Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2008 on FOX

Episode Recap

Seth, a research technician at the Antarctic, is working on the wind generators when a blade comes loose and cut his leg. His associate, psychiatrist Cate Milton, renders emergency first aid and manages to stop the bleeding… but then collapses, vomiting and in pain.

Cuddy finds House trying to get cable in a patient's room, and tells him that they're now charging patients for cable as a budget-cutting measure. She informs him that he's been assigned to Milton's case and he's intrigued by the fact she's trapped at the South Pole. There's no way to evacuate her or fly anything in or out. Kuttner suggests a struvite kidney stone, and Taub notes lots of sex could lead to a struvite kidney stone. The medical supplies at the base are limited but Kuttner suggests they use a geological sonic device to break apart the stone.

House goes to Cameron who is on the budget committee and threatens to start destroying medical supplies until she convinces them to give him cable. They prepare to have Cate test the sonic device on an egg but House sends the newbies to check up Cameron and find a mistake so he can blackmail her into giving him cable. They take off and House and Foreman watch as the egg blows up. Cate disputes House's theories and stands up to him, impressing House. They have her test for kidney failure while the newbies go to Cameron and tell her that House is having them spy on her, so she might as well give in now.

They confirm Cate's kidney is declining but she refuses to accept House's interpretation and insists on doing another test in an hour. House realizes she's not taking the medication, and Cate insists they have only a limited supply of medication that she doesn't want to waste. She starts to go into heavy breathing and they realize that her lung is collapsing. They direct her to puncture her lung with a syringe and reinflate it, but it also proves it isn't a kidney stone. House does differential with Cate and Foreman suspects cancer and discusses it privately with House. House goes ahead and tells her anyway, saying it's probably in her abdomen but they have no way to stain or analyze it. They have her start with x-rays while House expresses his disgust with her caring ways to Wilson, who figures House doesn't like her because she's a psychiatrist. Wilson warns that they can't do a biopsy but House suggests she use whatever she can to do the stain. House notices Wilson wearing a lavender shirt and agreeing with him, and figure he's happy because he's with someone.

House goes home to watch Cate do the exam to find possible nodes. She asks to see his house before she strips and when he does so she starts to psychoanalyze him, noting his lack of photos and fiction books. Meanwhile, Wilson and Foreman try to come up with a workable stain and Wilson figures Cate is the perfect woman for House: she's traveled to the ends of the Earth and has a mysterious disease.

Cate strips down to her socks, insisting it's too cold to remove them. She then starts inspecting for hardened lymph nodes while House puts on Marvin Gaye and makes suggestive comments. He spots a hardened node in her abdomen and figure that's the target for a biopsy. She numbs the site with ice and under Wilson's direction, injects a syringe in to take a sample. Wilson is surprised that House uses her name and asks her okay, something he never does with a patient. Wilson figures House was intimate with her somehow and notices House is following him out to lunch. House figures Wilson is going to see his new girlfriend and Wilson is forced to make a run for it. Cameron asks House to call off his newbies because they're spying on her and disrupting her work. She resigns from the budget committee so she has no influence, but smirks as she walks away. House the newbies to step it up by giving them posters with Cameron's number advertising puppies, and saying to call between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. House figures if she resigned, she can unresign. The newbies reluctantly go along with House's plan to sabotage Cameron so he can blackmail her, and he tells them not to tell Cameron what they're doing.

Wilson talks Cate through staining the sample and she reveals she's been checking up on Wilson and discovered he's perfect. She wonders how he House's best friend and suspects Wilson isn't as nice as he seems. Wilson concludes she doesn't have cancer, but then Cate's other kidney on the left side starts to shut down.

Back at home, House is working pants free and video-conferencing with Cate, telling her the diagnosis is now auto-immune, and needs prednisone for treatment. Cate refuses to use up the limited medication and insists on proof that it's auto-immune. Foreman suggests they send her outside since extreme cold has been used as a treatment to auto-immune. House isn't thrilled at Cate freezing to death, and Foreman wonders if he cares about Cate. House tries to come up with a way to discover if she has auto-immune, and Wilson suggest using a paperclip. She puts it in a tube with some of her blood, damaging the cells, and the disease will gorge itself on them. Cate notes that House keeps hanging out with Wilson to get the same advice she's giving him, and notes that he's been hanging out with her more then his other patients.

Cuddy asks House about Cate and then says she had to fire Cameron for screwing up. House readily gives in without protesting and then tells the concerned Foreman that Cuddy is lying and is working with the newbies to convince House he's wrong about cable. They call Cate who reports the test is negative and refuses to take the prednisone, but Foreman tries to sell his freezing diagnosis. Cate prepares to go outside but collapses.

They have the base staff give her prednisone but she's still in a coma. House is still trying to figure out who Wilson's girlfriend is, concluding it's someone he knows. House comes up with another diagnosis technique: technician Sean must test her urine to determine how strong it is. When Sean goes along, House figures he's in love with Cate. He then goes to the newbies and accuses them of getting Cameron fired. They admit Cameron wasn't fired but House already knows that. They try to figure out what he wants them to say, until Thirteen snaps and refuses to play House's game. He notes that's the right answer, and they should have said it two days ago instead of playing games with her. When Kuttner refuses to pay for his cable, House points out that's not what he wants to them to stand up to him on.

Sean drinks the urine and says it's watery, which indicates brain damage. They either have to drill a hole in Cate's skull to relieve the pressure, or it's something else they can't do anything for. Relieving the pressure will give them more time and House appeals to the reluctant Sean's love to do the operation. House all but begs Sean to do it... then notes to Foreman how easy it was to lie.

Sean proceeds with the drill and starts relieving the pressure. Cate comes out of her coma. It's back to differential where Taub and Kuttner suggest it's some kind of fat build up from an emboli, and Kuttner stands up for his differential. House realizes it would take an untreated bone break to cause the fat emboli, and figures which part of Cate's body he hasn't seen. He has her remove her socks and reveals… a broken toe, numbered by the cold. Sean treats the break and Cate should be back to normal. House signs off as Cate and Sean embrace.

Later, House goes to the restaurant where Wilson is meeting with his girlfriend. House still hasn't figured it out. Wilson accuses House of caring about Cate but House denies it… and Amber (aka "Cutthroat Bitch") arrives for dinner with Wilson.