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    Hey Olgkap - it's been a while... Smile

    I too felt the show has died long long time ago, and yet ended up watching the finale, despite my better judgment.

    Even though I promised myself not to be disappointed - I still was. And when I read your post, and then a bit of the posts in this thread, I understood why - as it reminded me of the great dialogues this show used to have, the memorable characters, the subtle hints and twists and puzzles...

    It's hard to believe that the once brilliant and extremely well written show has deteriorated that much - to the point I was actually upset when they hinted House didn't die in the fire! (Which didn't make any sense at all - but that's a given at this point...)

    So, "Goodbye, House" indeed...

    Thanks for the memories! Smile

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    He belongs to a book club on mondays' & also on thursdays' he has Poker night with the boys.
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