. Gregory House

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Dr. Allison Cameron

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Dr. Robert Chase

Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Omar Epps

Omar Epps

Dr. Eric Foreman

Robert Sean Leonard

Robert Sean Leonard

Dr. James Wilson

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      The Netherlands: May 31, 2007 on SBS 6
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    • Music: Over Yonder by the American Boy Choir, Teardrop by Massive Attack


    • House: You don't start him on ECMO and that infection can rampage through his body like Pistons fans after a championship.
      This is a reference to the "Pacers-Pistons Brawl," a fight between two basketball teams during the NBA Championships of 2004.

    • Dr. Chase: God of compassion, take Michael into your arms.
      The prayer that Dr. Chase says before performing the autopsy on baby Michael is a version of a traditional prayer for the dead used in the Catholic Church and some Protestant churches, except that the end is usually "Amen" not "I'm sorry" as Chase says.

    • House: So, what causes seizures, hypercalcemia, and the thing where Mommy bends like Gumby?
      Gumby is a green clay humanoid figure who was the subject of a series of television shows totaling 223 episodes over a three-and-a-half decade period, animated using stop-motion clay animation. The shows also featured Pokey, an orange clay horse, and Gumby's nemeses, the Block-heads.

    • House: Tonight - "L Word" marathon.
      House and Wilson are talking about the Showtime series The L Word, about a group of lesbian friends.