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    Just a few simple rules to keep things running smooth in general and over the summer:

    1 ) As far as I can tell from, this is a discussion board, for the House TV show. Games, polls, surveys, lists, "hey look at this" images, etc., don't involve discussion. Trivia is marginal. Given all the cross-promotion involved these days on TV, advertising for an actor's guest and talk-show appearances can get out of hand. There's a Games Forum I'd recommend for anyone wanting to run games. Any games posted here will be deleted.

    2 ) The best way to assure discussion is to explain why you think what you think. "What's your favorite episode?" = not so good. "What's your favorite episode and why?" = good.

    3 ) There are personal blogs and sig lines for personal stuff, including fan fiction - please use those. This includes advertising and feedback on your personal stuff. If you have forum or submission questions, PM me, don't post on the forum.

    4 ) General rules about flaming, trolling, advertising, etc., apply. If someone violates these rules, report them and don't argue with or engage them or tell them "I'm reporting you." That'll just get you moderated for being off-topic too.

    5 ) Again, forums are discussion boards. Responses like "Yeah" and "I agree" aren't really productive or involve discussions, and are often considered disruptive. Neither are countdown-type threads that simply marking time.

    6 ) Try to avoid excessive quoting of previous posts, as it becomes disruptive. Folks can read the threads directly above you. Usually more quoting then your actual response can be distracting and disruptive.

    7 ) Obviously we don't have to worry about it for a while, but because some folks on other show forums like to compete and race to create them, I'll create all official pinned episode threads about a week before air time. Please post anything relevant in those threads or your thread will be closed.

    8 ) Finally, yes, it's summer/winter/downtime, the show's only on in repeats, etc. That's not an excuse to get bored and try to find new off-topic and/or silly non-discussion stuff to post here. That includes HGDs.

    Other then that, not much. Enjoy!

    Updated 7/17/06

    Yes, we have polls! Still, this remains a discussion forum. Use polls to supplement discussion, not in place of discussion. Threads created just to run a poll will be moderated accordingly.

    Updated 8/14/06

    In accordance with policy, please don't post links to duplicated material unless it is a URL/site belonging to the copyright holder. respects the rights and protections of copyright holders. Yes, this means videos made from copyrighted episode material and using copyrighted music, too.

    Updated 1/09/07

    If you miss an episode, use Google if you need to to find legal download sites. Given the information is widely available on the Internet, doesn't involve discussion on this discussion forum, and inevitably generates a number of illegal site listings, any posts/requests for "episodes" here will be considered a violation of forum policy and treated appropriately.

    Updated 1/25/07

    In case it wasn't clear above, please create threads to discuss specific things. Unfortunately, "lounge" type threads tend to wander off into... well, off-topic stuff.

    If you want to discuss actors in non-House related stuff, well... this still remains the House forum. The individual actors' boards can use the traffic. Post there, check them out regularly.

    Updated 2/8/07

    How To Handle A Troll 101

    To repeat the above. Report a troll. Ignore a troll. Trolls and their behavior patterns aren't on-topic, so don't let them suck you into a flame war. Nothing will get a thread deleted or locked quicker.

    Updated 6/27/07

    Copyrighted Photos

    Because of folks posting large numbers of copyrighted photos, we're going to have to take a stronger stance on this.
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