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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2007 on FOX

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  • Game Over...(for now at least)

    I thought this was a brilliant end to the story arc, as House finally chooses his team. Despite all his games, it is clear that he is troubled by who to choose in this episode.

    I thought the competition between the characters were brilliant, and Foreman's reluctance to help House with his game just as interesting, despite him not being involved too much. At least Cameron and Chase got some screen time this time.

    I didn't think I'd like the case, but it was fairly interesting, especially because of the heightened tension for the characters to compete against each other. House asking Cuddy for help was good as well.

    I didn't see Amber getting sacked, but I am glad she did- I just found her annoying! Nevertheless, I am glad he re-hired 13, because I found her character interesting, and there is a lot more scope for them to dig into with her. I liked Kutner too, and I'd be interesting to see where his character goes, whilst Taub's sarcasm and banter with his colleagues (especially his argument/banter with 13 in this episode) is very good.

    As a subplot, Wilson and House clash, and I love their relationship and dialogue- it is simply the best in the series!

    Overall, a great end to a mixed yet ambitious story arc- and gives many ponderables to how the story will progress with a team now fully chosen, and the involvement of Cameron and Chase.
  • It's over and what a conclusion this story-arc was!

    I loved this storyline of House picking a new team while we have glimpses of the old team in their new departments although Foreman's grumpiness is really taking its toll...

    Anyway with Kutner, Taub & Thirteen as the new Foreman, Chase & Cameron you cant help but spot some similarities but that is good - for me. Seeing the two teams face each other although Foreman is still on House's team will be fun.

    The case was obviously good but the outcome was like - "Oh, its measles". A bit of a random diagnosis but oh well. Amber learns a lot from the patient who doesnt seem to care about dying and House also teaches her a lesson, albeit harshly.

    HOuse and Wilson are always great together especially with Wilson's plot and Cuddy got plaaaayyed!!!
  • Conclusion to the whole competition arc.

    Well finally House gets a team, it would have been awesome if he kept all four people, what House wanted. I really liked Amber, she would made everything livelier. Sucked she had to get eliminated, I liked how Thirteen got on the team on the end. I liked the format of the episode, the points system. "You did have 100, but it went down when you blew half the building up." Hilarious! The patient was a druggie, and Cameron is back, she wasn't in the last episode. A whole new beginning with a whole new team, I cannot wait for the episodes to come!
  • Finally, there is a team.

    Yes, it did take this long but the team was chosen at last. Not before one last idiotic test.

    There are four doctors remaining. Only two slots are available. There is almost nothing they will not resort to to stay employed.

    A junkie rocker comes into the hospital. What made him sick is not the drugs, nor lifestyle. As usual, the doctors test him for a myriad of things that nearly kills him before coming up with a pretty mundane diagnosis.

    In a side story, Wilson misdiagnosed a patient with terminal cancer and six months to live. Three months later, it turns out the patient is not terminal. There is such thing as survivor guilt, but I do not think this is what was meant.
  • Another great one, as all episodes of House are.

    The creators of House are just fabulous, they truly are. To be able to write so many episodes with it repeating itself. Every episode leaves me with my jaw hanging wide open, but this one especially. I loved the scene when Amber was talking to the druggie and he said, "You hate me don't you?" and she just plainly replies, "Yeah." Ahhh, pure magic. All through the episode, it was interesting how he didn't really care if he died or not. I could go into a whole other topic about that, but I will just simply say, That is awful. He seemed like such a happy person for those little kids, but he was really such a depressed person inside. The one thing that this episode left me wondering was if the druggie died or not. Does anyone know? If you do, please PM me and tell me what you think/know.
  • ...and then there were three.


    Intriguing one this. I felt the complicated patient was the strongest one weve had this season. It gave Amber the chance to show us the better part of her - something that isnt possible with the neutral nature of the others.

    In my view Kutner has been the least interesting character, even if his proneness to slipping up is one of the comical factors throughout the show.

    The usual problems encountered during diagnosis doesnt make it a interesting experience and it would seem that the show has reached the limit of novelity with regards to coming up with more ways to show us interesting diagnosis. This is worrying as one of the strongest elements of the show is seeing House and the team working through the possiblities.

    The drug addict who wants to die is an interesting character and maybe if the writers had been braver and just had each of the main characters relate to the him like Amber and 13 did so we saw alot more of their personalities, then maybe it would have been a stronger episode.

    As it was a good episode worth the watch, but the trend continues to seem unimaginative.
  • Wow! The story about the game and what we, humans, do to win it was spectacular.

    I have to tell the truth, I barely remember the patient or what was wrong with him. The contestants of the game capture completely my attention. And of course Wilson and his misdiagnosis.
    Cuddy gave House an ultimatum: Pick the final two for the end of the week or the rest of them would start getting paid from his salary. She told him while he was watching General Hospital, what a way to ruin for him his beloved soap opera.
    The patient was a punk rocker who was a drug addict. Our favorite doctor came up with the idea of make a diagnosis game: Whoever figure out what was wrong with Quidd (our patient of the week) first will be the first hired and the second person would be picked on point system, spontaneously introduced by House. The turn of every contestant to participate (run the tests)was the possession of House's resident eyeball statuette.
    And the game begins: we can see what we are capable to do pursuing our goals. This was the heart of the episode. We saw loyal competitors and not so loyal ones. The struggle between Amber and Thirteen was really good.
    Wilson story was so good. He misdiagnosed a case of terminal cancer, telling a patient he only had six months old to live, when he was just fine. House ( and I have to admit it, I was too) amuse by the way we react to dead. Never is the same. The guy was so upset to be perfectly healthy. He snuck his way in to the meeting when Wilson broke the good news - except that the guy didn't take it that way, since he'd already had three goodbye parties, had sold his house and had bought a ticket to Italy. Which, of course, fascinated House even more. Wilson's crazy patient decided to sue him, because for those three months he thought he was dying, he did more living than he had in his entire life. And, as it turned out,the absurd idea to sue came from none other than House, who was doing it to teach Wilson a lesson. Some things never change.
    At the end, just Taub and Kutner were the lucky ones. Amber, alias CTB) seem to care too much. Thirteen was a pawn.
    My favorite scene in the episode was at the end between House and Cuddy: "At least the game is over" "How long have you known me?"
  • Great way to end Fall Season

    With all the amazing ways that House has ended this season, you have to be happy with this one. I'm spoiling it for anyone who hasn't seen this episode, but it definitely ends the way everyone would expect it to, but it does it in a way that we have come to expect from the magic of the writer's pens. Excellent performance by everyone in the episode, and you can't help but smile after House's run-ins with Cuddy and Wilson, they are simply genius. Can't wait to watch the tape over, and over again, it was just that good. Hope you all enjoy as well.... 9.3 for this great show.
  • he finally picked his team go 13 i found out 13's real name

    in the aussie tv guide/ magazine tv week it said that 13's real name was actually remy hadley and that it was said very quickly earlier in the season. but this was a great show and i loved the fact that cuddy finally made house choose. i think 13 was a great choice because all the other young women worship house but she questions hi actions and shows no interest in him.not oly all that but she also plays her own games with him like how she is very sercetive about who she is and slowy we find more about her
  • Not bad at all

    Excellent episode both for the patient and the winnowing down of the new team to the final three. A grunge rocker (Jeremy Renner of ROAD TRIP) begins coughing up blood. Problem is, he is a heroin addict and drunkard who doesn't care if he lives or dies. House challenges the remainder of the candidates to solve this guy's problem or face expulsion. Predictably, they all try a little too hard. It is particularly interesting to watch the hard-driving Amber trying to relate to the nihilistic rocker, who harbors a very special secret. House has interesting set-tos with both Cuddy and Wilson, for very different reasons. Or are they? Whom he fires at the conclusion is a major shocker. But is he for real? Great stuff.
  • house picks his team.

    house is forced to choose his team, but since he is house, he ends up manipulating his way to the team he wants. i was pretty happy with his decision, i didnt like cut throat b i t c h anyway. but i was pretty sad when he let 13 go, but his alterior motives were good, and she stayed anyway. house made it so cuddy could not refuse 3 new members by only picking guys. pretty clever. the story line with the drug ddict rocker was pretty cool. i like how each person had an opinion on his diognosis based on his lifestyle. i think that shpwed the diversity of his team. the sory was pretty good, but i still wanted to see more of chase and cameron. maybe later in the season. still it was a good episode.
  • House delivers a strong finish to a hectic storyline involving too many characters, too many conditions and last but not least some good old fashioned drama…just wonderful

    A punk rocker who has tried every drug known to mankind is sick…. I can see Chase going nuts because he doesn't like drug addicts, Cameron trying to get to him while giving him the ¨we care speech¨, Foreman getting attacked by House for not running the test…but wait this is season 4!! We have others idiot running the diagnostics… 13 and Taub missed most of the differential with Kutner bring just Kutner….the real development on a character in this last episode was certainly the ¨Cutthroat **** ¨ Amber…she is the only one who gets a shot at House alone in this episode…she refuses to accept defeat in any form which makes her the obvious choice to get fired…she does, but then a great finished comes with Quidd the punk rocker while admitting It is not easy not to care.

    Good comebacks between Wilson and House and a fine ending between Cuddy and House giving you a fine example of a great season gone short.
  • Cuddy needs house to choose two people for his team. In order to do that, he places the competitors on the case of a junkie. They all make mistakes but in the end, he chooses his final two. Much to the horror of CTB and 13.

    Its a great episode but lacks something that I can't put my finger on. Honestly the case wasn't all that interesting and the competitors seem to be jumping to conclusions a lot. I thought that House should have put them on a more compelling case to test them. Plus I think that House rushed the decision. He should have made more competitions like the underwear. I know its silly and stupid but it would definitely bring up the heat in the show. At the end when Cuddy says "Hire 13", House gives in too easily. It doesn't honestly seem like him. All in all, the episode was averagely good.
  • Review

    I liked the episode a lot more then I thought I was going to going into the episode. I can generally read a preview of the episode and know if its going to be an episode that I'm interested in or not. the drug rocker didn't have too much to do with the epsidoe, whcih was good as the main focus of the episode was for House to choose his team of three, which was expanded to four thanks to him being able to trick Cuddy into hiring back 13. I was actually generally surprised by the decision, I thought Kal Penn would have just been on the show for the face value and would leave after his stint on the show was over. It'll be interesting to take him more seriously now after watching this episode and realize that the movie-maker is in this for the long haul. Or so it seems on the outset. Somewhat sad to see Amber go, I thought she was a good fit and always in the mood for competition. But as I said back in week 2 I didnt get attached to anyone knowing that they could be gone at any time. Amber may never be on the show again and I would be fine with that. Itll be interesting to see how Cameron and Chase continue to be involved now that the team is down to four. Hopefully they will get a little more involved. And this also marks just one more episode where House and Cuddys on screen connection is just so perfectly done.
  • House dithers on choosing new staff, clearly wanting all four but is forced on choosing only two. In a final twist, House manages to choose the ones Cuddy is in favor of.

    The main plot is House's having to choose the final two to join his team. For the past two months viewers have been watching and making our own decisions, and I have to admit that the final choice of '13' over Amber is really disappointing. Not only is the person who portrays 13 a wooden actress similar in character to Cameron (damaged, touchy-feely), but 2 dimensional. I don't care if she has Parkinsons. Is this the Hollywood disease of the day?

    I feel Amber a 'natural' as an actress, she also connects with the politically incorrect viewers who can call a loser a loser because of their lifestyle choices and not break into a sweat about 'rehabilitation' and the 'good underneath the bad'. Some people are, in this life, losers and it's great to have someone be able to call them as they really are.

    I feel that if House could have kept all four on the payroll even paying for two for himself for a while, the interpersonal relationships and quirks would have made for some great viewing.

    This was not one of the stronger episodes, and it's interesting to have Chase, Foreman and Cameron in the background this season. Foreman is the least likeable, Chase is a wimp and Cameron? Yuck. Too politically correct! Side note to Jennifer Morrison: please dye your hair back to its' natural color - you look like a cheap hooker.

    Wilson's charactor needs ramping up - enjoyed the 'Odd Couple' relationship with House, and Cuddy is perfection!
  • Another great one, as all episodes of House are.

    The creators of House are just fabulous, they truly are. To be able to write so many episodes with it repeating itself. Every episode leaves me with my jaw hanging wide open, but this one especially. I loved the scene when Amber was talking to the druggie and he said, "You hate me don't you?" and she just plainly replies, "Yeah." Ahhh, pure magic. All through the episode, it was interesting how he didn't really care if he died or not. I could go into a whole other topic about that, but I will just simply say, That is awful. He seemed like such a happy person for those little kids, but he was really such a depressed person inside. The one thing that this episode left me wondering was if the druggie died or not. Does anyone know? If you do, please PM me and tell me what you think/know.
  • hesitation

    this ep showed more of the 'old' House where he was willing to do anything for his patient. (he rubbed off all the scores on the whiteboard)
    and it was also one of the rare moments where House hesitated. He wasnt sure who to pick. and the way he manipulated cuddy to get what he wanted was brillant. i think that cut throat **** was surprisingly like House, she was so determined to solve the case. and House knew it, and that was the reason why he did not hire her.
    at last the team is picked. it would be interesting to see how the show would go on from here.
  • A conclusion to House's final team. Who will take the spots?

    So far the seaosn has been all searching fro House's new team after last season left us with House having no one to consult. We've discovered that Cameron, Chase and Foreman have finally come back to the hospital, but it was only Foreman who was willing to come back to swork on House's team. He then had to decide from over 30 other medical doctors on who his team would be. As of last episode he had B*tch, Kutner, 13 and Taub. In this episode, Cuddy forces House to cut them down into two, but who stays and who goes? Or better yet, will House keep any at all? Amazing conclusion to the half season, superb!

    Episode Quote (courtesy of House): What do you think? Is he seizing or dancing?
  • Funny, dramatic, intense. Great episode !!!

    A punk rock singer that uses drugs has more sympthons that he should have, so House uses him as a final test, who gets right stay, who gets wrong is fired. But Foreman doesnt think the guy is ill.

    The patient is an a** and the doctors test him for different diseases in the search for the job with House.

    "Is he seazing or dancing?" hehehe that was a very funny moment.

    So 13 and the b*tch are gone :( didnt really like that because i was always a big fan of 13. Taub is annoing and Kutner is.....kinda annoing too.

    But in the end he ends up re-hiring 13 because Cuddy wants a woman in the team, and all that was House's plan all along :) as usual hehehe Great eppy
  • So it looks like we've finally got House's new team. But is the payoff worthwhile?

    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this season of House. I don't know if it's the best one or the worst one. This is all down to the change in position of the main characters. As Chase and Cameron are no longer part of House's team they've been relegated to background characters this season. They still have their purpose in the show, but you could argue they may as well have left it altogether.

    And so we have the new hopefuls that are competing for the two remaining places on House's team. This has been pushing the overarching story throughout season 4 so far, and has been good, but the problem is where the story will end up. As Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) and Jesse Spencer (Billy from Neighbours, I mean Chase) are still credited as main characters it's interesting that these new candidates have had much more screen time than them. Because of this it's the question as to whether the show will somehow return to its previous status quo, with the return of House's old team, or if these new characters are here to stay. That's been the main problem I've had with the season so far. I've loved it and there have been some fantastic episodes, but as it's not clear as to which way the story will go it has annoyed me a bit.

    Well after all that I guess I should really talk about this week's episode. As with some of the recent episodes, the medical mystery wasn't the best. In fairness after three and a half seasons it must be a bit hard to come up with great plausible mysteries every week. This week's case is that of a drug using musician whose symptoms most of the team dismiss as a result of his addiction. It wasn't the most dramatic case either. The opening scene had to rely on a dynamic zoom effect to try to make him falling to the ground any more than just that. But it was an early scene between House and Cuddy that really told us what the episode would be about.

    Each of House's candidates have been great characters and I've been sad to see any of them go. So when Cuddy told House he had to pick his final two doctors it was clear this would take priority over the medical case. House ended up asking everyone who he should pick, clearly showing he had no idea who to get rid of. After all this time it's clear that he's become fond of each of them, be it for their personalities, their diagnostic skills or that they're just Cameron lite (I'm looking at you 13). This gave the aforementioned background characters some reason to be in this episode and each of them made good use of their short amount of screen time.

    Throughout the episode House tried to convince Cuddy that he needed all four of the remaining team members. He demonstrated that best by explaining that it was a result of all of their theories that allowed him to come to the conclusion that the patient had Measles. However she still insisted on him whittling it down to two final team members. But when House picked Kutner and Taub she said he needed a female on the team too and so let him have 13 as well before realising that was House's plan all along. That he had manipulated Cuddy into letting him have the three team members he wanted it showed that House had been in control all throughout the episode. Not that it would hurt House to take advise from others occasionally, but had he not been on top it would've undermined his character (albeit only slightly).

    As well as all of this there was also an interesting subplot about Wilson having misdiagnosed a patient. He'd told him he had only three months to live but was wrong and the patient was in fact fine. This led to the point that dying's easy and it's living that's hard which also applied to the rest of the episode. As well as for the drug taking musician it also applied to Amber, AKA Cutthroat B*tch, who was the last one to be fired.

    So it would appear that House has his final team, but I doubt that it's all over just yet. Ignoring my slight unease as to where the main storyline is heading, as a standalone episode this was a great one. Great characterisation, a well paced story and, as always, a good amount of humour. As there is clearly the potential for it, hopefully this season will end up being the best one so far.
  • Another good episode, the choice is made! SPOILERS!

    So we have our team! Taub has been my favourite candidate (bar the old guy that wasn't a doctor) all along, Kutner is hilarious and 13 is hot.

    The POTW was well portrayed, a contrast of love for others and hate for himself. This was completely opposite to Cut Throat B**** who said her farewell this week, because she only loved herself and not other people.

    On the subject of CTB as well, I totally disagree with everyone else about her, she revealed nothing, in my opinion, about herself to House, with the whole "Mummy pushed me too hard, Daddy didn't love me" thing coming off as far too false to be true. (Column D was undefined...) She didn't give House an inch, again this is in my opinion. Her problem was deeper rooted than that and House knew it, it seemed, but she wouldn't admit to being wrong or even entertain the idea of being flawed. This ultimately lead to her departure as it was the same flaw that made her blind to the other options with POTW.

    Wilson not getting it was brilliant as one other reviewer said, it is good to see House finally be the stronger out of the two as it is different. Ironically, the dynamic was the same (Wilson being mad and lecturing, House being House) but House did it to save Wilson the $6000. Of course, House couldn't do something for someone else, so he let Wilson think he was an ass once more.

    Deminished role for the former team this week, I wonder how they will feel with House moving on and vice versa.

    See you in the New Year House!
  • I loved this episode the 3 were finally picked! But...

    I am a little concerned with the way things are shaping out. There is a guy that kisses his ass, a guy that disagrees with him a lot, and a girl that has been hurt in the past and deeply cares about the patients. It sounds like House just picked the team he last had. I am also glad that the B1TCH is gone because she was just a little too mean. I did like the idea of a new guy that exploits Wilson's weaknesses. It's just like in real life where people sue you for saving their life. I hope that they continue this story line because I'm tired of House being the one in trouble all the time.
  • Good episode

    House was pretty good- the case was interesting and he chose his team. I kept going like what- when he fired people and then unfired them, it was random. I also loved the whole Wilson law suit thing and how House arranged that! Poor Wilson! The music part of the episode with them constantly making fun of the music was funny but sad. I was a little sad to see Cutthroat B*tch go, but I liked how she went and talked to the patient afterwards and asked how to live a purposeless life. Her explanation for why she likes to win: 'Mayve Mommy didn't love me enough and Daddy pushed me too hard" was sad. I hope she becomes happy. Anyway I'm really glad that he got the three.That was sneaky how he fired 13 so he could get all three of them. I liked how Cuddy realized that also. Chase was in it for a bit which was nice but I still miss him (don't attack me!)... Anyway I liked it...
  • A very decent episode. A long time due!

    Well well well, how about that? a really nice episode from a new writer... How nice! Keep him on! Nice dialogues, relatively o.k. POTW and medical story (though a recycled one, but at least valid...) and it seems like House is finally back on track. This time he watches soaps again, but at least things are much less soapy around him. Good dialogues between him and the new team, him working on the case, good dialogue with the patient, manipulating everyone to finally get what he wants and his promise "the games are not over"... great.

    The Wilson-House subplot was also very good - Wilson's actions are again all around him trying to save the world and fix everything and everyone. Unlike Wilson, who as always hardly sees the big picture, House knows the patient has no case and if he'll sue he'll get nothing. Wilson is not happy with that because he wants to feel he's done something to solve the problem when actually paying the guy off won't solve a thing. I liked the fact that House was the one who persuaded the patient not to take the check Wilson offered him. The sad thing is that once again Wilson just doesn't get it. House and him yelling at each other was great - it's about time their relationship would stop being all about "Wilson lectures at House on how miserable he is". I'm glad to see House has finally found a real voice with Wilson and all while showing he's there for him - he even wore a lab coat for that!!! Amazing.

    As for CTB leaving and 13 staying - that's a shame. I'm not too crazy about 13, but making CTB more "human" on this ep makes little difference between them at this point. I'm all for CTB to return at one point - hopefully when annoying and useless Foreman will finally be sent away to buy his silk shirts and ties on the West Coast, or any other coast for that matter.

    Taub and Kutner would be a great addition to the show and they both look like they have lots of things to reveal. I like the age difference and different experience between them. Not sure how 13 will fit in with them, which could be interesting in itself. As long as she doesn't develop a crush on House - we've had enough of that!

    Cameron: again, quite a sad story on the whole. She really seem useless in her new position and doesn't show she's learned all that much from her time with House. So what was the point? Guess no point. As for Chase - he wasn't that much better: Taub managed to easily manipulate him, he's trying to be Foreman's best friend again? But with all that, of the 3 ducklings he's the only one who shows some kind of growth and change. It's small, but it's better then nothing. Still on the whole there isn't much point to keep him there either.

    And finally Cuddy - well what to say about her? Again with her acting like a kindergarten teacher and her "I'll take your parking space" idiocy... But oh well, it really isn't all that important at this point. As long as House is back on - I can deal with the little annoyances ...
  • Of coarse the game isn't over...and not because of House's "playful" nature,but since the old ducklings (and especially Foreman as a team member) are still there...

    Comparing to the (at least!) 3 last eps "Games" was a blast - House was playing the only non-sexual mind games,nobody's underwear were flying around and the medical case ..well,we've seen measles virus "eating" patients brain already (in "Paternity"),but at least it wasn't "the opposite day" in diagnostic like in the "You don't want to know". I didn't like the actress played CTB Amber in this ep- the character,evidentially, has been written out during the last few ep-s,but still she had enough decent material to shine that last time and IMO she blew it.Is she really a bad actress ?Oh,well...doesn't matter anymore.Too bad they decided to go with "Cam the second" ,I 'd really prefer some more original female character on the show than another "damaged beauty" who "cares about people".Oh,well, again... I also still annoyed by the old team lurking around.They ,really,really need to let them go already.Especially Foreman,who's presence on the team was so forced, that even giving him a little "he's smarter than anybody" moment (finding the patients "wall-papered" by nicotine patches hand as a reason for him to refuse his blood taken) didn't help - he looked so bored in his new "position" it's just pathetic.Actually, all those people competing for the spots in House's team should be thinking ,"Is this fellowship really as good as it suppose to be?" Considering how the old Ducklings ended up ("unemployable" Foreman, ER doc, surgeon(?) - what was the point to study "the hard way" diagnostics for 3 years?)I would doubted that. Other than the two points I mentioned I liked the ep.I liked them teasing our obsession with spoilers(and watching "soap" shows).I liked what they were (I guessed)planning ahead for the new team -at least men are not going to be the phantoms of the old ones (Kal Penn looks very promising to me).Cuddy was quite all right, nothing insane for her in this ep.Even the childish-junkie PTOW was better than any other(except the one from "97 seconds") this season.Didn't like some hints ,though,but that's just me... But the most of all I liked House/Wilson storyline in the ep.It had to be some sort of blow up in their friendship -I just couldn't buy that all the writers were building since the Wilson's betrayal in MLC ,all that silent tension they has had, could be just dropped and everything became "as it was" and this ep proved it wasn't.IMO, House did his (not so friendly) "legal consult" to the "misgiagnosted to live" Wilson's patient not just to "teach (Wilson) a lesson" he shouldn't "take responsibility" for everything and everyone (and especially him, House),but to show Wilson how does it feel to be "back stabbed" by someone he trusted.I'm glad House didn't forget (or forgive). On the whole I consider episode "Games" a promising one.Too bad it's more than a month until we'll see the next one...Or maybe it's not that bad after all - it's "building the suspense".;):)
  • The hollywood strike is strong with this one.

    What's with people acting so strange in this episode all of a sudden? Where's the consistency?
    13 becomes all talkative with Taub all of a sudden, when he mentions he does not care about the patient's life? Not that she wouldn't care about the patient, but why would she care about any opinion besides' House's?
    Amber so foolishly throwing loser diagnoses around, risking the job when she's been told quite explicitly to rethink her position.

    I like the concept the episode deals with however. The world has too much emphasis on winning, and the winners' elitist attitude is turned against them when they suddenly become the losers - you can't win at everything, especially not when playing House's games. To win, you have to lose, but after a streak of wins you tend to try and stay away from losing. Not losing makes you more vulnerable to further losses if that makes any sense.
    The patient was great though. Column D, I liked the metaphor, but what exactly did house mean by it?

    The thing that disappointed me deeply, however is that Cuddy ONCE AGAIN gave in and let House do his things, even though she has the authority as the hospital administrator. I think sometimes she deliberately leaves loopholes for House to let him have his own way. It's too bad they hired 13 though, because frankly she can't act for s**t - no matter how hard she tries, her face is almost expressionless all the time, and she struggles with intonation.

    The Wilson and patient storyline was completely cut off and left unfinished, even though we find out House was the one that played Wilson (again...*sigh* will Wilson and Cuddy never learn?) we never get the (hilarious) closure of the whole affair. Too bad.

    The episode seemed to be stitched out of bits and pieces from earlier episodes in this season as well as some notable ones from the previous ones, it leaves a really vague sensationary after-taste and even though the writing is clever, it kind of leaves no space for emotion.
  • Winner takes it all...

    The Game is over. And that storyline has been solved and this episode really made the game have some point again - it had the shocking moments, competition moments and all the people in action. And to be honest - there were very good performances and I am happy with the outcome. Amber is gone and I am so glad about that - she never made me no point at all from the first episodes and that 13 was still left - that was another plus as her character made me feel some sympathy and defenetly she would have some great development.

    I also liked the Wilson storyline - the irony in it - the man is not so mad about said that he has months left than he is going to live. Oh.. but sometimes there is irony and we cannot help us.

    But it was stunning episode, with all the good components House has. I will be missing that there won't be no new episodes some time...
  • Ok, first I think in our hearts (and ultimately in regard to ratings) the change of teams (last season to this) was a mistake. Chemistry between cast members is hard to engineer, it often just happens...and good chemistry can even make a average show...

    good. We had that chemistry with the old team, we don't yet with the new team. And now we will always be making the comparison between the old team and the new. Further, while the large group of candidates being whittled down over 9 weeks was a good gimic to showcase House's acerbic wit, it also served to divide the loyalty of the fan base. Many of us picked out our own favorites and our own choices to fire which is in a way a set up. Very few will be totally atisfied with all the final choices. And the process stretched the limits of credibility: Brennan wasn't even a favorite of mine but I still feel cheated by the completely out of charecter plot twist that had him poisoning a patient with Thalium to make a case for vitamin C treatment for polio in third world countries. Aren't there others who found that totally bizarre? Such a thing in real life would be front page news, at least two true crime books and a billion dollar lawsuit. But in the show it is the best example of what has gone wrong this season with House...this "world renowned" diagnostic program spent a whole show diagnosing, treating and almost killing a woman for heat exhaustion. In the end, the medicine...the genius...meant little, while the show focused on the ethics of the competition between doctors, and gave House a chance to get some laughs with sexual innuendo. I sincerely hope the show gets back to the themes of diagnostic medicine and the deepening development of House as a human being.
  • The game is over...see you in 2008.

    The new team has been selected, in a strong episode that let us see a little bit into the personalities of each candidate and gave us the best House-Wilson moments of the season. It's another installment that (IMO) cements "House" as the best drama on TV.

    I really liked the Wilson B-story of the patient getting a "life sentence." Robert Sean Leonard hasn't had a lot to do in the midst of the elimination game, so it was nice to see him tackle something meaty. I can see the guy being upset that Wilson's misdiagnosis threw off his life plans, but is it Wilson's fault that he chose to live out his "last days" in that way? It's intriguing, and I wonder if it will be revisited when the show returns.

    And it's good-bye, Amber (thank God.) The show already has Cuddy and Cameron, so it really didn't need another whiny bi*ch I really like the new team, and maybe now the old crew can fade away. But the final choice surprised me. My guess was that Kutner was going to go, only because he's the candidate we really know the least about. Plus, I can't see Kal Penn without thinking "Kumar!" even when he was a sleeper cell terrorist on "24." But I loved Hugh Laurie's expression when Cuddy finally gave in and gave him his team of three. The only downside is no new shows till January (at least). Bring on some new cases and get back to straight-up diagnosing..."Survivor: New Jersey" has run its course.
  • Decision time for the candidates-whomever diagnoses the POTW correctly gets the job! The loser gets fired.

    This was a great episode from start to finish, it had all the trappings of a classic episode including humor, drama, and some touching moments.

    A musician who lives the life of excess is presenting a variety of health problems that all can be explained by his addictions. House sees that it could be more as does 13, but Foreman and CTB/Amber don't see it that way. 13 is adamant that drugs are not the cause of this person's problems. This is all set against the backdrop of the competition coming to an end by Cuddy's orders.

    The plot was excellent, the end of the competition and House's special condition (he or she that had the model of the eye and the point system) really showed the depths of each character. We got to see CTB/Amber at her raw level which showed that she has emotions, but still isn't in the right place. Those who made the final cut (13, Kutner, and Taub) are definately the best choices given their diverse skill sets. They are also just great characters who are well acted. It's interesting to see how they will pan out, though I'd like to see the return of the old team.

    The POTW was portrayed wonderfully and his situation was interesting and really helped the plot dynamic. Those dealing with addictions or those who have already dealt with them are highly stigmatized and this episode showed that. Amber assumed it was drugs and was wrong, she was very prejudicial which lead to her subsequent firing which was justified. The POTW was actually a kind hearted man who loves children and just has a unique outlook on life tempered by his addictions. This episode put a very human face on addiction which is needed.

    The interactions amongst the cast and acting were brilliant. Hugh Laurie turned in another stellar performance as did the actress who portrays 13. The actress who plays Amber/CTB put in her best performance yet as it was good to see another side of the character. It's always a pleasure to watch House/Cuddy and House/Wilson, but tonight had some understated, but otherwise fine moments between those characters. The direction and cinematography were on par with other good episodes, but nothing to brag about.

    Ugh, no House until January! It will be worth the wait though. This season is excellent so far and it's taking risks with the new team. Let's hope this won't become a problem because it surely can be a strength.
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