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Why does House call her "Thirteen"?

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    [1]Oct 21, 2008
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    I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, or if the answer is pretty obvious.

    I haven't been watching House as regularly as I used to, so I'm kinda out of touch with what has happened the last 2 seasons (I really need to get them on DVD and catch up). But I'm been trying to watch the past few weeks.

    I was just wondering why House calls Olivia Wilde's character "Thirteen"? I figure it's either her real name (like Six on "Blossom", or Seven on "Married with Children") or she was the thirteenth applicant out of the 40 that he interviewed to replace his team (or something like that).

    Anyways, thanks for any help.


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    Yes. Actually she was one of the 40 House interviewed for the job, she asked to be called 13 instead of sharing her name because she didnt want to get invested, her name was revealed later in the season (Remy Hadley)
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