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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2008 on FOX

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  • Best episode of Season 4 so far.

    House treats a patient who is on an expedition in the South Pole, and ends up liking her.

    I thought this was a fantastic episode and easily one of the best this Season. The acting from the woman in the South pole was brilliant, and she had such a good connection with House. We learnt a lot about House in this episode, and it was strange seeing him care so much about a patient.

    I loved how it was just him and Foreman diagnosing for the most part, and also the insight we get about Wilson and House's relationship.

    Meanwhile, House demands cable and sends out his new team to torment Cameron until he gets it- another game from House. I admit, at first I was wondering why he sent his new team away, but I understood when he confirmed that he wanted to make them stand up to him. It was a good test, and it caused the diagnosis as Kutner finally came into his own and made a great diagnosis.

    Meanwhile, on another aside, Wilson has a new girlfriend, and at the end we learn it is none other than Amber a.k.a Cutthroat **** It will be interesting to see where that goes, despite personally not wanting to see her around any more.

    Overall, a brillantly written and dynamic episode- one to remember.
  • He does care... sometimes

    There has probably been no patient in House's history, were he went through all the stages of diagnosing together with his patient. But due to the fact that she is trapped at the South Pole and is also very interesting, he makes an exception. Not only does he oversee every procedure, he does actually care about her. Like Wilson said: She is the perfect girlfriend. Far away enough, so that he doesn't have to be in an actual relationship. But for us, it shows that House is also a human and not just an ass. He is not really vulnerable, but you can see that he has feelings for this woman and that she cares about him, too. In a way. She knows how he lives, how he feels and that creates a bond between them. And that's nice for House. For once he doesn't just want to solve the puzzle; he wants to save the patient.
    At the same time he tries to find out, who Wilson is dating, because there is not a chance in the world that he would just let this thing be when Wilson asks him to. And his curiosity gets rewarded. And the look on his face, when he finds out is just priceless!
  • Ridiculously funny.

    House is usually a pretty funny show, but this episode made me laugh harder than most straight-up comedies do. It's more Housey than usual, which is never bad, and it's split between House and Wilson trying to telediagnose a woman at the South Pole and House terrorizing Cameron. But it's even funnier than that sounds. Wilson had a great line about falling down a flight of stairs drunk. My head nearly exploded when he suddenly ran away from House midsentence. House slyly saying he likes to watch House is very cute.

    If you love House the character, but don't care about the medicine or drama, this is the best episode ever.
  • Amber's back!

    This plot was absolutely amazing, especially fits together. I love how the patient's storyline is. A patient in the South Pole. Who would of thunk it? I also like how you see House's brighter side as he starts to care for Cate, a lot. Even gets to see her naked. Amber returning renewing her role as Wilson's girlfriend, that was a very shocking ending. That must of sucked for the patient and her friend to go through all of that, The moment House found out it was in her feet, that was also shocking. A very shocking adventurous episode I would say.
  • House has feelings...who knew???

    I loved this episode you almost feel bad for House when the the other guy gets the girl. The scene where he's helping Kate find a lymph node to biopsy via internet camera, was hysterical. Only House would have the nerve to play "Let's get it on". one of my all time favorite scenes!!! The reactions of the other characters to House becoming obviously smitten are fun to watch. Wilson's teasing ans Forman's incredulous looks set the scene spectacularly. The scene where's he (House) is trying to comfort Kate by explaining to her exactly what the other guy has done to help her is poignant.
  • The Perfect Woman for House, The Perfect Woman for Wilson.

    I loved this episode from the very start. It is not only because I LOVE Mira Sorvino, which I do. It is because this episode was good in oh so many ways.

    First of all, we have a case that is similar to a real life situation. A doctor stationed at the South Pole had a lump in her breast. Thankfully, she could contact a real oncologist via a computer. She had to be airlifted out, with help from a crew from the Air Force Base where my husband worked. The doctor wrote a book.

    House has a crush on the Frozen lady as he tries to solve the case from a world away. But, hey, it's Mira Sorvino. Most men with a pulse would have the hots for her. Of course, House solves the case.

    The most important detective work House does in the episode is discovering who Wilson's new girlfriend is. The answer is a shocker. I almost fell out of my seat when I saw her in the restaurant. It leads to four more very interesting episodes that end Season Four.
  • What a way to conclude "SuperBowl Sunday". I love when House is in his apartment, with his laptop and he is trying to convince Dr. Cate to trust his judgment.

    At first, I thought "This episode is going to be BORING" but then the next day I watched it online at and let me tell you, Maria Sorvino is ONE of The Best Actresses I have ever seen. You talk about all the action that they packed into this. I mean, it was hilarious seeing where it says in the episode description "House and the team must treat, by way of webcam a psychiatrist who is trapped in the south pole; The identity of the person Wilson has been dating surprises House". And wouldn't you know it? Wilson was dating AMBER, Aka "CTB". I love the last 2 minutes of this: "Of course not. House doesn't care about anyone. Hi. Sorry I'm late. Cutthroat **** I call her Amber. Was she on your list?"
  • This is the best house ever, I buy the dvd of the seasons when they come out and I love every episode.

    This is the best ever. This woman verses House make for the best antagonist as what House wants meets with a no. and as she is so far away he cannot change it. It drives him a little nuts. The physical where he turns on Barry White was so classic. You see him really start to care, almost falling to love till reality kicks in and his heart gets hurt without cracking his armor. This smart sharp woman played against House to makes him shine, the way the character of House is so brilliantly underplayed gives other actors room to really shine, and this episode really brought out the best of both main roles.
  • He'll be fine on Tuesdays....and so are we

    This season 4 we had some changes that may or may not affect our perception of the show, so many new storylines and so many new characters usually gets in the way of what we really want: !House breaking medical puzzles! Every good episode has one of those things: Great guest stars, quirky dialogues, and some real medical drama.

    In frozen we have those three elements (thank god!) A very difficult case that is almost impossible to diagnose giving House a chance to dwell into his new diagnostic team talents, some real emotional and sexual tension between characters (the conversations between Mira Sorvino and Hugh Laurie were simply outstanding) and a very ending with the twist of the emotional fatality (the love triangle that came to pass when they turn off the TV set) giving House a sense of hope that maybe someone, somewhere gets him….thankfully for us, the B____ is in the south pole.
  • Amazing episode!

    This episode was fantastic! I loved the character development and the interaction between House and Cate was so different from any thing we have seen from House before. The banter was hilarious. Cate did not let House get away with his usual attitude and cold dismissal of his patients. We certainly saw a whole new side of House this episode. His connection with Cate was unexpected and amazing. It was really heartbreaking though at the end when he basically pushed Cate at Sean. You could really tell that she had changed House for the better. I have a feeling that even though House will be the same jerk in the hospital, under all of his gruffness a softer side of House will begin to emerge. At least I hope so. All in all I thought this episode was wonderful and with writing like this I can only hope that the rest of the season just keeps getting better and better.
  • Just well done.

    During the incredible dry spell of no new shows on any station, I ended up watching this episode a few weeks ago. I put it on for background noise as I worked on the computer and after a few minutes I stopped and watched.
    I guess I have been away from doctor shows for years, I used to faithfully watch ER but have not seen an episode in years, it just lost it's magic for me. I was afraid this one would as well.
    With no background of the characters I had to pay attention and liked what I saw. I liked it so much that I went to Netflix and have ordered all the episodes available on DVD.
    Since then I have seen the first two seasons and part of the third, but this episode was exceptional.
  • Sunday House following the Super Bowl. That's how you knew it was going to be a great episode.

    Sunday House following the Super Bowl. That's how you knew it was going to be a great episode.

    To tell you the truth this was my favorite episode this season so far. Season four as funny and entertaining as itwas was kinda running a bit off track. But once House finally picked his team the episodes got a lot better. Kinda felt bad for House, he actually connected with a human being on a deeper level... even if it was over the computer, and being thousands of mile away. Hopefully somehow in the future they bring Cate back. I think that may change House a little bit but still will be the way he is in the hospital.
  • Fun, shocking, simple and very, very teasing.

    As usual we have the very lovable stories and plots of House. This show has really made a great leap from the original theme and the new team e have now, which I'm growing to appreciate and I'm really liking. We had a very interesting case this season, a girl stuck in the south pole, so basically the only way of communication was through the internet and it brought a very unique touch to the episode, which intrigued me to a very out-there extent. I think House has been very solid this season and this just adds to the collection of these great chapters.
  • In my opinion, best episode of the season so far.

    So, House actually falls for a patient and Wilson did a good job explaining why. The medical case was good, and we also got to see some shrinking sessions between House and the patient, not to mention he lets her take part in the differential diagnosis. I also liked the other plot, about cable TV, though because of it we didn’t get to see that much of the new team. It’s kind of nice now that the new team settled down, not having to worry so much about who is getting fired.
    All together this was a great episode, one of those you shouldn’t miss.
  • The case was interesting, and completely different from the last time House phoned in a long distance diagnosis.

    The long distance diagnosis in season 2 occurred while House was snowed in with Stacy, and the ducklings had to do the legwork. This time, the patient was almost completely isolated. The interaction between House and the POTW was great, I especially enjoyed the first time he took her to his apartment (so to speak.)

    I was a little disappointed that the eventual diagnosis reinforced House's misanthropy towards patients. By caring for this patient, he missed the symptom that would have solved the case about two acts earlier, and he blamed himself because of his behavior towards the patient.

    One thing I didn't like was the mini-case in the teaser. I was certain Mr. Artery was a bleed out for sure. I don't know what she did to staunch the flow, but I suppose that's only natural, given that I am not a doctor.

    I'm glad the seasonal arc has ended so we can get back to the traditional format of House. I just hate that the writers' strike is going to leave us with so few episodes.
  • Impressive, and revealing :D

    This is the best episode yet to come for me. I've never been so impressed. I don't know how they do it all the time but they manage each time to keep me wachting the show.
    It's so dramatic and suspenseful to have to deal with someone who's X number of miles away with limited supplies. What so great was to see a different side of House. You'd never expected the some of the things he said but it was still the same old House! I hope there are more to come like this but overall I was extremely impressed.

    Can't wait till april when the show continues !
  • I love this show.. Another excellent episode of HOUSE.

    I thought this episode was great. It had a lot of suspense, and it kept you guessing throughout the whole episode. Okay so here is what happened... A woman in Antarctica, who is a doctor, tries to help a good friend after he gets badly injured. While she tries to help him, she starts to feel something really painful in her leg. Meanwhile, House is trying to convince Cameron to get him cable TV. He then finds out about the woman in Antarctica and they keep in touch by Video Chat. House starts to build up some feelings for the woman, and finds out that the guy she saved really likes her... Watch this episode to find out more...
  • Review

    I did think this was a very well done episode. I liked the change it up case with the person being on the other side of the world. They have done things with House being away from the team before, but I found this one really interesting. I liked the chemistry between House and the patient in this episode, it was one of the first times as everyone seemed to notice that House really cared about the patient. I thought the side-story of him wanting cable was a little much at times - but it was certainly funny to watch him picking on Cameron again. The show has really changed it face since getting rid of Chase and Cameron. House alluded that no one of his new three challenge him on anything that he does - but in the end it was him getting challeneged that really made him solve the case. I liked the simple answer to this problem that she was having. I dont know if it was all medically correct but for the most part I really thought this episode was a long way below "Alone" but still a perfect episode in my books.
  • Can House solve a case without ever actually examining the patient and will just his brilliant mind be enough? These were the questions posed in this episode and it was a fun ride all the way through. The case started out wonderful

    Can House solve a case without ever actually examining the patient and will just his brilliant mind be enough? These were the questions posed in this episode and it was a fun ride all the way through. The case started out wonderful with Mira Sorvino in the south pole vomiting and collapsing. This after saving her co-worker in a very taxing ordeal. From there we see the hit and miss style of the show trying different diagnosis to heal her. Mira is feisty and fights House tooth and nail. Wanting to preserve medicine and not waste it on theory and fearing House's sexual advances may be the cause of some of his medical hoops he hopes to put her though. Other than medical dazzlery on display we get to see House in love but like every other time he can't be happy with her since someone else is in the picture. Fun episode watching House do his thing with some unmentioned cast and other odd patient interactions.
  • excellent episode on all levels. the best this season.

    very interesting storyline. very funny wilson and great task for the newbies. they should learn nobody can play games with house. i was waiting for a woman in house`s life for so long. his face while she was in pain ... WOW and all the times she called her by name. it was surreal. i was kind of disappointed with the season so far. but then they came up with this this brilliant one. one of the best ever. house rules
    very interesting storyline. very funny wilson and great task for the newbies. they should learn nobody can play games with house. i was waiting for a woman in house`s life for so long. his face while she was in pain ... WOW and all the times she called her by name. it was surreal. i was kind of disappointed with the season so far. but then they came up with this this brilliant one. one of the best ever. house rules
  • Cutthroat bit(h I call her Amber.

    I rate this episode as "character development" because I think that House got some kind of a lesson that "you can't always get what you want". It is unusual for him to get so intimate with a patient but on the other hand this POTW was so different from what he all the time has to deal with that I think it made him curious. And I loved the patient, she looked like a woman who could at some point control House and like Stacy she actually made him care. Which does not happen a lot so to speak.
    The new ducklings were a bit lost this time as they did not exactly know what to do with House's orders and they chose to listen to him. But finally Thirteen broke and that turned out to be the good answer. I loved the scene: "We're sorry...? Wrong. I love you. Wrong!" Again we see how "devoted" Kutner is. And Cameron resigned from the commission (or whatever it was). Good for her, she finally doesn't let House control her. And it makes me like her a bit, although I still like Thirteen a lot more!
  • We see a different side of House - the caring side. This episode is unbelievably sweet, funny, and makes al House fans wonder if there is more to this man.

    I love the fact that we finally see a different side to House. You can tell that he really cares about the woman. For me at least, the woman was good enough for him. You can basically see him glow when he was talking to her.
    House fell for a girl, but because he allowed his feelings to get to him, he almost killed her. And what is sad, is that because he saw his judgment fall, he'll never in the near future allow himself to 'feel' for anyone like that. He puts saving people's lives before his feelings of love. And I feel sorry for him. especially how he almost killed her for lacking his usually tactless determination to get things exactly right (in this case, strip fully naked).
    Why can't a guy like him just be able to feel for another (no in the Wilson way) without fear of hurting the other. I hope there are more episodes of this; revealing sides to characters. It makes the audience learn about them more, and makes them seem more human.
  • Interesting case and House's reaction.

    Fourth season wasn't as good as the others for me because I miss Cameron and Chase! But this episode was the best of the season!
    The case was really cool but the most interesting thing was that House cared with the patient!! He even knew her name! I wonder why did this happen...
    I kind of like 13 but Taub and Kutner(especially him) are boring! And Kutner annoys me, he can't stop kissing House's ass! He's a ugly and boring version of Chase! It was good to have an episode with them not that participative.
    What is Wilson doing with the beach?(keeping my language clean ahahah). I bet she is just using him to get a job!
  • This is what House is all about.

    It's funny - before I saw this episode, I actually thought House was slipping in its fourth season. And then they came up with this epsiode, which is possibly one of the best of the whole series! The guys who wrote this episode must be awarded. I also liked the symbolism, which is dead on. It starts with the guy who nearly loses his leg, but it's not him who needs diagnosis....and in the end it is the lame guy who saves the patient...but it's not House ;-)

    The McGyver allusions, using red wine as a pigment etc, were fun. I often wonder how in real life doctors would neglect to do all the lumbars and biopsies because theyare too costly. Heck, my wife in Africa couldn't even get a blood analysis.

    House still rules. Brilliant!
  • It was one of the braking the formula "House " episodes, but it didn't make it any worse – better ,actually.

    The best part IMO was the fact that the writers deliberately made the ep less crowded and more concentrated on House. I used to be very interested in medical cases ,but unfortunately ,they became repetitive, boring and very inaccurate medically, sometimes even without an excuse of creating more drama..well, maybe they do ,but that's not the kind of drama I was interested in on "House"..So,by now my main interest on the show is a main character - we have a lot of him in "Frozen" and that was just great. On top of that the character of POTW and the fact that Mira Sorvino was the one who played her created such an unusual and rare situation – House figuring out the patient's illness cause long distance and getting involved with her emotionally on a verge of falling for her…For the first time since Stacy left we saw him meeting a woman who fitted him. It was a joy to watch HL's and Mira Sorvino scenes and I hope we'd be able to have her back on the show and in House's life.

    Other than that I liked the idea of House "nurturing" his new fellows "back to health" ,his efforts to eliminate all the psychological side effects of the "survivor" arc. Last ep he prevented them from developing the unnatural "survived together" bond, this time taught them to work with him for real without feat of being fired any minute . The fact that he has that agenda in mind, when he sent them annoy Cameron in OR made the whole "I want my cable bsck" storyline (and Cameron's presence in the ep ) bearable. Although, I have to admit I would be really glad ,if Cameron was fired for real after the ep and I think it's still a possibility – they new it's going to be a long brake ahead and the way they left Cam in unclear situation is imo promising.

    Cuddy and Wilson were just old themselves - obstacles on House's way, so we would be able to see him better. Well, I pretty much get used to it.The two things I found annoying – Wilso's pathological need to lie to House (what so big deal about him getting a girlfriend and the fact that's CTB? If he said it himself, there would be no need for House to interrogate him..oh, but we would loose THE DRAMA..really could live without it) and his exceptionally big mouth. I'm sure it was him who told Cate House spending more time with her ,then any other patient. What was that? If he needed to talk so much there was still Cameron in OR and I really prefer them discussing their own personal lifes and not House's.
  • We see the other side of House, when he cares for a patient.

    In this episode of house, we see a different side of house, one which cares for a patient, as he obviously works harder and seems to care for the welfare of a patient instead of doing the medical test needed.
    House feels for a beautiful and insightful psychologist based in the South Pole when she fell ill and had to conduct a diagnosis and treatment via the internet web cam. House feels for the woman since she has the same manner and disposition, and the distance allows him to be intimate emotionally.
    However, the attempt ends as he sees that another man is already in love with the girl.
    Another rivitting episode from House, after a lucklaster christmas episode. The series is back to is good old self.
  • The medical case is on the other side of the planet and the patient has few medical supplies. Just another day in the life of Dr. House.

    Firstly I'd like to mention what a great job the visual effects dept did for this episode of House. House has always had impressive stuff and again here there were the usual great shots from inside the sick person's body. But what I was most impressed with was how they portrayed the base at the South Pole. The opening shot was fantastic and to be honest the only reason I knew it was CGI is because a set that big wouldn't be plausible to make on a TV budget. This effect was then used for more than just visual flair; it allowed for some poor guy to be hit with a propeller blade in a very realistic, and very gory, manner. This caused for the other person with him at the base came to his aid. Unfortunately as soon as someone else came on screen I knew she was going to be the medical case, not him, because House tries to mislead the audience like this a bit too often, to the point where it's a bit predictable.

    This actually annoyed me a bit because what was the point going to that much effort to have a great shot of him getting injured just for the fake-out? Fortunately this wasn't really the case as his injury played into the episode quite well. As they were stuck out in the middle of nowhere and there was no way to get anyone in or out due to high winds it gave an original take on the medical mystery. The patient, Cate Milton, had few supplies which made diagnosing her very difficult. This was a good idea, but I felt it they didn't do as much with it as they could've. Sure it meant that they had to use some other tricks and techniques to diagnose her which were pretty cool, but they still seemed to get around most of them relatively easily.

    The more interesting aspect of the episode came from the fact that Milton was a doctor herself. As she was the only doctor on the site it meant that she had to administer all the procedures to herself. The other side of this was that she had her own opinion of what was wrong with her. Add to this the fact that she was a psychiatrist, and so House didn't respect her, and it led to some great scenes between the two of them. However there was more to this dynamic which was that House liked her. This time it was dealt with very differently than with Dr Samira Terzi in "Whatever It Takes" as Milton could give as good as she got from House. This also gave a bit more insight into the miserable doctor's world.

    The secondary storyline this week involved House desperately trying to find out the identity of the mystery woman Wilson was seeing. These two always have great dialog together and it was great that this story got a fair bit of screentime. As a result of the larger cast this year the original main characters have had less to do, so having Wilson very much a big part of this episode was very good. Also he got off some good shots at House himself showing that he can be just as witty as House when he wants to be. The twist as to who Wilson had been seeing was also a good one and presumably will lead to a pretty big storyline for him.

    As for the other main characters Chase was absent from this one and Cameron seemed kind of shoehorned in. Her story involved House telling his team to get her to get free cable for patient's rooms in the Hospital because apparently she's now on the board. There was a point to this over House's TV shows; he wanted to teach his team to stand up to him because a team that are afraid to disagree with him were of no use. Now that House's team have learned their lesson they'll likely be more like Cameron, Chase and Foreman of old.

    Overall it was a quality episode with an interesting twist to the medical mystery and a decent resolution too. There was the usual standard of funny lines and jokes that had me laugh out loud more than once. Good character interaction and great dialog made this as good a House episode as any. Now if they can just find a real point for Cameron and Chase then we'll be set.
  • A show with a challenge made for House.Better yet severall ones.The most important:a far away doctor who is also the patient.The only way to communicate is by video conference.House has to talk and interact with the patient in order to save her.

    Finally something worth watching this season. Not only we see a different House but an excellent Guest Star like Mira Sorvino. Her character would be worth keeping and a good addition to medical team. The first person that is able to keep up with the MD mind games and turn them around into what she wants from him.
    Cameron plays a decent role in this show and I really missed her. She shows a new side of her that can cope with Houses personality. It was nice to see a more confident Cameron, I just hope to see more of her in the following episodes. The final surprise was great, an old character that I thought I would never see again. Will we have more to come on this person? I guess it would be nice.
    There is a lot more to say but i don't want to write any big spoilers so watch the show and tell us your thoughts about it.
  • good episode...

    When I saw the commercial for this episode I thought it was going to be terrible, but I was pleasantly surprised. A gal down at the south pole becomes sick and House and the team have to diagnose her from afar. Surprisingly, House seems to have a crush on her...I really thought that was the interesting part of the episode. The case wasn't interesting to me, though I thought the idea of having limited supplies and finding ways to compromise was interesting (it reminded me of MacGyver). Anyways, I also liked everyone's reactions to seeing that House liked her. Overall, great characterization episode and a side of House we don't see often, though I don't want to get used to it.
  • Excellent episode on all levels.The episode sounded promising right from the start, so nice it kept it's promise.

    Excellent episode on all levels.The episode sounded promising right from the start, so nice it kept it's promise.

    Unlike most of the POTW this season, Mira Sorvino did a great job - but she was also quite lucky to have this interesting character to play. For the first time since Stacy left, there's a woman that seems like a great potential for a relationship for House. Smart, tough, cynical to a point, courageous and opinionated... perfect. Too bad she's on the South Poll, but hopefully we'll see her again.

    House opening up to her was brilliantly done: not over the top or soapy at all. Him getting more and more intrigued by her and caring for her was beautifully written. Her telling him she doesn't think he needs fixing (about time someone says that around here) yet challenging him with "you would rather show me your soul then show me your leg" was brilliant. And the way he ended up accepting the challenge, while trying to make it look like a casual unimportant thing was heartbreaking and encouraging at the same time. It sure looks like his coming out of his cocoon... Good for him...

    Sending the new team to spy on Cameron seemed silly at first, but it turned out great as it both enabled us to have more time with House and the patient and it also enabled House to make his point with the new team: telling them he needs them to stand up to him and challenge him (AND pay for his cables... lol) was great. It already improved their function dramatically and hopefully we'll see more of this later on. On the whole, I really like the new team and think they have great potential. Even 13 wasn't too annoying this time around.

    The medical story was not as exciting at first, but the end made it quite interesting even though it wasn't one of usual rare/unheard of conditions we usually see. It was nice that Kutner was the one who thought about the simple explanation and stood by it. Good to see him show his medical abilities.

    Still not sure what Foreman's position is, but at least his character was mellowed down and he's more or less bearable... His gossiping with Wilson and making a funny joke was a belated Xmas miracle... it's about time he'd show some sense of humor. That's the one thing his character always lacked and it doesn't make sense - being around House for so long...

    Wilson - well, same old same old. Teasing House for caring? Yes, a great friend he is indeed..."Girls are good, House" - yep, coming from the master of relationships. Seems like CTB is indeed the perfect 4th ex-wife: "House doesn't like anyone" she says... They sure will have lots to talk about... And is it my imagination or does it look like Wilson is starting to show signs of a hidden drinking problem that is getting more and more in the open? We've seen empty wine bottles at his room on Alone, last ep it looked like he was quite drunk, this ep he mentions House saw him drunk enough to fall down the stairs and he's all about ordering wines and drinks... Interesting... ;)

    Cuddy - I've lost all respect for her character after her giving House laxatives as a prank, and unfortunately it doesn't seem she getting too many chances to win it back. Now the Dean of Medicine conspires with her employee over a cable argument? So silly. But that's just a minor complaint. On the whole - the best episode of this season.
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